Pfizer seeks “expedited” approval for Aussie kids

Good news:

Pfizer Inc. will make an expedited application to Australia’s medical regulator for its Covid-19 vaccine to be considered for use in children aged five to 11, Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

The company is expected to submit data on its vaccine to the Therapeutic Goods Administration within weeks, Hunt said at a press conference on Thursday.

We should be doing this before the kids go back to school.


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    • Wonder what sort of LNP donation Pfizer had to make to justify jabbing kids? The data and risk metrics certainly dont support its use.

      For Pfizer, its all incremental sales and coming to the end of a calendar year with big bonuses at stake. The sales and mgt teams will be trying their hardest to upgrade from the standard 911 to the 911 GT3.

  1. Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

    Love your work on macro-economics but are you insane on this!!! See latest data from the UK on vaccine efficacy…
    1. Spreading disease (see page 17, figure 2a). The vax’d contracted COVID at a higher rate than unvax’d for all ages above 30. So why do we care about toddlers and kids getting it when their families, parents, cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents vax’d or not are already spreading it?
    2. Being hospitalised (see page 17, figure 2b). The under 18 cohort represent like 0.2% of hospitalisations. At the margin they are no drain on hospital resources compared to over 18 year olds.
    3. Dying from C19. (see page 18, figure 2d). Change of death for U18 is statistically 0. Exceptions to this are kids with comobidities etc.
    And the risk profile for kids for unproven vax is terrible…
    Conclusion. With no risk of death, almost no drain on hospital resources, no unique contribution to spreading the disease (everyone does, vax’d more than unvax’d); why the hell would we risk the next generation?
    Sheer madness.
    Prove me wrong with science not ad hominem attacks.

    • Spot on.
      The interesting aspect of the Pfizer trial with regards children is it looks solely at dose ranging and antibody response. There is nothing whatsoever on preventing illness, hospitalisation or death. One needs to ask why they wouldn’t look at clinical endpoints and just measure antibody levels in children.
      I am happy to see others vaccinate their youngsters though to establish that there are no long term issues with mRNA vaccines in children. It might be revolutionary technology but I won’t be trialling it on my healthy children for a virus which will barely trouble them.

      • At a guess, because so few children are affected by Covid it is probably unlikely you would be able to show any difference over control with that as an endpoint, – unless you had a huge number of children in the study to provide the statistical power.
        Why do all that when you already have the paranoid customers lining up (governments + covid cult) to buy jabs.
        So blatant they aren’t even trying to hide it.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      I’m double vaxxed with Pfizer,. My wife is double vaxxed with Pfizer. However I wouldn’t want my young child to be vaccinated with Pfizer until much much later.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        My 13 year old daughter had her second Pfizer shot this arvo.
        I won’t bother reporting any odd behaviour from her to the MB commentariat as that’s just normal for her.

        I would have rather her gotten a non mRNA vaccine but she is pretty tough and taller than her mother already.
        We will let the boy get Vaxed after he is 12 if he wants to but will probably go with one of them non mRNA options for him next year.


      The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a politically conservative non-profit association that promotes medical disinformation, such as HIV/AIDS denialism, the abortion-breast cancer hypothesis, vaccine and autism connections, and homosexuality reducing life expectancy. The association was founded in 1943 to oppose a government attempt to nationalize health care. The group has included notable members, including American Republican politicians Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Tom Price.

      (It gets even better from that intro.)

          • Smithy has previously said that he has declared that he is not a doctor enough times on this board that no one would think he is a doctor. Thanks for proving him wrong Ginger.
            Change your handle Smithy. It’s time.

          • how do you know drsmithy is not a doctor? Are you saying that only med phds can be phd?

            A non-subscriber called ‘M’ trying to criticise someone else’s credibility based on their username certainly is somewhat bemusing. 😀

            (I’m not a doctor of anything. It’s an old nickname.)

          • ok M, but I didn’t know. But a commenter’s handle doesn’t influence my views (some make me lol though) – it’s about the content. So, why is it a concern for you especially as you state that everyone ‘knows’ smithy is not a doctor?

      • Such a weak argument an analyser wouldn’t even detect it as pi*s. Rand Paul for one still does eye surgeries pro bono.
        But sure …. promoting disinformation.
        That word has lost all meaning, it now means “information one doesn’t agree with”.
        His been right on pretty much everything this pandemic, the funding @ Wuhan Lab, Fauci telling lies, Natural immunity etc.

