Liar from the Shire: No more lockdowns, rapists

The problem is, when your entire personality is a lie, all you can do is lie. Behold the Liar from the Shire:

State and territory leaders have agreed to hold the line and not reimpose lockdowns, further quarantine or border restrictions in response to the Omicron variant as Scott Morrison urged people not to be “spooked” and reassured families they would be reunited for Christmas.

It came as chief medical officer Paul Kelly said there was no evidence to suggest existing vaccines were not effective in combating the new Covid-19 variant.

This is a punt. We don’t know what Omicron is or will do. This is why the Liar has already partially locked the nation down with a closed border to African nations and this:

Australians with adult sons and daughters living overseas are being told their children don’t count as “immediate family” and don’t warrant exemption for entry into the country in the lead-up to Christmas.

Watch what the Liar does not what he says. His greatest energies are dedicated to covering his lies:

It’s rare to see an issue unite the federal Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, independent senator Rex Patrick and One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts with such passion.

But all three in the past week have launched extraordinary attacks on the prime minister’s department for insisting that national cabinet documents remain secret under FOI laws, despite the government losing a case brought by Patrick in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on that very point in relation to a previous FOI application.

On Tuesday, Patrick escalated the dispute in the Senate, labelling the department’s secretary, Phil Gaetjens, a “disgrace”, a “henchman” for Morrison, and a “cover-up expert” over what he alleges is the department’s improper use of the cabinet documents exemption.

The truth of it is that Omicron may end or intensify the pandemic and if it is the latter then more lockdowns are, sadly, inevitable:

The chief executive of Moderna has predicted that existing vaccines will be much less effective at tackling Omicron than earlier strains of Covid-19 and warned it would take months before pharmaceutical companies can manufacture new variant-specific jabs at scale.

Stéphane Bancel said the high number of Omicron mutations on the spike protein, which the virus uses to infect human cells, and the rapid spread of the variant in South Africa, suggested the current crop of vaccines may need to be modified next year.

“There is no world, I think, where [the effectiveness] is the same level . . . we had with Delta,” Bancel told the Financial Times in an interview at the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He added: “I think it’s going to be a material drop. I just don’t know how much because we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to . . . are like ‘this is not going to be good’.”

And this:

Early testing indicates that the mutations in the Omicron variant of coronavirus may hamper the ability of Regeneron’s antibody drug to treat Covid-19, the company said, suggesting that some therapies may have to be adapted to tackle the virus’s latest evolution.

The findings are a first sign that treatments developed to tackle Covid-19 may have lost effectiveness as the virus evolves. “The individual mutations present in the Omicron variant indicate that there may be reduced neutralisation activity of both vaccine-induced and monoclonal antibody conveyed immunity,” Regeneron said on Tuesday.

Lying about it will only befuddle and enrage the polity further, spreading pro-virus protests in the restive margins, rendering boosters ever less effective, if it turns out that Omicron is more virulent.

But that’s what the Liar does best. He divides by gaslighting and abuse. Behold his parliament of sleaze, courtesy of the NYT:

Men strutting down corridors looking women up and down. Women carrying fake binders to block unwanted advances. Forcible touches, kisses, comments about appearance. Fears of speaking out.

A sweeping review of the workplace culture in Australia’s Parliament paints a damning picture of widespread sexual harassment, with employees sharing harrowing stories of an alcohol-soaked atmosphere where powerful men blurred lines and crossed boundaries with impunity.

The report, released on Tuesday, was commissioned by the Australian government in March, shortly after a former employee’s account of being raped in Parliament House sent shock waves through Australia’s halls of power. It found that one-third of parliamentary employees — 40 percent of women — had experienced sexual harassment. About 1 percent of the more than 1,700 people who participated in the review said they had been the victim of attempted or actual sexual assault.

The Liar from the Shire cannot be trusted to rule.

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  1. Initial evidence does support Kelly’s claim that vaccines are still effective against Omicron.
    What isn’t effective is natural immunity.

    • One way or another, we will find out just before Xmas because Omicron is already spreading in Sydney. I sincerely hope it is a false alarm, because a lock down before Xmas will devastate the entire retail sector.

    • Really? What percentage effective. I’ve read the flu vaccine sometimes only has 35% efficiency. These drug companies just make stories to sell their wares

      Why is quitting smoking, stop drinking like a bogan, eating fresh cooked meals and getting exercise frowned upon so much.

      About ten years ago when there was a number of public private partnership hospital s on the cards I wrote a research paper on evidenced based health care and factors of the built environment affecting patient outcomes.

