Gottiboff: ‘Big Australia’ immigration needed to juice housing market

Last week, Robert Gottliebsen claimed Australia was running out of migrants to buy houses:

This week, Gotti has repeated the dose, calling on Australia to compete heavily to attract migrants to juice the property market, serve coffees and drive Ubers:

The aftermath of world war two taught Australia that if it was to grow and prosper it would need migrants. But in the 21st century that lesson started to fade and demands for reduced migration ballooned. Indeed many Australians currently want a reduced migrant intake.

But the pandemic has shown that without students and migrants we face skills and general labour shortages across the nation…

A large number off migrants in recent years… saw Australia as a land of opportunity where they could assemble the money required to buy a suburban house or an apartment.

Accordingly in recent times the main buyers of houses and apartments in our two largest capital cities have been migrants who came here in the last two to five years and worked hard, often with the help of family and community members.

We have stopped migration for the last two years which will reduce demand for new outer suburban houses as well as prolong skills shortages…

Australia exported university education to our region the we used the thousands of students who came to our campuses to operate cafes and drive Uber vehicles and taxis. We are missing them.

The obvious question for Gotti is: what’s the point of building all of this housing if it will simply be ‘filled-up’ with migrants? How does this benefit existing Australian residents, who will be forced to live in more expensive, cramped accommodation?

Sydney dwelling composition

Houses only for the rich.

We are continually told that Australia’s housing problems are caused by a ‘lack of supply’. And yet these same people repeatedly shill for mass immigration, which obviously causes the supply shortfall.

Mass immigration-led development is the ultimate Ponzi scheme, with Gotti’s industry mates privatising the gains while the costs are socialised on the existing population via: 1) funding the increasing infrastructure needs (water, power, transport, recreation facilities etc); and 2) suffering the downsides of increasing congestion, being crammed into defective high-rise apartments, paying higher housing costs, lower wages, and watching the natural environment get destroyed.

Sadly, in the property Narco state of Australia, industry pulls the strings. Nothing boosts their profits like flooding the place with millions more people.

Relax Gotti. The mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy is being rebooted as we write and you and your mates will soon get your way.

Always follow the money.

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  1. Ghost of Stewie Griffin

    When I was younger I remember hearing that Australia needed immigrants because we needed a base level of population in order to support manufacturing. At the time there were 3 car companies still making cars in Australia, our population was around 16 or 17m. Instead the capital inflows to ‘build out Australia’ in order to cope with these immigrants, inflated our cost base – mainly through our houses and land prices, so that pretty much all manufacturing became uncompetitive. Now our population is 25 million and we have no car companies.

    Now we are told we need immigrants for our service economy, especially our education “industry” which consists of our big Universities and all our old Tech collegeges and TAFES that have been converted into ‘Universities’ and centeres of excellence to compete for the education dollar. Instead our centeres of excellence are debasing themselves like $2 whores displaying their wares for the next hit of crack – give up another 20 years and we will have debased our education system and centres of excellence to the point they are as worthless as our car manufactures.

    Australia doesn’t need immigrants to grow, it needs leaders who will lead and priortise investing in Australian society, using the resources available to us to give existing Australians the help they need to perpetuate themselves and our culture i.e. the easiest way to do so is by making it easier to start and have a families, and to overcome the behavioural sinks that are so present in large cities.

    But no, the only reason we need migrants is as that fat old chunt Gotti keeps harping on about – to sell houses to. That is it, that is the entire vision of Australia’s economic future. Selling house to foreigners so that our elites may prosper and become richer than God.

    They are hostile elites. They look down us. They don’t represent us. They don’t priortise OUR needs. We are gaslighted constantly by their whores in the media, we are played for fools by our politicians and we are being pushed aside by migrants who want nothing more than a short cut to a better life, and they have no care or interest in that it comes at our expense.

    Indeed, the narrative of our elites is that We, existing Australians don’t deserve what we have because it was based on injustice inflicted 250yrs ago, and instilling that narrative in these newcomers they actually end up feeling self righteous in the economic injustice that they are inflicting, as though their presence is somehow cosmic retribution righting a wrong.

