Macro Afternoon

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Macro Afternoon

Another very mixed finish for Asian stock markets as Chinese bourses diverge in fortune, Japanese market clawback there losses while Australian shares were largely listless. The USD is holding ground after a big swingback in Euro previously, while the Australian dollar remains below the 73 handle and gold holds fast at the $1860USD per ounce level. Meanwhile Bitcoin is still dropping after breaking below the $60K level and now about to cross back below the $56K mark, making a poor week for crypto newbies after getting sucked in previously:

Chinese shares are diverging sharply with the Shanghai Composite putting in a big surge in late trading, up over 1% to 3558 points while the Hang Seng Index has gone the other way, following through on its breakdown to be off by more than 1.6%, slumping to 24896 points. Japanese markets have had a solid bounceback with the Nikkei 225 closing 0.4% higher at 29720 points while the USDJPY pair is slowly clawing its wayback after its sudden retracement, currently building above the 114 level:

Australian stocks were able to lift marginally but the ASX200 still failed to close above the 7400 points level, rising only 0.2% as the Australian dollar continues to do nothing following  its rollover from the failed swing start to the week, remaining  below the 73 handle and set to make a new weekly and monthly low:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are surging going into the London open with momentum pushing into the overbought zone, so we could have a very solid finish to the trading week, as the four hourly chart of the S&P500 shows price ready  to climb back above the recent highs at the 4700 point level:

The economic calendar includes the latest UK consumer confidence and retail sales print while in the US its just another series of Fed speeches to end the trading week.

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  1. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    Is this country still capable of producing an Australian men’s team cricket captain that won’t cry at press conferences?

  2. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Bored no news except the property looked at Mid North Coast sold for $250K more than listed price
    Sold for .1.275.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Where does it end.
        Hopefully the beginning of the end has started with YCC capitulation.

      • Barry … Plant … Realestate … Can’t make this sh*t up.

        Also technically they’re still a butcher – with so much experience in beating the meat and chocking the chickens.

      • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

        What? Only 6 shed bays? I’ve got the boat, the XB hardtop, the EV conversion project, the camper trailer and about 40m3 of hardwood to store. The forge and the wood lathe could be shared with the chook pen I suppose.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Thanks, Problem is the amount of machines and to tools in factory
        I could always rent back while emptying but it always gets complicated. Up to 1M the transition would be smooth, but not much suitable.
        That one looks like we have noticed before but will have another look into. For some reason we seem to gravitate around Old Bar.after snooping North & South of Port M

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Yeah, I have this big anchor around my neck in the form of “recession we had to have” nightmare memories. Then thinking holding back may land a more suitable abode at the right price.

        • Only little people pay taxes and experience recessions. Haha.

          For what it’s worth I tend to agree with you. But don’t have a crystal ball and timing the market is impossible as I have found out the hard way.

  3. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    New Zealand …

    Latest IPSOS NZ Issues Monitor … Housing still way out front at 54% as THE MAJOR concern ? …

    Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor October 2021

    Our most recent Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor continues to track the key issues faced by New Zealanders and how these have changed over time.

    This report covers the following:

    • Performance of the government as perceived by New Zealanders
    • Ability of different political parties in terms of managing different issues
    • Top 10 issues: New Zealand vs Australia … read more via hyperlink above …

    Housing the top issue facing Kiwis despite pandemic and Labour most trusted to solve it … Zane Small … Newshub NZ

    Housing is the top issue facing New Zealanders despite the COVID-19 pandemic and Labour is the most trusted party to solve it – but their support is dropping.

    The latest Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor research shows Labour continues to be perceived as the party most capable of handling issues Kiwis are concerned about, but their lead has been falling through 2021.

    In November 2020, 47 percent of Kiwis believed that Labour was the most capable to manage the housing crisis, according to Ipsos, but by October 2021 it dropped to 32 percent, compared to National on 23 percent.

    Housing Crisis Solved ? … Don Brash … New Geography

  4. Well, took the punt to cut my hay….70mm later, bad choice…Holding onto hope for the barley crop now…fifty clicks away, the lost their crops for the year ( wheat )…hit by a front of hail…

    • The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

      Good luck with it mate, its much better this year though especially with beef prices are good

      • Thanks and appreciated.Yep, the markets are looking good on the cattle and sheep side.
        May prop up the loss on the grain side, heres hoping.

