Disordered Morrison makes a disordered Australia

When your personality is a lie, everything that you do is a lie because it has no moral centre. To wit, Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the last week:

Scott Morrison is championing “can-do capitalism” and says he wants corporates to stop “rent-seeking” climate change subsidies from the federal government.

The Prime Minister is right to point out the growing green brigade queuing up for taxpayer funds.

Electric vehicle makers demand tax breaks and special regulations to help the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, sell more Teslas.

Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest wants subsidies for his green hydrogen bet.

Energy companies are being paid by governments to keep the lights on because of a dysfunctional national energy market hobbled by repeated government interventions.

The perverse reality is the Morrison government’s command-and-control climate and energy policies are encouraging a rent-seeking culture.

Morrison is the embodiment of can-do corruption, most notably on energy where he is captured by the Santos-led gas cartel, yet he demands an end to rent-seeking from everybody else. This is gaslighting of such extremity that even rentier central at the AFR has turned on the PM.

The same must be said of the energy transition itself:

Solar panels and wind turbines would cover an area of Australia’s landscape two-thirds the size of New Zealand.

Every year, more than two Sydney harbours of water would be consumed, and every corner of the nation’s energy infrastructure – from the pipelines, gas stations, ships and storage – would be rebuilt from the ground up.

That’s a glimpse of the potential scale and cost of Australia’s hydrogen challenge, which energy minister Angus Taylor and Prime Minister Scott Morrison are betting will be the golden ticket that puts the country on a trajectory to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Yet, the government is sure that technological advances will cut the cost of hydrogen to $2 a kilogram within the next few years, unlocking its ability to transform the economy.

…Not only will the entire energy grid need to become renewable, to reach net zero, but turning hydrogen into a world-beating Australian energy export will mean adding the equivalent of another two times the current level of energy generation across the country, Baldwin estimates. All of it will need to be carbon-free.

Experts warn the transition will take decades, but the Morrison government is counting on it kicking off in earnest right now…

It’s all a lie. Hydrogen isn’t new. It is very inefficient given it takes huge amounts of energy to produce it. It’s difficult to store. If it uses gas (for blue hydrogen) it only works with CCS, another lie. This policy disorder is of a magnitude that is difficult to describe.

Yet energy is only the tip of Morrison’s iceberg of crazy. Earlier this week we had the cost of living campaign for lower interest rates:

Interest rates and petrol prices would be higher under a Labor government, Scott Morrison has claimed, putting inflation and cost of living at the centre of the government’s campaign targeting Anthony Albanese ahead of the next election.

As the Prime Minister attempts to pivot the political contest away from climate change, he used the inflationary pressures in the US as a warning against shifting from the Coalition amid the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Morrison’s comments on Monday came despite Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe – who will deliver a speech on inflation on Tuesday – playing down the risk of inflationary pressures to the Australian economy in recent weeks.

“Australia’s economic recovery has to be secured by people who have a track record of economic management,” Mr Morrison said during a visit to western Sydney on Monday.

“Otherwise, you’re going to see petrol prices go up. You’re going to see electricity prices go up. You’re going to see interest rates go up more than they would need to.”

But, today, that has morphed into the higher wages campaign, which will mean higher interest rates:

The Morrison government is resisting calls by business and others to expedite the migration intake between now and the federal election amid fears that such a move could hamper wage growth.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seeking to make the cost of living a key feature of the election, due to be held between March and May, and the government believes opening the floodgates on migration to make up for the pandemic years would suppress wage growth.

Are workers supposed to be mollified by no immigration surge for a lousy five months? We all know it’s a lie anyway. Again, this attempted disruption of reality is so unconvincing that it only serves to make Morrison appear delusional.

Then there is religion:

The attorney general, Michaelia Cash, has requested “detailed drafting” from the Australian Law Reform Commission to ensure children are not discriminated against in faith-based schools, as the government pushes ahead with its revised religious discrimination laws.

But as the crossbench reveals they will either oppose the revamped bill or seek to reinstate the ability for doctors to refuse patients on religious grounds, the government looks likely to need Labor’s support to pass the legislation before the election.

All government legislation faces difficulty in the final sitting fortnight, with two of its own senators, Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic, vowing to withhold their votes in protest against vaccine mandates and One Nation also promising “so much mayhem” in the Senate.

The government expects its proposal for institutions such as schools to discriminate in hiring in favour of members of their own faith will pose a test for Labor, but the opposition is waiting to see the full legislation before declaring its hand.

Australia is secular even if Morrison isn’t. Putting religion at the centre of a federal election is either admission of defeat or, again, delusion.

This Morrison Government policy chaos is describing the shape of a terribly disordered prime minister desperately trying to create a pseudo-reality that Australians can suspend their disbelief in for long enough to get him elected.

It is quite unsettling to watch the national interest pulled into his pathology.

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  1. If you don’t mind me speaking on behalf of everyone; it doesn’t matter what he says cos we don’t believe a bloody word of it.

