Macro Afternoon

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Macro Afternoon

Asian stock markets remain in a funk as the trading week barrels on after last week US jobs print, with the USD clawing back some ground as the Aussie dollar remains depressed, while Yen safe haven buying is sending Japanese stocks sharply lower. Gold remains strong above the $1800USD per ounce level but the real action is in Bitcoin, which has zoomed past its former record high after clearing the $64K level overnight, now hitting the $68K level as the crypto crowd goes all in – $70K next or $100K?

Chinese shares are dead flat again with the Shanghai Composite up 0.1%, currently at 3503 points while the Hang Seng Index is failing to get back on track, down nearly 0.2% as it remains well below the 25000 point level at 24743 points. Japanese markets are the fastest movers however with the Nikkei 225 closing 0.6% lower at 29317 points as the USDJPY pair completely loses it on Yen buying, sending it right through the 113 level for a new weekly low:

Australian stocks remain shaky with no buying pressure evident as the ASX200 drops some 0.2% to close at 7434 points while the Australian dollar remains depressed here just above the 74 level against USD, skirting just above the new weekly low made last week:

Eurostoxx and S&P futures are also looking quite weak going into the London session with the four hourly chart of the S&P500 showing price retracing back towards the 4680 point level after last night’s relatively demure performance, even though new record highs are expected each and every session:

The economic calendar ramps up with the closely watched German ZEW Survey, followed by the latest US PPI monthly print.

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  1. The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

    It seems we’re the dead poet society, so unfortunately I’ll hang my boots and close my quill,
    Sail my boat and catch more thrill.
    In other news hope all you chappss are doin wellll

          • There’s something missing from our relationship Wilbs. I dunno what it is…it’s just like, idk…it’s just intangible.

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            In no particular order:

            A) Shared alcohol consumption.
            B) A restraining order.
            C) Boundaries.
            D) A mutual understanding of the purpose of language.
            E) A bipartisan-love of drunk plumbing [to resume shortly (on this partisan’s end)].

            We do seem to have the same ‘Dad and older male relatives’ joke book’ lying around the place. We do have that. Though yours seems to be an earlier edition than mine.

  2. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    And I would just like to point out that the unvaccinated are 16-times more likely to enter ICU mainly because those colour-coded lines on hospital floors are really hard for Australians to follow.

  3. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

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    China Has Already Crashed | You Just Don’t Know It Yet.. Stoic Finance … Youtube
    … h/t PM …

    Fake cell phones/China’s massive lack of key electronic components/Gree fined US$91 million by US … China Insights … Youtube

    • Anders Andersen

      Hugh, I wouldn’t pay much attention to a site which allows its comments section to be used like this:

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      Steven Enriquez
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      Juan Felipe
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    • It’s absurd I can’t stand it, I saw on Planet America (ABC) they had someone talking about Critical Race Theory and tip toeing around what it’s really about. I didn’t believe what he was selling.

    • Good news for you, it doesn’t.

      Why do you keep credulously regurgitating this divisive right-wing bvllshit ?

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        It’s a product of the bourgeois “left-wing intelligentsia”.
        People who hate the working class (esp white members of said class) for not submitting to their ideological wisdom.
        They equally hate real democracy.
        Their embrace of The racist and sexist intersectional hierarchy of oppression (in combination with consumerism) is what has lead to the breakdown of Solidarity among the working and middle class. A gift to the right that keeps on giving.
        It has become So fractious that I see the west heading in the same direction as 1930s Germany.
        Before Hitler rose to power there were 32 parties represented in the Reichstag. A real intersectional Hierarchy of grievance and finger pointing that directly lead to fascist takeover and War.
        And it’s your entitled to rule #FakeLeft leadership that is going to take the world there again.
        Because of YOUR demands to set the agenda and control the the “Left” narrative.

        • C'est de la folieMEMBER

          Well said Ermo,

          The ‘woke’ left as you refer to it, or faux left as I tend to refer to it shares with the NeoLiberal right the suspicion that ‘data’ and ‘awareness’ and ‘democracy’ is something to be avoided – with the need perceived to spare the public from distasteful consequences of being aware – of a range of given issues, and consequent need to ‘manage’ the narrative and agenda.  For the NeoLiberal right it tends to be the consequences of immigration, privatised public services, the fundamentals of ever rising house prices, and the desirability of removing employee activism around capital concentration.  For the Faux left it is about avoiding details of issues like the gender wage gap, the employment profiles of public services or the University sector, or the remote possibility that there may be something (anything at all) under the sub heading toxic femininity, or even the implications of drilling into the heads of a generation of young men, through the public education system, the desirability of discriminating against them for the rest of their lives.