      • How much do you earn a year, and whats in your bank account?
        Bloody hell, you don’t ask a man how much he yields, or how many head of sheep he has….its pretty rude…hence my question back to you.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          And if you do tell someone, it has a good chance of biting you in the ars. .
          He just wanted to fit in the conversation without realizing the ramifications or etiquette.

        • Not the same where I used to bail hay, not to mention how many times we had to race and help neighbors bring in the hay before rain came. Different world I guess.


    Mark Blyth comments via tweet
    “What if I were to tell you that pretty much all the ‘growth’ of the past two decades is real estate overvaluation? Might explain why actual growth and productivity, despite all the technology fever dreams, is down”

  6. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Genuine question: why do more people not just list their houses by private treaty in this environment? Do you think a real estate agent justifies their couple of %?

    • In Melbourne at least everyone goes to auction in the hope of attracting min 2 emotional idiots and getting an undeserved windfall when their fibro shack goes massively over the odds.

    • Jumping jack flash

      We bought our house without an agent. We kind of knew the seller because my wife did some contract work for him for a while. I think an agent would have just complicated things. The whole thing went really smoothly.

      Place across the street from us sold last week for 210k more than we bought for at the start of this year. 50k above list price.

      Look at me, a property aficionado!! Bleaghhhh!

    • innocent bystander

      A while ago I looked into when I was listing a property myself.
      Turns out Aussies are pretty conservative (surprise) and 90% won’t buy off a private seller.
      I went ahead anyway (cause the property was not conservative) and one keen buyer brought an agent with them to put in their offer. I sold it ok for a good price (to someone else).
      On the other hand I have been to plenty of home opens where the agent was the owner and 95% of the time they were hopeless at the job.
      Recently near me an owner tried to sell themselves (and the market is still hot in that area) – couldn’t close a sale. Listed with the local gun agent and got something like 10% more than they originally asked (in 1 week).

    • innocent bystander

      A while ago I looked into when I was listing a property myself.
      Turns out Aussies are pretty conservative (surprise) and 90% won’t buy off a private seller.
      I went ahead anyway (cause the property was not conservative) and one keen buyer brought an agent with them to put in their offer. I sold it ok for a good price (to someone else).
      On the other hand I have been to plenty of home opens where the agent was the owner and 95% of the time they were hopeless at the job.
      Recently near me an owner tried to sell themselves (and the market is still hot in that area) – couldn’t close a sale. Listed with the local gun agent and got something like 10% more than they originally asked.
      edit: just to add, went and looked at the listing. Owner Apr 21 asking $800k. Agent got listing June 21 asking $895k+ sold 1st week $925.


    May or may not be an interesting story or aspect to this re independence of chief health officer ( CHO ) in victoria and separation of powers issue, and suppose whole idea of democracy vs rule by decree (STASI)

    it ties in with why we have an RBA seperate from politicians so that it can be independent and seen to be independent when setting interest rates and monetary policy. contrast this with erdogan turkish president who sets interest rate policy and how that has been widely condemned.

    explains why we have whole lot of agencies such as RBA who are seperate from govt who are independent and seen to be independent. this should also apply to victoran CHO who should should keep existing powers

    from memory since later in october and onwards there are many postings in different macrobusiness articles discussing different issues about andrews govt pandemic bill. perhaps some may be useful

    the issue discussed today is

    • We need an Anti-Corruption Commission. Nothing can function without that.

      Until we get that, Australias Un-Governable.

    • May or may not be an interesting story or aspect to this re independence of chief health officer ( CHO ) in victoria and separation of powers issue, and suppose whole idea of democracy vs rule by decree (STASI)

      It’s interesting how the definition of “democracy” is now “unelected officials making decisions” not “elected officials making decisions”.

      How do you hold the CHO accountable ?

      • Part one Sorry everyone for the long response but captured by moderation so have to do it this way. same goes for phil lowe and rod sims, head of high court etc. do you want independence or do you want that the decision rests in the politicians hands who can be kicked out at election time. you can see the problem re accountability vs independence. for thousands of years man/women has tried things and found faults and re-tried in different ways to come to the best solutions. and they have found democrarcy among various systems, and in democracy the seperation of powers. over time democracy has setup different institutions seperate from the govt with independent un-elected officials. has this not held us in good stead???

