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See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Australian dollar free falls as Fed hikes return

Asian stock markets are putting in fairly solid returns for the last session of the week in the wake of solid moves overnight on Wall Street.  The USD remains strong against all the majors as the Australian dollar is still in a depressed mood, unable to get back above the 71 cent level. Bitcoin is equally depressed, still hovering just below the $57K level as it fails to make any new session highs while gold is trying to pick itself off the floor, remaining below short term support at the $1780USD per ounce level but at least not making any sessions lows:

Mainland Chinese shares are doing well with the Shanghai Composite up nearly 1% at 3602 points while the Hang Seng Index has flubbed its rebound with a 0.2% pullback to 23745 points. Japanese markets however have finally found some stability with the Nikkei 225 closing 1% higher at 28029 points with the USDJPY pair not retracing at least and firming ever so slightly here above the 113 level:

Australian stocks had another mild lifting session to finish the week out with the ASX200 closing 0.2% higher at 7241 points as the Australian dollar failed to get back above the 71 handle as the nascent short term bottom pattern on the four hourly chart evaporates with a new weekly low now on the cards:

Eurostoxx futures and S&P futures are lifting slightly going into the London open, with the S&P500 four hourly chart showing price wanting to breakout above the week long downtrend line as support has built sufficiently above the key 4500 point level to enable such a move:

The economic calendar concludes the week with the most closely watched event on the calendar – US unemployment or monthly non-farm payrolls.

Have a good weekend, see you on Monday where I’m on deck full time for a bit to help Leith and David through Christmas.

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      • Bangkok Post headline – Omicron
        “Government hunts for African visitors”

        Omicron is notable as the first of many new variants as the new man made* unstable virus shifts in mutation from ‘sequential waves’ of covid that displace the previous wave as the dominant strain – to what will now be ‘concurrent’ waves of infections & deaths.

        Concurrent waves that will not only vaccine escape – but will also increasingly target different human age, gender & racial groups.

        At the core of this virus is a relatively benign Corona virus as an infectious carrier with a man made added ACE2 lung cell spike in targeted & humanized lethality.

        Human ACE2 receptors vary considerably by age, gender & racial group.

        That man made spike is highly unstable and is the key mutation area, and the area the vaccines try to map to.

        A reasonable assumption – (and as appears to be occurring right now, particularly in younger human infection) is that Omicron is new ‘concurrent’ virus – not only vaccine resistant, but infecting different age & gender demographics & inevitably becoming specific to human racial groups – depending on the variation in the number & types of ACE2 cell receptors.

        So Delta plus Omicron as well, & more to come.

        *In 2014 after a series of US BioLab mishaps, selected virus gain of function was banned in the US – so the weaponization of the highly infectious but relatively benign Corona virus was outsourced & then funded by the Obama administration to Wuhan Labs China.

        Notable parties involved were:
        Joe Biden as Obama VP, the US State Dept, Dr Fauci NIH & Peter Daszak / EcoHealth Alliance as a proxy to continue that BioWarfare experimentation work at Wuhan Labs China.

        The 2014 Biden / US State Dept & Fauci grant was via EHA for Wuhan Labs to create a range of highly infectious carrier viruses with a humanized lethal gain of function including this ACE2 protein spike that could infect & burst human lung cells & liquify the blood vessels causing stroke & organ damage.

        The Grant was exempt from US regulatory controls and used eco alarmist / human encroachment of wildlife memes as the alibi to ‘CREATE a range of humanized lethal viruses that ‘emulate’ a potential zoonotic (wildlife) to human global virus pandemic’.

        Of note is later Peter Daszak EcoHealth Alliance proposal in 2018 for US Defence / DARPA funding to create EXACTLY the the same man made Corona virus with EXACTLY the same ACE2 protein spike adaption.
        This was rejected by the Trump administration as a ‘dual use bio weapon’ & ‘risk of lab leak, uncontrollable mutating / global pandemic / chimera virus.

        • PalimpsestMEMBER

          I love these political hit jobs. It was the Obama administration that said ‘no gain of function’. The research (not proven, but not disproven) that is claimed was conducted under the Trump administration. You know, the one that said all this stuff about pandemics is nonsense, and cut the funding for the oversight. Without oversight anything could have happened and the virus didn’t emerge until 2 years into the Trump administration. But sure – let’s blame Obama.