    Even worse, under the guise of MultiCult they feel no compulsion to actually shed their skins and culture baggage when they arrive here, but instead come to stake a claim against our society and re-establish their own communities as outposts from their own failed countries, in our society at the expense of opportunity for existing Australians and their children.

    Immigration as it has been run in Australia for the past 20 years, is a crime against every existing Australian.

    • Mate, I’m sad that our current rates of extreme immigration might lead to more than usual support to voices like yours with undertones of cultural superiority. Don’t forget it is our ‘culture’ that has spawned a political elite that are making these decisions, ‘others’ don’t have a monopoly on bad ‘culture’ as you seem to like to imply. Read three random articles on this site and see what is up with our ‘culture’. People are people, they want a better life, just like you and I do. The question is at what level can we sustainably bring people in to benefit everyone. Not at current levels. I grew up in your ‘old Australian culture’ that you seem to want to romanticise. It wasn’t a utopia and had a lot of warty and thorny social issues that most living today would not stomach (voices like yours could be heard on similar issues and bigotry between Catholics and Protestants for example). Becoming polarised against ‘cultures’ on this topic is missing the point and diluting the key socio-economic weight of argument behind moderated rates of immigration. It is an emotional and sometimes dangerously intuitive response that isn’t going to help improve things.

      • Ghost of Stewie Griffin

        Cry some more Toby, that’s pretty much all girly boys like you are good for.

        The Australia I grew up in was a thousand times more united that the crappy economic zone that has replaced it – my anecdotal rememberance is just as good as yours…. The Prodos and the Catholics use to knuckle on occassionally, but then they’d all go for beers down at the pub – the didn’t drive their cars down shopping precincts and Christmas parades hoping to kill as many people they dislike as possible.

        The division in our society has been brought about by weak, girly men such as yourself, who are too afraid about what people might think about them, then the actual long term consequences of failing to exercise one of our god given rights and foundational pillars of building a society – the right to discriminate on who we let in and live amongst us.

        For all your fear about implied superiority, the fact of the matter is it wasn’t magic soil that made Australia the envy of the world, but the people and culture who carved it out of the dust and founded every city and institution we have today. It wasn’t African culture, it wasn’t Asian culture, it wasn’t J#wish culture, it was Anglo-Saxon culture from the British Isles that formed the foundations of what we have today.

        I look forward to the day an orator or politician with more skill than the current crop, comes along and motivates all the young, disenfranchised, disempowered men of our society to action and take back out country and our society from hostile elites and limp wristed fagg0ts like yourself.

        • “The Prodos and the Catholics use to knuckle on occassionally, but then they’d all go for beers down at the pub…”

          Not quite that simple, for example, right from the First Fleet:

          “…The settlement was perpetually on high alert in case of risings led by exiled Irish political prisoners… No Catholic chaplains were permitted in the colony for its first thirty years.”


          “Long-established Protestant hatred of Irish Catholics…[who]… represented a separate ethnos to be kept under constant suspicion and both formal and informal surveillance… predominantly Catholic Irish-speaking prisoners were frequently singled out for physical maltreatment by the authorities and occasionally murdered by British convicts for speaking Irish who believed they were secretly conspiring against them in a language which only they spoke…”

          and more recently:

          “Anglo-Australian Protestant ex-serviceman… [WW1] formed loyalist paramilitary organisations… in preparation for a final confrontation with Irish Australian Catholics in an atmosphere of severe sectarian and ethnic suspicion.”

          Living in a society like that is good for no one.

  2. Jumping jack flash

    “…Australia was running out of migrants to buy houses”

    I think he means “well-paid migrants” because there is a stack of fruit pickers just about to land, but ill bet none of them will come close to being eligible for the correct amounts of debt.

    The recent COVID stimulus – building grants and super access revealed a massive pent-up demand for houses.

    The real problem is simple, it is not migrants or affordability or even supply, it is the eligibility for enough debt, and the deposit – which is a long-outdated, unnecessary and archaic ritual that only causes trouble, such as that couple who lost theirs recently, and is the main barrier for otherwise debt-eligible people from obtaining the houses they need.

    Abolish the deposit. There is no risk at all in doing so as long as there is enough new debt created to push house prices up and create instant equity. And there would be.

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