      • Part two. we can debate this all you like but it is almost meaningless what we say. our forefathers put a lot of thought into it and i not just going to wash it away because some current govt thinks yeh nah lets just change it because we know best and our ancestors did not. i have too much respect to just throw that away including the concept that certain functions should be kept seperate from the political process cause they can be abused for ones own political advantage. that is why I am happy that the rba is seperate and sets monetary policy, the accc is seperate and sets competition policy and so reins in economic rent seeking, and the victorian CHO keeps his same powers (ie do NOT change the current powers of victorian CHO).

      • our forefathers thought about things and tried to set them up the best they could including making the victorian CHO independent. lets not just idly dismiss the great work and thinking of our ancestors just because the current govt thinks this is best way forward. there is just too much risk in having a politicain hijack an important issue (ie such as edrogan setting interest rates in turkey) to just given politicians this power.

      • by the way i have no problem with SHILLS entering the debate but it does become tiresome arguing against those with pecuniary or ideological vested interests. as upton sinclair once said never bother trying to make a man understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it. i have no idea drsmithy whether you are a shill or not but as i said it does become tiresome arguing against shills because they obvioucly try to set the agenda. certainly since i have posted on vic govt pandemic the shills seem to have popped out of nowhere it would appear to me. so my position remains unchanged. PLEASE keep the victorian CHO independent of the political process. do NOT change the current powers of the victorian CHO ie do NOT give any of this power to a politician as it will be a disaster, maybe not today but one day it will be. There is just too much temptation and potential for any politician to not use the CHO powers to their own advantage, whether it be today or in future. as i said drsmithy i have no idea whether you are a shill or not, perhaps you are a liberal party shill baiting me on to be a useful idiot to serve your purposes. i really do not know

      • if politicians were such great decision makers we would not be in the position we are today with the disastrous privatisation push that has happened in the last 40-50 years. the politicians ignored what our ancestor did over hubndreds of years keeping monopolies in govt hands (so the taxpayers enjoyed the economic rent from these institutions) and pushed them out into private hands, this such disaster. everyone this comment is all over the shop as moderation would not let me post it so had to change

      • politicians made decisons about privatisation and that has been a disgrace. sending economic rent making monoplies from pubic hands to private hands is disaster. politicians are useless on important decisions from my perspective so why do not want victorian CHO powers changing from sutton to politician. keep things the way they are. keep pwer of cho in suttons hands, and those doctors that follow him when he leaves position. unfortuntaly my comment has been rechanged to get in so hopefully makes sense because completely changed around

      • perhaps drsmithy you are liberal party hack or business type hack or perhaps DLS or LVO or gunnamatta etc trying to generate commenter debate as clickbait for others to come and read. i really not know LOL. i think in past 3d1k has levelled accusations at DLS for pretending to be some commenter so who knows…….so who knows who these other commenters have been over the last 2-3 weeks dropping in on my various other postings …..maybe i have been yelling into an echo chamber….perhaps I have served a purpose as a useful idiot for various people with their own agendas…..but remember it all started cause andrews decided to bash the unvaccinated. that is where the troubles began and would suggest that now that it has begun the sharks have tasted andrews blood and want more as no longer interested in say just one limb

      • goodness gracious….you are DLS are you not…..DR SMITH Y…..David Llewellyn-Smith…..but why the DR is this for doctor re PHD in economics…..until i started postng on vic govt pandemic and had shills jump all over me did not pay much attention to each individual blogger….you played me well on this DLS….shame on you and all that

      • by the way DLS (assuming you are drsmithy) love the work you and LVO and Gunnamatta etc do keep fighting the good fight

  8. The burnout is ‘absolutely real’: A look at the state of Australia’s nursing workforce amid labour shortage

    Yeah wow.

    Look at all them Health Care Workers…

    Im surprised Liberals havent slashed Medicare yet. How’s Australia affording all those Taxes?

    This is gonna get ugly. Gonna be a lot of divorces coming up in the future I see heh.

    Who on earth would want to get married at a time like this? lol

  9. Damnit… this has been in my head all day… I hate it when that happens…

    Australias filled with lies… lies and more lies.

    I treat people the way they treat me. If someone’s a bully, then I bully them back. If they steal from me, then I steal from them. If they are violent with me, then I’m violent with them. If they use a weapon, then I have ‘Legal Right to end there Life’. I play the same game everyone else plays.

    This country, all its Boomers and all its Feminists have lied to people like me, stolen 15 years of life and betrayed its young generation.