          Once you know that the source is hopelessly biased and has an agenda then it reads slightly differently. The people concerned about transmission of pandemics from bats or other wildlife are some form of activists. Well, where else do they come from for goodness sake? In Australia our own example is Hendra virus. When it infects a human it is serious with a high death rate. Avian flu is another example, and it does adapt to humans quite quickly. The problem with bats is they are mammals, similar but not the same as primates, and a huge reservoir of variants. They are the obvious source to research. The problem with SARS type viruses is that they can infect lots of species, monkeys in the jungle, even ferrets! Just because a virus can use the Human ACE2 receptor doesn’t mean it evolved in humans first. Also note how long it took to adapt to humans – months and many millions of generations if it was slowly circulating in people before it ‘clicked’ into the initial Wuhan variant.

          The origin isn’t clear, and the Chinese Government has blocked the needed research, but once you see obvious bias and some distortion or unsubstantiated assertion in an article, apply the scepticism filter.

          • Nothing political at all.
            Just stating the facts.
            It’s a 🦠Joe Biden-Fauci Virus 🦠
            That’s a statement of fact with extensive evidence.

            A man made virus now evolving & mutating to both vaccine escape & to many multiple or concurrent strains. A benign common cold virus now lethally equipped with a man made human ACE2 cell protein spike, where infection, incubation & mutation will result in difference strains targeting human ACE2 cell variation- age, gender & racial groupings.

            Key points again.
            ▫️In October 2014 after a series of US BioLab mishaps, Obama was forced to place a US moratorium or ban on US funding on selected virus gain of function BioWarfare experimentation.
            ▫️During 2014 in anticipation of this ban, Joe Biden as VP in the Obama administration, the US State Dept & Dr Fauci made the decision to outsource & fund this virus gain of function BioWarfare experimentation at Wuhan labs China.
            ▫️Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance a leading BioWarfare consultancy in US defence was chosen as a funding proxy to evade the US moratorium & regulation. Daszak working with the NIH & their ethical & compliance director (Dr Fauci’s partner) in weasel wording to evade the ban & US regulatory supervision.
            Federal grant data shows the EcoHealth Alliance received over $$USD 123 million in grants from the Obama administration during 2013 onwards, with the Department of Defense being one of its biggest funder of $$USD 39 million.
            The EcoHealth Alliance was set up to fund deeply controversial ‘gain of function’ experiments, both onshore and in foreign countries where dangerous viruses are made more infectious to study their effect on human cells.

            The Joe Biden 2014 US NIH Grant to EcoHealth Alliance for virus gain of function experimentation at Wuhan Labs was APPROVED by Joe Biden as Vice President & the US State Dept.
            The 2014 grant was $3.7 million.
            The grant specifically to ‘CREATE’ humanized lethal virus chimeras in simulation of a potential zoonotic transfer.
            Grant details. 2014.

            In April 2020, Donald Trump as President of the United States was made aware & canceled the USD $$3.7 million funding to the EHA Wuhan Labs – after US intelligence reports exposed that COVID-19 was created in Wuhan lab & funded by Biden, State Dept & Fauci US NIH 2014 grant.

            The CCP WHO & Biden coverup.
            Mainstream media paid off. The EcoHealth Alliance chief, British-born scientist Dr. Peter Daszak has been exposed in major conflict of interest and found to be part of a concerted funded US main stream media campaign to try to discredit ‘Wuhan lab leak’ theories.

            October 2021
            Admission of guilt – Fauci did lie to Congress and now blames Daszak. Daszak states that Fauci was fully aware of virus gain of function at Wuhan Labs, that Fauci is lying…

            October 22, 2021 (Vanity Fair)
            On Wednesday, the NIH sent a letter to members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce made two admissions.
            One was that EcoHealth Alliance, a New York City–based nonprofit that partners with far-flung laboratories to research and prevent the outbreak of emerging diseases, DID INDEED enhance coronavirus (in gain of function) to become potentially more infectious to humans in NIH funded research carried out with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The second was that the NIH claimed EcoHealth Alliance violated the terms of its grant conditions in not reporting Wuhan has increased the viral growth of a pathogen by tenfold.
            The EcoHealth Alliance contradicted Fauci’s claim, and said in a statement: “This data were reported as soon as we were made aware, in our year four report (to Fauci & the NIH) in April 2018.”

