Hospitality industry launches migrant slave drive

Australian Venue Co is trying to recruit 500 hospitality workers from the UK in anticipation of a shortage of hospitality staff once Australia opens up. It is offering enticements such as free flights, two weeks accommodation, free training, paying moving costs, and a $1,000 drinking and dining voucher. CEO Paul Waterson claims that before the pandemic, around 20% of Australia’s hospitality staff were working holiday visa holders:

Australian Venue Co, which operates more than 170 hospitality venues across the country, has launched an ambitious recruitment drive to bring in 500 hospitality workers from the UK.

The group is trying to lure staff with the promise of a $1,000 drinking and dining voucher, and will pay for their flights to Australia, hotel quarantine and two weeks of accommodation. Paid hospitality training will commence during hotel quarantine…

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