Liar’s puswad politics breeds mutiny and disgust

Legal eagles are all over the Liar’s Berejiklian lies:

The chair of the Centre for Public Integrity and former NSW supreme court judge, Anthony Whealy, criticised Morrison for dismissing the serious issues raised by the Icac inquiry.

…“For Morrison to dismiss that as being of no significance, is to trash integrity and accountability in the most terrible fashion,” he said.

…Former judge of the Victorian court of appeal Stephen Charles SC said Morrison’s comments were “disgraceful”.

“I thought that what they indicated that he was hoping the former premier would stand against Zali Steggall and that Icac’s activities were interfering with his wishes.”

…Barrister Geoffrey Watson, who was counsel assisting Icac in its investigation of Labor MP, Eddie Obeid, said Morrison was “trivialising” Icac’s investigation when he accused it of simply investigating her personal relationship.

“It’s not that he’s said it’s a kangaroo court, that’s just stupid. It’s that he said it was an investigation into who was her boyfriend. That’s a trivialisation of an investigation into whether there had been compliance at the highest level with a code of conduct. You set the standards from the top,” he said.

…The Law Council of Australia has called for “moderation in the debate over the proposed federal anti-corruption commission” after Morrison’s “kangaroo court” comment last week.

“Respect for legal institutions underpins the administration of justice in Australia. The structure and powers of any commission are important topics for discussion, but any commentary must be tempered by fairness and balance,” Law Council of Australia president, Dr Jacoba Brasch QC, said.

What is driving the Liar to such desperate stakes? Bernard Keane takes the political populism angle:

Comparisons with the Donald always risk being overstated, but Australia has reached a Trumpian moment with Scott Morrison: he is actively seeking to undermine the rule of law by not merely refusing to establish any meaningful kind of federal integrity body, but by seeking to destroy existing, effective state integrity bodies that might hold him and his political colleagues to account.

If the immediate goal of him boosting Gladys Berejiklian as a potential candidate for Warringah is to add one to the Coalition’s seat tally at the election, the broader goal is to prevent and nullify any independent accountability systems.

It’s difficult to overstate how passionately Morrison hates the idea of accountability, or any system or standard against which he can be assessed that he doesn’t control. He passionately loathes it. From the start of his ministerial career, Morrison has sought to shut down capacity for external scrutiny of his actions, invoking the fiction of “on-water matters” to throw a blanket of secrecy over most of his activities as immigration minister and pushing the AFP to investigate journalists to identify immigration whistleblowers.

The fruits of years of this are apparent in new polling from Essential. The majority of the policy now has little or no faith in government. Precisely the disengagement that the Liar seeks to foster to divide and rule:

Australians are not evangelical about their politics in the way of Americans so I can’t see them falling for the Liar’s tribal politics over a modicum of common sense.

That said, the Liar’s politics is so vile – mass sexual assaults, virus calamities and resulting recessions, climate fantasies, routine corruption, the courting of extremists, the active destruction of probity – he makes all who touch politics feel filthy and disengagement is the sane response.


Western Australian MP James Hayward, who has been charged with child sex abuse, has not resigned from state Parliament and will continue to receive his salary and allowances until February, WA Today reports. Hayward’s five charges relate to an eight-year-old girl and allegedly took place earlier this year. He was suspended from the Nationals on Thursday and resigned from the party the next day following the revelation, as reports, but WA Governor Kim Beazley — who signs off on Parliament’s resignations — hadn’t received anything from Hayward yet.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has denounced comments made by George Christensen on an American conspiracy theorist’s online show after fellow government members called for the rogue MP to be pulled into line.

Mr Christensen, who is retiring at the next election, has been a frequent and vocal critic of pandemic controls, prolifically posting on social media to voice his opposition to lockdowns and vaccinations.

His latest comments were featured on the Infowars web series hosted by far-right American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has been largely banned from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for violating hate speech policies.


A taxpayer-funded staffer for federal MP Andrew Laming, Barclay McGain, has posed with a paintball-style toy assault rifle dressed as acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot dead two Black Lives Matter protesters and was acquitted of all criminal charges related to the deaths in a trial that deeply divided opinion in the US.

McGain posted the photo to social media on 27 November, 18 months after he was sacked from his electorate officer position by Laming over a controversial schoolies video that denigrated Indigenous Australians. Six months later he was rehired by Laming, who described McGain as an important asset to his office due to the staffer’s youth connections.

But is this puswad politics a strategy? I don’t think so. It’s the logical consequence of a psychopath occupying the office of the CEO. As the psycho gaslights everybody, the organisation and its people devour each other.  This is why all executive recruitment should screen for the disordered.

