Rise of the Loons

Once upon a time, there was something called community. In that thing, folks occasionally made small sacrifices for the benefit of all. Stuff like paying taxes and getting immunised, so we didn’t live in a diseased ghetto.

Then along came the Internet, COVID and the Loons:

Some of Australia’s most prominent “freedom” activists involved in the protests unfolding in Melbourne plan to stand for election alongside former Liberal MP Craig Kelly as candidates for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

A number of figures from the “freedom” movement – including one accused of inciting protests during Melbourne’s lockdown – have also directed their support and large social media following to support Mr Kelly, who joined the billionaire mining magnate’s party after quitting the Liberals in February.

I have plenty of sympathy for those suffering personal hardship owing to lockdowns. Their anger is understandable and needs an outlet and compensation.

I also support freedom protests. They serve a vital purpose in keeping the likes of Dictator Dan at bay.

But when it comes to this pro-COVID “no lockdown, anti-vaxxer” combination my support turns to anger.

How does freeriding on the vaxxed garner support? How does narcissism come before the health of the community? How does rounding up the angry and disenfranchised while offering no solutions to any of their problems add up?

How does claiming the Australian mantle while trashing the very same community make for good politics?

COVID is not over and next winter will bring a new wave of lockdowns just like Europe. Yet the loons, which include Toxic Morrison and Dictator Dan, are busy dismantling all cooperation:

Former long-serving premiers have urged Scott Morrison to call time on national cabinet if the public slanging match between government leaders continues, after Daniel Andrews accused the Prime Minister of chasing the “votes of extremists”.

Coalition strategists are preparing to face an election campaign with Labor premiers helping Anthony Albanese, as the Victorian, Queensland and West Australian governments escalated their criticisms of Mr Morrison.

Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett said the nation would be “better without national cabinet” if leaders did not show more co-operation outside meetings, while former NSW premier Bob Carr said the time had come for ­national cabinet to be disbanded.

As for the “leaders” of the “freedom” movement coalescing around UAP, here is their policy platform:

End Lockdowns

Lockdowns destroy businesses, jobs and the Australian standard of living. Lockdowns cause untold damage to both physical and mental health, and lockdowns cause more harm to society than any marginal benefits they may bring.

The UAP policy is to open the economy, open the borders and provide encouragement, confidence and incentives for businesses, especially small business to thrive.

Free trade between the states and free movement of people must be reinstated. Section 92 of the Australian Constitution provides for the “absolutely free” movement of people across state borders. Australian troops must not be used to assist power-drunk State Premiers in violating our Constitution.

The Federal Government must ensure that the Constitutional rights of all Australians are protected by exercising their federal jurisdiction.

No Domestic Vaccine Passports

The latest international data and science evidences that so-called “fully vaccinated people” can still become infected and still likely to pass the virus on to others.

Therefore ‘vaccine passports’ are premised on a false assumption; they are misleading and serve no purpose other than to deny people their normal human rights.

They will be divisive for all Australians, cause social problems (as seen in Europe), and have the potential to worsen an already growing mental health epidemic in our country, which will have tragic consequences for many Australians.

It is undemocratic and wrong to deny any Australian their constitutional rights and freedoms because they choose not to take part in a vaccination program for personal or medical reasons.

The United Australia Party will fight to ensure vaccine passports are banned in Australia. Where they are introduced, we will challenge their validity in the High Court on behalf of the Australian people.

Respect the Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship

The United Australia Party believes in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and the privacy of your medical or health information.

Alternative treatments to COVID-19 (including anti-virals) that have shown extraordinary success where administered in many overseas countries, must be included in the treatment options and available for all Australians.

Medical treatments should not be mandated from on high by government chief health officers who have not seen or examined the patients for whom they are mandating particular or a narrow range of treatments.

Abolish National Cabinet

Since federation, the Australian Federal Government Cabinet has been comprised from Federal Members of Parliament, voted for and elected by the Australian people.

The current Morrison Government has imposed this unconstitutional so-called ‘National Cabinet’ that has no legal basis.

The United Australia Party believes this so-called ‘National Cabinet’ should be abolished as soon as possible, with traditional government and freedom restored to the Australian people.

End Australia’s Energy Crisis

Australia has the world’s largest deposits of uranium, however while we export uranium to other nations for them to take advantage of, we ban it’s use in Australia for electricity generation.

