Victoria’s IBAC claims its first ministerial scalp

Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) yesterday commenced five weeks of public hearings into the operations of the Victorian Labor Party.

IBAC will examine allegations that current and former state and federal MPs directed taxpayer-funded staff to undertake party-political activities during work hours, as well as allegations that public money intended for community groups was misused for party-political “or other improper purposes”.

The branch-stacking activities of Adem Somyurek and his allies will be one of IBAC’s main focuses. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is also believed to be under scrutiny by IBAC as part of its investigation into the state government’s dealings with the United Firefighters’ Union.

Yesterday, IBAC claimed its first scalp after the resignation of Luke Donnellan as minister for disability, ageing, carers and child protection:

Mr Donnellan has become the fourth minister to stand down amid allegations of branch-stacking after his former factional leader Adem Somyurek and allies Marlene Kairouz and Robin Scott were forced to resign in 2020.

Mr Donnellan’s resignation from the ministry comes after federal Labor MP and Somyurek faction defector Anthony Byrne told IBAC on Monday morning that he, Mr Somyurek and Mr Donnellan had paid thousands of dollars to renew party memberships on behalf of others.

The same inquiry also heard that factional warlord Adem Somyurek planted powerbrokers in taxpayer-funded roles in ministerial offices:

Federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne told an anti-corruption hearing that Mr Somyurek planted Burhan Ygrt and Hakki Suleyman to work in his office.

He said they never turned up for work but were still paid by the taxpayer… Mr Byrne said he feared retribution from Mr Somyurek if he did not employ his factional allies and he once employed his son…

Federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne says to ensure their members voted for the candidates they wanted, Victorian factional operatives would destroy or dispose of ballot papers before asking for them to be reissued.

The reissued ballots would be then be re-completed with the factional lord’s choice, signed off and submitted to head office as the members vote…

Community group paid for preselection

Federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne said the Subcontinent Friends of Labor wanted an Indian MP in Victorian Parliament in exchange for their support, which was granted by Mr Somyurek…

Mr Byrne said he believed Subcontinent Friends of Labor were paying for the memberships…

Labor aspirant paid $5k for seat

An aspiring Labor politician paid $5,000 to factional heavyweights after being “led to understand” he would gain preselection for the federal seat held by Mark Dreyfus…

Victorian Labor ‘was completely out of control’

Federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne says the Victorian ALP was “completely out of control”, telling an anti-corruption inquiry he witnessed branch stacking and the coercion of ministerial staff…

“I saw and heard things I just didn’t think I’d ever see in a modern Labor Party.

It is great to see IBAC doing the job it was set up to do.

What a shame we don’t have a similar body looking into federal matters where corruption is running rampant.

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  1. Luke Donnellan is one of my best friends since a kid. He’s such a lovely guy, honest straight shooter. Just a hard worker. If you really knew him you’d think he’s a good guy.
    I don’t even really understand what he’s done. Out of all of the waste & lies in politics this is laughable. Really Dan has destroyed Vic & Luke gets thrown out !!
    If you go back a year. someone in some organisations complained the grant he gave them was too small & he said it’s better than a kick in the balls” & he had to apologise
    If you want to write comments about a dodgy politician you got the wrong guy.. I’m not even labour but I helped him along with all the guys from school at election time. . He’s a really popular guy amongst all the guys from school.& I’d describe him has a really decent guy. It just shows you what the dodgy ones get away with.
    As I said I don’t know how bad what he’s done is but I know his character
    That’s the inside running on him
    When I heard I thought maybe it’s a blessing for him to get out of that labour party & do something private. He’s just more & more dressed every time I see him
    Is it really worth it, he worked 7 days a week for 25 years.
    Hopefully he leaves & goes into the private sector
    His dad was a lobbyist & he loved politics since a young kid at school. All he ever talked about was politics, career in politics.


    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      I understand your personal position bcnich but as a Victorian suffering the Labor (they’ve taken the “you” out) lockdown, major projects fiasco I could only think of Darth Vader when I heard the news. To paraphrase – He is part of the Victorian Government and a traitor, take him away!

      • I think they should get rid of all of them & I’m in Vic so I understand, he’s my mate & I haven’t even be able to talk to him & don’t worry all of his good mates feel the same, the fckn whole lot can go friend or no friend

        But I just wanted to say what his character really was & if they tell you they’ve got the corrupt one, it’s a joke. It’s laughable

        I’m just saying if they think that makes the party now better moving forward !!! They have to be kidding

  2. This is how I’d describe his relationship with the boys at school. The staunchest liberal voters would hand out how to vote Vic Labour in Narre Warren for him
    * the friends I know would have never been to Narre Warren or even knew where it was
    *hate labour with a passion

    Neil Mitchell just spoke about Luke saying he went to the cricket with him & said he was a good guy obviously got caught up…..
    that’s code for thrown under the bus

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