Liberal faithful fight Morrison’s cult of sectarian sleaze

The ongoing grassroots Coalition mutiny over the collapse of party standards is reaching fatal proportions.

Leading us off is Malcolm Turnbull who’s critique of his former party is clear-eyed:

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has voiced his concerns that the rule of law is “under threat” in Australia, claiming parliamentarians have enabled an “normalisation of lies” that is undermining federal politics.

In a wide-ranging address to a public integrity organisation, Mr Turnbull complained the federal parliamentary press gallery and the News Corp media empire was too “compliant” to the Coalition government, and called recent actions of government MP George Christensen and Alex Antic “bizarre”.

“We’re starting to see a political environment which has ethically lost its way,” the former PM told an online event for the Accountability Round Table on Wednesday night.

“At the heart of this is a diminishing adherence to, understanding of, respect for the values of accountability.”

Another “normalisation” is under attack by David Crowe:

This is the normalisation of what used to be dismissed as “pork barrelling” but is now the strategic spending of public funds in the interest of political leaders and their parties. Yes, a community can benefit from a new local pool. But the political benefit decides where it goes.

And the scale has changed. The $250 million state scheme is dwarfed by similar federal funds. Morrison prepared for the last election by stashing $5 billion in a series of war chests in the April 2019 budget, such as the urban congestion fund, the safer communities fund and a plan to pay for sporting facilities.

The spending now flows on an industrial scale.

The Morrison sect of sleaze is corrupt. This we know. What was new over the weekend is more evidence of how corrosive it is now proving at the grassroots level of the Liberal Party itself:

At the heart of it is Scott Morrison’s New South Wales consigliore, Alex Hawke.

…Since 2007, Hawke has been the member for the electorate of Mitchell, part of the outer north-western “Bible Belt” of Sydney. He is currently a member of the Morrison cabinet and minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs. Like Morrison, he is of Pentecostal faith. More importantly for this story, he is the leader of the Morrison faction in NSW, the centre-right, and is Morrison’s appointed delegate on the party’s state executive.

The other two, larger factions are the right, sometimes called the hard right, which is the faction of Premier Dominic Perrottet, and the moderate or left faction, led by the treasurer and minister for Energy and Environment, Matt Kean.

Hawke is reviled by both.

As one senior right faction member says, Hawke “has used his time as Morrison’s representative on the state executive in an endeavour to advance their factional position to the detriment of both the conservatives and the moderates – to the point now where the conservatives and the moderates are in an alliance against Hawke. And that means against Morrison.”

The anti-Hawke feeling goes beyond institutional opposition. It is personal. Like his prime ministerial mentor, Hawke is hard-charging and abrasive. While the left and right have in recent years come to a sometimes-uneasy agreement in sharing the spoils of power, Hawke has a winner-takes-all approach. It has come back to bite him, his boss and the party.

…“So then you had the same factional fighting … in the state executive about who should be preselected,” Dwyer says.

Eventually, says Dwyer, the state executive made a curious decision. They said: “It’s all too hard. It’s, it’s just bringing the party into disrepute. We’re not going to preselect anybody.”

The executive instructed potential candidates not to run as independents. But Dwyer, who had already nominated as No. 2 on a ticket with Georgina Valjak, decided to run anyway.

“Anyway, she won. Effectively, on Parramatta council, there is now one unendorsed Liberal conservative person … and that’s it. The rest are Labor, Greens or independents.”

That is, the Liberal Party faithful preferred to have its seats wiped out ahead of promoting the sectarian sleaze faction.

It’s also happening at the executive level where NSW Liberal Premier Dominic Perottet is trying to render redundant the entire Morrison Government:

Perrottet proposes that the states effectively lead Australia with an energised Council for the Australian Federation treating the Commonwealth as an obstructive bystander to progressing key reforms, and speaks of having more in common with his Labor counterparts than with his federal counterparts.

Meanwhile, the moderate’s mutiny and rise of the independents have run so wild that, increasingly, Morrison’s sect of sleaze MPs are forced to address the rebellion instead of the national interest. We had a panicked Dave Sharma haranguing Wentworth voters about indepedents last week. Over the weekend, Barnaby Joyce raised his head from a COVID sickbed to whisper a confession of bucolic doggerel:

“Independents can say what they may but if we all did what they want our nation would fall because government would be inoperable,” he said in Washington.

“If they say they are independent then they must answer which party would they support if theirs is the vote that takes one or the other to 76 members in the House of Representatives.

“If parties are an evil then what is the alternative for Australian foreign policy out my window here in Washington,” he asked, arguing treaties and policy would become impossible without “the unselfish proposition that politicians must bind and stick in politics”.