          Completely different outcomes, but the processes are much the same.  Look the other way, drown out any dissent or remove it from the public domain – tar it in some way if needed – and make sure the chatter in the mainstream provides an endless and constant stream of ‘the path ahead’.  And if they can get together around an overarching theme like  ‘You guys can be as corrupt as you like and divide up the spoils of the economy to suit yourselves for the here and now, as long as we get to create our own little enclaves of public funded unquestionable sacrosanctity and shove our ideology down the throats of the future to create an environment where others can experience what we have lived with for a milennia, and that will be OK by us’  then they will work hand in glove.  

          • I think you touched on it there a bit, but there is also a cohort of young men who appear to be opting out of society in a similar way to the “herbivore men” in Japan. You have to ask why are men not attending University at the same rate as women? Why are they not willing to commit to getting married and settling down and rather staying in their parents homes? There is a broader issue in society I think where men in particular are being told be ashamed of who they are and what they represent as if all problems can be traced back to gender or race. The reason I think Jordan Peterson is so popular especially amongst young men is that he makes no apologies for being a white man and tells others they shouldn’t either and he is an intellectual which challenges a lot of these narratives you point out.

      • @DrSmithy in theory it isn’t about that, but it’s obviously been hijacked by some. In particular someone who spouts toxic ideas is Michael Dyson. This debate between him and Jordan Peterson really highlights the toxic woke ideology that some follow.

        Someone was kind enough in the comments section to timestamp all the important parts.

        18:19 Rebuttal
        25:52 JP
        30:50 JP (Please allow him to speak without taunting)
        31:55 (Don’t know if that’s an American style or if he does not really respect the discourses/tryna demonize JP)
        35:06 JP (36:21 Double down)

        36:48 #Metoo
        37:29 JP
        38:09 Great Point: Homecourt advantage (JP Not a victim not hurt but appalled 41:20 alright JP”s Native)

        41:52 (42:34 LOL)

        • I am sure Stephen Fry is the highlight, but not even he is enough to get me to watch another Jordan Peterson dogwhistling sermon.

          • LOL well fair enough, I can’t stand the content either as it’s so toxic. I do like Stephen Fry though.

          • LOL. Yeah, an echo chamber. That’s why I’m on MB. 🙄

            If Jordan Peterson is your ambassador, you might want to consider what country you’re in.

            You may also want to consider why you spend so much time agreeing with right-wing and conservative punditry, if it is their authority that is supposed to give them credibility.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          That Dyson bloke would definitely justify a Holocaust of “White people” as being deserving.

          • Yup, sure sounds like it. 🙄

            ESQ: You advocate for what you call “racial amnesty” for people who’ve erred and want to do better. I know this is an enormous question, but what do you feel the process of doing better should look like? Do you see any value in a restorative justice model?

            MED: I think restorative justice is critical. That’s better than retributive justice. It’s better than vindictiveness that dresses itself up as a commitment to neutral justice. In the book, I write about Ralph Northam. Here’s a guy who’s the governor of Virginia. As a medical student, he dressed up in blackface. It might have been surprising to us, but a few more politicians admitted they did the same thing. If you got rid of all of them, you wouldn’t get rid of the problem of what blackface represents, and why white people were attracted to it.

            Why not have a sense of restorative justice, so that a man like Ralph Northam can use the privilege he has as a white male in this culture? Instead of trying to displace someone like Northam, why not give them a sense of recommitment to a just democracy in Virginia, one that takes racial justice into consideration? There’s nothing more powerful than a white man of privilege who recognizes his transgressions, who is allowed to keep his job, and will therefore be far more committed to doing the right thing, to going beyond the usual measures not only to right what is wrong, but to be far more committed to racial justice. I think that’s what happened with Northam. 10,000 felons saw their right to vote restored; a disproportionate number of those people are people of color, especially Black people. There are so many other things Northam did in the aftermath of his public forgiveness.