          • Some further reading with sources & links
            Man made virus
            Obama administration, Joe Biden, Fauci & Daszak 2014 grant to outsource & fund BioWarfare gain of function virus experimentation to Wuhan labs.

            ‘Will never be found naturally’
            Rare genome indicates COVID-19 is man-made, say US experts -June 2021 Wall Street Journal.
            Two United States experts said on June 6 that ‘damning’ science indicates that COVID-19 causing novel coronavirus, is man-made and optimised in a lab for maximum infectivity before leading to a pandemic last year. In the Wall Street Journal published on Sunday, Dr. Steven Quay and Richard Muller noted two crucial pieces of evidence to back their claim of SARS-CoV-2 being manufactured in a laboratory.
            Firstly, according to these US experts, it is the nature of gain-of-function research which includes scientists tweaking the genome of the virus to make it more infectious or lethal such as the one taking place in China’s Wuhan Insitute of Virology. Quay and Muller wrote that the COVID-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed and can not occur in a natural coronavirus. Quay is the founder of US-based biopharmaceutical company Atossa Therapeutics and Muller is a Physics professor at the University of California Berkeley.

            “👉🏾The lab leak hypothesis is firmly based in science,” the experts wrote.

            Both American experts explained that COVID-19 has the genome sequencing CGC-CGG or ‘ double CGG’ which is one of the 36 sequencing patterns. CGC is rarely used in the class of coronaviruses that can recombine with CoV-2 which is a ‘damning fact.’. Quay wrote, ‘The insertion sequence of choice is the double CGG.’ they further said, ‘That’s because it is readily available and convenient, and scientists have a great deal of experience inserting it…An additional advantage of the double CGG sequence compared with the other 35 possible choices: It creates a useful beacon that permits the scientists to track the insertion in the laboratory.’ “In fact, in the entire class of coronaviruses that includes CoV-2, the CGG-CGG combination has never been found naturally. That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here. A virus simply cannot pick up a sequence from another virus if that sequence isn’t present in any other virus,” the experts noted. The fact that this coronavirus, with all its highly uniquer and unnatural combinations used by human researchers — implies the origin of the coronavirus is man made and it was laboratory escape.’

            Dr Li-Meng Yan a Chinese whistleblower stated that Covid-19 was created by Wuhan Labs & the Chinese military as part of the US NIH & EcoHealth Alliance grant.

            She was forced into hiding after accusing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of a cover-up. Yan accused Fauci and ‘other people’ (Joe Biden & the US State Dept) in the US of knowing ‘exactly what happened’ but hiding it for their own benefit as well as the CCP.
            Citing one of many emails, Yan said that it showed Fauci knew in early 2020 this was a Wuhan Lab release from gain-of-function experimentation in COVID-19 creation.

            He knows all these things,” she insisted of Fauci and the apparent gain-of-function work carried out by the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the heart of the city where the pandemic emerged.

            To recap,
            💀Virus man made
            🔻Biden & US State Dept 2014 grant to fund & outsource virus gain of function after it was banned in the US.
            🔻Does not occur in nature
            🔻Could not occur in nature
            🔻EcoHealth Alliance Daszak and Wuhan Labs apply forced evolution Baric method.
            🔻Daszak states it was gain of function in his reports.
            🔻Daszak in 2018 applies for a DARPA grant with an identical gain of function Corona virus ACE2 spike & lethal outcomes – rejected by Trump administration as potential dual use BioWarfare weapon & risk of lab escape.
            🔻Fauci was fully aware that the Wuhan Labs virus was created by funds by US Obama administration Biden Fauci 2014 grants.
            🔻US intelligence reported CCP infiltration of Wuhan Labs & intentions of developing BioWeapons using virus Gain of function in man made chimera viruses targeting human ACE2 DNA age, gender & racial variation.

