NSW COVID cases continue to plummet

NSW COVID infections continue to plummet with the state recording 580 new locally acquired cases and eleven deaths:

The age breakdown of the deaths are as follows:

  • One person was in their 50s
  • One was in their 60s
  • Four people were in their 70s
  • Two were in their 80s
  • Three were in their 90s

Four were not vaccinated, three had received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, and four had received one dose.

There have been 425 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021 and 481 in total since the start of the pandemic.

There are currently 812 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 163 people in intensive care, 75 of whom require ventilation.

89.8% of the over-16 population in NSW has received a first dose COVID-19 vaccine, and 71.5% are fully vaccinated.

The next chart plots the dramatic fall in NSW COVID cases, which is in stark contrast to Victoria, which today hit a new Australian record high:

Active cases are also on a very different trajectory:

0.727% of tests in NSW over the past 24 hours came back positive, versus 2.68% in Victoria:

And NSW’s Reff has fallen to 0.79, versus 1.29 in Victoria:

Two very different pictures.

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  1. Just been out in my local area. It’s fair to say that people are already acting like the restrictions have been lifted.

    • Enlighten me: there are about 8.15m NSW residents still unaffected by Delta (if you believe the official case count).
      Vaccination doesn’t seem to affect its virulence.
      Anecdotally, there has never been a proper rule enforcement (outside the west of Sydney).
      So, one can only conclude that Delta has lost affinity for the NS Welshmen/women. It can happen.
      But, still keen on Victorians and AC Teritorians…

      • Yep its a mystery.

        We. right be capturing 10% of infections. That is, 10% of infections get diagnosed as causes. Maybe. That leaves a lot of susceptible people untouched.

        There’s a to we don’t understand yet.

      • To your mind what is “never been a proper rule enforcement”? Lacking of beatings by police officers?
        Mobility data suggests Sydney has limited their movements more than Melbourne, a lot of that is likely due to the geography.

  2. The powerful advertising messaging and the threat of dismissal convinced me to get myself vaccinated today, so I headed down to the local clinic.

    As I drove there I listened to music on my Ipod. The first song to play was “She’s Out of My Life”, which seemed appropriate to me at the time, because I wanted the Covid-19 virus to be “out of my life”.

    The next song to play was “Black or White”. This also seems fitting because getting vaccinated is presented as a black and white issue, and also the vaccine passports are being called medical apartheid – a term that is associated with the separation of blacks and whites.

    When exited my car and walked into the cline the song just starting was “Billie Jean”. I felt the message I was being given was to just remember to always think twice, so I reconsidered my informed concent to the vaccination.

    Still determined to join the socially-acceptable group, and to keep me job, I spun around as I entered the door way and moon-walked my way to the front counter where I announced my intention to be jabbed with Pfizer.

    Imagine my surprise when the girl at the counter said “I’m sorry sir, we can’t do that for you, you are already fully Jacksonated.

    • An epidemiologist said there should be regular rapid-antigen testing at workplaces in areas like the Hunter region.

      A shame we could not be given the name of this epidemiologist. It makes it easier to verify as not being fake news. Sadly though he/she would probably be punished for speaking unapproved science.

      I think rapid testing would be more effective at containing virus spread than these earlier-model vaccines.

  3. The Travelling Phantom

    with sad heart, i think the change to the subscription method for us poor people, at least myself, (who can access some stuff with the 2 weeks free sub) means i will be unable to join you guys till i save the exuberant amount…its becoming for the elites only 🙁

  4. Analysis of 27 COVID-19 early treatments, and database of 153 other potential treatments. 66 countries have approved early treatments. Treatments do not replace vaccines and other measures. All practical, effective, and safe means should be used. Elimination is a race against viral evolution. No treatment, vaccine, or intervention is 100% available and effective for all variants. Denying efficacy increases the risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic; and increases mortality, morbidity, and collateral damage.


    PS … hope some get the OP about “Elimination is a race against viral evolution.” bit because everything else is hand waving and oh look squirrel …

  5. Shiny new minted NSW Premier Perrotet has sidelined Medical opinion , (The CMO and The AMA), as to the risks inherent in opening NSW up from Covid lockdown. “We are the elected authority .”
    Perrottet could be the shortest serving NSW Premier if Covid cases and deaths reignite and ruin Xmas and the Ashes

  6. Cases in NSW will rise now anyway. Its a moot point what the number is now since they are not going to bother reducing the number anymore. It’s “freedom day”.

    With vaccinated having rights now to do most things they won’t bother getting tested anymore. What’s the point? Its not like I will get sick – especially the major spreaders (i.e. the 20-30’s) who may not have family, children, or any vulnerable people they care about. If it means I have to be in lockdown for 14 days why bother?

    Case numbers will fall, testing numbers will fall. Deaths will rise, people with the least voice in the public domain will get sick. The vaccine has tilted the equation from everyone getting sick to only the vulnerable for the moment (until it wears off or we get a new variant). Which means we are no longer in it together.

    In any case there’s no use comparing numbers anymore IMO. We aren’t aiming to actually do anything about them anyway.