            I’ll give you another example. I was involved with Bill Maher when he used the n-word on his show. People were calling for the cancellation of his show. I went on the show and had a conversation with him on television. We had an open conversation on national television about how he had done a bad thing, using a term he shouldn’t have used, and yet at the same time, providing him an opportunity to be restored, because for many people, Maher had made tremendous strides in calling out white supremacy and white nationalism. As a white man, he was more effective than when certain African American people and other allies call it out. Restorative justice argues that if we allow people to mess up and fess up, then they can dress up.

          • The guy spouts a lot of rhetoric for sure. Although I don’t necessarily disagree with anything in Dr Smithy’s excerpt.

            On the topic of Jordan Peterson, I don’t really see him as right wing. I see the right wing types love him, but I actually think he’s more about the pursuit of intellectualism than about scoring points against the left. The left just single him out – since he challenges their narrative, as anyone who is a critical thinker should do. I don’t agree with Jordan Peterson when he made statements about global warming – I don’t recall his exact words, but I feel he’s back tracked on that a bit and he also believes in eating red meat as some kind of health benefit, which again I don’t agree with since plant based diets are best for planet and health from all the data I’ve seen.

            But that’s the thing, I can still listen to him and disagree with his points. But that other bloke Dyson, it hard to listen to because he attacks character and skin colour and discusses ideas of privilege that I find very off putting and think it leads to long term problems and division.

          • On the topic of Jordan Peterson, I don’t really see him as right wing. I see the right wing types love him, but I actually think he’s more about the pursuit of intellectualism than about scoring points against the left.

            Like most of the right-wing commentariat, his schtick is to take some otherwise fairly mundane issue, ride it all the way down the slippery slope, then rally a straw man army to create hysteria and fear around that extremist interpretation.

            It’s how he got famous overnight with the C-16 stuff, and he’s been riding that gravy train since.

            But that’s the thing, I can still listen to him and disagree with his points. But that other bloke Dyson, it hard to listen to because he attacks character and skin colour and discusses ideas of privilege that I find very off putting and think it leads to long term problems and division.

            Pretty sure his position is that there’s already long terms problems and division.

  4. People are slowly cottoning on that the vaccine really does reduce transmission.
    If it doesn’t how can the reff be falling when all else equal (absent something like a vaccine) it should be increasing dramatically as we come out of lockdown?

    Next penny to drop: the unvaccinated cannot be given freedoms back. Vaccine passports will be needed for at least the next couple of years. Even NSW is slowly starting to realise this and is backtracking. Otherwise you will have out of control transmission among the unvaccinated (like in Germany) which will pose a risk to the vaxxed.

    • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

      Apparently, because it’s “the wave”. Apparently.

      Not putting that in my pool-room any time soon btw.

    • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

      And of course the even more out there answer is because it’s all made up by the media anyway so of course it turns out to be nothing once restrictions are relaxed – it was nothing to begin with!

      Sadly, I could go on, but won’t, for all your sakes.

      • Anders Andersen

        TTW, it’s so sad to see you and Sweeper fall into the conspiracy theory crowd and are now believers in vaccination, what’s the world coming to? lolololol

        • If overall comments on these pages represent the consensus view then we definitely are the dissenting conspiracists.

          • Thankfully they don’t. The most annoying thing about fanatics is that they have boundless energy to just be a nuisance. The anti-vaxxers definitely fall under the fanatics badge. Like the teenage fans of the latest boy band. They’ll just keep posting and screaming long after everyone has decided it’s time to get on with life.

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            I think someone may have been spending a bit too much time on Free Britney sites, hmmmm?

        • Again pointing out that no vaccination grants immunity to covid is not anti vaxxer CT … its clearly stated in Mandell. All vaccinations do is reduce symptoms and length of illness in most cases e.g. you can still get covid [more than once IMO] and spread it.

          So unless your prepared to refute Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, 8th Edition desist with the non factual pigeonholing of anyone that disagrees with your personal opinions anti vaxxers … and what do you call people that intentionally misinform others to support some corporatist agenda dressed up as public health – ?????