The government should be proactive in establishing research into new nuclear technology to help solve Australia’s energy problems.

China, Europe and the United States all benefit from nuclear power. Australia should benefit from our own resources and Australian industries should be benefitting from cheap power so they can compete internationally.

Strengthen Australia’s Defence

Australia’s defence budget must be used to defend the nation, and not used for political expediency or to achieve politically correct outcomes.

The current submarine contract with France needs to be abandoned immediately.

Submarines should be coordinated with and purchased from the United States of America, where highly effective, cheaper nuclear-powered submarines can be acquired and integrated with the forces of our allies during times of conflict or war.

Australia must ensure our national submarine fleet is competitive with the nuclear submarines of our northern neighbours.

Protecting Free Speech from Foreign Tech Giants

Foreign tech giants that operate as platforms (not publishers) such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter should not be able to censor Australian political debate.

The United Australia Party will seek to implement laws preventing this foreign interference in Australian politics and our elections.

Protect Australian Values

The United Australia Party stands to protect the values that have been built and developed in this country since federation.

We believe in the most basic freedoms of parliamentary democracy – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear, and freedom of association.

This includes respect for our Constitution and the rule of law, which underpins our democratic society and protects the rights, freedoms and liberties of every Australian citizen.

Zonal Taxation for Regional Communities

Our regional communities are the backbone of the nation and the United Australia Party is committed to stimulating economic growth in rural areas.

Our cities are bursting at the seams. We face a future of heavy congestion, serious housing affordability issues and mounting cost of living pressures.

By providing a 20% tax concession incentive to people living more than 200kms from a capital city, we can decentralise Australia and encourage people to move to or settle in regional areas.

Process Australian Minerals at Home

We can create thousands of jobs and turbo-charge our exports by processing our mineral resources in Australia, leading to enormous revenue injections and better schools and hospitals.

Australia is failing to maximise revenue from its prized mineral resources by continuing to send unprocessed ores overseas. The United Australia Party’s downstream processing policy will see more stages of the mining process happen on Australian soil rather than offshore, resulting in much higher returns, along with stimulants for both economic growth and job creation.

We can use Australia’s mineral resources to kick-start our economy by setting up downstream processing in the states such as South Australia and Victoria that aren’t resource-rich.

That can be boiled down to an endorsement of the virus’ spread and Clive Palmer’s business interests. Was there ever a more limited, more destructive and worse policy platform anywhere?

Australia needs a political revolution but this looks more like all of the worst filled with passionate intensity.

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    • all of those groups are neo-patriot groups bought and paid for by the same forces that created the Patriot League in the 20’s. Except this time, they’re not all ex-legion soldiers – but random mentally ill, who can be directed to kill/maim/infiltrate any real protests. scary.

  1. The policies look quite good to me. Not all, but most.

    End Lockdowns
    Mostly agreed
    The lockdowns have shown to be very costly and rather ineffective. Some form of local emergency lockdowns might be justified on occasion.

    No Domestic Vaccine Passports
    Completely agreed. The current vaccines are not effective enough to justify these passports

    Respect the Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship
    Agreed. Alternative treatments MUST be examined properly if the elite are serious about protecting us from Covid

    Abolish National Cabinet
    Don’t know.

    End Australia’s Energy Crisis
    Maybe. Nuclear is extremely dangerous but it will reduce CO2

    Strengthen Australia’s Defence
    Agreed about the subs.

    Protecting Free Speech from Foreign Tech Giants
    strongly agree.

    Protect Australian Values
    Agree, but these are motherhood statements.

    Zonal Taxation for Regional Communities
    Supported. Something must be done to stop concentration of people in the OGCPS (One Giant City Per State)
    This is something. I suspect elites would somehow game the system.

    Process Australian Minerals at Home
    Yeh, why not.

        • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

          The nuclear debate is a classic Furphy and stalling technique,
          procrastinate over future nuclear rather than practical action or available renewables now.

        • Some form of nuclear energy will be required in our future as we will need lots of surplus energy to transition away from oil. Whether that’s using liquid hydrogen, or electric vehicles, we need to compensate for the loss of those BTU’s of oil as we transition, both for environmental reasons, and because we’re fast running out of oil supply that is economical to exploit.