    • Hi Mark,

      Great comments, such that I am moved to comment myself (rare). I am a geologist, engineer and horticulturalist, so I feel that qualifies me as having some grounding in science. My gf has a science degree and has lived the life of a great beauty, working for yearsin a plum role in Pharmaceutical sales before being unable to quell disgust at herself, and retraining as a primary school teacher. She has kids with a clearly identifiable narcissist that she is in denial about, and has been burying herself in evolutionary psych lit for years as an emotional panacea.

      We decided to wait and see with the vaccines, let some data come out. We were fine with the masks, lockdowns early on as data came in. Lost a lot of income. But you know, thats how she goes sometimes. Fast forward to now, the data isnt looking good. All the motivating arguments are emotional; see your interstate fam, help your community, be afraid of death, be part of the good side. Whereas the information against, is as you have presented. Often the two go head to head and cant be resolved. On the SA health FB page I was directed to by the COVID hotline when caught in a border closure that seemed to continue against its own logic, they were posting photos of cute teens smiling and getting their shots for the community, instead of providing actual information. Not quite believing the level of absurdity i started reading comments. To the question “by what percentage and over what time frame does the pfizer vaccine reduce transmission?”, they provided the answer “the vaccines are designed to significantly reduce transmission, hospitalisation and death”. I would’t accept this as an acceptable answer to the question at all, and this sort of intellectual mismatch is all ive found thus far. That sort of answer is typical of a severely disordered girlfriend i had for a year, she was a manipulative narcissist / borderline.

      Ultimately I think we are witnessing societal narcissism on display, where appearance is more emotionally valuable to many people than reality. My gf and her narcissist ex partner have just had the exact same row over getting their kids vaxxed. She sent him scientific studies, he called her an antivaxxer and sent her a Clementine Ford article. I think in hunter gatherer societies, emotional manipulators would likely have been , shunned, exiled or murdered, as they are to dangerous for group harmony. We have since then, not only stopped justified violence for many generations, but actually reified and rewarded narcissism massively. So now we reap what we sow.

      As for me, I keep my head down for as long as possible, aviod contact with “the economy”, and if i have to, Ill get the AZ i guess

  2. Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

    “We should be doing this before the kids go back to school. Obviously.” Follow up on two different points.
    1. Suggest you count up those in the comment group that think vax’ing children is a great idea. I bet you a stubbie you are on the wrong side of the public by about 5:1.
    2. I bet you are vax’d. Why? Because every vax’d person I know has stopped paying attention to the latest emerging health research/signals coming out. They’ve got the vax, it can’t be reversed, why should I care? The unvax’d on the other hand are the most informed people in this discussion – far removed from the ‘long information anti-vaxxer’ sterotype portrayed by popular media. So what are we seeing that most are not? Increased cancer rates, increased sudden death, increased viruses (shingles, RSV), increased stroke/heart attack, and increased other diseases associated with excessively high iron in the blood brought on by spike protein interactions with your body.
    You really need to watch this video
    Cheers, M

      • the very reason I cancelled my membership …

        Although based on the science, at this point i have to agree with the nah sayers. At this point there is very little reason to vaccinate the under 12s. However not due to most of points made by the howling commentariat above. There is simply no benifit.
        The point of the vaccination is not to prevent infection, we will have near 100% infection rates soon enough. It is to prepare the body to cope so it can handle the infection without hospitalisation or death.
        The under 12s are doing this fine without a vaccination now.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        The unvaxed are the most informed people in this discussion.

        Classic Dunning–Kruger effect comment!

        Dunning-Kruger effect, in psychology, a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the performance of their peers or of people in general.

        • Reus's large MEMBER

          Yet you believe what is spouted in the MSM, there are far better treatments for whuflu than the vaccines, the proof is that all of Asia is now using that rather than vaccines.

        • I’ll point you to some more datapoints then you can re-assess your label.

          1. Australian government data points to children being significantly more at risk of blood-clots and severe negative side-effects to the covid vaccinations than to covid. In fact as of 12/10/21 they list 0 deaths from covid for children 9 and under, not even a single child dead with co-morbidities. For 10-19 the figure is 1, and you can guarantee it was a person with severe other health complications given the nature of covid deaths overall.

