COVID cases continue to surge across Australia

NSW and Victoria are seeing a short term surge in new daily COVID cases, with over 400 and 1300 respectively with Queensland yesterday have one new locally acquired case

Most hospitalised cases and particularly those in ICU are still in Victoria:

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  1. Xmas party season. NSW will soon be over 1000 a day, but the NSW website will stop reporting cases.

    Let’s hope Omicron is benign, otherwise the NSW LNP party is finished for the next 50 years.

  2. NelsonMuntzMEMBER

    Covid is ripping through my kid’s secondary school. Many parents are now keeping their kids home to avoid holiday plans being forked by a close contact ping or positive case in the household.

    • Tell a scared population that you are harming them for their own benefit, and they lap it up.

      Tells a lot about the average Victorian and Dan Andrews, and it isn’t pretty for either side.

  3. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    It’s almost a given, that due to the failings of rRT-PCR tests and the high rate of false positives, many of the covid cases would simply be colds. Particularly, with this crazy weather, where one day it’s 31 degrees and the next 4 it’s 16 degrees max.