The sectarian sleaze regime – of which philanderer Joyce is deputy leader – is already inoperable thanks to a cast of hypocritical cultists that appear to believe in their divine right to pillage and plunder Australian civil service.

So much so, that the Liberal Party rank and file are now fighting an internecine counter-reformation to eradicate it.

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  1. Turnbull is the best Liberal ex-PM we’ve ever had.

    Pretty useless as a PM though. Likely because of all the grubs, morons and loons inside his party room.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      He was always a Labor stooge and we Liberal Nationalists have always known this to be the case!

      • David WilsonMEMBER

        Yep turncoat Turnbull is only criticising the LNP as they sacked him for being a closet lefty failure and now he is trying to maximise his constant criticism so his green labor mates win government and spend big on Turnbull renewables bs.
        What a dreadful deceitful excuse for a man who is only interested is self pity, self aggrandisement and destruction of anyone that does not agree with him.

    • No parliamentary sittling days for it happen on. Lib MPs need to be in Canberra for a spill to occur.
      Scummo has cancelled all but a handful of sitting days until mid next year. Me thinks to deliberately prevent a spill.

  2. Perrottet proposes that the states effectively lead Australia with an energised Council for the Australian Federation

    Nice idea but the vertical fiscal imbalance will put paid to that being any more than a talkfest.

  3. Liberals would rather lose, than get rid of God Squad. Labor would rather lose, than get rid of Big Australia. Choices, choices. It’s going to be tight…

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The Liberals are completely dominated by the loony God squad. There’s no reforming it.

      Reforming political donations is the place to start.

  4. So much so, that the Liberal Party rank and file are now fighting an internecine counter-reformation to eradicate it.

    The Liberal rank and file have to hold their nose and put the Liberals last at the next federal election. Only a WA style wipeout will cleanse the party of the nutjobs.

    The way to fix the Vic Libs is to vote out #shadysukkar and watch his faction turn on itself (another expose by 60 Minutes would help here). Then we might actually get an opposition party in Victoria.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Australia refuses to vote Labor and Morrison is the result. Australia would be exceedingly foolish to now vote Labor again without Labor first showing they’ve changed.

      • Now that the ALP are testing the waters about ending mass immigration I thought you’d be a happy man Totes.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          The detail will be very different to what the grubs are saying atm.

          A while back when Keneally said “lower immigration”, she was forced to clarify MORE PERMANENT (Labor voters), fewer temporary.

          This will be yet another scam. Zero doubt.

        • I tend to agree with Tokes, I think Labor’s tactics will be its training programme with regards to TAFE etc to claim to be fixing the ability of UE etc to “up-skill” while doing very little on immigration numbers other than smoke & mirrors as to how it’s made up to look like a cut, just as the LNP did, then denying that it’s business as usual unfortunately!

          • You might be right. I’m not being naive that we all might get screwed by the ALP on this.

            But if we don’t support the ALP now they definitely back peddle just like they’ve done on negative gearing, negative income tax, etc.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER


            Labor know the electorate want lower immigration. They won’t backpedal because presenting this policy won’t be why they lose.

            Labor need a reset, and they know it (though the likes of Plibersek etal are keeping their seats so motivation is low).

            Voting for them, will result in no reset, which means mass immigration and selling Australia continues until our offspring are global minimum wage earning serfs.

            We have a moral obligation to destroy (or change) the Labor party.

          • kierans777MEMBER


            Your hatred of the ALP is blinding you. If the party is putting forward policy (and presuming they act on it) that is is good (ie: ending mass immigration) then what’s your beef? Why not support that?

            You constantly make cantankerous claims about needing to destroy the ALP, or it needing a reset. But then what? Let’s pretend you get your wish. Your constant stated beef with the party is their support for mass immigration (along with a lot of others including myself). However at the mere whiff of the ALP actually testing the waters about ending Big Australia you still declare that they’re going to lose the election and need a reset. A reset to what?

            You obviously dislike Plibersek because you reference her a lot. But you cannot articulate a rational reason to any question, or position other than you just want the ALP to burn because ….. you just hate them.

            Being sceptical is not the same as being a down right, illogical, nutter.

          • Totes is a woman scorned.

            HIS party betrayed him and lied to him and he believed them for years and nothing will ever fix that…

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER


            “”migration has always played an important role in the economy and will continue in the recovery, but it’s important we take this opportunity to get the mix right”

            Labor will retain the same numbers, or more (and they’ll lose control of borders), but change the mix to suit the Labor party. They’ll also resurrect Tafe, but not to what it was, and make Australians do ridiculous courses to compete with migrants.