    • The “can-do capitalism” “animal spirits” that have been mooching off state support since the GFC?

    • Wouldn’t we also have to pull off the petrol price excise which I read is 42c /l here. Don’t know what other countries do.

  2. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    Someone needs to explain to Toxic Morrison that ‘rent seeking’ is about the only thing done by any business in Australia except for a small number of resources and agriculture plays (who almost all market their stuff through tax havens anyway).

    ‘Can do Capitalism’ in Australia cannot be distinguished from ‘Can rip Australia off capitalism’ ‘Can Sell out Australia’s future capitalism’ and ‘Can minimise the contribution to Australia capitalism’

  3. ScoMo is like every other politician, they will do and say what it takes to win votes, its just that simple. Moral and ethics play no part for most politicians. The mass indoctrination of the voting public for the last 40+ years shows that people believe they are getting smarter, unfortunately this is not the truth, they lack critical thinking skills to analyze information and determine fact from fiction. This is especially true when you have the media blasting twisted messages at them all day, which is leading to fear and hysteria.

    From a study I was reading a few months ago it appears that no matter your level of higher education (generally university and above) that fear destroys most peoples ability to think logically and rationally. And when combined with the fact that all you need to do is keep telling someone the same message over and over for a few months and they will believe. Then make the lie so big that most people will not believe its true.

    All this makes for a very potent mix of brainwashed and stupid people who listen to politicians lies and when they break their promises simply wave it off as “that’s what politicians do” What an unbelievable situation we find ourselves in at the moment.

  4. Can do capitalism?

    It doesn’t exist in Australia and the reason for that can be seen in the bloated farce of a state orchestrated industry cartel otherwise known as the RBA co-ordinated private bank stranglehold on the public monetary system.

    How far from capitalism can you get than having the power of the state applied to manipulating the price of debt products produced by an industry monopoly like banking?

    An industry cartel operated by the state? How can anybody be suprised that it results in a massive asset price bubble and misallocations of capital on a colossal scale.

    If Scott (or anyone else for that matter) wants a bit of “Can Do” capitalism the first step is to end the private banks monopoly on operating deposit accounts at the RBA so everyone has the opportunity of operating 100% safe and liquid accounts on the central bank balance sheet.

    That will allow a hundred flowers of capital allocation to bloom and end the absurdly privileged position of the banks in the public monetary system.


    George and David have a good chat about the possibilities


  5. I think the title should read the other way round: only in a sick time and place can sick personalities can emerge as leaders.
    So, Scummo would be a symptom rather than a cause.

  6. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seeking to make the cost of living a key feature of the election, due to be held between March and May, and the government believes opening the floodgates on migration to make up for the pandemic years would suppress wage growth.

    Aren’t you underplaying this a bit? If the govt publicly puts a hold on immigration for another 6 months (at least), that is exactly the sort of thing that will get them reelected.

    • Not necessarily so: there are many slumlords in his electoral base who won’t be too happy with low/no immigration.
      Ditto for the slave masters.

    • We know their true form. If they get back into government they will be turning the immigration tap back on full bore.

        • No, I reckon the whole “Morrison is a liar” thing works. Even if u are inclined to vote for him, the very next thought I had was “but he’s a liar. Even the frenchie said so.. soo..can’t trust him to keep his word. Still not voting for him”.

    • We all know the song and dance. Say the immigration rate was 200,000 per year. The media will make noise about ‘business’ wanting, say, 300,000 per year. Then smirko will come out and say, no no, we won’t open the floodgates, but he will assume a big Australia, say something nebulous such as population growth (read the immigration rate) needs to be ‘managed’ and then implement 250,000 per year.

  7. Asset bubbles , rising fuel prices, rising energy prices, rising food prices, bricks costing $5 each.
    Would it be that 20 years of printing 1000s of billions of dollars is having an efffect on Inflation ?
    It couldn’t be that we are in the boat with Germany between the wars and Zimbabwe, could it ?
    Asking for a friend

  8. > Scott Morrison is championing “can-do capitalism” and says he wants corporates to stop “rent-seeking” climate change subsidies from the federal government.

    Is that old c00t still going? *rolls eyes*

    > Hydrogen isn’t new.

    I thought capitalism was ‘free markets’. Forcing a product onto people ( like Hydrogen ) when they can just as easily go and get solar panels seems like a complete waste of time. I’d prefer investment into Battery Technology.

    > that has morphed into the higher wages campaign, which will mean higher interest rates:

    So thats why Fairfax has changed its tune. Time to shut them down and send them offshore. They arent acting in Australias interests. Why does Fairfax has such a close relationship to US pentagon? Is it because they are US foreign interference on Australian Soil?

    • Its not enough for me. 15 years of young life has been stolen. Compensation is due. I want it back.

      Until this Government pays back the damage its done… they are the Enemy to ‘Australian Life’.

      Until thats repaid, Im no friend to any successive Government.

      The Boomers will probably die. They just blew up there own retirement.