          • The vaccine doesn’t need to grant immunity. That’s the point.
            It just needs to lower the reff.
            It’s a pandemic, likelihood of transmitting it is a function of likelihood of having it which is a function of likelihood of contacts having it.
            There weren’t zero cases in WA at most points because Western Australians were immune to the virus.. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.
            Yet people have such a huge problem with this concept when it comes to the vaccines effect on transmission.

            And… why are you taking this position? I am baffled by it.

          • It does nothing to stop infection and a sound medical response would be layered rather than a one trick pony.

            Trust goes out the window with the denial of Aerosols IMO.

            Furthermore we have winter in the northern hemisphere to witness before jumping to conclusions.

          • >There weren’t zero cases in WA at most points because Western Australians were immune to the virus.. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.
            The only reason there were any cases in WA were because of cases in hotel quarantine (edit: and a ship or three), which didn’t spread because they were in quarantine – except for the times they did, because the Health Dept ignored advice on aerosol spread. The ones that did get out were minimally infectious because we live in a country where people don’t go around coughing on one another.


          • Everything is conditional to the local/regional environment concurrent to whatever wave may or may not be present.

            My dramas stem from misinformation or down right falsehoods which have nothing to do with well worn medical science or any science for that matter. Its as bad as some economic/ideological driven agendas based on loadable funds theory regardless of all the evidence to the contrary. Then some will wonder why the unwashed are so increasingly spastic and losing what little trust there was in Science or Public institutions. Next question is who benefits from that outcome.

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            No. The world is coming to the secondary consequences of Rupert realising BHP really is selling out of coal.

            Please do not confuse that with science.

    • Only backtracking to Dec 15th

      As long as I can get to the MCG for round 1 and the unfurling of the 2021 premiers flag whatevs to everything else

      Go Dees

    • Big part of the problem is people can’t get their heads around a pandemic.
      Just because you can still transmit the virus after vaccination does not mean for each person there is equal probability of transmitting the virus if they are vaxxed v unvaxxed. If the reff falls the same 1 person is less likely to transmit the virus if vaxxed v unvaxxed *even if the duration of their infectious period is exactly the same* because there are less infectious contacts so they are less likely to have the virus.

          • You can easily verify for yourself or would you rather dispute someone that was instructed by some of the best and went on to do the same. For someone that says they understand Gresham’s law you seem to ignore it in this case.

          • Higher number of cases in the vaccinated than unvaccinated in the UK per 100,000 of each. Still want to suspend people’s rights due to potential to spread? Authoritarianism is repugnant even dressed in a veil of scientism.

          • @M

            Peoples rights are a factor of the quality of information they have in making an – informed choice – hence muddying the waters by the anti vaxxers or profit seeking corporatists dictating public health policies is the problem. Albeit it is absurdly funny that the anti vaxxer mob got a leg up from private equity sorts in the good old U.S. after the Calif couple with links to that social/work group lost the plot.

            My drama is the way its been handled, by whom, reasons for, and the long term consequences of that – Trust. I’ve recommended the book Science Mart many times over the years and suggest this is a prime example of its thrust. So in ending the idea that if everyone gets vaccinated and it all over is where I draw the line, especially when such events are years in unfolding.

    • totally fair enough imo.
      I also don’t think they should be allowed use their sick leave if they get it.
      It’s a conditional entitlement paid by the employer. Why should the employer be penalised when they are only unfit because they didn’t follow a mandate in the first place.

      • Well, Sweeper, why so hesitant? One could concentrate all the unvaccinated somewhere isolated. ensuring that the vaccinated are save from the unvaccinated and only infect each other and the hospitals remain free for the obese, the smokers and the alcoholics. Of course they (the concentrated) should contribute to the camps – there are always some chores to do.

        • that’s not a good comparison because there is no universally available, publicly funded vaccine against obesity, smoking addiction and alcoholism (nor are they infectious diseases).
          If there was it might, might be a partly valid comparison.

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            Yeah, well. Nah. There are for at least two of those three. Arguably for all three if you count insulin as a vaccine.

            What you mean is they aren’t contagious. And MOST people suffer from their consequences voluntarily.

    • In the NT we are about to have a vaccination mandate come in. It’s the gov putting it in place for their and all the contractors have to follow it as well. That effects a large percentage of the population. So, for me to walk onto site at some places I’d need to have proof of vaccination. Which is just like my white card, ochre card, and every other card I’ve had to pick up over the years to enter mine sites, construction sites, hospitals, schools, defense bases and this that and what not. And frankly, the vaccination card was the cheapest and easiest to get. It had the least amount of paperwork and I’m definitely helping myself and everyone else around me out by getting it. I wish all wins in life were that easy.

