Do Australia a favour and stay out of politics, Gladys

Gladys Berejikilan should stay out of federal politics in the national interest. There is a range of issues at stake.

First, she has herself rightly described the Liar as “evil” and expressed an earnest desire that Peter Dutton had become PM. For her to go back on this striking judgement would be to show bad faith with her NSW fanbase.

This tips into the second issue.  Regardless of the official ICAC outcome, all Australians have heard the tapes in which Berejiklian consorted with her boyfriend about NSW grant flows. Her former boss, Mike Baird, expressed incredulity at her behaviour and delivered a public dressing down for it.

The moral judgment of ICAC is in and it is crystal clear. Gladys behaved corruptly.

Given the parlous debauchery that the federal Liberal Party has descended into, it is absurd that she join it as some kind of saviour in any terms that you care to mention.

Third, if Gladys gives two hoots about Australia she will allow the Liar regime to face the electorate unencumbered by confusion about the pandemic and/or state performance. To do anything else would be to put herself ahead of the nation, which effectively rules her out as an appropriate reform candidate anyway.

Finally, Gladys must stay out of it on behalf of all Australia’s women and civilised society. The federal Liberal Party needs to be burned at the stake for its behaviour in Parliament House. Deviant sexual practices in the national forum are appalling. Combined with prothetylising it is an abomination.

This is not a question of feminism. It is an issue of basic human decency and social standards. If Gladys joins the Liar’s brothel as its branded strumpet then she is endorsing all of it.

The press gallery is musing about it:

The federal Liberal Party’s obsession of the moment – former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian – is driven by its failure towards women, and the failure of one woman.

Marise Payne is the Foreign Minister, Minister for Women, the most senior female minister in the federal government, and a leader of the largest faction in the NSW Liberal Party, the “moderates” group.

From her position of enormous latent power and influence over policy, the Parliament, her party and public opinion, Payne has chosen to hide rather than lead.

In a year when the treatment of women, in ministerial offices, on social media and elsewhere became the defining perceived failure of the Morrison government for many voters, Payne maintained the monk-like silence that allowed her to stealthily, through factional patronage, ascend government.

Maybe Maris Payne is as disgusted as the rest of us about the behaviour of her disgraced party and has decided discretion is the better part of valour while the Liar is still in power.

Gladys Berejiklian should take note.

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  1. They’re all crooks one way or another. The problem is we let these sleazy people assume positions of power in a secretive and almost unchallenged party system that’s stacked by factionalists, and when in power they are led by hidden vested interests, and then we have the useless media fill our screens with their self-serving mugshots lying incessantly about how good they are. No wonder we’re so fu¢ked.

  2. Linda Reynolds is another disgraceful coward, choosing to clean up and cover up. This is disgraceful absence of moral fortitude. She also lost any right for public office. The clearest chance at redeeming the status of women in the LNP was lost to short-term opportunism. Fk off Reynolds.

  3. “Given the parlous debauchery that the federal Liberal Party has descended into, it is absurd that she join it as some kind of saviour in any terms that you care to mention.”

    Will be interesting to see what Gladys’s support actually is among the voter base and if it remains high, it’s no more a perverse outcome than the current popularity of the VIC state government and its leaders.

    Its politics, for a system like ours, outcomes are largely the same irrespective of the ideology you find appealing or how many BBQ arguments where you feel you have proven otherwise.

  4. All good points, HnH.

    But I expect to see Prime Minister Berejikilan in 2025/6 with heavy backing of the media. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

  5. This whole ‘Gladys will run in Warringah’ stuff is bullsh*t put out there by Scummo to dominate the media cycle. Gladys won’t run and was never going to. Scummo just needed a huge distraction….

  6. kierans777MEMBER

    Both Gladys’ should stay away from Parliament. Everyone seems to have forgotten the current member for Chisholm.

  7. Someone ElseMEMBER

    If the born-to-rule brigade I grew up with (Shore et al) are a measure of the lot, then the LNP women don’t care one bit about the lower class. The peasant girls are just playthings for the boys to discard, and the contempt and hatred the SCEGGS-type girls have for the peasant girls is scary. My best guess is the high-born girls are afraid one of the ‘choice’ boys might get stolen by a peasant.

    Christian Porter’s true offense is not that he’s accused of @[email protected] some girl, it’s that the girl was high-born. When the lower classes raise a fuss about getting literally @[email protected] the QCs send them running (a la that nightclub heir) and the toffs go back to business as usual.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      “… then the LNP women don’t care one bit about the lower class…”

      Goes without saying?

  8. Gladys should be in court on corruption charges – as for her popularity – once was extraordinary and now almost zero. Simply not possible for her to consider or be considered for ANY political future let alone a REAL job