Once again, Aussies rely on Beijing for protection from Canberra

This is how entrenched the mass immigration economic model is in Canberra despite all of the evidence against it and the population at large hating it:

Australia recognized China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Covid-19 shot and India-made AstraZeneca Plc jabs, paving the way for overseas travelers and fee-paying foreign students who have received those vaccinations to enter the country.

The nation’s top drugs regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, said the shots should be “recognized vaccines” in determining incoming travelers as being inoculated, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday.

This is the list of (mostly) Third World countries that accept the Chinese vaccine:

Albania Finland Paraguay
Armenia Georgia Philippines
Austria Greece Serbia
Azerbaijan Hong Kong South Africa
Bangladesh Iceland Spain
Brazil Indonesia Sri Lanka
Cambodia Kazakhstan Sweden
Cape Verde Kyrgyzstan Switzerland
Chile Laos Tajikistan
China Macedonia Thailand
Colombia Malaysia Togo
Cyprus Mexico Tunisia
Dominican Republic Nepal Turkey
East Timor Netherlands Ukraine
Ecuador Oman Uruguay
Egypt Pakistan Zimbabwe
El Salvador Panama

But even they are turning away:

In the early days of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Chinese shots saved countless lives. They kick-started inoculation programs across Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, while richer countries hoarded scarce mRNA shots from Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc.

But many governments that once relied on vaccines from Sinovac Biotech Ltd. or Sinopharm Group Co Ltd. are now turning to options from the U.S. and Europe instead, as concerns mount about Chinese vaccines’ efficacy against the delta strain and the Western stranglehold on mRNA supplies grows looser. That preference may already be showing up in China’s customs data, where exports of human vaccines dropped 21% in August to $1.96 billion from $2.48 billion in July, after rising steadily since Dec. 2020.

Why? Because the vaccine doesn’t work well. Why do we think that China itself still has a zero COVID policy?

But no, no such policy for Australia. No protecting the public from poorly vaccinated students and tourists carrying the plague. No acknowledgment that the Chinese diaspora should not be allowed to grow at all given the malign influences of Beijing.

Just more warm bodies to destroy wages and living standards as fast as mass immigration can manage it.

Once again, Australians must turn to Beijing to protect themselves from Canberra.

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  1. Look on the bright side

    The dodgy China vaccine will make hospitals overload quicker, putting on a natural brake to immigration


    And Boomer, get a vaccine or your machines will be homeless (waiting it out for something less dodgy than astrazenica if neccessary).

    The machines have greater value than the cnts in government

    • UpperWestsideMEMBER

      Boomer, I second the call of those that would like you to still be here to comment and respectfully ask you to reconsider getting vaxxed. Get an anti-body test, if you are lucky you are already immune (more likely here in NY than Australia but worth checking)
      Do it just to help get the % covered up enough that they really open up ( and yes I realize that is selfish of me to even ask).

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Osiris & Upper, thanks, but already had my 200th Covid inhibitor booster, this morn.
        Hey Upper, you in New York. Worked in the Empire State Building many years ago for Chelo Publishing. NATURAL Physique, Exercise For Men and Men’s Fitness magazines. Theoretically it wasn’t, as the top below the observation tower not considered part of the lettable space. Living in NYC with WNBF president, proud of his great view, but to my mind it was only mostly buildings or coloured lights at night.
        Took the 6’8” Sunova out this morn, hobbling down there due to twisted ankle. Don’t know how acquired, maybe over zealous ankling up the hill with the 81er yesterday or heavy calf workout, could have been that pothole dog walking in the dark.
        Punching through wave after wave for quarter hour until looking back and seeing my feet still near shore. Damm I can do better than that so more effort required to finally reach out the back. Drifted to North Curly where the cost of the getting the bomb from out the back was further to hobble back to the parked truck.
        Don’t worry about me karking it, ending the stories, have resigned to living till 120yo then as a birthday present will jump off Long Reef and swim to New Zealand.

        • In Kingscliff. Stupidly didn’t go out yesterday (haven’t been out in 4 years!) – turquoise water , W wind and 2 foot grandpa waves (just right for me) with A framed about. Did the check this morning – no wind but blown out and yuk


          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            That’s the difference between the East Coast and WA. Here you have to drop everything and go, but there the swell and conditions hang around for days.
            BTW great to see some interest kindling. What you do is suit up at home then go irrespective of terrible conditions. Some times even a great wave to be had amongst the sht . Another way is to say to yourself ” Ill just paddle around”, then you end up jagging a few.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            I really disappointed the grommets at DY Point once. There’s Booma the big wave surfer. “How big does it have to be before you go out”. My answer ,”about this big” pointing to my knee area. “” If I don’t go out in that (small) I can’t go out in that (big) “.

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          Stick to your guns Boom! Don’t let the chicken sh1ts scare ya into compliance. That’s been their game all along. Hopefully you’ll get Covid soon enough so that you can prove that your health stance is totally on-point. Eventually you’ll get to prove it but the sooner the better.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            The UK, France & US have restarted Relations Parties for the double vaxxed. Just saying.

            No vax passport, no entry.

  2. The fed broke it. Now, they own it.

    Anyone entering China is required to undergo 21 days quarantine at a government-run quarantine center because their vaccine is largely ineffective. I read somewhere it costs $150 to be fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Surely, it would not be too difficult for anyone wanting to enter Australia to go get a Pfizer jab as a requirement of their visa.

  3. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    Interesting hearing on the wireless (might have been TV or internet) the whingeing international students stuck in China wanting to come back. Aside from the virus issue, does anyone in Canberra see anything might be amiss about reintroducing 50,000 to 100,000 young people from China when we are potentially only years away from a military conflict? A country openly trying to inflict as much harm on Australia as possible, openly threatening military strikes through the state mouthpiece media and we can’t wait to get their young fit people back in by the truckload? Rhetorical question only, obviously.