Even the good Liberals are in mutiny now:

NSW Liberal officials have engaged ICAC barrister Scott Robertson to defend them against the possibility of a federal intervention by Scott Morrison to install preferred candidates into a swath of crucial battleground electorates.

The Australian has learned that Mr Robertson was consulted and is likely to be retained in any court proceedings after legal advice warned that the Prime Minister’s threat to override the preselection process was potentially unlawful.

Mr Robertson acted as counsel assisting for the Independent Commission Against Corruption during its recent investigation of former NSW premier Gladys Bere­jiklian, who is now being courted by Mr Morrison and others to stand for the Sydney seat of Warringah.

And more:

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet wants to end the Morrison government’s “divide and conquer” approach to dealing with the federation and will push for premiers and chief ministers to unite under one banner.

Mr Perrottet will also suggest in a speech to the National Press Club on Wednesday that the Commonwealth take full responsibility of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in NSW in exchange for the state fully running childcare and early childhood education.

And more:

Climate activist Simon Holmes a Court says he is on track to raise up to $20m to campaign against Liberal MPs at the next election, with Josh Frydenberg and Energy Minister Angus Taylor among at least 10 government members in former safe seats who will face an onslaught from cashed-up ­independents.

The Liar has turned Australian politics into a multi-headed oozing puswad that only the truly lunatic can endure.

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  1. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    “Trumpian moment with Scott Morrison: he is actively seeking to undermine the rule of law”

    Trumps popularity has absolutely nothing to do with undermining the rule of law. Especially applying to politicians.

    I’d be astonished if this is the advice Morrison is getting.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        Maybe, but have you not seen the Clive Palmer United campaign rallies masquerading as FreDumb rallies in Melbourne? Have you not seen the violent classes at the CMFEU and the War Memorial? The right wing media WITH the words of ScoMo fanning the fires.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        No deflection at all. I’m calling it as I see it. I don’t see any broad appetite in the electorate, left or right, for less scrutiny of politicians.

        That is, I’m saying, Morrison disregarding the electorate wanting MORE accountability is a mistake.

        I commented yesterday it was better not to interrupt Morrison making the biggest mistake in the campaign with Gladys.

        Am I missing something here?

        Happy for you to guide me to the truth.

        • Anders Andersen

          ” I don’t see any broad appetite in the electorate, left or right, for less scrutiny of politicians.”

          Think you aren’t looking widely enough then. I’ve found quite a few LNP voters who are quite happy to ignore The Liar from the Shire’s behaviour and the Feds and NSW gov pork barrelling, yet will get extremely agitated over NSW Labor corruption (mcdonald etc). Mention Waterwheel or Angus Taylor / Joyce and water…nah, never heard of it.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Had to google jan 6.

        You think that’s a crowd that DOESN’T want justice?

        Leftists have lost their minds.

        • Anders Andersen

          So what sort of justice were they after? Oh, their sort of justice just like they want the Constitution to be what they want it to be, not what it is.

      • Has anyone been charged with anything other than misdemeanor trespassing?

        There definitely has been a bit of bait and switch somewhere, that’s for sure.

  2. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    from i dont comment on on water matters to i don’t hold the hose mate – what a psychopathic legacy

  3. Jumping jack flash

    The pollies must be bored out of their minds. Scomo has to be just trolling now, as well as many of those others. Dont they have work to do? Anything? Some social policy to construct to appease some minority group and make a big deal of it? Hand out some cash to their mates? Google companies they’d like to work for as a lobbyist and make some phone calls?

    They sold all their actual responsibility to the private companies who were more than happy to take control, now they have nothing left to do but puff politics and be corrupt.

    Idle hands, playthings, and all that.

  4. “Screen” for the disordered? Sadly, his religious mates screened his disorders in, when they preferentially installed him in 2018. Now we have an Opus Dei type running NSW, who will put the Vatican line first.

    Organised Christianity is the most reactionary political party in Australia. Across LibLab lines, they get what they want, without having to run candidates. Look at “Labor” Jacinta Collins, now seamlessly heading up Catholic Education lobby.

    • Uncle WattleberryMEMBER

      And ‘related searches’: *Change gmail password*. I guess I can see a similarity there.

  5. Display NameMEMBER

    This Fed LNP will be remembered as the rapists, philanderers, upskirters, desk masturbaters, endless rorters and serial liars. The politicians that barely turned up to work; for their constituents. The most overly religious group of politicians ever, and clearly the most corrupt and incompetent. Achieved almost nothing for their constituents while pumping cash to mates and vested interests. What a legacy.

    • And suprisingly popular amongst many people! I think you’ll find many DGAF as long as they are financially better off which the LNP certainly have delivered via their rorts.