    The way I see it… I can do whatever I damn well please ;p The Boomers have practically murdered themselves off… the Woman have a reckoning coming for themselves in Australia… and Australian Men arent going to tolerate this sh*t.

    I love how the violins come out. That RBA article didnt sound like an official economic data piece. It sounded like a soppy farewell story.

    You should of listened ;p Im sorry RBA… but this is on you.

    Depression coming until 2038. Boomers are dead.

  10. COTA develops draft code to ensure aged care visitation rights during lockdowns

    Yep. Kill em. Let Covid spread. Its cheaper then Euthenasia. Im all for it.

    ” ‘Dignity and respect’ “… hmm… is that what they call it these days.

    I come from an old fashioned mindset. Your family looks after its own. If your family dumps you into an aged care facility then thats just an utter and total disgrace. I’d fight tooth and nail to ensure my parents never ended up in Aged Care. I’d look after em… but then, I liked my parents… they werent a$$holes like most modern day people.

    The young should be looking after the elderly. If they arent, then do they really deserve to be kept alive?

    This Aging Population can not be funded.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    We are well past the peak of any kind of “roaring 20s” scenario, that point was around 2006-7. Its been downhill from there ever since. The Last 15 years have been our glorious leaders trying to keep a dead debt-economy in a perpetual state of “undeath” through any means necessary – read: systematically cutting interest rates every few months, until that strategy was exhausted just recently.

    • HOLY Fk’n that dude was on a school board:


      A creative, strategic marketing, branding and design specialist with an advanced technical background encompassing Digital Media, Social Media, Information Technology, Video & Audio production, Event Production and Electronic Engineering.

      Your mad cutnt

  12. Australia wont be seeing any form of Productivity when its spending the next 20 years paying off houses.

    Either there’s a crash or this country is in a permanent state of Depression for 20 years.

    Either the Government gives people back there lives… or expects to be poor for 20 years. Choose.

    Dire Straits – Money for Nothing –

      • Dude you wanking on about productivity 400%+ after decades of wage suppression, braking union power in bargaining for its fare share, only to be offset with RE/Equity inflation to offset so the better haves don’t suffer income stream expectations diminished is absurd.

        • Immigration has always been a pro market dynamic as new product needs to be injected so the betters can exploit it for profit and it just ends up as a time and space problem where the previous influx looks down on the other humans behind them because they earned it and the new have not yet …

        • FFS just look at some regions in the U.S. and stand your ground e.g. a moveable property debate settled with fire arms … that you want for us all – ????

      • When Congress Busted Milton Friedman in the congressional Buchman hearings for supplying propaganda for the most powerful Lobbyist group at the time seeking profit above social well being …. your a dead set spastic …

    • NOBODY is printing fake warehouse receipts ideological moron spastic …. though I do note the distributional effects of sovereign fiat due to political ramifications.

      • Australia Money Supply M3

        Australia Labor Force Participation Rate

        Its still early days.

        I think what your trying to say is that there’s a problem with wages being so low and we need to workers to be better represented ( Unions ) so they arent being ripped off.

        It would probably do more good then harm but I fear if cost of living isnt dealt with ( Housing ), then none of it will matter.

        Many years ago, I used to work through Contract Agents. A lovely lady who found me work while skimming a percentage off the top ( a bit like how unions operate ). It was actually a pretty decent deal. It was nice to always have a job to go to. In one situation, I lost my job and was basically employed within 24 hours. Admittedly, I have a skill many lacked so I was on good money for someone my age.

        For me, this was back in 2000 – 2005. This was around the time when Howard was coming into power. The real killer was House Prices. As housing and rents started to rise, your effective wage became less and less. It was at that point where I made a career altering decision. I tossed my career away ;p I had a little foresight into what was coming so I decided to throw it all away, move bush and take a risk. My fear was, ” What if it gets better in a few years? “. As it happens, not only did it NOT get better, but its got worse for 15 years. Now Im thinking I was very lucky and probably made the best decision. Things are so much worse now.

        However, I think I would have been happy with my arrangement of having someone represent me ( in a Union like capacity ) if lifestyle costs werent so terrible.

        It all went to sh*t in 2005 when John Howard came to power. I graduated around 2000.

        I think living costs are too high.

