Victorian COVID deaths rocket

Victoria has recorded 827 new locally acquired COVID cases and a whopping 19 deaths:

By comparison, NSW recorded 173 COVID cases and only two deaths:

The next chart plots daily cases across the two virus jurisdictions:

Active cases are plotted below:

Finally, hospitalisations and ICU admissions are plotted below, which have fallen sharply:

Based on the above chart, the surge in COVID deaths in Victoria is an outlier.

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    • I don’t think so. In the UK, infections have risen but the death rate has plateaued. If we were to compare like for like population wise, Australia should average 70-90 deaths per day, infinitum. Infections rise, but the death rate hasn’t, the vaccines work well. It’s an endemic reality. Some UK primary schools have 40% active infection rates. But no one would know if you didn’t test.

      Interestingly, there does not seem to be a seasonality to this (although a bit early to say). I think we have to change the way we think about this. Continual shutdown are not the answer. Eradication isn’t either. We just have to carry on and get on with it.

      • Yup, I agree, mate. The “poor bastards” comment was more implying if it wasn’t an outlier and deaths are climbing rapidly, Melbournians are indeed in a grim spot.

        • Sweden is the model we should follow. Everyone takes personal responsibility. The quicker we learn to live with this the better. WA can lock themselves away, for a small while, but inevitably, a futile gesture.

          I am not making light of this. But just to point out, vaccination has no impact on transmission rates. I am fully vaccinated. Tossing up whether to get the booster, or not, although the immunity benefits of the AZ are better longer term than the others, apparently.

  1. I can’t believe that 18 octogenarians with multiple comorbidities passed away in Victoria over the weekend.

    Surely that’s never happened before?

    The state should hide in their basement, holding their breath in silent fear of the indiscriminate killer which stalks them and casts dementia ridden 86 year olds with failing organs from 70 years of smoking into their premature demise.

      • “A bit of perspective please.”

        Perspective is what is sorely lacking in this whole ridiculous situation.
        Even if covid is 10 times worse than the flu, have we taken measures proportional to that?
        Are flu vaccination passports going to be mandatory going forward?
        anyone with high blood pressure can’t leave their house?

        • Jumping jack flash

          “Are flu vaccination passports going to be mandatory going forward?”


          I’m sure the vaccine companies are astonished at how easily the people accepted mandatory treatments, no matter how dodgy and ineffective they are compared to any other vaccine in history (apart from, yes, the flu vaccine) earning them tens of billions of dollars.

          All it took was a bit of social engineering – a good dash of urgency and a modicum of plausibility.

        • I’m looking forward to when restaurants and other food establishments will only allow people in with a Govt issued certificate stating their BMI is under 25. For the record, that might actually be a more effective means of controlling covid.

    • Ailart SuaMEMBER

      “Apparently 17 of the 19 were unvaccinated”

      “Premier Daniel Andrews expressed his sympathies to the families of the 19 latest victims of the virus, who he said ranged in age from 52 to 105.

      “Mr Andrews said 17 of the 19 people who died “were not fully protected by a COVID-19 vaccine”.

      As usual, conveniently lacking in important information.

      How many died from covid, or with covid?
      How many were so ill they were vaccine exempt? (Likely many as the eldest was 105 years of age.)
      How many were obese, or suffering from comorbidities?
      How many had had one jab?
      How many died due to the vaccine? (unlikely to be told the truth on that one. The only one’s who’d have taken an interest in that, are the healthcare workers who bucked the disgraceful government coercion and resigned.)

  2. Covid is not a threat to anyone in decent shape under 30. Africa as a continent has a vaccination rate of less than 10% or something silly like that. They have poor hygiene practices in much of the continent and basically NO social distancing. Where are the deaths?

    Aussies are pussified losers. Grow a set and live with it.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Age age ,age.
        I’m an old guy but I won’t die from it .
        A lot of old people are compromised due bad lifestyle choices compounded by extra years doing so.
        No so much age as it is about health.

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