  1. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    China …

    It’s a dangerous time to buy China’s property dip … Reuters

    Chinese Developer Kaisa Fails to Agree on Bond Swap … WSJ

    China stores 70% of its wealth in real estate. Now, the property crisis is forcing investors to reconsider their favorite means of savings … Fortune

    China Tech Rout Deepens to $1.5 Trillion as Didi Emboldens Bears … Bloomberg

    • How did that work out for the U.S. RE post the GFC they caused … because credit risk was under weighed.

      Secondly as you have in the past used Arizona as a exemplar for RE, as well Texas, reconcile the prices to date. Oh yeah my sister is loving it looking of a primary RE residence e.g. how does everything you promote work out just the opposite for the 90% just wanting a home to live in or for family formation.

      • Hugh PavletichMEMBER

        Skippy … You are too unkind. I have indeed been correct on these issues. Some further helpful reading for you …

        Allowing natural and normal urban expansion is essential …

        Sprawl Is Good: The Environmental Case For Suburbia … Judge Glock of the Cicero Institute / The Breakthrough Institute

        In the years leading up to the coronavirus pandemic, the intelligentsia came to a consensus that sprawling, car-dominated cities were doomed. The future, they said, was in dense, transit-dependent metropolises. The seeming success of compact cities such as San Francisco, Boston, and New York gave this theory credence. And the supposed dangers of sprawl to the climate gave it urgency.

        Yet the facts show that sprawling and car-dependent cities have grown more rapidly than dense ones for decades and are far more affordable. The pandemic, meanwhile, showed they will expand even more rapidly in the future. By contrast, the climate-driven demands for density and transit are just the most recent version of a solution that has long been searching for a problem. Advocates will continue to search. In reality, sprawling cities are more environmentally sound than their dense counterparts and will become even more so as technology evolves.

        Instead of warring against sprawl and cars, planners and environmentalists should recognize how the green spaces of suburbia, allied to autonomous electric vehicles and green single-family homes, can provide both the affordability and sustainability most Americans crave. … read more via hyperlink above …

        Higher urban densities associated with the worst housing affordability … Wendell Cox … Demographia / New Geography

        There is an expectation in some quarters that densification of existing urban areas will lead to improved housing affordability. This argument is used to justify densification policies around the world. However, an examination housing affordability and the density of built-up urban areas corresponding to the 53 major US markets (metropolitan areas over 1,000,000 population) suggests just the opposite — that higher urban densities are associated with worse housing affordability, for both owners and renters….

        … Housing Affordability by Urban Density Major US Markets

        Housing affordability measures (median multiple) are indicated by urban population density in Figure 2. All urban density categories under 3,500 per square mile have median multiples of from 3.5 to 3.6, which indicates “moderately unaffordable” housing. From 3,500 density up, housing affordability drops sometimes, dramatically. Urban areas with densities from 3,500 to 4,499 per square mile have seriously unaffordable housing, at 4.9, while those from and 4,500 to 5,499 have “severely unaffordable” housing at 5.4. Urban areas with densities of 5,500 per square mile have even more severely unaffordable housing, at 8.8 (Note 2). This category includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. … read more via hyperlink above …

      • The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

        Shame on you Skippy, you managed to make the guy who least interacts with anyone, never do anything but post his stuff and move on…
        You managed to make him say ” you are too unkind” to you among all people….you

    • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

      Maths…the language of logic..good luck with that, above my head!
      Heres one for you..did you hear about the mathamatician who had constipation?…..he worked it out with a pencil 🥁

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Oooohhh…I’m down at Portsea tomorrow night…

    ISSUED AT 0558 UT ON 03 Dec 2021 by Space Weather Services

    Effects of a coronal hole along with the possible glancing blow from a
    CME are expected to impact the Earth within the next 24 hours,
    possibly resulting in significant geomagnetic activity and visible
    auroras during local nighttime hours. Aurora alerts will follow if
    significant geomagnetic activity actually occurs.

    • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

      and if me aunty had balls, she’d be me uncle! Mental illness becomes a social faux pas to identify. Mad gone world!
      Theres still the 23rd XY chromosone in every cell of those ‘fit berds’ bodies (except the sperm cells)

        • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

          Other then the gonad related cell nucleus, which living body cells havent 23 sets of XX or XY dependant on meat or no veg?