          2. 0 deaths are projected to be saved in this age group by the Australian government even in a “worse case” scenario of covid spreading in Australia in line with the worst outbreaks in Europe and USA. In fact 0 deaths are projected to be saved by vaccination even in the 18 to 29 group. On the other hand for this age group from one vaccine side-effect alone, from every 100,000 vaccinated the government predicts 1.9 cases of Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome. And on top of that other life destroying effects.
 (page 9)

          3. Excess deaths (all causes) amongst 0 to 29 in Europe & USA are running significantly above 2020 levels and the long-term mean. Note this is not a high covid risk group, and deaths from covid in this cohort, being near zero, are not responsible for the excess deaths. There has been a massive increase in heart complications amongst this group though…
          The increase in mortality is consistent with reactions and delayed reactions to vaccination.

          In USA current 25 to 44 all cause mortality (a highly vaccinated, but low covid risk group) is running well above 2020 levels, and the baseline mean. This is the group with highest risk to heart complications from vaccinations.

    • Whether you are pro or against it I would argue many people got it more to continue working and for freedoms (i.e. for political/other reasons than medical). Particularly in places with high vaccine hesitancy like SW Sydney the main way to get their jab rates high was to threaten their jobs and livelihoods. Some tradies I knew were often forced to get it or be sacked.

      Unfortunately I’ve met many people in that group that felt cornered to do it for better or worse. I personally got it and still follow the data precisely because I have children, but at the same time I don’t agree with people on any issue feeling like they are “forced to”.

      Many parents I think would be willing to put themselves at risk to keep the money coming in, but are more risk averse with their children.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      1. Suggest you count up those in the comment group that think vax’ing children is a great idea. I bet you a stubbie you are on the wrong side of the public by about 5:1.

      But the comment group is not reflective of the ‘community’. There is just a very vocal anti-vax group (like there seems to be similar climate denier group.) I think you will find it will be similar to the general population of 90%-95% vaccination rate. Most people just can’t be bothered trying to change the minds of anti-vaxxers. Most people trust science and don’t engage with anti-vax idiots.

      Kids currently get the following before they are allowed to go to school (Vic) with almost 100% compliance. A Covid vaccine will be similar:
      – Hepatitis B, Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, poliomyelitis, B-Haemophilus, influenzae type b, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Measles, mumps, rubella, Meningococcal, varicella,

      • “trusting science” is a religious view, not a scientific one, especially where there are ten’s of billions of dollars at stake, and vaccines are being produced by companies with a proven track record (determined by courts of law) of being negligent and wilfully hiding data that contradicts their stated positions. The science once said to trust thalidomide as well.

        Science would also say it is impossible to be 100% certain what the long-term consequences will be, without allowing sufficient time, to study a sufficiently large cohort for ALL CAUSE effects.

        Science would also say that mass vaccinating people globally, without the above data, introduces catastrophic systemic risk, and that by vaccinating with a leaky vaccine, that does not significantly inoculate against infection, and allows the vaccinated to act as carriers, introduces significant risk that vaccine induced pressures on the virus will cause it to mutate into a more virulent form. As has been seen in similar vaccination programs carried out by livestock farmers.

        True science is particular about not overstating its case. Promotion of vaccines has not followed this criteria.
        They are decently effective at preventing severe infection, illness and death in those aged 60 and above, who represent the vast majority of covid deaths. That is what the science says, but no more than that.

        The over 60’s and those immunocompromised should have been encouraged to shelter from the virus, & get vaccinated, while the rest got on with things with a staged return to normal. It would have been far less expensive, involved not dissimilar rates of death as we did experience, with 95% less dislocation, without the systemic risk and vaccine complications for the youth, but with far less power for politicians, and far less profits for the drug companies.

          • TheLambKing your’s the kind of religious belief in “science” that isn’t actually faith in science at all, but faith in the MESSENGERS with agendas talking to you about science.

            Science says there can be long-term effects from vaccination. Note sources that claim there are not, use language like “usually”, “rare”, not impossible.

            Here is some science for you that references long-term side effects from a vaccine.
            And now if it only takes one case to disprove your position (because you worded things as an absolute), then consider it disproved.

          • The Dr’s told people that thalidomide didn’t cause birth defects as well. Until they could no longer deny it.

          • why vaccines don’t cause side effects in the long term

            We know why vaccines WERE safe. Because they were subjected to a rigourous testing procedure that took a long time before they were released for public use. Thereafter their safety WAS monitored and the vaccines were discontinued if adverse effects were too severe.

            However these experimental jabs were rushed into service without rigourous testing.
            These jabs are not having their safety properly monitored. The adverse effects are dismissed without enquiry.