          Chindia are on this with there thorium reactor projects now. We should be looking into this technology with interest

    • “Respect the Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship
      Agreed. Alternative treatments MUST be examined properly if the elite are serious about protecting us from Covid”

      They have, and no surprise don’t have any impact (if you’re talking ivermectin etc).

      “End Australia’s Energy Crisis
      Maybe. Nuclear is extremely dangerous but it will reduce CO2”

      Why put control of generation into the hands of 1/2 doz companies like we have with fossil fuels now? Renewables will lower co2, supply of renewables will be far greater with more competition with no virtual monopoly price gouging by nuclear power station builders.

    • Respect the Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship

      This is a complete furphy and a conscious bad-faith argument. Before the COVID hoo-ha employers were able to require employees to be vaccinated, or have annual flu shots. To say nothing of the requirement by many childcare centres for children to be vaccinated.

      There is no violation of “Sanctity of Doctor-Patient Relationship” here.

    • “The lockdowns have shown to be very costly and rather ineffective. Some form of local emergency lockdowns might be justified on occasion.”
      Ineffective at what? If we had the same death rate as the UK or US there would be nearly 50 thousand more Australians dead today.

        • No I am using the term being used in the OP although I know it serves the political ends of some to try and make this distinction. Of course, if one was to invest in some decent quarantine facilities such a distinction would not be so necessary. I am very curious though how one can speak with such confidence about “lockdowns” when the evidence in Australia about our response thus far says we are world leaders by many measures (and lockdowns/lockouts have been a major feature). I guess it depends on how one measures effectiveness so I am curious about the “measures” others use.

          It is worrying how some still seem resistant to the reality that C19 may in fact make an indelible change on our lives. Part of living with Covid is accepting this reality and that adaptation is a necessity that doesn’t need to be accompanied by endless agonizing and the psychological fragility it cultivates. So about those quarantine facilities etc…..

    • those who choose too genuinely look after there own health and wellbeing are not * freeloaders and grifters.” it costs a lot of cash, time and effort to maintain good health and immunity levels. Its not always the germs and bacteria that cause illness but the bodies ability to deal with them.

      • Absolute BeachMEMBER

        With respect Frank, if fitness worked to prevent COVID, why have many, many elite athletes been infected? Some have died. Plenty have been left with long term after effects. The vax is safe, effective and free. Why not just do both? Stay fit and get the vax. Then the hospital system is not overwhelmed. Please.

        • the main groups effected. 80-85 , co morbidity and obese. vax these groups worldwide asap, lots of elite athletes effected by the SAFE (big word) EFFECTIVE (preventing serious illness mainly) FREE (nothing is). vax, I don’t believe vaxing young kids on such a tiny mortality rate is good either. I believe constantly artificially simulating our natural immune systems will cause issues down the track, nb not Science based (yet)

        • The vax is safe, effective and free.

          That sounds like a TV commercial. How safe is the vax?

          Is the Pfizer vaccine more dangerous than smoking? If I gave a dose of smoking (eg 1 cigarette) to a million people, would I expect more or less serious adverse reactions than what we got from the Pfizer vaccine?

  2. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    The first act of lunacy is subordinating all life and all activity to ever rising house prices……

    If we begin from there, all other lunacy is pretty small fry.

    Higher wage growth could crash the property market

    Yes for sure.

    But we are well and truly past the point where Australia has an economy and a society of people who do ‘things’ and live lives.

    Australia has a real estate bubble to which everything –

    The Media
    monetary policy,
    fiscal policy,
    banking regulation,
    planning laws,
    criminal regulation,
    money laundering policy,
    education policies,
    public transport policy
    infrastructure provision
    Federal-State government relations
    State-Local government relations

    – is subservient. And any changes in any of those could crash the property market.

    I would like to run for parliament on a platform of I would do ‘whatever it takes’ to crash the real estate market – because where we are going with house prices is no good for anyone.

    If crashing the real estate market enables a clear and data backed approach to addressing all of the above then it would be a good thing.

    The only concern I would have about crashing the housing market would be the protection of those who have recently entered or have borrowed right at the limit of their capacity. The staggering waste of at least $50 Billion on JobKeeper provides ample scope to support people in that position, and many others.

    But a crash is what we need. For ourselves and our children, and for our self respect as a nation and society.

    And the great question of contemporary Australia is not whether we have one or not – I think it is everyones policy to avoid one – but which section of society will be bent over and reamed to ensure the great real estate bubble continues unpopped, and how successful that ‘housing bubble pop avoidance’ strategy can be in eternally avoiding that pop.

