Victoria’s COVID cases rise, NSW’s cases fall

Victoria has recorded another 1903 locally acquired COVID cases and seven deaths:

By comparison, NSW recorded only 265 COVID cases and five deaths:

The next chart plots daily cases across both states since the beginning of the current outbreaks:

Active cases fell across both jurisdictions over the past 24 hours:

Victoria’s positive test rate remains very high at 2.725%, according to COVIDBaseAU:

Victoria’s Reff has risen to 1.20, which suggests that cases should continue to rise:

By contrast, NSW’s Reff has fallen to 0.73, which suggests that cases should continue to fall:

On a bright note, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews yesterday brought forward Melbourne’s reopening to 11.59pm on 21 October.

Amongst other things, Melburnians will be allowed to leave their home for any reason and travel anyway across the metropolitan area; the night-time curfew will also end, while households will be permitted to have up to 10 visitors and seated service will be permitted indoors in restaurants and cafes.

However, restrictions will remain in place for some businesses like gyms and retail until 80% of Victorians are fully vaccinated, which is expected to be reached by early November.

The ban on travelling between Melbourne and regional areas will also be lifted when the 80% target is reached.

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  1. Arthur Schopenhauer

    On an even brighter note, look at the hospitalisation and ICU numbers in Victoria.

    Victoria is doing better than NSW, when NSW had comparable case numbers.

    The miracle of higher vaccination numbers. The miracle of Science.

    • Not just vaccinations we have also been getting more treatments, monoclonal are more available now.

    • Hospitalised went up by more than 70 today so not sure we are near topping out on that front. Probably end up about the same as NSW.