Friendly Jordies shreds Big Australia immigration ponzi

Superb work by Friendly Jordies, who describes mass immigration as the “economic meth” of the property lobby.

Jordan’s arguments will sound very familiar to regular readers of MB, but obviously delivered in his trademark style.

Unconventional Economist


        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Nope. There isn’t a party I’d align with, or you would have named one.

          You think LNP pay me for 20 years to rail against immigration? It wasn’t until 15 years ago it dawned on me it was Labor not opposing that was the problem.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Oh yeah, losing control of borders and destroying the plebs and environment party was a fantastic moment in Australia’s history.

        What are you talking about!!!!

      • Even if he doesn’t achieve anything else, he has brought down the Grease Ball. And helped to expose Merdejiklian.
        What a great young man.

    • Absolute BeachMEMBER

      Brilliant. And funny enough I snarfled my way through an excellent rack of lamb without noticing what it tasted like. That guy is very good. Never bothered to watch his (their..) stuff but will now. Thanks Mr Jordie.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Nicely said. I like it.

        I’ve screenshot what I wrote and the reply. He’s a nasty piece of work. Nothing OTT. It’s on my pc. I’ll upload it to weekend tomorrow.

        @mackak…”He’s not really friendly”

        He must lurk around here and recognises my user name; totes.

        Actually I guess that’s a good sign for his integrity. He’s passionate (but young and dumb) and not just doing what he’s paid to do.

  1. COVID reduced net migration to zero and below. A genuine “sliding doors” moment. Five months out from the election, the Morrison-Albanese government has already decided we’re going right back through the Big Australia door. For ever.

    Jordies gets nowhere near that rank bipartisan assault on voters. Instead, he mugs that Big Australia is primarily a Liberal-LendLease thing. Having a big audience, and a big opportunity, he has blown it. So disappointing.

    • I can’t believe there are not more angry young, the Aussie dream will not be available to most of them.

  2. The issue isnt the political parties, its the bureaucracy in Canberra. They control government. The politicians are just their front men. Given the woeful quality of politiicans education, experience, IQ and character, these people can only play the man, not the ball, and they simply allow the Cabinet Secretariate and senior civil servants to run the shop. The issue is the relationship between business interests and the bureaucracy.

  3. Looked pretty factual to me.

    Australia, the Lucky but Dumb country.*

    *Except for extinct Koalas’, no refunds, no rain checks, For Full Terms and Liberal Conditions. please see our greenwashed copy at GreedLease.