More experts slam Victoria’s child/teen vaccine mandate

Victoria’s restrictions on unvaccinated 12 to 15 year-olds are currently the toughest in Australia, barring them from venues such as cafes, retail shops and restaurants, along with social and school activities.

Earlier this week, several health experts questioned why a vaccine mandate is still necessary once the double-dosed rate reaches 90% to 95%. They believe mandatory vaccination is unnecessary, unfair and will fuel extremism.

More experts have entered the fold in opposition of Victoria’s child/teen vaccine mandate, claiming the rules are not proportionate to the health threat and will cause more harm than good.

Immunisation expert Margie Danchin claims young people have already suffered enough as a result of lockdowns during the pandemic, and excluding them from social and school activities is only likely to cause them further harm. Her comments are echoed by paediatrician Fiona Russell, who contends applying the same sort of vaccine mandates to young teens that have been applied to adults to help encourage vaccine uptake could further amplify the problems they experienced during lockdowns.

The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases is also against mandatory child/teen vaccination, as is infectious diseases expert Robert Booy.

The article also compares Victoria’s harsh mandatory vaccination rules with NSW, which has objectively handled the virus better.

From The Age:

“Kids have really suffered enough in the pandemic,” [Margie Danchin] said.

“When you start to impact these kids in terms of social interactions and sporting interactions, there is a risk you are just compounding the harm.”

Associate Professor Danchin pointed to the rising rates of eating disorders, self-harm, depression and anxiety among young people reported during the pandemic…

“There are other ways you can manage the risk without excluding a young person for not being vaccinated”…

”Children have suffered so much, they really should not be caught up in this,” Professor Russell said. “At no time should [coronavirus] vaccines be mandated for under-15s, that is my personal view.“

Professor Russell said while children could transmit the virus, the onus should be on parents and adults around them to be vaccinated.

“Children are coming back out of lockdown with social anxiety and all sorts of things,” she said. “They should feel supported and a part of society and not excluded in any way. That’s extremely important”…

The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases has also voiced its opposition, tweeting on Wednesday it did not support COVID-19 vaccine mandates for any child under 16 in Australia…

Meanwhile, infectious diseases expert Robert Booy said holding young teenagers to the same vaccination rules as adults in Victoria was overreach, when children were at much less risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19…

The state that comes closest to Victoria’s strict vaccine exclusions is NSW. However, in NSW, children under 16 years of age who are not fully vaccinated can generally follow the rules for vaccinated people, as long as they attend certain business premises with a fully vaccinated member of their household.

This rule is expected to end on December 15…

Maintaining draconian segregation of the unvaccinated beyond the 90% threshold is unnecessary and overly divisive. Extending mandates to children and teens is even worse given COVID presents minimal risk to them.

Vaccination also does not stop the virus from spreading. Just look at Europe where cases have skyrocketed to record highs despite high vaccination levels:

Health policy should be based on robust evidence and expert advice, not politics.

Political leaders should seek to unite, not divide, the community.

NSW – which has handled the virus much better than Victoria – has not forced vaccination on children/teens. It has also committed to ending segregation once 95% of the state is double vaccinated, expected on 15 December.

Victoria should follow NSW’s lead.

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  1. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Third and last repost.
    One of the reply’s ( from Australia)
    Richard Martin
    5 days ago
    Interesting situation. In Australia we have had high infection rates in Melbourne which is down south and virtually none in Queensland up north. Melbourne has had a very depressing winter with very little sunlight whereas Queensland has had high levels of sunshine. This would tend to confirm that Vitamin D does indeed play a very significant role in warding off Covid. Unfortunately we have useless politicians claiming the vaccines are the panacea that lead us to freedom and ignore the fact that there are other measures that combat the virus.

  2. Given the COVID surge in Germany I had a look at some of their statistics:
    In 2021:
    99.863% of deaths were in people aged 30 and older.
    Their vaccination rates have been reasonably low due to a slow take up.
    More than 98% of deaths in ages above 50.
    Studies show up to a third of positive test cases are asymptomatic. Mostly in younger age groups.
    If you factor in comorbidities(around 3 quarters of deaths), then the risk of death for under 30’s should reduce much further as these may account for a large number of younger deaths.
    We should STOP SCARING THE KIDS with COVID and vaccines. They are more easily influenced than adults(even though most adults also appear to be scared sh!these!!!) and don’t deserve to live with fear and despair. There are enough of them already that have contemplated suicide. Tell the truth and give them some hope. There is no need to scare them with the monster under the bed.
    Make it clear what the procedures are for dealing with exposure: testing, cleaning and perhaps isolation for a few days and that this is the new normal. Just get on with it.


