Australia boycotts Beijing Olympics

About bloody time:

Australia has joined the United States in imposing a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, citing Beijing’s coercive trade practices as well as its human rights abuses as reasons.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told reporters in Sydney the decision should come as no surprise. He said any reprisals from China would be “completely and utterly unacceptable”.

Pfft, liar. We just boycotted their Olympics!

Let’s hope Beijing reprisals rain upon the Chinese student trade in short order.

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  1. Did the diplomats go to Berlin in 1936? Nobody knows or cares because it is irrelevant and meaningless. Boycott athlete participation or otherwise it is not a boycott…

      • In the middle of a global pandemic, I reckon the chances of many diplomats wanting to travel to Beijing would be very low in any case.
        Big sighs of relief coming from Canberra!

  2. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Talk about flapping a bit of wet lettuce around.

    Could we try a more wussy option?

    If we are sooooooooo upset at the posturing of the Panda why not actually do something that has some meaning.

    China has been happily breaking the “joke” Free Trade Agreement with impunity and blocking imports of stuff they don’t really need ….wine, lobster etc.

    So why not limit some of our exports of stuff that they really do need….coal…iron ore etc.

    Nothing specifically pointed at China of course……keep it deniable just to annoy them even more.

    An export volume auction is a much more effective way of twisting a Panda’s tail than denying them the presence of our couple of our diplomats. It will have a great impact on the prices of the exports that are limited by volume and cannot be replaced by alternate sources.

    Or is does that require the big boy pants that are in short supply in Australia.

    • Let’s hope China will ‘teach Australia a lesson” by ripping up the Free Trade Agreement.

      • pfh007.comMEMBER

        They will not do that as it was a gift to China.

        Gave them great access to our assets and markets and offered Australia little in return and much of that China has now blocked.

        China has rendered a dud deal for Australia even worse but silly Aussies are still treating it with respect because Free Trade is Tops!

      • pfh007.comMEMBER

        Yep, and China’s response will be to apply the thumb screws to some other class of Australian exports that mean nothing to Beijing.

        While we insist on flooding world markets with iron ore with most heading to China, they will know we are not serious.

    • “So why not limit some of our exports of stuff that they really do need….coal…iron ore etc.”

      Let’s go one up… OPEC had some sway in the 1970’s…

      let’s collude with a handful of countries to form the

      OCCC (Organisation of Coal exporting countries) and OFOEC (Organisation of Ferrous Oxide Exporting countries)… and everytime China acts out of line, they all apply the squeeze

    • Ailart SuaMEMBER

      Hypocrites – to put it mildly. It brings vomit to the throat. Just my opinion, but Australia will never be ‘great’ until we genuinely acknowledge the wrongs; past and present to first nations people. But which one of the only two governments we’re allowed to have will get the ball rolling? It’s not as if they haven’t had the time. Maybe they spend too much kowtowing to the US and UK with all this childish, anti China garbage.

      • You’ve got to think the US are taking the mickey also when they include human rights abuses as a reason!

          • Yes it seems to be. So do you think the US & Aus can claim a moral high ground and in using this reason?

          • There are no “good guys”, just “people advancing their own interests”.
            As you do by trying to delegitimise Australia’s appreciation of itself as “good”.
            The sides that are refused the right to hold themselves in high esteem, and accept it, are sent on a path of destruction.
            But after all, that is the intent of some, who pretend to their OWN moral high-grounds to advance THEIR interests.

          • At Leroy: I’m pointing out the false sense of moral superiority that Australians (and Kiwis, Britons, Canadians) have to Americans when a look at history and the present reveals hypocrisy in that belief. I’m not set on a path of self-destruction. Chattel slavery and genocide are thankfully a thing of the distant past in the west, yet they are still going in China (at least genocide). It’s foolish to point out the moral equivalence of something that happened hundreds of years ago to what is happening today.

      • What exactly do you think is not acknowledged?
        White Australians are taught to hate themselves in school, that Indigenous people were wronged and that White people do not deserve to preserve their majorities anywhere on earth, like other people are entitled to, because of their uniquely racist past (school taught version > obviously I don’t agree).

        More racial realism certainly needs to be taught, but it isn’t in the direction you think.
        As you campaign for even more flagellation of the people being replaced in their own nation, founded by their ancestors, you will only grow the opposite of what you want.

