Victoria’s COVID outbreak dwarfs NSW

Victoria has recorded 1838 locally acquired COVID cases and seven deaths over the past 24 hours:

By contrast, NSW has recorded only 319 locally acquired cases and 10 deaths:

The next chart plots daily cases across the two states:

Active cases remain on a totally different trajectory:

2.501% of tests in Victoria came back positive over the past 24 hours, according to COVIDBaseAU:

By contrast, only 0.436% of tests in NSW came back positive:

Victoria’s Reff has jumped again to 1.13:

Whereas NSW’s Reff is only 0.75:

Night and day differences.

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      • alwaysanonMEMBER

        Two beautiful days here in Sydney (Sunny and mid-20s). Yesterday we went to the local pub for dinner for the first time since June. People all wore masks when they went to the bar to order and get drinks and took them off at the table – and staff were all masked. Security verifying checkin, vaccination and you had a mask at the door. Such a good happy atmosphere.

        Today my wife wanted to go to a Westfield for the first time in ages and, even with the lovely weather, it was right-before-Christmas busy. All the major shops (JB, Big W, K-Mart) had security staff checking that you were checked in, vaccinated and masked. To my surprise they had orderly ropes to facilitate the queues and they moved at a pretty good clip with everybody complying and nearly everyone already having already set up the Service NSW app and knowing what to do etc. When people played dumb at Big W they even sent them to the side where a 2nd security guy helped them set up the app to keep it moving. We then drove around the beaches and they were full and busier than I’ve ever seen them – and mostly mask-free.

        Sydney, if not NSW, has basically come out of this thing booming with a few minor changes to how we operate. The economic numbers coming out of this are going to be big. And NSW has just hit 92% first dose I saw on the news this morning! Nobody gets just one dose so I’m pretty happy with how things are tracking…

    • The Traveling Wilbur πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

      “Of course I’m opening up the country and the states before Christmas. Any one who votes won’t care – it will be summer by then and they won’t care how many useless old people die every day by then.”

      Scott Moronson, July, 2021.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Not with the copious amount of Vit D atm.
      A spike in sunburn perhaps.
      Better get a Anti Melanoma Jab.
      These days its not required to be effective, just need continual AMJ boosters

  1. The Penske FileMEMBER

    Well Dan did say that we don’t want to end up like NSW. I wonder if Sutto is going to be pushed under the bus.

    • Not enough Vic police checking coffee cups to see if they are full to justify not wearing a mask in the park lol.

      • ^This. In the final analysis I would not be surprised to see VIC police as the ultimate superspreaders, deliberately interacting with so many peoole over absolute trivia. Let alone the sights of busing them all over the city in groups. You don’t need to have been on a European bus tour to know how good bus ventilation is at ensuring a good mix of germs.

    • MB tries to stay out of the politics… especially while people are dying.

      I think the message is that vaccines work.

      Australia is in a situation where Faith in leadership is at an all time low. People just dont care anymore.

      The problem is when everyone does get vaccinated and all our problems are resolved, it’ll just end up encouraging more migration again which will feed further into higher house prices.

      Whether you die by Covid or die by House Prices, the end result really is the same.

      You might as well enjoy your life. I cant see there being any way out of this and governments will be forced to face an emergency situation or murder off half there own population.

      I cant see it lasting too long.

      From this juncture, your damned if you do and damned if you dont.

      Australias in a lot of trouble and I fear Australias problems extend far worse then just Covid alone.

      Trust has really broken down and I think everyones just waiting for it all to die.

    • An interesting article today in ABC regarding how fake and bogus our Unemployment stats are. Essentially suggesting that all it counts are the people ‘in the system’ but not counting the many who have ‘left that system’. So for all we know, half of Australia could be Unemployed or living ‘off grid’ and we have no clue in knowing how many people are no longer part of society anymore. Basically, our Unemployment Stats are fake and bogus.

      For every young person who dies in Australia, a Boomer is going to have to die when the money runs out. The denial and spite thats shown today, will eventually result in Boomers having to face the consequences of all that they have done.

      We will simply run out of money… and no amount of Boomer whinging is going to change the fact, they wont be able to eat.

      • Gggg BbbbMEMBER

        If you want to blame anybody at least know whom is responsible, its a occupational target your seeking, not generational.
        1. Politicans and political parties;
        2. lobbists;
        3. banks and anyone involved in the excessive finacialisation of life;
        4.main stream media;
        5. and most of all the greedy business welfare recipients, who lazily sponge up every tax funded cent like they are some high achieving nationally important entity… make them actually exist in a state activity free capitalist system and most would fail.

        • Everyone who lives in Australia is practically a Lobbyist now. Including the Boomers trying to save there own a$$ ( and pensions ).

      • > Every month, the ABS takes a national survey of 26,000 households (roughly 52,000 people) that asks a bunch of employment-related questions.

        Ok… so, that tells me the stats are bogus right from the get go. My guess it hits NSW / VIC and ignores the rest of Australia. So if Aboriginals dont have a phone or you happen to live bush, your not included in these stats.

        People in Australia: 25,704,340
        Those who did not look for work ( Im to assume that means they are disconnected from the system ): 3,558,600

        Personally, I consider all these stats bogus and would assume Australia has no clue how many Australians are in fact not connected ‘to the system’.

        So just off a ball park calculation, 13% of Australians ( likely more ) are disconnected from society.

        That means, they dont count in Australias Unemployment Figures and we have no clue if they are even dead or alive. They’ve just fallen out of the system.

        13% and thats probably on the low side considering Australias Stats are bogus to begin with.

  2. Well if the borders are opened then it should all even up (like water finding its own level)!

  3. So when Covid hit, everyone suddenly became a Market Trader.

    It seems like we’ve moved on and everyones becoming an Expert Live Streamer now.

  4. Crikey. The immune response reaction Im having to my second jab makes me think the first one was just a little taste…..maybe to see if people have any seriously adverse reactions…and if they don’t then they get the full dose on the second jab.

    Of course not. Of course that’s not what’s happening. Hahaha.. they’re not testing it on us. It’s just, you’d think you’d have a big bad reaction to the first one….

    Ugh. Off to bed shortly.

    Oh and I know my first people to have covid. I don’t bother to know many people, so the ones I do are legends. They’re in Switzerland. I still don’t personally know an Aussie who has had covid. They’re old and frail. Good luck and Godspeed.

      • I had Pfizer. Second one was worse – woozy, lethargic for about 4 days afterwards. On top of that, my wife had a day of the chills, about 3 days after the second Pfizer jab. Took us both about 5 days to get over the second jab.

        • The Traveling Wilbur πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

          Could have been worse bruv. Could have been the smiths.

          And yeah, about the same for me. Both times.

  5. Biden blames Republicans for looming credit default

    uh oh

    America runs out of cash by October 18th

    Biden: ” Threaten the status of the US dollar. Credit rating will be downgraded. Interest Rates will rise. People may see the value of there retirement accounts shrink which will raise there car payments and auto-payments. “.

    Janet Yellen predicting a US recession.

    Interesting week, next week.

  6. Can you show the vaccination rate for NSW and Vic during the equivalent stages of the pandemic
    I suspect Vic was better vaccinated at the same relevant stages implying that the behaviour of Vic was more prone to infection than NSW – neither good nor bad just an observation and also refutes Dan cry that it was all because of the NSW getting favoured treatment