      The overwhelming theme in this was the importance of person choice, one size doesnt fit all and a general move away from medicate magic pills. The situation we currently find ourselves in contradiction to modern delivery of care and individual wellbeing. This isn’t left hippy talk it has real cost implications in the coverage of pain meds and lengths of hospital stay.

      The drug companies must be so powerful. I got a Facebook’s ban for reposting a meme with doctor evil saying ‘PHYZER EXECUTIVE S and when the vaccine starts killing people, we will blame the virus to sell more vaccine,’ Banned.

      I’m looking forward to Dec 17 in Queensland. This will be popcorn time.

      We won’t be controlled

      • Why is quitting smoking, stop drinking like a bogan, eating fresh cooked meals and getting exercise frowned upon so much.

        Errrr…. Frowned upon by who ?

        * Smoking and heavy drinking are discouraged and disincentivised by substantial taxation, regulation, use restrictions advertising campaigns and social pressure.
        * Cooking shows / advice are a stalwart of basically every form of mainstream entertainment from Women’s Weekly to Facebook
        * Exercise is the first thing pretty much everyone will tell you to engage in if you want to feel better and/or improve your health.

  2. I think you are being too harsh on our dear leader H&H, after all he IS doing something about the scandalous behaviour in The Parliament.
    By having only 10 sitting days between Friday and August next year Scrotomo is severely limiting the opportunities of his fellow members to rape and pillage the parliamentey work force.
    He now governs by decree, not parliament.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      And where’s all the outrage, the protests in the street for Scotty’s trashing of democracy?

      That’s right the Murdoch rags haven’t whipped up the public like they’ve done in Victoria.

  3. Never let it be forgotten, in 2018 the Libs had a choice between a Turnbull or a Dutton, and instead the religious cabal deliberately and knowingly installed a crippling personality disorder complete with its 1950s sexism. Because, for them, a win is a win is a win, they could not care less about the greater public good.

    • Dutton is no better (albeit terrible in different ways).

      Never forget the Liberal Party has been on this trajectory for the better part of twenty years. Scott Morrison hasn’t just appeared out of nowhere.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Exactly. Morrison would be nowhere near power if Labor hadn’t bent the workers and plebs over to retain Plibersek etal seats.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Oh yeah? You got a better explanation why a country that hates LNP would put them in power again and again?

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            lol. They are absolute poison. They are the best example of why Labor are in perpetual opposition.

            If you think otherwise, you haven’t got a single clue what’s going on.

            I am beyond astonished you’ve put those two forward as a reason to vote Labor. Ask anyone outside the inner cities. They are despised. They are everything that’s gone wrong with Labor.

            You taking the piss?

      • Don’t like the Potato but he does seem more patriotic than Slomo. His voting history goes completely against my ethics so he is still a non starter for me.

        • I’d love to see dutto win his seat as liberal and then Labor win election and him say I’ll switch to Labor if I can still hold my post.

          Penny will lose this election ..

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Labor are what’s allowed LNP to become so out of control.

        You think Australia wouldn’t vote against this if they could stomach voting Labor?

        • Yeah, I dunno. As stinky as Labor are, the Liberals (until ScoMo’s 6 year old kid lies) have always lied better. The amount of tradie drongos and eyebrow and nail hoors who reflexively state “beta 4 the econowmee” with secondary arguments of “interest rates and debt” yet know nothing else, is high.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            IMO, it’s way more about Australians refusing to vote Labor post “not a big Australia” Gillard, Rudd, boats, BER, Batts, topboxes, just horrendous micro policy incompetence.

            Add extreme wokeness, and no one wants to vote Labor.

            Force people to answer a stupid 2PP poll, and of course they’ll say Labor. Only to mean NOTHING at the election.

            Australia is looking to derail big Australia. Last election, that resulted in LNP winning. I suspect this coming election it’ll result in record numbers of Independents hopefully forcing a minority government.

          • The last federal vote wasn’t about derailing big Australia.

            Most Australians still haven’t picked up on virtually all their quality of life issues are a cause of Big Australia.

            The ALP were rejected last time around because virtually all of their policies were an assault on productive Australia, to give further privilege to unproductive Australia.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Rusty Penny

            There’s plenty that suggests it’s immigration. I’ve linked it many times.

            “The ALP were rejected last time around because virtually all of their policies were an assault on productive Australia, to give further privilege to unproductive Australia”

            I’m interested in that. Could you explain what you mean?