    • The crash bit only helps the upper crust buy on the cheap like blackwater did in the U.S. and like live goat or greyhound racing you have to have something that replaces that economic activity and its flow of funds e.g. not just let ***Market Magic*** sort it out one day.

    • Display NameMEMBER

      I cannot see many of the recent loans at 6+ times debt to income being repaid. Its a huge bet to punt that interest rates will stay at historical lows for the duration off a typical mortgage. Or that wages will increase enough to inflate the debt away.

      Can’t see how this doesn’t end in tears at some point even if it is as a consequence of an unanticipated side effects of constant monetary tinkering. If it happens it is likely to be a life changing event for many people. I exchanged on a house a week ago. I don’t want to keep playing Russian roulette leaving a large sum in the bank without a primary residence and constant QE diluting my savings.

      • Just like with the GFC where Paulson of all people offered a hair cut to Obama and he turned it down, then parlayed with Jamie, he got preznit cuff links and indemnity only to have JPM stock go up after the 13B fine for criminal activities e.g. all loans can be written down.

        • Display NameMEMBER

          To a degree we are where we are because the financial system was not held to account in 2008.The financialization of the economy, which produces nothing could at least have been pegged back significantly. May have been net cheaper in the mid term to do an Iceland and bail the people not the banks.

          • C'est de la folieMEMBER

            And that is precisely what should have jappened worldwide in 2008 and what the global 1% has been so desperate to avoid since then. It should happen now.

            It would drive a stake into the heart of the looniness

    • From my time on Earth I have seen the following;
      my wages in 1967 = $ 44 per week.
      my fathers house at the time, in inner city Brisbane ( Rosalie) worth $8000.
      54 years later in 2021;
      AVerage wage $1500 per week
      Fathers house worth $3,000,000
      Are we any better off today ?
      Does adding more naughts make us wealthier ?

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        We (the bottom 95%) are infinitely worse off, and given infrastructure is going backwards while we sell the country and double population, while automation ramps up, I’d suggest suffering for the plebs hasn’t even started; literally.

        Anyone thinking Medicare, welfare and social services are remaining as they are today is an idiot. Anyone outside the top 5% voting LNP and Labor is an idiot.

        • You are dead right . And yet many voted against their interests last time and I think the story was that the kids were voting for their inheritance to be maintained. But, as everyone has stated previously all taxpayers will be on the hook to maintain house prices for ever.

  3. Nothing new in path dependency when ones world view is entirely based on some watery ideological construct H&H e.g. covid is the new commie/socialist Bogeyman which is used to instill fear in the less informed, meanwhile those with the funds and networks to push this agenda are the ones making packet or fearful of its loss and what that means in driving their agendas in the future.

    Yet its these same people that have been using fear to crush wages for decades and then Temple Grandin’ed them into dog box speculation and let them eat equities to substitute for their share in 400%+ increase in productivity since the 70s e.g. one big bear pit for the unwashed to mud wrestle in for air or find ones head down in the mud.

  4. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    “Australia needs a political revolution”

    This is likely a political revolution, that hurts the one that’s needed. All the angry voters rallying towards Palmer, should be voting SA, PH, etc.

    (edit; not PH, she has lost the plot).

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Chicken sh1t! I am seriously considering changing my voting beliefs from the Liberal Nationalists, who should be running a campaign similar to this, to United Aussie Party.

    You totally fail to see that the chicken sh1ts are creating the growth in the likes of UAP. The more they try and impose their sh1t on others with their “why won’t you all just comply?” Bullsh1t the more hate, division and rise of strength against them that will occur.

    Like I said, the most powerful thing to come from this China Virus is hatred of your fellow Australian. I know If love to watch the chicken sh1ts expired in a stadium.

  6. More and more people will convert to the anti-vax side as those that are double jabbed start to refuse to take their booster shots, and those that take their booster shot refuse to take their 4th shot, and so on. Especially as evidence of vaccine injury and deaths start to become too hard to hide (see all the media around professional sportspeople being forced to retire or who have suddenly died). In Ireland, 50% of people are failing to turn up to their booster shot appointments.

    • US Covid deaths in 2021 (385,437) are already larger than in 2020 (385,343).
      US continues to fail at keeping people safe.