        When I came out of University, I was passionate, driven and wanted to conquer the world. Australia f*cked everything up so badly, practically wrecked my career and destroyed itself over a 15 year period. Now Im old and live bush, dont give a sh*t and have no desire to ever go back to a city again. Not after what this country has done. Australians are Bullys. Most are a$$holes. Everyone lies. There is a hatred for todays young. There are very few with respect for ‘human life’. I missed out on all that for the past 15 years. I dont know how others I’ve known have managed to live through it.

        If I’d stayed in the city back in 2005 and decided to work hard, inclusive of agents fee’s, I suspect I would have been working for absolutely nothing other then to pay 15 years of rent. I was nervous at the time with my decision but knowing the past 15 years, Im not anymore.

        For me, personally, the skimming of money from Agents / Unions was annoying… but it was the ‘Cost of Living (Housing)’ which was the nail in the coffin.

        I think there is a cost for Australian Corruption which is enormous. I think this problem is a lot bigger then just Unions. Wage Corruption is one kind of Corruption but I think there are many others in Australia as well.

        When you look at the cost of bullying and corruption thats going on in Australia, I’d imagine that dollar figure is quite extensive. Its adding to the cost of living and just making living near damn impossible in this country.

        It makes me laugh because now they are screaming for people with my skills… and here I am giving them the finger ;p I’d rather trade markets because Im my own boss, cant get fired and dont have to deal with all the crap and bullying in this Country anymore. Its all short lived anyway. These arent career choices. Its the slow destruction of Australian Society.

        I dont hate Unions but I feel Australias ‘Cost of Living’ is a major by-product of corruption… which is seriously bad in Australia.

        I dont think your fixing it now. Its too little, too late. We’ve destroyed peoples lives permanently. 15 years has already passed. Im alive. Many of my mates have suicided. The damage I’ve already seen is unquestionable. You arent bringing that back. I think its too late. Whichever way you go from this point, it ends badly. The damage is just too severe now. I have more interest in learning about Bushcraft and Market Trading then moving to a city again. Why? Because I have no confidence or faith in Australia while the Boomers remain alive ( till 2038 ). There are too many lies in this Country and Im not falling for it again.

        You might be right. I hope there arent too many people like me 🙂 If there are, then this countrys in trouble.

        • Did you see my evidence on Milton and a reproach against government in social affairs and now your lot cry … self indicted moron …

        • BTW I hear lots of ideological indoctrinated punch out when things don’t work out as believed because they can’t accept they are screwed in advance …. for the betterment of others … thay did not care … see Veblen

      • I didnt… please repost and I’ll take a look.

        > and now your lot cry

        Who is ‘my lot’ ? I have no associations to anyone. Im a lone trader in the bush, who hates society, eats five star fruit, enjoys nature and the animals, trades exclusively for myself and enjoys a bit of MB and Sustainable Australia Party. I am not in anyway associated with MB or Sustainable Australia Party in anyway. I like them… and strongly advocate for them… but I dont think they like me very much ( and thats alright… Im used to it ha ha ) ;p

        So yes, Im not ‘associated’ per se. Im just a p*ssed off Aussie who’s sick of the crap I see going on in Australia today. I’ve had a gutful of the two major partys and want to see change in this country.

        You on the other hand, seem like a Labor Lobbyist. Your like the Friendly Jordies guy. You seem to speak right out of the Labor play book.

        I do something very few Aussies seem to do these days, I think and act for myself. There isnt a single Aussie around who wouldnt kick me in the guts, steal all my sh*t and leave me for dead. I like to bring a little empathy and civility to this ‘Modern Australia’ but in reality, we’ve turned into nothing more then a bunch of c*nts.

        > … self indicted moron …

        Ha ha. If you love me that much, have you considered sending me flowers? The blue ones are nice. I should warn you, Im not into men. Just saying *wink* .

      • I have no idea what your talking about Skip. You write lots of words but none of it means anything to me.

        Your making me cry Skip…

        Roxette – It must have been Love

        Can I have a hug? Im feeling very needy right now.

        Your hurting my feelings skip ( *scratches his bum* ).

        • Please don’t project your ignorance on me … your just the fool of others and like it …

          PS. possibly bred for it and don’t even know it …. chortle

          • Do you understand the glee in watching you and yours ideological implode all whilst you take the uninformed with you and then mock loss … yet then you cowards would never individually expose yourselves to any loss of personal riches legalese of how it was gained.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Funny how anyone who disagrees with government
      in Au or Nz is very quickly labeled “populist “
      or “far right “ and in need of suppression by the
      the forces of the state paid for by the majority
      of the people (who might actually support that disagreement ). There is a name for this type of government one thinks ….

