LVO destroys Perrottet’s immigration madness on Bolt Report

Last night I gave a live interview on The Bolt Report whereby I tore apart NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s brain dead plan to import 2 million migrants into Australia over five years – effectively adding an Adelaide, Canberra plus Hobart to Australia’s existing population:

I was also quoted in by Frank Chung:

Leith van Onselen, chief economist at MacroBusiness, said the plan was the “definition of insanity”.

“Every Australian knows that the pre-Covid 15-year immigration boom, whereby net overseas migration averaged 220,000 a year, was a disaster for living standards, as evidenced by things like declining housing affordability and quality, worsening commute times, and record low wage growth,” he said.

“The definition of insanity is to double the post-Covid immigration intake and to expect different results.”

Mr van Onselen questioned whether there would be “matching infrastructure, housing and improved labour and environmental laws to go along with the proposed immigration boom”.

“We all know the answer to that,” he said.

“Policy-makers will juice headline GDP growth and business profits by flooding the nation with people, while ignoring the negative impacts on the community.”

Good to get the word out.

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  1. Your headline refers to yourself in the 3rd person. I suppose it’s better than “I destroyed Perrottet…”

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Maybe, “Exposing Perrottet’s immigration madness on The Bolt Report” ?

        Owning it in the first person comes across better.

      • So much more to expose.
        Just the tip of the iceberg.
        Every visa category, TR, SCV, visitor, tourist etc is corrupted. And now with the border closures & opening up of Australia post pandemic – what better time to review the migrant intake, border control & visa corruption & clean it all up.
        It needs a Royal Commission.

        Let’s examine the 2 big lies being currently promoted across the media.

        1. There is a skill shortage.
        2. The (TR/SCV) migrants went back.

        Firstly tho, an aside.
        Fake vaccination certificates (electronic & paper including mygov details which don’t require Medicare as the TR generally cant get that) are now $40 in Lakemba.
        In very high demand by the migrants on TR visas.

        Why? – they need vaccination certification to match what is often a number of falsified identities they use to live & work illegally. Including working in health care, wholesale & retail, transport & so on. Others also reject vaccination on ideological grounds, or believe the vaccine is a western plot to sterilise them.
        So – short of police & army public transport & road checkpoints, building by building searches & white vans seizing the migrants off the street or in their workplace to to do identity verification & antibody tests…
        … We will continue to have a huge migrant unvaccinated underworld in Sydney & Melbourne acting as a virus incubation & transmission vector to Australians.

        Back to the big questions being answered here.

        •Is there a skills shortage?
        •Is there record low employment?
        •Is there a surge in new jobs?
        It appears not.

        How many non Australian third world temporary migrants are still onshore?
        •Did their numbers really decline?
        Now focus here on the long stay ‘semi permanent long term stay categories’ who are the main category in stealing Australian jobs & housing.
        It also appears no, they didn’t.
        They are still here.
        And now these migrant guestworkers onshore are a major barrier to Australians being able to be employed (less jobs) or having affordable housing etc.

        Lie number #1. ‘Australian skills shortage’ so we need more migrants & a media barrage of misinformation that ‘Australia is now denuded of migrant guestworkers leading to labor & skills shortages’

        The ABS says Unemployment is only 4.1%.
        We all know that’s a fabricated lie.
        Roy Morgan says that 8.7% of Australians are unemployed. More than double the ABS.
        October 03 2021 Finding No. 8812

        The latest Roy Morgan data shows 1.27 million Australians unemployed in September 2021 for an unemployment rate of 8.7%, with under-employment of 8.0% (1.16 million).
        Total unemployed or underemployed is 2.43 million or 16.6% non employed.

        More importantly the Australian Workforce jobs are only 14.57 million, below pre-lockdown level in June 2021.
        So the first big lie is exposed.
        We have 172,000 less jobs than before & we have more (nearly 9%) unemployed!

        Given a residual of say half a million unemployed who just won’t or can’t work – that still leaves about 2 million Australians / PR unemployed or underemployed.

        And with less jobs & record unemployment.

        Yet we have nearly 2 million non Australian third world migrants onshore on pretext visas. Overshoot from pre virus times.

        We have a ‘one for one situation’
        One third world migrant on a pretext visa onshore living & working illegally stealing an Australian job & housing for every one Australian unemployed or underemployed.

