What did Lord Jabba do on Tatooine?

We have a right to know what Lord Jabba got up to on Tatooine:

Nationals MP George Christensen made a secret submission to the information watchdog as part of an effort to block the release of details about a police probe into his Philippines travel, days after saying the document falsely accused him of a serious crime.

The Nationals MP has spent two years fighting to prevent the public release of a letter sent by the Australian Federal Police to former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

For two years Nine News, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have been trying, under Freedom of Information laws, to access the document sent on June 25, 2018.

In the letter, the Australian Federal Police advised it was closing the case into Mr Christensen, but warned the Queensland MP remained an ongoing risk of being compromised, according to sources who have seen the letter.

“I am not happy with documents that basically falsely accuse me of a serious crime being made public because therefore people will get to then report what you are falsely accused of and that’s just wrong for anyone,” Mr Christensen said in a story published in this masthead on October 21.

Eight days later he made his third “in confidence” submission to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Well, release the letter to be exonerated then.

This goes to national security, the integrity of parliament and ongoing allegations of sleaze wherever the Morrison Government treads.

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  1. Making fat jokes against a federal MP? I thought journalists were meant to have professional standards.

  2. “This is not the police probe you are looking for”

    Not to mention all the probes that got squashed before they got started. Here’s looking at you, Mick Fuller, ScoMo’s garbage man at the NSW Police

  3. TheLambKingMEMBER

    What is wrong with voters? When George Christensen gets voted back in with a majority when he spends more time in Manila than in his electorate? 64% of the 2-party preferred vote! Really? 42% of primary vote. AND his seat is the gateway for the Barrier Reef. The new LNP climate plan is modelled on a 2C rise in temperature. There is no Barrier Reef left at a 2C rise in temperature

    • In many country electorates people are rusted on, and will always vote National – regardless of the muppet they put up. A bit like people in Western Sydney and Western Melbourne. Labour could run an open sewer along the main street of Sunshine and people there would still vote Labour.

      • Jumping jack flash

        I stopped in a tiny town on the NSW/QLD border once to absentee vote and the hayseed out the front handed me my voting papers and said, “this is how you vote for [insert National candidate here]”. I remember thinking that all the illiterate farmers would just do it.

  4. > Well, release the letter to be exonerated then.

    Yep. Transparency. He’s a public servant. People have a right to know.