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            You’re implying using 23XY to infer gender. Isn’t always how it works out. So yeah, nah.

          • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

            No, Im implying 23XY to infer sex. Gender is a social construct of relatively new invention with continual change as to how many exist, and you have drunk that mythic currently fashionable, continually changing to pander to a tiny upset minority, non-scientific cool aid amigo. A man pretending to be a woman is exactly that, and vica versa, no matter how you dress it up, excuse the pun (excluding extremely rare haemaphrodite anomolies).So, nah yeah!

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            Whether you want to use the s or the g word for the purposes of this conversation, you’re still wrong. It’s a fact. You can google it. Which chromosomes you got does not, automatically, determine s or g.

            You can really google it. Nothing to be afraid of.

          • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

            Google it ..haha.Its a fact, cause I said so. If so, a very recenty made up ‘fact’ which has to be forced down peoples throats with the threat of discombobulation if you dont agree! Your tone is a tad millenial.
            The internet is the start of all this nonsense which didnt exist before. Do you really think everything you google is fact? Heehee.
            Im not afraid of anything, I see how the world and nature is ,without having to google someone elses opinion, and form my own, whilst listening to others, and rejecting the illogical or wellmeaning but delusional.
            Sex is how we define the male or female of a species across all humanity and everythinh within the sexually reproductive biological organisms of the chordate animal kingdom throught history and into the future, gender is a made up social construct. Stick that in yer searchengine and beg to differ!

          • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

            Interesting paper, and as a professional scientist (albiet nonacademic who grafted for years oin construction) Im well aware that such studies are thesis and interesting ones, into the many medical disorders thst exist including this one. If you read whats its saying it is highlighting tge point I made earlier of the existence of ‘excluding extremely rare haemaphrodite anomolies’ which these people with this condition have.
            Note in the article that it refers to ‘sex’ and not gender in all instances (as again, gender is a social construct).

            To break your ‘gender’ arguement down further about the original TransSEXual issue, and the advent of a new way of thinking about these sexual disorders or whatever gender narrative you wish to embelish it with, people wanting to be another sex or having a predisposition toward it has been championed by the recent LGBTQI lobby (and more power to their elbows), and the championing of this recent ‘gender’ theory which is rabidly defended against all detractors.
            The LGBTQI is a devided and extremely diverse group who do not uniformly agree on your ‘gender’ theory. How they define themselves Lesbian, Gay (HomoSEXual) BiSEXual TransSEXual, Queer (whatever yer havin yerself) and Inter SEXual by their very definitions shows that your ‘gender’ arguement is well put but secondary to how such people inluding HetroSEXuals define themselves. Again, ‘gender’ is secondary to Sex and an opinion, sex being the scientific definition.
            Like you, I have compassion for how hard it must be for people to feel alien inside their own body, but if you are male or female pretending to be something you arent, or if you have a haemaphroditeic condition, or have serious endocryonic and hormonal issues…dont expect the whole of sociery to adjust to your whims. We can also agree to disagree Wilbur…no ivorytower fact banding required in such forums….a place for conjecture and debate.
            What happened yer music links?

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Apparently there’s not enough Chinamen supplying urea to add to the fuel to make it more natural. Maybe I should start a collection at the parties.

      • Yes O , exactly huglely we all do, so next question, Why do we close a urea production plant in QLD?

        • Feedstock is much more expensive since the gas cartel (that HnH has been hammering for years) took control of the domestic market i.e. foreigners buy Aus gas cheaper than we can.

    • Urea is made from ammonia, which is in turn made from hydrogen and nitrogen, where the hydrogen is sourced from (drumroll)… methane – ie natural gas/LNG. Like all farm inputs, prices have gone nuts…

  3. Per survival of the fittest it will be will be good news to see many dead or impaired on this blog or suffer the consequences of past advocacy.

  4. Some very negative early analyses about omicron.

    One analysis suggested that delta had a 1.7 factor advantage over alpha, and that omicron MAY have a 6 factor advantage over delta. Probably a significant degree of immune escape (not total loss of immunity, but a partial evasion).