        The media lie we have a shortage of migrant guestworkers needs to be exposed.
        Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Lie number #2
        ‘The migrants went back’.

        The temporary resident numbers overall – particularly the categories of those who are long stay Temporary visas has not declined.
        They didn’t go back. They used the virus, border closures, didn’t attend classes, increased their illegal work hours & then visa churn to stay in Australia.

        The so called foreign student & partner intake is now fragmented across a number of visa categories or they have churned onto protection and other visa categories.

        But they are still here in Australia- living & working illegally. See the category detail.

        The only real decline in TR migrants was of about 600,000 in ‘long stay & repeat visitors’ then offset by huge surge in churn onto protection & other visas.

        Fact / detail. Link
        Comparative numbers.

        Dec 2019 to September 2021.

        🔹SCV was 668,687 now 672,659 -3,972
        Much the same number but if masks the continuing trend of aged genuine NZ born returning back to NZ offset by a huge increase & majority of SCV grants to non NZ Asians & Indians to use NZ as an entry point into Australia.

        🔹Students was 480,543 now 377,785 -102,668
        This hides the real number being closer to 580,000 who are now on ‘other visa categories’ as well as partners & so on on secondary visas, or DFAT & other non DHA categories. The majority are doing very los level nonsense courses (or none at all using covid campus shutdown as an excuse).
        Progression rate for a foreign student into a professional high income vocation in their home country or Australia if given a PR?
        3.7%. That’s right 96% of all foreign students in Australia fail to become anything useful. (Migrant Pathways A Decade On report 2015 / Productivity Commission). Remaining unskilled, in their non assimilated migrant enclaves with their fake / cheated or useless ‘certificates & diplomas’ that lack any international accreditation, remaining in the foreign criminal run cash economy or if given a PR joining the Centrelink queue for welfare.

        🔹Skilled was 119,160, now 104,333 -14,827
        Always marginal & a marginal reduction.
        We don’t have a skilled intake. Over 2 million of the non Australian migrants are on an unskilled visa category. Most of the skilled are not skilled either, usually on a cash back deal by the employer with falsified skills by the migrant (aka Gladys/Darryl)

        🔹Visitors was 635,109, now is 28,741 -606,368
        Here is the biggest reduction, the Chinese, south East Asians & Indians coming in on long stay or repeat stay visitor visas to live & work illegally. Or in ‘Medicare tourism’ (all those bus loads of elderly Chinese & Indians) to avail themselves of Australian Medicare & then PBS drugs to fund their trip using a borrowed or frauded Medicare identity.

        🔹Bridging was 119,655, now 359,981 so +240,326. Up nearly quarter of a million.
        Exploding as their visas expire or they churn onto this racket to extend their stay.

        🔹’Other’ 300,143 210,796 -89,347
        Still a huge number 210,000 made up of a splendid array of niche visa categories – all corrupted.

        And in the 2020 total we can add Temp visa now granted PR to join the conga line for welfare (167,432 grants so +167,432)
        I haven’t added overstayers (+70,000) or DFAT & scholarship/ trade visa bribes & gifting but that’s another (+35,000) or +105,000 in addition.

        Totals (offical DHA visa categories- doesn’t include DFAT or overstayers)
        Dec 2019 2,203,543
        Oct 2021 1,921,727
        Actual reduction onshore -281,816

        And almost of that in the 600,000 plus reduction of illegal working ‘long & repeat stay visitor’ category.
        Other visa categories stayed much the same or went up.

        Cross check.
        Temporary visa holders ABS/DHA table
        Non Australians on TR / SCV – doesn’t include long & repeat stay ‘visitors’ as the Scanlon website does.

        • So – short of police & army public transport & road checkpoints, building by building searches & white vans seizing the migrants off the street or in their workplace to to do identity verification & antibody tests…

          I find your ideas….interesting. Tell me more.

          • Sure, given the easy & widespread fraud of the Australian proof of vaccination status / especially among 2 million non Australian Temporary visa migrants (as outlined because they are working & living illegally on falsified identities or have ideological antipathy to vaccination) – the only real check is to mandate antibody testing. The same will inevitably apply to all overseas travellers entering Australia.

            Example: China.
            Which applies this test to all non Chinese.
            “China has asked its overseas citizens to use since April 2020 to obtain the green health code to board flights returning to China. Both Chinese citizens and noncitizen travelers flying to China are required to take an IgM antibody test in addition to the previously required nucleic acid test within 48 hours of boarding their flights. While Chinese citizens must submit the test results through the WeChat app to obtain the green health code, foreigners must also obtain a QR code, named the health declaration code, by uploading their test results to a designated website”.