            Plibersek is the epitome of what’s wrong with the Labor party.

            Labor are not in Australia’s interests, and should never again be seen as an alternative.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER


            “Totes is a woman scorned”

            Not sure I’ve ever voted federal Labor. State yes.

            “HIS party betrayed him and lied to him and he believed them for years and nothing will ever fix that”

            If we all did this, the standard would now be infinitely higher.

          • Being sceptical is not the same as being a down right, illogical, nutter.

            He’s basically just a mouthpiece for conservative fists-at-clouds rhetoric. That’s why all the talking points are the same (“woke”, taxes, refugeesborder security, welfare bludgers, womenfeminists, leftists, etc).

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER


            “He’s basically just a mouthpiece for conservative fists-at-clouds rhetoric”

            I’m a pro environment, pro science, pro worker, pro safety net, pro free medical, anti establishment, anti big business, anti globalist conservative am I?

            I’m your ex Labor or Greens voter. I’m the guy Labor threw away to chase the vote of idiots like you.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Just like LNP, anyone with a brain should hate the Labor party. They have wrecked our country, and people are looking at them as an alternative?


          • Mr Smithy you obviously have a few brains but no one takes your garbage seriously.
            As for Mr Kieran and your dislike for what Totes says …. Yawn. Your attempt to discredit Totes fails every time
            I don’t see any hatred from Totes. He makes sense to me any plenty others.

            Labor are the real problem with their move to neo liberal garbage and move away from their traditional stance.
            But unfortunately i can’t see them returning.

            They will not be reducing immigration despite your wish to believe them. WTFU.

      • Remember Julia Gillard telling us (before the election) that she didn’t believe in “hurtling down the track to a big Australia” and then going full steam ahead on high immigration after she was elected? Unlike California, say, where they have voter recall, if it has enough support, we have no recourse if politicians lie to us to get elected. They have exempted themselves from the laws on false and misleading advertising. Why put Labor any higher than second or third last?

        • Immigration did drop under gillard and international student work visa rights were curtailed. Gillard did deliver and it was almost the first thing Abbott undid when he became PM.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Gillard and Rudd BOTH INCREASED immigration. Gillard straight after saying…”not a big Australia a sustainable Australia” before the election…and she started the $5m high NW visa.

            Rudd opened Australian existing housing to foreigners, and then under pressure reversed it, but nobbled the FIRB.

            THERE MUST BE A PRICE LABOR PAYS. Never vote for them again.

            These are the standards WE SET. WE SET THE STANDARDS that have resulted in the Morrison gov.

            You, me, we did this.

          • I have looked this up, and you are technically correct, but she only slightly reduced immigration from the situation that she inherited from Kevin Rudd’s first term. Immigration had been extremely high under the Howard years, culminating in 2008, when we had the global financial crisis. The rate has been falling ever since, but the numbers were still very high in historical terms throughout the years when Julia Gillard was prime minister (2010-2013). She did cut the rate of immigration a bit, but Big Australia was still proceeding very nicely. See


    • Bushmaster is made by a French company – Thales?? Who have fought off the Commonwealth Auditor to review their work 🙁

  5. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    I love it. This is the exact political chaos Australia deserves.

    Completely caused by the elite-led, dumb city woke. They wrecked the Labor party and thisis the result.

    It’s no accident. It’s important to know that.

    It’s not getting better for a very very long time.

    Regional Australia should demand changes to the way funds flow to the cities. See how productive Sydney and Melbourne rate themselves then. See how Sydney and Melbourne house prices go then.

  6. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    One day we may begin discussing an alternative to our worse than useless (to the majority of citizens), Westminster-style political system. But it’ll have to be via sources other than MSM.

    BTW, last week, I cancelled all my MSM subscriptions and began subscribing to more ‘free-speech’ outlets. Additionally, I’ve replaced television and radio with playing my own music, or simply pure, unadulterated, peaceful silence. Sometimes you don’t realise how extraordinarily bad something is until you completely cut it from your life.

  7. Alex Hawke has always been a toxic piece of carp. He is only about himself and his faction – his achievements as an actual Minister of the Crown (ie his actual job) are zero.

  8. Smirkmister and posse don’t care it the place burns down after being voted out because they all have lifeboats from a job well done, then again the ALP went Thirdway Washington consensus decades ago, but just have different managerial approach than hard right LNP when dispensing Orthodox Neobliberal neoclassical/neo Keynesian economics PR …

    Then some play squid game political theater in comment sections across the blogsphere … giggle …