  5. told you so hehehe

    dan andrews said lockout all of 2022 re unvaccinated and i said too much of political animal to do that, too much career risk, will open december 2021 or not long after re unvaccinated. everyone against him re his jihad, protests in melbourne over last two weekends

    look at his words now
    Mr Andrews said the vaccinated economy was “here to stay”, and it was too early to say when the window might re-open and restrictions on the unvaccinated would lift.

    “It’s a bit challenging for us to answer that because we have to see what role boosters play,” he said.
    what…………..but you said (a) till after grand prix 2022 then (b) all of 2022 now (c) we will look at boosters to determine
    hehhehehe told you he would not hold the line, he would capitulate……you are not the only one dan who understands humans hehehehe
    refer tetama

    • I don’t interpret that as backtracking at all.
      If anything he is saying the unvaxxed will need to stay locked out both for 1. the vaxxed safety and 2. to ensure people get boosters. So it could be even longer
      In terms of career risk… how?

      This is a vote winner. Simple maths says over 92% of + 12 population would support it. In terms of votes that’s even larger when you take out the 12 -18s.
      I would love this to go to a vote.

      “The feedback I get is that people don’t want to sit at the pub or in a restaurant next to people who have not [had their vaccine].”

      • he is on a losing position re jihad on unvaccinated….he is backtracking……no one supports him not even victorian bar nor nick coatsworth etc….only vic labour support him……he can say what he likes that people say what they say to him personally but can he prove it apart from saying it ….his comments are just anecdotes to me that is totally unprovable ie no evidence whatsoever. and even if he did have evidence probably not independent from him ie vested interests with own agenda

      • just updating my response re your comment “…I would love this to go to a vote. …..” we both are in furious agreement here as so would I and in november 2022 it will be. that is why he cannot do jihad on unvaccinated for whole 2022 as that includes election time. lets see him bash the unvaccinated with a lockout during the election….good luck dan with that one. i actually have re-thought my position and actually want dan to do the jihad on the unvaccinated as i want him gone at the election….to be the only place in the world that makes an order/decree against the unvaccinated with NO MEDICAL / SCIENCE backup whatsoever, good luck with that dan. the only state or country in the world that takes this position (perhaps apart from lithuania). if was such a vote winner then why are all states and governments all over world not doing this. are they wrong and dan right or vice versa. we all know dan is wrong and knows he is alone in the world on this issue apart from perhaps lithuania. so dan will roll over and change beuase he loves his job too much. but dan I DARE YOU TO LOCK DOWN FOR WHOLE 2022 because yes i know that you will be totally unsupported by medical/science so then makes you look like a tyrant with punitive measures. you will then be treated accordingly at election. DO IT DAN LOCKDOWN UNVACCINATED WITH NO MERCY FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE I DARE YOU

        • “that is why he cannot do jihad on unvaccinated for whole 2022 as that includes election time”

          I reckon that is why he partly said to the end of 2022.
          This would be a massive vote winner.
          You reckon the 92% + will be perfectly fine to get vaccinated & get boosters in order to control the virus and win back freedoms *for everyone* all the while a small percentage of selfish holdouts get to leech off their efforts & put the vaccinated cohorts health at risk .. & have the same freedoms?
          Abolishing public holidays would be more popular.

          The rest of the world is actually coming round to Dan’s position, in Germany, Denmark, US, Singapore. He has been ahead of the curve the past 2 years.

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            ”ahead of the curve”… ?

            Sideways reference to his recent negative downways movement? Cold. Bro.