            Estimates are up to one third to half the temporary visa migrants (1 million of more) have falsified identities yet are working in health care / cleaning / retail / food delivery / vice in the foreign run onshore migrant black economy. This is due to their visa conditions / non compliance / that almost all have entered Australia on pretext visas to live & work illegally.
            And note the key attributes of the repeated Australian & NZ virus outbreaks (and the failure of quarantine/covid elimination to now ‘live with the virus etc’) – which have been overseas traveller infection / quarantine breach then into the migrant enclaves of Sydney & Melbourne as the incubation hub & then as the transmission vector of the virus to the Australian community.

            So the only way to ensure public health, community protection & Australian bio security is to institute mandatory validation of both identity & vaccination status, with the priority being the non Australian migrant population as the clear & evident bio security risk.

  2. Encourage Bolt to get Perrottet on his show to answer these questions.

    Last time we saw this kind of destroyation was Jul 30, 2011 at Kardinia Park. Very ugly indeed.

  3. Bureaucrats, business lobby groups, politicians, activists and media elites are all in for high immigration (with no effort to deal with the consequences), then are shocked that so many ordinary people protest vote, or even vote for unrefined, outrageous populists like Trump. You’d think that if they were so damned smart, they would have worked out that they’re alienating whole swathes of the population and think to try and bring these people back on side.

    They’re the ones who vote, after all…

  4. The Perrotet Pram’s mad program is of intense interest to the “mainstream” media. Which, from Guardian to SMH, is carefully avoiding the significant TAPRI voter survey that doesn’t want the mad program. It’s called access journalism.

  5. Congratulations Leith. Your dogged determination on this issue never ceases to amaze me.
    I try to do my bit by getting the word out to mates etc but there is just too much apathy.

  6. Perrottet is also getting destroyed by 2GB today with his delay in opening up the regions but acceleration of no quarantine for foreigners.

  7. This in the AFR today:
    PM won’t entertain a ‘big Australia’ on cusp of net zero
    Scott Morrison is not about to inflame the anti-immigration right while wrangling the Nationals to achieve the meaningful climate policy no Liberal leader has. (Phil Coorey)

  8. PalimpsestMEMBER

    I’ve learnt that one must take whatever platform is offered. The message must get out. The challenge is that it can currently get pigeonholed as a “Bolt/2GB” viewpoint as a way of belittling its credibility. However, with other economists starting to admit the obvious,it is looking the most exciting so far. Keep it up, it’s essential for our overall economy and social wellbeing.

  9. blacktwin997MEMBER

    Great work Leith, your stamina for the mostly thankless task of calmly and reasonably calling out this sort of bullshit is remarkable.

  10. Biglietti31MEMBER

    Awesome interview Leith, all your long term arguments summed up succinctly and to the point – respect!

  11. Nice Leith, well said!
    ~3:50 “Costs are socialised on everyone else” makes sense to most here, but I’m not sure average Joe will get the drop to the word socialised? (although said plain enough elsewhere in your bit, if they’re half switched into it).
    Maybe “while the high social & financial costs are dumped/expensed onto the general population who’ve had no choice, but are forced to pay for their (the big end’s) disproportionate profits” – or similar….? FWIW.

  12. Not sure why it’s only Australia (plus US/UK) that bleats on about ‘immigration’ and growth in temporary churn over via the NOM?

    We have heard of all the supposed problems caused by ‘immigrants’ from increased carbon emissions, environmental degradation, traffic congestion, property prices, unemployment etc., so what is the ‘solution’?

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      I’m not sure what point you’re making? Perhaps I’m just dense… (apologies if so)

    • Immigration is a lot lower (per capita) in the US and UK. And regarding the latter Boris Johnson said he won’t be returning to high immigration post Covid, citing reasons like those highlighted here. So the ‘solution’ is lowering immigration.

  13. Even StevenMEMBER

    Superb work, Leith. Your efforts alone are worth the price of an MB subscription many times over.

  14. kierans777MEMBER

    The was a good interview LVO. Too bad Bolt doesn’t realise he’s part of the problem. He, like every part of the MSM attack Labor relentlessly contributing to this chicken-!#[email protected] attitude.