NSW records 496 COVID cases, 8 deaths as Sydney reopens

NSW Health has recorded 496 locally acquired COVID cases and eight deaths:

The next chart plots NSW’s cases against Victoria’s:

NSW’ active cases have fallen to 6731:

Today, fully vaccinated Sydney residents exited lockdown is what has been labelled “freedom day”. It will be interesting watching how cases respond.

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  1. Every day the information is custom delivered, they keep avoiding the vaccination status of the dead unless the majority are unvaccinated.

    8 deaths and they only tell the status of a 90 year old who had comorbidities.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        The Death pub you mean!

        There’s going to be so much death, death, death and horror and regret and gnashing of teeth and slow death after the stupid people have strolled out of their basements and into the fresh air and sunshine to live their lives happily with their loved ones!

        Death I tell you!!!!!!!!

        It’s a different death to the death responsible for 99.9 percent off Australians passing away every day from Covid unrelated causes too. It’s super death with a pitchfork and a scythe!!!!

        I can’t type anymore. I think I might’ve just caught death Covid from my keyboard!

      • Forrest GumpMEMBER

        Hi Byron.
        I’m in Perth.
        No lockdowns here
        No Masks
        No job loss
        No Travel Restrictions
        Free for all AFL, restaurants, pubs, beach, camping, caravanning, tennis, partying
        WFM is optional.
        Shop till ya drop.

        Some fuckwhit politician apparently calls this living in a cave….
        WA’s a big fuckin’ cave to live in…

        • Bubbles like this only work if everything and everyone you care about is in the same bubble. Your wonderful politicians are keeping Mr Tezza out of his home state away from his wife and kids. Tezza’s fault though, having to travel for work – serves him right. (Sarc)

          • Sometimes one’s suffering serves a greater good.
            For well over a decade I was saying I could be doing my job from any location with internet connection. Nobody listened.
            Thanks to COVID-19 the attitudes have changed, I hope irreversibly.

        • Nice place to be locked in. Spent plenty of time in WA in years gone by. But us east coasters have had enough with lockdowns. Majority keen to move to a new normal.

          • Lockdown is different to what WA is experiencing though. I would argue until they get COVID the freedom of not travelling overseas is so small for most people (esp middle and poorer people) compared to the freedoms they’ve managed to protect. Elective surgery and diagnostic treatment, not having to wear masks (and it not being irresponsible), their kids not getting COVID, passing it to older loved ones, etc etc.

            I do think however NSW has let it down for Australia. Its only a matter of time now before those states get it too. Its much more difficult to quarantine land borders than sea/airports.

  2. “SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay. It will be woven into our everyday existence…The question isn’t whether we’ll be exposed to the novel coronavirus; it’s when.”

    Saw this quote in a paper today. Time to move on and co-exist with something we couldn’t eradicate.

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