            Vaccines aint vaccines mate.

        • “trusting science” is a religious view, not a scientific one

          If this is true then the vast majority of contemporary science that builds upon earlier knowledge is not, in fact, “science”.

          To say nothing of all the people in the world going about day to day activities that are only possible because they “trust science”.

          • Science is simply the study of things, a process, more than an outcome.

            If we were to look at the “science” of well tested medical claims (themselves based on science), we’d see that a large percentage of health claims that are made by science, get walked back when more data is obtained over a longer-term.

            So the “science” of “medical science” would say, never fully trust scientific medical data on hand, particularly when longer-term data is not available, as it carries risk that it might be incorrect and/or incomplete.

            The “science” of risk management then becomes, how to we lessen this risk (long-term studies BEFORE global rollout).

            So you see, it all depends on what science you trust. Risk management science, the science that shows a very large proportion of medical treatments that make it through initial trials end up being withdrawn, (and compensation paid), or the made up science you believe in, that is actually religious faith, that such things won’t occur here?

          • Science is about “REPEATABILITY”
            The point is you don’t trust anyone else but do it for yourself. That is why you publish the how as well as the what.
            And until many independent people have repeated it many different times and in different ways it isn’t accepted as fact.
            Go see all the previous cold fusion claims for examples of science that failed on the repeatability to end up being denied.

          • All you are doing is arbitrarily asserting your classification of what does and does not qualify as “science” is authoritative, and ad-homineming anyone with a different view.

          • The point is you don’t trust anyone else but do it for yourself.

            Pro tip: the vast amount of scientific research doesn’t “do it for yourself” when it comes to building on prior research, unless they have reason to believe that research is wrong.

          • TheLambKingMEMBER

            Science is simply the study of things, a process, more than an outcome.

            You could not be more wrong!

            ‘Science’ is the act of performing the “Scientific Method” (Question-Research-Hypothesize-Test-Conclusions-Publish.) It is the foundation of modern society! It is not a religion or you don’t need faith. It has checks and balances, which means that when mistakes are made, or new evidence emerges, the ‘Science’ changes! It has doubled our life expectancy, landed robots on Mars, and allows you to watch crack-pot anti-vaxx material on youtube. The barrier to entry to do proper science is VERY high – normally a PhD. So ALMOST NOBODY CAN DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH (in the Scientific definition of research.)

            You have ‘faith’ in science to treat you when you are ill, to fly in a plane, to move your money around, to drive a car – but you question when the same Scientific Methods tells you that it is safe to take a vaccine?? Particularly when you are not qualified to do so.

      • “Kids currently get the following before they are allowed to go to school (Vic) with almost 100% compliance. A Covid vaccine will be similar:
        – Hepatitis B, Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, poliomyelitis, B-Haemophilus, influenzae type b, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Measles, mumps, rubella, Meningococcal, varicella,”

        How many of those were compulsory in their first 5 years of existing?

  3. The Australian government stats are here.

    If you count “kids” as anyone under 20, there has been one death in that cohort since things kicked off. I think that person may have had meningitis as a comorbidity.

    Given that the vaccines are primarily aimed at reducing the severity of symptoms and likelihood of death, it doesn’t seem real worthwhile giving kids the jab. This is particularly so, given the widespread evidence of the mRNA jabs causing severe and possibly fatal heart problems mostly in young males.

    Note that Sweden has stopped (at least for the moment) giving the Moderna jabbed people under 30 due to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis in that cohort.

  4. Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

    Finally, do yourself a favour and look up Uttar Pradesh and see how they defeated the Delta outbreak by mid-June this year. Yes the same Indian state that was running out of firewood to use for funeral pyres in April, solved it 2 months later. You didn’t hear than on Our ABC eh… Google “Uttar Pradesh COVID cases”.
    On a day last week they tested 200K folks, have 6 new cases, and zero deaths. In a state with population 230M.
    If you don’t know how they did that you should probably sit the next phase of the discussion out.
    Once you’ve learnt how they did it (spoiler alert: it wasn’t vaccination), you might want consider how they are protecting their children just to be sure…

    • Thank you Mark. IMHO you would certainly find a lot of support for these views (oh … facts?) in the commentariat. I honestly don’t know why people can’t see there’s something seriously wrong with these shots, but apparently they can’t. It’s a mania, or an unacknowledged evangelical religion. The boys are fully onboard for some reason, though they generally don’t attack supposed “anti vaxxers”, though that seems to be changing. Their stance is very disappointing.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Ahh yes, Uttar Pradesh, the bastion of advanced medical research and good community health.