    • Logic doesn’t make sense. The market could be the epicentre I agree, but that doesn’t mean it originated there…very obviously; it either came from the wild and was transported to the market, or from the lab and was transported to the market.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      Says a lot when some nerd in Arizona can locate people in Fluhan and the Chinese are like… where’s my deep flied civet fckn

  13. I’ll be contributing to Australias Productivity by going bush, living off grid and telling Australia to go f*ck itself ( because of the past 15 years of treatment ).

    When ?

      • My masters are the people I care about. Father ( the rest of the family can get stuffed ), Mates… some of whom are now dead… Nature… the beautiful sun that rises each morning.

        Im looking to ‘Live Life’… not to be ‘Powerful’. I dont even like Politics. Im just p*ssed off. Thats the difference. Sometimes things go too far Skip… and Australia has gone way too far.

        My master is walking through a wonderful Australian Rainforest, listening to the cute little Kookaburras, Lorrikeets, Whip birds and Cicadas. My master is watching a little frog hopping through the flowing waters. Even the sun bathing snake that just wants to be left alone. They all have personality to me. Going for a naked skinny dip in a waterfall flowing pond with nobody around ( ooerr ). Its how I grew up. We are all a product of nature. We are all born of the earth and we all go back to it someday.

        Im an Aussie. I walk around Australia like I was born to this Country and deserve the right to live here… because I do. I refuse to be bullied by idiotic morons who say, ” You dont belong to this country ” and a$$holes who think I should be deported. This is my home and Im not going anywhere. I do not and will not give my support to corrupt morons who have declared war on ‘Australian Life’ to line there own pockets… or those who have weaponised Real Estate to murder off a generation of Australians.

        I have no intention of joining the Army or fighting in any war. My interests are purely domestic but to anyone who attacks my friends or family, look out 🙂 Right now, the people attacking the ones I care for are Liberal and Labor.

        As the aboriginals would say, ” Life is about your story “. We are here for short time, not a long time. Someday, you’ll have a stone in some cemetary somewhere with a few words written on it… as your body decays back into nature… and it’ll say, ” Here lies the story of skippy “.

        Australia is for Australians… and if that offends you, then too bad.

        My master is the sunrise skippy… because over the years, I’ve come to learn people cant be trusted.

    • ” If you want to save the world, you become a politician… when you realise the world doesnt want to be saved, you become a market trader and profit off its demise. “

        • I dunno Skip. You claim Im a pretty ordinary sheeple subjected to Pavlovian Conditioning. I dont think so.

          When it comes to being a black sheep, I dont think they get any wierder then me 🙂

          I perceive myself as someone who’s a free thinker. I remember an old guy ( Boomer *cough* ) once showed me his Lord of the Rings book. Apparently, at school, that was recommended reading during English and Latin classes. Tolkien wrote that from the bunkers of his World War to distract himself from the horrors of war. It got me thinking. What book would it be that inspired me and the tribe I grew up from? For me, that would be the Power of One.

          Quote: ” Pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed. Courage is what makes you do it.”

          Quote: ” The brain, Peekay, has two functions: It is the best reference library ever, which is a good thing to have. But also from it comes original thought. In school you will get all filled up with the facts. Out here, your brain will learn where to look, how to look, and how to think. Any question you ever have, the answer you will find in Nature – if you know where to look, and how to ask. And then you will have for yourself all the brains that have ever been. ”

          Nature isnt anywhere near as complicated as the corruptions we ( Australia ) has placed upon ourselves. A piece of fruit comes off a fruit tree. You eat it. Its bloody simple. Somewhere along the lines, this entire system of structure we have developed and surrounded ourselves with in Australia has become weaponised, corrupt and bloated. Its not worth supporting that system until it gets fixed. In other words, its dead, rotten and corrupt to the core.

          You seem more like someone who’s towing a party line to me skip.

          When it comes to Pavlovians ideologies of Conditioning, seems more like your attacking me off the Labor play book. I’ve given a lot of thought to my ideas. You strike me as someone who’s reading them straight out of the Labor playbook. Im an independent thinker who isnt afraid to attack every political party in this country ( even the ones I support lol ).