      • Precisely
        Ask Aussies to give up a few unearned dollars to make the country better, and they’ll side with the dogfvcking rorters every time. Lotsa scum on this pond.
        Needs a depression stat !

        • If Labor get in, they are going to inherit a poisoned chalice, not an economy.

          Poor buggers – they had to cleanup in “the recession we had to have” then they got the GFC and now this, what’s going to be the covid recession/depression.

  6. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    Imagine, if you will, the prospect of Gladys Berejeklian in parliament.  That’s if she gets preselected and if she wins the seat.

    If the Liberal government is returned then Gladys would presumably be prominent and almost certainly a cabinet minister.  From the get go she would have questions about her suitability for such status stemming initially from the actions of the NSW ICAC, which certainly called into question her suitability to be Premier of NSW, and subsequently her government’s role in the advent of Covid19 in Australia – and who ultimately determined and at what point it was determined that there would be no greater lockdown in NSW of the type which had worked previously elsewhere in Australia, and what the factors were at that decisionmaking point – and the subsequent spread of Covid 19 in the Australian community.

    For a government in power (if she gets that far) Gladys would need to be superhuman from the get go to get beyond the questions about her probity, and getting runs on the board with some policy endeavour in such a way as to seriously be winning credit.  Anything short of that and she is almost certainly a liability for a government which may get returned but which already has a very large number of questions about its probity and ability to tell veracity from lies across a range of issues – from Christian the debater and his post match activities to what seats slush funds get spent in, and on to just who has water rights or coal seam gas rights, and into who has molested staff inside parliament house (or not).  Against that backdrop Gladys may even add to the bouquet, and although we couldn’t discount the government may get reelected we could presumably discount the possibility that questions about the probity of the government would simply vanish.

    Any serious bookie would have her priced to become a liability to the government from the get go – that is if the government gets reelected.

    If the Liberals get into opposition then Gladys will be there – again on the front bench – as a permanent reminder of the sorts of things which got them booted from power and the types of shortcomings which have brought the electorate into despising not just the Liberal government but arguably politicians per se. The bouquet wouldn’t be any better.  The question would always be about whether Gladys was just there for the parliamentary pensions and the public funded perks.

    If I was the ALP, and I thoroughly despise them too more often than not, I would be praying Gladys is successful in becoming a candidate for a seat in federal parliament.

    Gladys is an investment in trolling and gaslighting the electorate

    • I am both ashamed and ashamed to admit that I live in the electorate in question.

      My read on the ground FWIW is that Gladys would smash Zali.

      There is a LOT of mumbling about how all she arranged for dirty Darryl was a rural concert hall, a shooting club and a bunch of money for a rural hospital, in other words (it is said) exactly what any Premier giving reasonable consideration to the bush should be doing.

      There is a strong belief that it’s a guaranteed 1 seat toward the majority Scummo needs to get another term in Government vs the risk that a pasty lightweight with only a underwhelming nondescript legal career to their name might lose to Zali.

      There is no doubt that right now she is demanding in writing a promise from scummo of a senior cabinet spot as a condition of running and that is why he has baulked and publicly spoiled by saying she may not run. I think he is too greedy for another term as PM and she is too greedy for another job in power for either of them to say no, despite the huge downsides that you have quite rightly pointed out.

  7. kierans777MEMBER

    Climate activist Simon Holmes a Court says he is on track to raise up to $20m to campaign against Liberal MPs at the next election, with Josh Frydenberg and Energy Minister Angus Taylor among at least 10 government members in former safe seats who will face an onslaught from cashed-up ­independents.

    While I support the removing of Frydenberg and Taylor, it astounds me that Shady Michael Sukkar isn’t being targeted. What does this guy have to do? All the allegations around allegedly misusing tax payers money have probably been forgotten, his sabotaging of charities, being a pathetic pork barreller. Being a Tony Abbott clone, running out of the House, numbers man for Dutton. Anyone remember him being hauled before the Supreme Court of Victoria for contempt?

    Throw some money at the Shady Sukkar campaign and let’s kick him out now.

    • The list of LNP miscreants is so long it runs to pages
      The civic-minded talent of said miscreants is so shallow as to be considered a dry hole

      The corruption of LNP miscreants is a pile of shite so high and unstable it awaits an ICAC avalanche to reveal it all

      The only question left is how many of said miscreants will bail between now and the election as the writing on the wall finally dawns on them – that it’s high time to get a high-paying sinecure on the government teat but one that’s far out of politics and the prying eyes of the people

      • I see that Ian MacPhee – former Member for Goldstein and Fraser Govt cabinet minister – is endorsing Zoe Daniel against Freedom Boy in Goldstein.