      I dare say the first wave ripped through there so hard there’s no-one left to kill…..

          • Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

            I was being sarcastic – that’s how the ABC was reporting it.
            Rather than mis-represent an anecdote in my missive, why don’t you look up the UP data and offer an explanation of how they best their delta want in April without using vaccines.
            References to science and data will earn you extra points.

        • Frank DrebinMEMBER

          Mark, if you believe that this Indian fedual state which is ruled by amoral and corrupt scumbags with worse health metrics than most Sub-Saharan countries has a miracle cure for Covid then go for it.

    • You’ve posted an article published today Oct 14 about a distribution of medical kits that started this week.

      You also state a) that the death wave ended in June and b) that tests from a selected day last week yielded minimal positive metrics.

      What is the relationship between this week’s distribution of test kits and the test results from your selected day last week?
      At least some of kits distributed contain Ivermectin – are you a fanboi?
      Edit – I meant to include – can you please link to data showing the efficacy of Ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh in suppressing and stopping COVID from April to June. Ta.

      • Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

        Link to April 2021 article stating Uttar Pradesh was rolling out COVID medical kits for patients. Test –> trace –> isolate –> early treatment. Includes Ivermectin. Check the date…
        The reference to week 40 and the vaccine safety reports is separate data out of the UK. Link to all reports is here…
        Find the most recent report (#40), then look at the tables and graphs on page 13 to 18. Conclusions?
        1. All vaccinated over 30 catch and spread C19 more than the unvaccinated.
        2. Young people do not need vaccines based on their absolute risk of hospitalisation and death from COVID.
        Don’t agree? Show me the alternative evidence that points in the other direction?
        As above, bonus points given for using data, logic, and science. Points subtracted for ad hominem attacks, appeals to authority, or persuasion by analogy.

        • Nope, you’re all over the shop and misreading data. Or being disingenuous.
          a) Uttar Pradesh – the April article just refers to home isolation patients, nothing about the efficacy of any treatments undertaken. So, zilch.
          b) UK – nice cherry! Your exclusive focus on Table 2 infection rates, which are explainable anyway, gets you nowhere. Please consider Tables 3 emergency presentations and Table 4 death rates. Any thoughts on this?

  5. RanganutsMEMBER

    There is a mass psychosis going on. What I am seeing is that perceived fear is an amazing thing to behold. It astounds me that everyone is rushing to get their kids jabbed, (and even rushed to get themselves jabbed). We don’t know what we don’t know! And there is a lot of medium to long term things we don’t know about these gene therapies. Just to remind everyone, these jabs haven’t been on the market for 12 months yet… this is the biggest medical experiment in human history.

    The media is well and truly on the, ‘covid is going to kill your kids,’ bandwagon. Look at this young woman:

    I feel for her direct experience, (really I do), but she does have at least 1 pretty big comorbitiy I can identify.

    Freedom of choice please and let everyone run their own race. With their own bodies and with their kids. It is a very slippery slope we are descending.

    • sydboy007MEMBER

      polling in the USA showed 41% of democrats thought the chance of ending up in hospital if you caught covid was 50%+, with nearly 70% thinking the risk is 10%+. The reality is somewhere between 1-5% depending on your risk profile ie every 66 years older you get is a doubling in death risk.

      I get why the world is going crazy if the majority believe covid is far more dangerous than it really is.

      The way i see if, we’ve shifted suffering to some degree from covid related harm, by increasing suffering from isolation, not being able to work, losing your business, DV, self harm. Suicide will likely start rising next year. Cancer excess deaths are already rising, with the Ambulance service saying because people have put off getting treatment for other health issues they are now over run with callouts.

  6. Bad news.
    Let’s not forget who Pfizer is:
    in 2009 – In the largest health care fraud settlement in history, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer must pay $2.3 billion to resolve criminal and civil allegations that the company illegally promoted uses of four of its drugs, including the painkiller Bextra.

    • Look up Pfizer director Jim Smith, who’s also the former President and CEO of Thomson Reuters media company and the current Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the corporate arm of the company. Not to mention tied up with the World Economic Forum and Atlantic Council. Get the jab, morans!

  7. It’s disturbing they want to rush this through with no long term data. We have no idea what these gene treatments will do to growing/developing bodies. We could be condemning our future generations or our gene pools to something horrible.

