Australian public shafted again as Big Australia rebooted

It’s official. The Morrison Government is moving fast to reboot Australia’s mass immigration policy by Christmas. The government will allow more than 200,000 visa holders into the country, including students, economic migrants and refugees, and the Australian Treasury will reportedly upgrade its migration forecasts in next month’s mid-year economic and fiscal outlook update.

In announcing the immigration reboot, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg spruiked the need to alleviate ‘skills shortages’ experienced by businesses:

Mr Frydenberg told The Australian Financial Review that in meetings with business leaders last week the key message was loud and clear: “The most pressing issue raised was workforce shortages and the need to reopen our borders allowing skilled migration to recommence”.

“In the last two years prior to the pandemic, Australia averaged around 110,000 skilled migrants every year. At the same time, the international student market is a significant income earner for the country”…

“Safely reopening our borders to skilled migrants and overseas students will accelerate our economic recovery by helping address labour market shortages and allowing businesses to expand and grow with confidence.”

Employment Minister Stuart Robert also spruiked skills shortages and the need to get unskilled student workers into the country:

Employment Minister Stuart Robert said “there’s no question there is a shortage of workers because of borders being closed”.

“We’re short a couple of hundred thousand students that normally do 20 hours a week,” he told Sky News.

The Australian is triumphant, declaring that the immigration boost will turbocharge the economy:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese also confirmed support for Big Australia immigration; albeit with a greater emphasis on permanent migration:

“We need a migration plan that is considered, that is in Australia’s national interest. And Australia, of course, has always been a nation where migrants have come to make a better life for themselves and their families,” [Anthony Albanese] said.

“What we need to avoid is the abuse that has occurred in some sectors whereby labour hire has been used to drive down wages and to drive down costs.

“Temporary migration has a role to play. But it shouldn’t be the starting point. The starting point should be support for permanent migration.”

In a representative democracy like Australia, our politician’s number one focus should be to represent their voting constituents, not the vested interests of business. If our politicians did so, they would categorically reject a return to Big Australia mass immigration, which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Australian voters.

The evidence for this claim is provided last month’s survey from the The Australian Population Research Institute (TAPRI), which asked voters whether they want Australia to return to pre-COVID levels of 240,000 annual net overseas migration (NOM), or whether they would prefer lower levels.

Only 19% of respondents supported pre-COVID levels of immigration, with 70% wanting lower levels of immigration (of which 48% want significantly lower or zero immigration):

The overwhelming majority (61%) of Australians do not support importing labour to fill skills shortages and would prefer employers pay higher wages and train Australians:

The majority (58%) of Australians do not want international student numbers to return to their pre-COVID level:

The overwhelming majority (69%) of Australians do not believe that Australia needs more people:

Why? Because more people means declining liveability, a degraded environment and more expensive housing:

Moreover, all ethnic groups supported lower immigration:

Sadly, in the unrepresentative democracy of Australia, our politicians and media bend the knee to vested interests in the property, business and edu-migration lobbies rather than representing the wishes of the Australian people.

And with it, Australia’s politicians have locked in another decade of anaemic wage growth, worsening housing affordability, and declining living standards.

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  1. The problem is that while each migrant formerly came with a $600,000 injection of new debt to keep the economy firing, the required amount now is $1,000,000. OK maybe that’s not really a problem.

    • Absolute BeachMEMBER

      I can think of a few names, but so I don’t get banned, how is Dumbocracy? Tragic but both major parties MUST be dumb. They must have seen the polling numbers referred to in the article. They must have seen the move towards Hanson/Palmer/et al. They must understand that people are watching housing become unaffordable for their’ kids. They must have received a few thousand angry emails, etc, etc. BUT they are doing it anyway. Dumb.

  2. See James Button again, writing in today’s NineFax. Fundamentally, today’s “Labor” dismisses the Piketty findings out of hand, and is only too happy to be the party of the woke and educated elite. If that elite wants mass migration, and unwashed voters don’t, then Albanese and Keneally say directly to those voters, we don’t care, suck it up. Ain’t democracy grand.

  3. Massive wedge of Labor, plus pandering to vested interests (shock horror! $90 hour to clean dishes at Rockpool screams the Smage).

    Albo sounds like he might have worked out how to use wedgie power just like Captain Underpants. “Yes we want migration, but permanent, and not temp labor to drive wages down. Scomo just wants you to earn less money and use slave labor to do it.”

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  4. Arthur Schopenhauer

    The Service Economy and the Immigration Economy are one and the same.

    1. There are no productive industries in Australia outside of Mining, so money pours into Real Estate and Rentier monopolies (Transurban etc)

    2. This makes it much harder for the middle class jobs, in productive Industry, to exist.

    3. This reduces the amount of money spent in the economy, as jobs bifurcate into poor service roles and wealthy asset holders. The wealthier save their money and invest it.

    4. More money flows into RE, as there are now fewer profitable industries. And post-covid it’s flowing into stand-alone houses, not commercial RE.

    Around and around it goes. To sustain it, bring in more people to squeeze.

    It’s so simple. It’s the bulls!t economy, run by bullish!t artists.

  5. Scummo is talking out both sides of his mouth. Saying he won’t reboot immigration and saying that he will all at the same time.
    I know what I believe Scummo will do. The question is whether the media will hold him to account for his lies on this issue.

    Also, Joshie and Scummo need business to stump up so the Coalition can fight the next election. Gotta give business what its wants so the Libs get the $$$ to run the next election.

  6. Obviously they don’t care about the housing shortage that is making rents and house prices unaffordable. Only one journalist was interested in asking a question about these more than 200,000 migrants today in the press conference i saw on tv, and there seemed to be no interest in how it would impact negatively on Australians.

  7. I despair that governments are no longer accountable to the people. With the help of an unscrutinising and propaganda reinforcing media they can do what they want.

  8. Good lord the ABC right now is blah blah about how big an export earner (i.e. now quoted as > $40B pa?) foreign students were pre covid & how we must get back to that & more. Saul Eslake is not covering himself in glory as I type. The other usuals are spruiking eg Desouza from big Australia CEDA……etc.
    Skilled workers are a huge missing link & can only come from overseas apparanently.

  9. I HOPE this Big Australia bullsh!t gets properly called out for the ponzi it is in the coming weeks as this all plays out in the media…this time around Aussies need to stand the fkc up for their livelihoods and living standards – this mass immigration program will only erode living standards of 90% of Aussies. Grab the pitchforks dammit!!

    • Rebooting migration is the number one reason for the vaccine mandates. Join a protest next weekend. Bring a mate. They just keep getting bigger for a reason. It’s not about health.

    • Sorry, the Aussie public are plugged into the matrix. Sadly, they lap up anything the MSM dishes out. It doesn’t need to make any sense – they don’t want to question anything. They just want to stay comfortably numb.

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