    Another study suggested that the risk of reinfection by the omicron variant was estimated to be approx 3-3.5 times higher than by alpha/delta. This again points to immune evasion.

    More ominously, hospitalisations are now starting to accelerate.

    It took months for WHO to designate delta a variant of concern. It only took a couple of weeks for omicron to reach VOC status. This makes we wonder what WHO knows.

    Eerily prescient

    • I love speculation on no data…
      Maybe come January someone smart may be able to make some inferences, but no-one will listen to them.

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    The hate is building. Learn to hate hardest and you may survive! Everyone is your enemy unless they submit. Even then they are planning your demise. They want what you have and will take it by any means. Use your profits to keep enemies at bay.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        You want some of it hey bloke! You couldn’t afford to keep someone like me. You’re a poor commie trying to steal success.

    • Seriously as a Classical Capitalist I have no dramas with seeing you and yours hung from lamp posts or suffer slavery like you give to others you can leisure with out pangs.

        • I’m not nuts but its fun to see you and yours go spastic after all the a priori rubbish is done in by a virus …

      • C'est de la folieMEMBER

        Respond to the cruel slings and arrows of outrageous capitalist fortune with love, everlasting love.

        Kiss the hand which dips into your pocket and embrace the fraudulent and the liar.

        Never let evil triumph by diminishing the inherent generosity of spirit of every man and woman

        Forgiveness and exaltation should be the gift to those fattened by wealth and impoverished by selfishness.

        Look into the heart of the psychopath and feel blessed that you are not they.

          • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

            Cut n pasted, dont you mean, with neck frills, a goatee n balding noggin?
            Sir, you are a gentleman and a conniseur of fine whiskeys and whaaaaaangs!

          • Think you were better at it than me…I dont use poetry, or fancy bits of history, but I do sense a bit on here…When some blokes have 2 accounts, to explain each side of themselves…to honest , it gets a bit complicated at times..

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        The foundation of Marxism is capitalism as Karl’s communist dream can only be created from an established and wealthy capitalist economy? He said it himself, while all poor and wretched and living in fckn London 🤣

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      There is a famous saying of Mao : to be kind to others is to be cruel to yourself. It’s not capitalism, but socialism!!

  6. Well FMSideways, it must be Skippy-piñata Friday.

    So far a few good blows. A few good hits too!

      • I take that it’s a personal experience when intelligence hits, you get the sh*ts.
        With this in mind, I think there won’t be too many takers to walk a mile in your moccasins.

  7. Geez skip & reusachtige had a little bitch fight tonight!
    Getting a bit testy😵‍💫
    Too many drinks for me.

    • bubbah buddhaMEMBER

      Some other major and vocal contributor who sucks all emotion out of the room is missing🤔….. and everyones missing his big heart and bizzare rants….id like to hear more from LeMon3 on that math stuff posted, for the uninitiated…statitician? Keeping with the seasonal spirit of the night can you elaborate using skippy and reusa as the one and zero?….or are we to be decimated?

      • Naw … its just reflecting on about 10 years of other peoples opinions over that time vs the here and now.

        Top 10 container shipping lines on track for $115-120 billion 2021 profit: Alphaliner

        But its hyperinflation hysteria time again and again and again … yet these are the same people that were all good with EMH post Plaza to loot weaker nations but now cry in their beers when it comes home to roost …

  8. bubbah buddhaMEMBER

    How do you get avatar pics up by the way? My handle is more checkshirt Louisiana swamp trailer park then zen tofu

  9. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Omicron covid variant: Consider carefully what Dr Julian Tang, Professor of Respiratory Science at the University of Leicester UK has to say …

    Omicron: Scientists in race to work out how dangerous the variant is | COVID-19 Special … DW News / Youtube

    Omicron has now been found in two dozen countries and infectious disease experts are still gathering data on the mutation.

    It is still unclear what kind of risk Omicron poses and how effective vaccines will be against the new heavily mutated variant. … view more via hyperlink above … start Dr Tang interview 3.20 min in …

    Dr Julian Tang, Professor of Respitory Medicine, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

    Consultant Virologist and Honorary Associate Professor, Dr Tang, researches respiratory viruses – how they cause disease, how they spread and how they can be controlled – particularly focusing on aerosol and airborne transmission. He has developed international collaborative networks with other virologists, physicians, epidemiologists and engineers over the last 20 years to further this work.