    • I’d love to explore this subject some more.
      -Chinese people are more likely to have a connection to Australia the more people that have visited here so they would be more reluctant for war.
      -is studying here a way for the parents to get their money and possible them selves out o china.

      • And would rich Chinese PLA officers bomb their own children and grandchildren studying overseas?

        It could work as an early warning system, as soon as students head for the airports we need to dig holes or should we keep hostages.

      • Xi Jinping gives zero fvks about any of that.
        This whole ‘makes them more reluctant’ to go to war arguments is fundamentally ignorant of the reality of the CCP and what it is all about.

    • There are two sides to that story.
      If you have say 200K Chinese students studying in Australia you have 200K hostages in the event of escalation (and btw these are not the offspring of dirt poor Chinese farmers, collectively these families have a lot of political pull within China).
      Imagine you see all 200K student buy tickets to return to China more or lass at the same time. That’d be a huge strategic / military red flag that something dangerous was about to happen.

  4. Fishing72MEMBER

    I think that perhaps we should start expecting the government to act true to form and start funnelling the profiteering opportunities of Covid to its business mates. Why should the Death Plague be treated differently from water security and availability of shelter? Expect convenient outbreaks requiring massive volumes of government largess directed to the soon to be “recycled” quarantine infrastructure assets.

  5. Their inactivated whole virus vaccine is more than likely fine at the primary aim of reducing mortality. I would say it does need an update for the new variant though.
    Long term protection offered by all the vaccines is an open question because to my knowledge vaccination against coronavirus has been difficult to achieve. For example I don’t think there was ever a vaccine developed for the original SARS.

    A seperate issue though to the whole migrant visa scam linked to RE pumping etc. Just crazy this obsession with it across the political spectrum. Of course they have all done nicely out of the grift.

    • I think eventually everyone will get boosters via naturally acquired Covid infection making repeated vaccinations unnecessary for all but the immunocompromised. You would want to have your first Covid infection at least a few weeks after your vaccination course though.

  6. None of them are great. They all seem to lose effacacy in timeframes that more robust vaccines like measles or tetnus would laugh at.

    I wouldn’t get too cocky calling their vaccine bad.
    They might have just got in early, and we’re lagging behind with potentially similar results.

    Though, we might ironically be saved by letting it rip during the vaccine’s effective window.

  7. As we know.. even the best vaccines after a few months offer no difference in ability to spread the virus over unvaccinated people. Other than as an incentive to get vaccinated the whole vaccine passport thing is looking pretty marginal as a public health measure. I guess it will become clear in the months and years to come.

    So this is just another LNP controlled ‘rona release program..

  8. The nation’s top drugs regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, said the shots should be “recognized vaccines”

    The TGA is behaving very scoundrelicly. First they ban Ivermectin with a flimsly pretence, now they want to recognise this other dodgy vaccine. If Sinovac is such a good vaccine then why hasn’t the TGA approved it for use here in Australia?

    Here is a question for the reader. Which two things from the following list are the most dodgy?:
    * Ivermectin
    * Sinovac
    * The TGA

        • All three are dodgy.

          Invermectin is an appropriate class of veterinary drug for a labrador at risk of heartworm but it’s a pretty dodgy treatment for a human coronavirus.

          Anything Chinese and Covid related is dodgy.

          The TGA follows the FDA which is in the pockets of big pharma.

          • FDA Banned Boosters

            China has been the most successful nation on Earth at controlling COVID. US and UK the worst.

          • You can search the PBS data yourself, Ivermectin prescriptions tracking +30% over a 2019 baseline.
            Must be an outbreak of parasitic infections?

  9. Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

    Seems DLS is conflating heresay with scientific facts. How about publishing data to support your argument such as reduction in symptomatic infections, reductions in hospitalisations and reductions in deaths by vaccine. Whilst their efficacy is lower, it is better than not being vaccinated. You have problems with Chinese students coming here from a largely Covid free country, but no problems with Australians flying to the US where Covid is rampant and have more contact with Covid positive people.

    • Also adverse reactions are important.


      I’d like to see the equivalent for Sinovac. Also if the elite are going to force us to take vaccines which are less than 100% effective and require so many boosters, then it becomes more important to take the jab with the least side-effects.

      It would be analogous to me at a BBQ being forced to drink from a variety of foul tasting light beers. Since they are all not real beers I may as well select the most healthy option and have a low carb concoction.

      • Yes, likely that as only around 51% effective against symptomatic cases it likely causes less of a reaction from the bodies immune system & is thus less likely to cause side effects (though other mechanisms are possible) which would make it more attractive till some people. Only we’d have to go offshore to get it!

    • Good find!
      This is a bit of a worry though.
      “This brings us to talk about the safety of Molnupiravir.

      One worry is that the human cell will also incorporate this nucleotide to their genome, creating mutations. Indeed, this is an RNA nucleotide but there are enzymes that can convert it to a DNA form.”
      Could it cause cancers longer term?

  10. FFS isn’t it time to revisit the quality before quantity concept that helps separate real journalism from…ahm whatever this story clickbait is.
    Given the available data (especially what’s coming out of Israel, Iceland and the UK three highly vaccinated countries) the very concept of Vaccine passports borders on organized stupidity. None of these western Vaccines is really all that effective at lowering viral load (or viral shedding) especially not 6 months after Vaccination. The emerging data suggests close to zero advantage when it comes to concepts like herd immunity.
    What possible rational underlies the concept of Vaccine passports if not the notion that herd immunity is possible?
    Given the above it’s somewhat strange to be singling out Sinovac when the data suggest that all available Vaccines are useless and unsuited to the task (if herd immunity is the reason for requiring vaccine passports) .

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