  8. Also just when you thought the risks HUGELY outweigh the rewards for kids under 12, they plan this:

    “.Following that, we are also going to be submitting our data for the under 5-year old, so the 6 months to under 5-year olds. And so that submission will follow the 5 to 11s”

    But wait there is more….

    “And then in addition, and in parallel, we’re also studying data in understanding the vaccine and immune levels in pregnant women”

    and it doesn’t stop there….

    “But of course, you know that we always have to be on the lookout for new mutations and new variants. And so I’m also rest assured that if, at some point, we need a new vaccine, that’s also something that we’ve thought about..”

    Pfizer Inc. – Group President, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group

    They wont stop. They can’t. It makes too much money. Even when they get every living thing to take a shot they will require annual shots. They will make you carry around a drip if they could. It’s who they are and what they do.

  9. Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

    Have you counted the for/against comments here?
    Did you note that those against vaxing children provided references and risk/data based arguments; and those against mostly used belittling to make their point?

  10. Mark WalmsleyMEMBER

    Funeral growth rises Australian Funeral Company
    Propel Funeral Partners Limited (ASX: PFP) (Propel or Company)
    – generated revenue growth of ~13% on the PCP;
    – performed a record number of funerals in a quarter, with total funeral volume growth above 10%

  11. Was told on Monday that I had till tonight to prove that I had been vaccinated or I would be stood down without pay. It will be interesting to see how many people are at work next week.

  12. working class hamMEMBER

    Some interesting points and wild ones as always.
    Having dealt with medical professionals and their failings on varying problems, (extensively) personally and with my immediate family.
    I can safely assume that like every profession, some of them are superstars, whilst a majority are just clock watching plebs like the rest of us, with a more expensive education.
    I would trust a GP’s opinion on a trial vaccine’s appropriateness for my children, with the same level of trust, that I would give the local Nissan dealership working on a V8 supercar.
    The one fact that has been proven repeatedly throughout history is that big Pharma, has chosen profits over health. Coupled with one of Aust most corrupt Fed Govt and we are supposed to believe, somehow, this time, they are looking out for the publics best interest?
    Science is about probability, as well as repeatability. Trials are necessary, just not on my kids.

    • I would trust a GP’s opinion on a trial vaccine’s appropriateness for my children, with the same level of trust, that I would give the local Nissan dealership working on a V8 supercar.
      The minimum entry criteria for a Medical degree is just a teensy bit higher than an auto mechanic.

      The one fact that has been proven repeatedly throughout history is that big Pharma, has chosen profits over health. Coupled with one of Aust most corrupt Fed Govt and we are supposed to believe, somehow, this time, they are looking out for the publics best interest?

      Er, OK. But it’s not like the only people saying vaccines help are the pharma salesmen and the Government…

      • working class hamMEMBER

        “The minimum entry criteria for a Medical degree is just a teensy bit higher than an auto mechanic.”
        The analogy about the difference in skillsets within their chosen fields was closer to the point I was trying to make. Most GP’s use a similar diagnostic fault finding process as your average mechanic, elimination. The fact that they work on a more complex system doesn’t change the similarities in my opinion.

        “Er, OK. But it’s not like the only people saying vaccines help are the pharma salesmen and the Government…”

        No, you’re right. But vested interests are always going to corrupt situations when large sums of money are involved, pharma companies and Fed Govt are probably the best examples I could make without boring most people to death.

        • My point is that even a clock-watching-pleb GP has reached a fairly stringent minimum criteria in terms of intelligence, knowledge and experience, that will nearly always put them in a far better position to reasonably evaluate the relevance of a vaccine to a child patient, than their parents or some internet random (which, let’s face it, are the alternatives on offer).

  13. If you need any evidence that the medical industry and government do not have your best interests at heart then look know further than the obesity and diabetes epidemics enveloping the world. The only treatment handed out over the decades for this has been medicalised and pharmaceutical failures that at best just slow down death and alot of the time don’t even do that. While most of the issues could have largely been eliminated with decent advice on dieting, unfortunately though diets don’t generate profits for corporations or donations for politicians.

  14. sydboy007MEMBER

    pfizer hasn’t been able to find enough 5-11 year olds infected to even run a decent trial.

    I don’t get this religious zeal to poke every human on the planet. had covid? doesn’t matter. naturally formed immunity isn’t enough. you MUST get poked or be excluded from society as punishment till you COMPLY.

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