          • “……partly said to the end of 2022”. how do you partly say something??? i saw him on TV and heard him “fully say” lockdown till probably after grandprix 2022, and few days later heard him say lockout for whole 2022. from memory he was smiling when talking about unvaccinated not being able to do their jobs. where is the medical/science backup to show him changing positions from april 2022 till end 2022 at earliest cause there is none, it is all decree/coercion so he is already looking foolish/bullying with just this slip up). okay fine dan. as i said above i hope you get kicked out at election november 2022. you really love your job, you are facing massive career risk if you use STASI DECREE WITH NO MEDICAL/SCIENCE BACKUP TO LOCK OUT UNVACCINATED. dont bother shopping around for medical / science opinions that fit your NARRATIVE cause these professionals will look like outliers in their fields and become laughing stocks (no professional in their field wants to look stupid supporting the unjustifiable. i know how professionals think and how they value what their peers / colleagues say).

            the victorian bar will be able to point and say told you everyone not to give dan these powers, he is now using them like a tyrant imposing over the top punitive punishment just because people do not follow your decree/coercion. i have re-thought my position dan. I HOPE YOU GO FULL JIHAD ON THE UNVACCINATED FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. nsw lets unvaccinated free december 15, but dan go and do the jihad for years or even months I DARE YOU. nobody else is doing what you are doing, you ARE ALONE. good luck with that. you will stick out as a sore thumb and it will come to everyone’s attention all over the world you will see. and i will laugh. but i think you love your job so much that you will back down soon enough, i think you will capitulate, i think these are just scare tactics to see if you can get the highest vaccination rates in australia. I DARE YOU TO DO THE JIHAD ON THE UNVACCINATED. i want you gone at the election so please take me on and do the jihad. and good luck finding medical/science people supporting you cause they wont cause they will look silly in eyes of their peers, its called career risk from their perspective

          • Assuming that the people who accept the vaccination voluntarily are the same people that think others should be forced to be vaccinated under threat of job loss and exclusion from participation in society is where your calculation breaks down.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I think your miss reading the mood.
        Most people I know are Vaxed but don’t give a fark about people who aren’t.
        What everyone is getting sick of is All this authoritarian shyte.

    • Most days I think Im a bit of an introvert, black sheep who keeps to himself. Later, I realise its not ‘just me’ but all of this is happening everywhere.

      I think there is a rise of single woman. I was out and about again, minding my own business as blokes do and this woman started hitting on me. It took me a while to work it out until my brain says to me, ” Hey. Is she? Wait… that womans hitting on me. Is this for real? “. I think she eyed me up and down and came to the conclusion that she wasnt going to get any money out of me ( lol good ).

      The first thing, is it appears there are a lot of single woman around. They are all looking for ‘one thing’, money. The thing I notice about modern woman is there’s no such thing as loyalty or faithfullness. Most modern woman just want to ‘try you out’ and are a complete waste of time. They want to be with you today ( try you out ), get bored of you and be with the other guy next month. Being a sl*t used to be a derogatory term but now most woman I see just consider it ‘doing business’. They are just sleeping around until they find the guy with the bank account. So yeah, there’s no loyalty or attachments with todays modern woman. So yeah, no loyalty… because its not in a womans interest to be loyal.

      So when this woman started hitting on me, my first reaction was not, ” I hate woman ” ( which clearly I dont ) but rather, ” Other then your problems and stealing from me, what do I get out of this deal? “. I dont think she got the reaction she wanted. What interested me is she handled rejection pretty well. My second thought was, ” I think a lot of men are turning woman down these days. I bet there’s a man drought. “.

      The hard part about being a man is staying motivated. Its waking up each and everyday to your dull and uninteresting life, living it and enjoying each day. The secret to independence is to not get sold. Pretty much everything people sell men these days is toxic poison. Men dont need debt. Men dont need to buy sh*t they dont need. Men dont need woman who only bring them misery. Independence is great to have especially when you realise men are being encouraged into this stuff without a seconds thought. Its a trap. When you see your first mate suicide, you begin to realise how much of a trap this stuff is.

      Motivations the hard part. For me, I enjoy my sport and nature. Im now in a position that I relish nature. At first, ‘change’ sucked but Im now in a position where I consider feeding a bird in the bush to be more fulfilling then spending a day with a woman.

      I think the thing men need to understand is everything in Australia is trying to trap you. When you accept this, figure out whats happening and cut it off from your life, things get easier. Instead of spending days in some Family Court, you’ll be spending it enjoying your life. Australia treats men like dogs and men deserve better then that. You’ll have independence and that means you’ll have freedom. Aloneness does suck but as you get older, you discover somethng else you never had either… truthe.

      A man has only one objective in this world and thats ‘to live his life’. As far as Im concerned, everything else can go to hell.