      We have NOT reduced cases or deaths in the US.
      Each case has a chance of making a new “monster variant” (or “omega variant”).
      Each case (aymptomatic or symptomatic) has a chance of “Long Covid”.

      It doesn’t matter how high the vaccination rates are, or how “effective” vaccines are, or if vaccinated people have fewer cases/deaths than unvaccinated people. What matters is driving the overall level of Covid down to have fewer cases and deaths in ALL PEOPLE.

      Vaxxed/unvaxxed super-spreaders can infect 10+ people.

        • Vaccination does not transfer immunity and hence telling or suggesting that it does causes more people to become infected and the consequences of that is more morbidity issues and worse the environmental pressure which will spit out something that makes Delta look good in comparison.

          Vaccination only gives reduced risk of stronger symptoms over X months, only limiting infection reduces the opportunity of covid evolving into something worse than delta.

          Just look at my comment above about the numbers in the U.S. and like I said before avail yourself and read the facts as presented in Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, first two chapters should sort it out for you. Free pdf’s are available.

        • “Vaccination only gives reduced risk of stronger symptoms over X months, only limiting infection reduces the opportunity of covid evolving into something worse than delta”

          See that is completely wrong. Yet you and so many other commenters continue to say it. The vaccines absolutely do reduce the spread of the virus as they reduce the chance of infection and then transmission if a vaxxed person gets the virus. They mean there is a smaller window or infectious period, and most importantly they reduce the reff – the reff in Victoria and NSW has fallen below 1 despite the ending of restrictions – that can only be explained by the vaccination rate.

          Vaccines are *not* about immunity. Even the polio vaccine does not grant 100% immunity.
          They are about lowering the reff. The likelihood of transmitting it is a function of likelihood of having it which is a function of likelihood of contacts having it. higher unvaxxed rate = higher reff = greater risk of vaxxed getting the virus
          This self reinforcing aspect is a basic point in understanding infectious diseases yet hardly anyone here seems to get it. *It isn’t about immunity*
          What is your angle here?

          • The vaccines absolutely do reduce the spread of the virus as they reduce the chance of infection and then transmission if a vaxxed person gets the virus. They mean there is a smaller window or infectious period, and most importantly they reduce the reff

            That theory might be true.

            An alternative theory is that the “vaxxed” continue to circulate for a much longer time with masked symptoms, and as such, spread the virus more than unvaxxed.

            I wish I knew which theory was true. Unfortunately force and fraud is being used instead of fact to get the elite what they want. Can you admit that?

            Which side are you on?
            A) Force and fraud
            B) Fact

          • If a vaccination does not transfer immunity then it is not safer to suggest those with it don’t have anything to worry about, furthermore making it a social distinction between groups, which transfers some notion of superiority, whilst simultaneously making those without some social underclass is well worn historical propaganda tool.

            You once took umbrage at the journalistic approach to filling the unwashed heads with BS and yet here you are taking it to the next level. Please point me to anything that refutes the information I have given you and the sources of it, and no, deductive rhetorical musings is not a substitute.

          • “If a vaccination does not transfer immunity…”

            Based on that logic nobody should get vaccinated against polio as it doesn’t provide 100% immunity.

          • this is so similar to the MMT thing.
            All the worlds chief clinicians, health officers (finance ministers, central bank governors) and all the worlds credible infectious disease experts, and academics (genuine monetary economists) are wrong and a small but loud section of the internet with no apparent formal training has some how discovered all the answers (hidden in plain sight) which have managed to elude officialdom and the academy.

          • And all the worlds data is wrong.
            That cases are concentrated in areas with low vax rates – former East Germany, former Eastern Block countries (Romania, Latvia), the low vax states in the US – its all wrong.
            That cases now are concentrated in Victoria in unvaxxed areas like child care and primary schools, not workplaces. Pure coincidence, not happening, internet said so… immunity… rights… loanable funds.

          • If you want to take the corporatist side of the agenda just say so, btw your opinion about things [fervent belief] or people is moot unless you can provide the evidence to support such conclusions. A lot of these people and interests they represent have a long history of fraud, malpractice, anti social tendencies for profit, and worse Agnotology.

            Fauci being a prime example and followed by the quasi privatization of public services like the CDC.

    • Can you provide some examples of all the professional sportspeople who’ve been forced to retire or who have suddenly died as a result of a Covid vaccine?