    After training in Medicine and Zoology at Cambridge, and completing a Zoology PhD in biological fluid dynamics in Aberdeen, Dr Tang finished his medical training in Sheffield before completing specialist clinical virology training at University College London in 2005.

    Dr Tang’s experience with respiratory virsuses began with a move to Hong Kong after the SARS 2003 outbreaks, as an Assistant Professor, developing a clinical and research interest in respiratory viruses, particularly on influenza and its transmission. … read and view more via hyperlink above …

  10. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    New Zealand housing: Large investor … and many others too … see prices falling …

    … essential reading …

    Mega landlord says ‘wind change’ in market could see prices fall 20 per cent … Geraden Cann … Stuff NZ

    The housing market is on the precipice of a wind change that could see prices fall up to 20 per cent, one of the market’s biggest players claims.

    Mega landlord Matthew Ryan says he hasn’t seen such a sudden shift in buyer sentiment, or such a convergence of factors that will reduce house prices, since the Global Financial Crisis. … read more via hyperlink above …

    … In case you missed it … a broad overview by independent economist Tony Alexander …

    NZ home loan rates going to continue to grow – economist … TVOne / TVNZ

    The National Party new leader Chris Luxon with housing spokesperson Nicola Willis are clear that housing must be restored to the international affordability rating of 3.0 times annual household income, over a reasonable time … and that we have had more than enough talk and it is well past time for action, with a focus on supply …

    National leader Christopher Luxon unaware his $7m Remuera home increased in value by $2.3m over one year … Jenna Lynch … Newshub

    … extract …

    … The international measure is a ratio of house prices of three times incomes. New Zealand houses are about eight times our incomes.

    “Well obviously we want affordable houses so we want to get it much closer to 1 to 3 than 1 to 8,” said Willis.

    A 1 to 3 ratio would mean about a 50 percent drop in house prices.

    “This is over time,” Willis responded. … VIEW & READ MORE via hyperlink above (access full interview at Newshub) …

    … The public has yet to be convinced the National Party is authentic on these issues … if the just released Ipsos Issues Monitor is any guide … with housing being the biggest issue by a country mile (Page 7 … Australia comparison Page 28) … and Labour remarkably still being seen as the most likely Party to solve the problem (Page 14) …

    New Zealand Ipsos Issues Survey October 2021

  11. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Update … New Zealand housing: Large investor … and many others too … see prices falling …

    … and watch the trans – Tasman migration to Australia accelerate significantly too … for more affordable housing (particularly in the regions), lower cost of living and higher incomes …

    … When do economists and others intend to generate current combined Australia and New Zealand metros Housing / Apartments / Dwellings Median Multiples … to assist migrating New Zealanders to choose the most affordable Australian metros ? …

    Southern migration – cheaper housing is helping Christchurch snap up some of the 13,500 people who quit Auckland in the past year … Amanda Cropp … Stuff New Zealand–cheaper-housing-is-helping-christchurch-snap-up-some-of-the-13500-people-who-quit-auckland-in-the-past-year

    Shifting from Auckland to Christchurch was a no-brainer for Royden Burt who saved at least $700,000 on buying a four-bedroom house.

    Leaving the city of sails meant giving up boating, but he has invested in a ski season pass for Mt Hutt, taken up 4-wheel driving in the Canterbury high country, and getting to work takes eight minutes, a fraction of his former hour-long train commute.

    Auckland recorded a net population decline for the first time ever over the year to June, and Burt is one of 13,500 Aucklanders who moved to other parts of the country.

    Although Statistics NZ cannot tell us where they went, Dot Loves Data director Justin Lester says anecdotal evidence of “southern drift” driven by housing affordability is backed up by analysis of eftpos spending and other commercial data sources. … read more via hyperlink above …

    Dwellings Median Multiples – Interest Co NZ

    All Editions – Demographia International Housing Affordability Surveys

    … and what I said over a decade ago ! …

    Housing affordability out of sync with incomes … OPINION Hugh Pavletich … Sydney Morning Herald