    Not sure if you saw response to your comment re

    Thanks for the comment. Difficult to decipher as not really pay attention to you in past. Sorry no offence but normally not really looking at peoples motivations when reading comment. But since taken this issue on noticed more interest in my views. So could be among many options some of which listed here (a) comment from legitimate third party with no vested interest (b) legitimate signal from labor shill to shut me up ie we hear you, we know what you want, watch this space, you wont be disappointed ( c) played as useful idiot by either labor shill or liberal shill in non co-operative game ie the labor shill to shut me up and gain time, the liberal shill knowing I will up the ante if I feel i have been played
    Thus until I hear otherwise from Andrews about whole 2022 the labor shills are just going to also have to watch this space….non co operative games…..

    So with more stories coming out is it more people attacking andrews, or more cover for andrews to be able to come out and say listened to health experts and now i am leting unvaccinated out, or both??? hard to know what is going on behind the scenes, still maintain view that andrews will backdown and unvaccinated will have freedom in non essential freedoom pre xmas

  4. Should not be forcing this on kids when there are question marks around sportsmen collapsing due to apparent heart or lung issues. given a lot of kids would run around and get their heart & breathing rates up …. if this is the issue, though at least one “expert” has said it’s not the vaccine (how can they be sure there is not some mechanism we do not yet understand?), but Fleck of Sheffield Utd collapsed last night during a game.

  5. No No No. We need to hunt down these unvaccinated kids, give them a full dose of the Botswana strain and then publicly shame their parents while stoning them to death with the abundance of rotten fruit we apparently have.

    Should the children survive (they will), we shall put them into protective custody (because their parents are dead) and then immunize them repeatedly until they understand what’s good for them.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    The kids will be vaccinated with these effective and safe vaccines. Boosters will be required.

    The new strain will simply mean weekly boosters, but I’m sure the vaccine companies are performing their research.

    Dont question the vaccines or you will be labelled an unclean anti-vaxxer and that’sone of the worst labels you can get these days. There are a few bad ones now though.

    Also the mRNA vaccines are the only vaccines that are allowed.
    The reason for this is simple, it is because they use new technology which is exciting and new and far superior to old vaccine technology – although thats not proven at all, but it doesnt matter because the largest clinical trial is history is about to prove it

      • Jumping jack flash

        You can be sure of that. But the technology is new! Its exciting. Its so much more sexy than the old vaccine technology and everyone must have it!

        You need to look up the 2019 Milken Institute conference if you haven’t already. It certainly explains the reason why they’re pushing these new vaccines so hard and why the vaccines cant seem to do anything wrong.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Roll the dice. Safe and effective.

        We also need to remember the mechanism the boosters use to “protect” us which is artificially cause an immune response in our bodies which then floods our system with antibodies. What are the long term effects of doing this twice a year? Nobody knows. Nobody cares to find out.

        Our immune system is a wonderous thing and we are taking dumps all over it in the name of science.

  7. Can someone explain how these mRNA vaccines are able to lose effectiveness after about 6 months.

    My understanding was that vaccines confer lifelong immunity. What is so different about these new vaccines that make them so ineffective?

    Perhaps this is a problem that can be sorted out. When a new technology comes out for a car, it will often be the case that parts need replacing. But once the tech is sorted out, the parts then tend to last the life of the car.

    Or take the example of a car tire. Using rubber is a mature technology and car tires will last from 20,000 to 80,000 km or so.

    Now imagine if a dunlop engineer developed a revolutionary (!) new tire using genetically modified soy. Imagine that these tires lasted 2000 km before needed to recoated with soy.
    Would we expect dunlop to place these tires into production and get govt to rush the approval of them, and then force every company car to use these tires?

    Or would we expect the dunlop engineer to simply go back to the drawing board and make no mention of his soy tire, because it is manifestly inferior to other vaccines, I mean tires?

    • I’m not sure if it is the ”technology” per-se or the fact that historically coronaviruses have been difficult to create a vaccine for.
      The other issue is media/public health mandarins are falsely training public to believe Ab levels = vaccine effectiveness, when this is demonstrably not the case. The whole point of a vaccine is to raise a sufficient immune response that the body produces B / T memory cells that will raise an effective Ab response down the track. The whole cascade is hugely complex and also parts are not fully understood.
      I simply don’t understand the push for ‘boosters’ when we know the vaccine is non-sterilising and the prevalent variant now has mutations that weren’t present when the vaccine was created. This seems like a recipe to create vaccine escape variant, – which surprise surprise we are now seeing.

  8. Nu variant in Sth Africa could be a major problem. Extrapolating off very small numbers, but growing much faster than delta when that started. A very large number of changes in genome.

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