      • “Just my opinion, but Australia will never be ‘great’ until we genuinely acknowledge the wrongs; past and present to first nations people.”

        Talk about meaningless….

        What have we done in the past that we don’t acknowledge?.
        What about it is ‘wrong’?

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        I think there is plenty of acknowledgement of First Peoples (I don’t use ‘First Nations’ as I don’t believe their societies would meet ordinary meaning of ‘nation’).

  3. The Chinese students are the ‘reprisal’.

    They are not an Australian export.

    They are a huge parasitic economic & social burden to Australia.
    They have destroyed Australian education.
    They have destroy Australian jobs, lowered wages, and created the foreign criminal run gig economy.
    They have destroyed Australian housing.

    They are not an export.
    They are invariably Chinese Hukuo lowlife is trafficked in from the China slums on false papers, false health check.
    Only the first semester is paid & nonsensical low level courses anyway.
    The Chinese is set to work in the factory, the shopping centre, or the brothel as part of the local Chinese blackmarket economy.
    Their illegal income is then used as debt repayment to the trafficking syndicate, or is sent back as remittances to the family in China.
    Not an export.

    And the Chinese students are just a subset of a much wider & serious Chinese national security threat.

    As example.
    In WW2 with the outbreak of Japan~US hostilities, the US needed to round up & intern about 120,000 Japanese, including many who were US citizens. It was a major effort in what was a leading nation of about 130 million then. Canada followed suit rounding up & detaining about 20,000 Japanese.

    Australia today has a population of only 25.5 million with an infiltration of 1.45 million China mainland born communist Chinese now onshore in Australia.

    Only 350,000 of those Chinese are Australian citizens, and most of those still remain ‘China First’ hard core communist as the ‘advance guard’ of CCP infiltration & colonization of Australia.

    The remaining 1.1 million onshore Chinese are ALL China First sole passport foreign nationals. Non Australian.

    Stealing well over 1.1 million Australian jobs.
    Stealing hundreds of thousands of our Australian dwellings. The Chinese foreign criminal syndicates launder in their dirty money via a local Chinese PR to bypass the FIRB and buy up modest established Australian housing.
    Then kick out the Australian tenants into the street & convert it to yet another fetid Chinese only cash in hand bunk share.

    These Chinese non assimilated slums now spread from horizon to horizon in Sydney or Melbourne, as faithful recreations of Chinese Guangzhou & other China slums.

    It’s not just entering as fake students.
    Every other visa category is corrupted.

    Chinese national as so called ‘PR’, giving a remit to thieve & exploit our Centrelink & Medicare but never made a contribution.
    As TR as the faux students & partners, or so called skilled visas, business or rural & regional visas etc.
    Or else trafficked in via NZ on a SCV, or else entering on long & repeat stay visas.

    An entire Chinese Hukuo underclass of 1.4 million onshore.
    China emptying out city slums & rural areas of their Hukuo underclass / internal illegals in China / to be trafficked & exported as ‘students’ or ‘partners’ or ‘migrant guestworkers’, ‘long stay/repeat stay visitors..

    To cleanse China of their misfits, sick, useless, with the low social credit score, their petty criminals & vice workers.
    To dump that social burden into the west.
    To exploit naive gullible western nations like Australia as part of the CCP infiltration & now reinforcement waves in China First colonialism.

    In the advent of serious hostility & now threats by China of missile & nuclear attack on Australia, what is going to be our Australian response?

    When will we see a reduction in Chinese intake?
    What are the plans to identify, isolate and deport the Chinese threat to our nation?

  4. I don’t give a sh1t about the olympics. I’ve watched 5 minutes of Olympic footage in my entire life. It’s just a giant corrupt gravy train exploited by a vast tribe of rancid grifters for personal gain. The mere thought of Juan Samaranch used to make me want to hurl. He’s dead now, which makes me happy, but his putrid legacy lives on.

    I have to admit though, that watching the giant, burly transgender blokes flogging the females in every event is going to provide a few minutes of comedy. I might actually check some of that out.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Contrary view – I enjoy the Olympics. Probably share the same view on some of the scum attached to its bureaucracy though.

      If you enjoy watching the burly types, you’re probably up for a bit of Greco-Roman…