Major party duopoly strengthens as AEC squashes minors

No name for you! In the wake of the recently enacted legislation that requires new political parties to seek permission from existing parties if they want to use any words in their name that are already used by that party, the Coalition/ALP duopoly is now strangling independent voices openly and perversely.

The Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Labour Party could now be potentially deregistered after Australia’s two political parties challenged the use of their names. The Australian Electoral Commission recently upheld the Liberal and Labor parties’ objections to the minor parties’ names.

From NewDaily:

The Liberal Democrats are taking the Commonwealth to the High Court, angry that the Liberal Party is using new electoral laws to force them to change their name, and claiming the government is “going berko” as the party challenges for votes on the conservative flank.

Separately, the Democratic Labour Party is appealing a similar AEC decision to uphold an appeal from the Labor Party over its name.

Both minor parties claim they’re being unfairly targeted and threatened with deregistration, just months from an election.

Its more than a fair claim as the Coalition and ALP see the writing on the wall despite their openly corrupt and nefarious methods in enforcing their duopoly.

The electorate is more than fed up with the lies on the right and the wokeness on the left, and even if it means a few crazies like Pauline, or firebrands like Jacquie Lambie, the historical trend is against them:

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  1. Shouldn’t the Liberal Democrats take the Liberal Party to court over the use of “Liberal’ in their name? Sounds like advertising under false pretenses.

    Clown world people, this is the consequence of quotas over merit.

    The ideology raely presents itself as an extreme danger, rather an extreme incompetence where no one is ever held accountable. Policy becomes gestures, rather than improvements.

  2. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Didn’t LNP and Labor also change the legislation to 1500 members required to become a party?

    Why not 150000? These parties have to be damaged while we can still do it.