          My ideas are certainly my wierd ideas… but I think a few have just helped me to understand what they all mean… and why I’ve been thinking in the manner I have ( Im not an economist ). There are good people out there. I just seem to have a knack for finding those people ;p

          Maybe you need to lay off the drugs and go get some nature time? If you have no respect or appreciation for the little animals in the bush, then what hope is there for you for having respect for anything in life? ‘Life’ and ‘Power’ are two different things. There’s a difference between being ‘Alone’ and ‘Lonely’. Your never alone when you’ve got nature and the animals around you.

          You cant ‘control’ me… and you wont… but good luck trying. I know myself a lot more then you think I do.

          In the war of Left vs Right, there is one thing I do know… ‘Life’ wins out everytime. ‘The will to live’ is very strong. Nature will always win. Push a snake into a corner and you’ll see whether its Left or Right that truly wins? When it snaps back at you, you’ll see what it fights for. ‘Life’… will win everytime. People arent angry ordinarily. Not until you push them into a corner… which is exactly what Australian Society is doing today.

          • Did you just start classifying people you don’t know as sheeple in an authoritarian dialectical if it did not subscribe to your gifted ideology …. wheeeee …

            Hay survival of the fittest breather how about showing your manly skills in the ring with an old 60’s man and show the
            veracity of your beliefs by its vigor.

            Must be nice to pop up on blogs and never suffer the consequences of your opinions.

          • > Australia is for Australians = moronic

            > Hay survival of the fittest breather how about showing your manly skills in the ring with an old 60’s man and show the
            veracity of your beliefs by its vigor.

            I struggle to fathom the extent of your hatred for Australians… but there is definitely hatred there.

            You sure your not suffering from PTSD?

            Well sure, Im on Team Australia Skippy. If your not, then, that makes you and me Enemys.

            Its not rocket science.

      • Best bit is you have no idea that your are just a post marking study in Pavlovian conditioning and call it a win for humanity ..

      • You really have no idea how weak you really are and how it speaks volumes in your comments, Spencer would cry, yet someone like me could manipulate your environmental biases like a ring on a beasts nose and congratulation for compliance, though your weak mind blindly rails against anything that would detract from the purity of though you ascribe to aka a doctrinaire authoritarian. Stew in your own juices moron, but don’t think for a moment that grants you authority over others by the dint of your fundamentals juices.

        Would hate too put you and yours down just due to ignorance

        • > You really have no idea how weak you really are and how it speaks volumes in your comments

          I think you have more underlining issues going on then should be brought forward in an MB forum. Judging by the way you type, my guess is Anti-Depressants are involved.

          Whatever it is… its too much to diagnose here… and I think this is where our conversation ends.

          Thankyou for telling us how much you hate Australians. Its been very inciteful.

          Its nice to look upon ones enemy.

          • So many bias seeking pejoratives without any means to evaluate how you arrived at them, especially the hate trope, per se I don’t hate you, but can see the the effects of a narrative you consumed and how that shapes your entire world view. I only point it out, you don’t like that and respond like an angry child. Lmmao my kids are Australians, do you think I hate them, btw they are all doing well and really chuffed about how they are growing up. Me personally, I’m doing pretty good considering my ex wife’s episode, doggies are epic mates, work is a treat and enjoy getting to know my clients whilst providing top shelf service, only thing negative is reading stuff like you present in the mannerisms of some backwater fundamentalist esoteric Sheppard of some ignorant flock ….

            Have you considered your the nutter … reality not conforming to your beliefs so you publicly wobble on about it like Hubert Nelson did …

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    • pfh007.comMEMBER


      Surely by now you know that the marsupial is a protected species at MB.

      Refuses to subscribe and yet trolls everyone who does with zero consequence.

      People have been banned for responding in kind to the feral claws.

      One of life’s little mysteries.

  15. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

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    The lure of Christchurch’s affordable prices … Miriam Bell … Stuff New Zealand

    More affordable house prices, and out-of-town buyer interest, are driving strong activity in the once-quiet Christchurch market.

    Sky-high prices in Auckland and Wellington dominate the headlines, but new Trade Me Property figures show homes in Christchurch are getting snapped up faster than ever before. … read more via hyperlink above …

    Benje Patterson says a legacy of Covid-19 may be some permanent changes to the way we work and where we choose to live … Interest Co NZ

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