Victoria’s COVID cases remain stubbornly high

Victoria has recorded another 1029 new locally acquired COVID cases and three deaths:

By comparison, NSW recorded only 180 new cases and one death:

The next chart plots daily cases across both jurisdictions with Victoria’s remaining stubbornly high and NSW’s cratering:

However, active cases are trending down across both jurisdictions:

More importantly, both hospitalisations and ICU admissions have fallen sharply from their peak:

In other news, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet reaffirmed that the state’s current restrictions on unvaccinated people will remain in place until 15 December when the state is expected to hit its 95% fully vaccinated threshold.  Currently, 91.8% of NSW residents aged 16+ are now fully vaccinated, and 94.4% have had one vaccine dose.

Meanwhile, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has attacked the federal government for pandering to “extremist” views in urging the states and territories remove all restrictions on unvaccinated people when 80% of the population has been double-vaccinated. The unvaccinated have been told by Andrews that they will be segregated from everyday life until 2023.

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  1. So unvaxxed are not part of society until 2023. But we are going to let in tens of thousands with Sinovac vaccinations which only barely meets the minimum efficacy levels (so a bit better than being unvaxxed). I guess as long as they buy property and work for $10ph then all is good.

  2. Your chances of getting infected are less if you are vaccinated, but once infected you transmit like the unvaccinated so there is a difference between transmission by vaccinated and unvaccinated. More worrying is that breakthrough cases are actually starting around the 3-4 month mark, so quicker boosters needed.

    We are doing everything wrong same as overseas so expect the same results. Especially insane is letting vaccinated people from overseas in without quarantine……..this will let new variants in on the sly……..when the vaccine evasive variant ( hello Congo variant ) gets here there goes another year lost.

  3. I wonder how the recent protests in the CBD have contributed to these numbers. Lots of non-vaxed people sans masks and other measures to prevent spreading the virus.

  4. The difference between NSW and VIC has always been the “positive rate” – with NSW not opening up fully until the positive rate was well down under 1%, but VIC opening up with the positive rate around 3%. To me there is no way mathmatically that VIC gets down to the same case numbers as NSW (now with the same settings) but provided hospitalisations keep declining we should not be alarmed at all.

    It is better to let COVID rip through a society when everyone is fully covered with fresh vax – with low deaths and hospitalisations – than to wait longer to ease restrictions.

    I honestly think this is the governments plan – but they just aren’t willing to openly say it.

    ” We will get the virus rip from November to April so everyone builds up natural immunity while they have the best vaccination protection – as this will minimise disruption into next winter assuming there is not a new variant. We will also put a booster program in place too leading into winter – with the aim to continue to let the virus rip all year with everyone fully protected. COVID needs to be seen as something like gastro – which we lock nursing homes down for, but we don’t generally stop society for. If you get gastro – you don’t go to work, school, or anywhere further than 10m from a toilet – so if vaccinations get us to a level where we treat COVID the same way as a society as we treat Gastro – then we can hopefully all move on”

  5. Ailart SuaMEMBER

    “Conspiratorial nonsense. Why would someone listen to a self-help entrepreneur for information on this subject?”

    You obviously haven’t watched the vid. It’s his expertise in patenting that you should be focusing on you goose. You’re most likely a stooge for the establishment.

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