      So yeah, sorry lady… all I had to do was say, ‘ No ‘ and I shut you down. You wanted something from me. In the end, I want nothing from you. A relationship exists to make your life better then who you are today. If you cant offer that ( as 80% of woman cant ), then that relationship is toxic and its time to get rid of that ‘relationship’. I dont invest in things that make a loss.

      I like to INVEST in markets to see some kind of return. Why should you not treat your relationships the same way?

        • Thats ok. I dont mind if people hate me. Im used to it 🙂 I’ve woken up each day to a Government, Baby Boomers and Woman all hating me because there’s nothing I have they can exploit.

          Im not really looking to make friends. I just want to save mens lives. Dont care about much else.

    • In the future I see…

      1/3rd of Australias Population are Baby Boomers and will die by 2038.
      Many young will probably die by suicide before we reach 2038 ( moneys going to run out ).
      A HALF of Australias Population will be dead by 2038 ( and the economic consequences that follow on from that ).

      When the money runs out, trust will break down. Its becoming noticeable with Australias Media already. People will fight for Self-Interest. Boomers will fight for themselves. Woman will fight for themselves and Men will have to fight for themselves. Everyone will want something from someone and if you dont have it, you’ll be hated.

      In the desperate interests to preserve itself ( when the money runs out ), Australias Government is only one election away from voting in another ScoMo. Its apparent that in the face of money, Australia will gladly sacrifice its Aussie Men to cover its own a$$. Therefore, I have to conclude that within 17 years, the Australian Government is my enemy too.

      Im preparing for a future where half of Australians are dead… Government, Boomers, Woman and Migrants are the enemy… and the very system we’ve come to depend on will fail us.

      I’d rather have an Ally like Nature then to waste another second investing in an Australian System which I dont believe will be functional in 17 years. Nothing has been paid for and I dont think it’ll last that long. Im preparing for a time when it will try and protect itself. Im expecting violence at some point in the future. Australia will try and murder off its young. We wont call it murder ( we might call it politics or something ) but it’ll have the same impacts as murder.

      Thats the future I see. I dont see Australia surviving these next 17 years.

      • For men, many divorces means higher incidence of ‘Male Suicide’ coming in 2022.

        Divorce your wife… before they divorce you ;p

  6. Here you go Sweeper and posse ….

    “I am a physician who has done everything I can to strive to do the very best job I could for my patients during this nightmare. I also do everything in my power to be a truth-teller. It is the way I was raised. And what I was seeing on the ground in real life in my world and what was being reported in the news were often completely divergent. More concerning to me was the media and its incessant bathing in histrionics and panic porn. I could see the results of this in the psyche of my patients and felt compelled to do something, anything, about it.

    The foundational figure in Internal Medicine is a physician of the early 20th Century by the name of Sir William Osler. One of his seminal works is a piece extolling what he thought was the most important characteristic of any physician – AEQUANIMITAS – which is Equanimity. The ability to stay on an even keel through even the most dire of situations. To be the Rock of Gibraltar for your patients when their world was falling apart. I have spent my life pounding that cardinal concept into the brains of hundreds of students over the years. And what I saw on TV from the likes of all the talking head doctors and our federal health officials was the absolute exact polar opposite.

    Sir William Osler. The founder of Internal Medicine. The man who singlehandedly put Johns Hopkins Medicine on the map. One of my foundational heroes in life. I have spent much time the past 18 months on very dark days filling my mind with his exploits, his writing, and what his peers had to say about him. One of the most poignant statements I have found was written by Harvey Cushing MD, the founder of Neurosurgery as a profession in this country. Upon hearing of Sir William’s death, Harvey Cushing wrote the following, paraphrased from the Book of Isaiah -which later became part of Cushing’s masterpiece – Consecatio Medici. I quote:

    And that man shall be as a hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a rock in a weary land.

    That is how Dr. Cushing felt about his mentor Sir William Osler. It also encapsulates how I feel about my mentors of Medicine and how I know they would have responded to this COVID crisis. Nobel Laureates, textbook writers, seminal medical figures of the 20th Century they were – and somehow I know in my heart that they would have been very disappointed in where we are today in Medicine.” – snip

    Enjoy your Corporatist medicine and science … in name only ….