      I went searching for info on Ireland’s booster rate…

      So they appear to be unclear as to the reasons though your comment seems to imply it is due to a drift toward sympathy for anti-vax view. Your inference appears at odds with the prevailing hypothesis that it might be because people think they’re protected adequately at 2 doses, noting the context of rising infections and hospital pressure.

      From the BBC, emphasis mine

      Up to half of people booked for their Covid-19 booster jab fail to attend the appointments on some days , according to the Ulster Chemists’ Association.

      There is a mixed message that people are sitting back waiting for an invitation to come for a booster, and very often that is the case, but they should be going out and proactively trying to get it.

      He told BBC News NI that 23% of the population eligible for booster doses had received their booster jab.

      So booster appointments of 1500 / day, and on some days 750 don’t attend. Weather? Some other social reasons?

        • Heh … I’ve worked all through covid lol, I just use the appropriate risk management to protect myself and others. Seriously people like you should just have a big covid orgy in the nullarbor desert for about a month like some twisted burning man thingy … I’ll watch from afar …

        • word from the covid wards is that the unvaxxed are the first ones to tear up, panic and squeal when they arrive.
          Which ties back to everything we know about narcissists as extremely fragile (weak, although very loud) human beings.

      • That Denmark is reintroducing them after previously saying they weren’t necessary.
        All the contact tracing data which has shown that the unvaxxed are the source of breakthrough cases.
        That the vaccines (in case of Pfizer) within the first 3 months do reduce infection to a vaxxed by about 80% and then reduce transmission from a vaxed by about 40%.
        That there is inverse correlation in cases & deaths in Europe v vax rate. Every public health body (Even those reluctantly) realizing they are necessary, with Austria going a step further.
        But it could all be a giant simultaneous coincidental conspiracy by every credible health body in every high income country.

    • I’ve developed a vaccine using 1 part alcohol, 2 parts ivermectin and 97 parts water.
      I ran a trial where I falsified a few numbers, ignored a few adverse events and “proved” success.
      Should my vaccine be forced into childrens’ bodies and/or allowed to substitute for these big pharma jabs?

      If not, why not?

  7. I suspect you’ve inadvertently done a sales job on some of these policies. To be expected though given economists sit squarely in the laptop class bubble.
    Perhaps if incumbent governments hadn’t been so intent on ramming everything through under urgency or as a result of ‘health advice’ that has been seen less than the Yeti there wouldn’t be this reaction by the public. Just a thought.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I’ve been impressed with Craig Kelly but hadn’t really looked up their policies yet. Now that I’ve read them here I am almost sold. I love my Liberal Nationalists but they are losing their way with the chicken sh1ts. These policies sound ace!

  8. Jumping jack flash

    “freeriding on the vaxxed”
    Now, now, now. Where’s the sense of community.

    Truth be told, “community” went out the window with the rise of the debt economy. Once you have a soul-crushingly huge pule of debt you’re on the hook for, you become a bit tunnel visioned.

  9. They’re a symptom, not a cause. A symptom of long time incompetence and corruption.
    Wait til they work out visa holders will replace workers who refused jabs.

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Gotta say though, no need for a state run UAP in NSW. Our Liberal Nationalist government has handled this pandemic spot on and are perfectly ok with showing their strength and telling the chicken sh1ts to farkoff. Wind-back of fearful restrictions are continuing at a pace, thankfully. I was concerned QR coding would remain as a way to track people’s movements so this is impressive. Well done NSW LNP!
    Sweeper would die of fear if he lived in NSW without commie protection. I know his twin Swampy suffers up north. LOLOLOL!

  11. My ultimate position is as follows:

    The vaccines provide effective prevention against disease and serious infection from COVID.
    The vaccines have shown the cause adverse effects to people who are sub 40.
    The people who have died OF Covid not WITH under 40 is tiny where the adverse events are multiples of the death rate OF Covid for that age group.

    Now, we have the unknown, unknowns. There is this claim of ‘long COVID’ it is clear this isn’t a true risk because it would be on every news page repeated until the end of days so people can get the Vaccine. Seeing as this isn’t happening then Long Covid is not a risk.

    No one knows the medium or long term effects of these new vaccines. The known risk of an under 40 means taking the Vaccine is not worth it.