  4. My favorite inside source
    I’ll kiss your open sores
    Appreciate your concern
    You’re gonna stink and burn

    • Oh spunky that was such a wonderful album, and song. A great intro exploding into loud soft loud and the middle 8 you quoted.

      Thinking about Kurt makes me sad.

  5. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    UK’s minimum gap for Covid booster jabs to be halved to three months

    We will all be getting booster shots – presumably they will force people, and become even more hard nosed about it than they are now for the unvaccinated.

    As things currently stand more than half of Australia has been fully vaccinated between the start of June and the start of December. That means that even with a 6 month window of ‘protection’ between now and the start of May 2022 everyone of those is going to need a booster to retain any effectiveness at all.

    The Poms are already floating the idea that 6 months is actually far too long. The studies seem to suggest that the vaccine effectiveness – all of them currently in existence – seem to wear off between 4 and 6 months.

    Therein lay the folly of Toxic Morrison and Mad Gladys importing the virus and not making much of an effort to eliminate it back in the Sydney breakout of June this year. They thought they could bend the populace to get vaccinated, open up to support the vested people harvesting and people exploiting interests in the population ponzi economy and load us up with migrants.

    The lowest priority for them was the health and safety of Australians – they prioritised what they interpreted as being Australian’s ‘economic’ health. Morrison knows that if he has to front the public with a booster shot mandate every 3-6 months he will be tarred and feathered (if he is lucky), but he is highly likely to be dragged kicking and screaming to that point, and if he is we could start laying bets on him being disposed of by a Liberal party which has dawned on just how toxic the guy is.

    The advent of the Omicron variant, and the increasing evidence about the timeframe of the vaccines currently in use effectively pulls forward his election ‘window’ – if he was hoping to have the population ponzi roaring back come May, his failed quarantine and Covid handling is now forcing him to bring that forward. The only thing keeping him in the game is an ALP which exposing the smallest ‘reform’ cojones ever seen in Australian political history. Even then Morrison needs to hope that the Christmas sales are somehow substantial enough to tide Australia’s legions of ‘retail’ outlets which are nothing more than tax farming vehicles over for one more tax refund.

    That spurt of house prices we have experienced this year is his last remotely plausible claim to anything of economic substance – he (and much of his party) still dont get that for increasing numbers of Australians references to rising house prices is almost right up there with conspicuous genitalia self touching as a touchstone on credibility. He is going down unless the ALP do something so infuriating that the electorate baulks at them once again. Let us hope there isnt another parental visas announcement.

    I am vaccinated (AstraZeneca) and my wife and son are vaccinated (Pfizer). If I had seen the data on pericarditis for boys until the age of 20 prior to him getting the shot I would have refused him getting vaccinated.

    While I totally agree that vaccination has been the best possible way to ensure personal minimisation of the risk of Covid leading to hospitalisation, intubation and potential death – there comes a point where saying the best possible way is not particularly good. The downside of that vaccination is that vaccinated people can still get the virus and can still transmit the virus.

    Then there are the bigger policymaking Hail Mary’s being run. There has never been a vaccination requirement which devolved into go and getting another shot every few months – but that is where we are heading. With a majority of the human race still not vaccinated at all there is still ample potential for the virus to evolve into some other form. Ordinarily we might expect that that could easily be into a less pernicious form, but there are no guarantees. There is considerable evidence that getting re boosted regularly can diminish the effectiveness of the vaccination over time, and will potentially lead to a range of other potential issues.

    Thus is the choice that Toxic Morrison and Mad Gladys made for Australians.

    And here we are 18 months in still without effective national quarantine facilities…..with an electorate with a taste for opening up, a polity keen to open the migration sluices once again, and an ‘elite’ keen to get back into exploiting them and the Australians their presence leverages for exploitation.

    Tar and feathers is where we are at…..

    • “Thus is the choice that Toxic Morrison and Mad Gladys made for Australians.”

      Too few seem to recognise or care about this fact.

  6. Some of the Jenkins report included what seems to be criminal behaviour. Did I miss Scummo calling for those potential victims to go to the police?

    • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

      It was just before the bit in the press conference about political donations and ‘declare or return’.
      And just after the bit about implementing all the recommendations in the report in full as they did with the Hayne RC.

      He was really quite impressive frankly.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Not until he reads it a few more times. At home. Alone.

      Something like Mick Fuller getting his jollies out of strip-searching young’uns. It’s a religious thing.

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        So… Jen and the kids are going to get rolled again?

        Edit: rolled-out. 😄