    What about community and reducing transmission? It would be a noble gesture for the youth to get the vaccine IF transmission didn’t occur after getting the vaccine. But as usual the media is coming around 6-12 months late that the vaccine’s ability to stop transmission is similar to unvaccinated after 3-6 months from taking the vaccine. Hanging out with Granny at Christmas for 6 hours won’t stop you from transmitting COVID even if you are vaccinated.

    SO, the old boomers pushing this vaccine on the under 40’s is horrific. In the past the old would usually take the hit for their youth but as usual the older generation stripped the youth of housing and is now stripping them of their health by rolling the dice on a experimental vaccine. This is the true crime that no one talks about.

    Lastly, Community? LOL this country sells out its own at every turn, there is no community, only economic units where the aussie code is simply to take what you can and give nothing back.

  12. It is strange indeed that a piece of legislation proposed in Victoria that would improve accountability is being met by protests in the street. It is no wonder that the NSW premier, Dominic Perrottet, has deferred debate on Hazzard’s proposed changes to pandemic laws in NSW.


    Pauline Wright, President of NSW Council of Civil Liberties

  13. That can be boiled down to an endorsement of the virus’ spread and Clive Palmer’s business interests. Was there ever a more limited, more destructive and worse policy platform anywhere?

    UAP is Australia’s first Super PAC. Clive can’t donate $60 million or whatever to the Liberals because of donation laws and the fact he can’t control where the money goes. However by running his own party he can take on the Liberal’s foes and then behind closed doors “get paid”. UAP is not a genuine political party. It exists solely to get around our laws and harvest preferences for the LNP.

  14. It is a very interesting comments thread.
    There are many different opinions on Covid and associated subjects.
    The scope for division is vast, and there are those who would profit from it.
    My hope is that Covid goes the way of the Spanish Flu that swept the world for 3 years then disappeared.
    As far as I am aware there was never a vaccine for Spanish Flu.
    Anyone know different ?

    • In your comment on your pointing out that “we” aren’t really that much of a community now is because in the distant past we were mostly “workers” and nearly all in the same boat. Not the case anymore as we’ve followed the American path, the path we derided so much 30+ plus yrs ago and one we hypocritically continue to deride today; when you look in an American mirror we can see our reflection.

      Stewie Griffin likes to blame it on immigration & multiculturalism, but nah, we just allowed a greedy American path to where we are, thus we are today, hopelessly divided.

    • Try showing evidence and have it not only ignored, but dismissed, only on the grounds that it does not support some fundamentalist doctrinaire ideological belief.

      Best bit is it was not all that long ago that the same sorts the the U.S. had the best medical system in the world because it was based on free market dynamics, look at it now, and were a close second. Imagine the outcome of another big wave this winter holiday season whilst its bleeding out staff and the fly over states are abandoned.

      My youngest girl works ED here at a private hospital in Brisbane and its been nuts e.g. there is no schedule because it changes by the hour in some cases, even had someone text, ring, and post on her FB page to drag her in about a shift change.

      Schoolies ….

    • A truly scary amount of loons in here. What is clear is there’s serious deficiency in our education system when it comes to basic science and logical reasoning. I don’t click on any virus related article here anymore usually.

  15. I’d have to say, I have a good deal of sympathy for most, perhaps not all, of this platform.

    Once vaccinations are done, there’s really very little more that can be done to stop COVID as the disease is now endemic and the vaccines are not sterilising. What can be done is to encourage booster shots for people as they come due, just like for the flu, and then try to work to protect those in the community who are most vulnerable. As for the rest of us, we will just have to take our chances and get on with life. As can be seen in Europe, or NZ, trying to do more just starts ripping open the social fabric and it opens the door to fascists like Dam Andrews.

      • I probably should have been more careful in my language. There is very little the Government can do once the vaccination program is rolled-out and the disease becomes endemic. Perhaps they can work on protecting the most vulnerable (e.g. elderly people in homes, those who are immune compromised).

        Obviously, social hygiene and etiquette can go a long way in slowing transmission.

        Thing is, as with so much of the discussion in our society today, you have two sides taking corner solutions and screaming at each other without either side listening, and thinking. Imposing crazy policies like outdoor mask mandates – as in Singapore – or allowing people with COVID to self-isolate while effectively barring citizens who are vaccinated and negative tested from returning to their homeland – as in New Zealand – just doesn’t make much sense. There’s a trade-off to be managed.

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