FriendlyJordies beats NSW fascists again

Having disposed of Bruz, FriendlyJordies today chalks up another win over NSW fascists by beating the police attempt to bury the video arrest of producer Kristo Langker:

NSW Police has withdrawn an application for YouTube comedian FriendlyJordies to be found in contempt of court over videos attacking the arrest of one of his producers.

Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge was scheduled to hear arguments in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on Friday; however, the police withdrew their application for Jordan Shanks to pull down two videos.

Ms Milledge had previously described Mr Shanks’ content as “absolute gibberish” but said she could not see how it reached the high bar of contempt.

FJ returns with to the boot into Police corruption:

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  1. He should be elevated to speaker of the house. Put a stop to all the waste and BS, sidestepping of questions or putting on notice. Make him the principal or head of a federal icac, that would be entertaining.

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    It still amazes me that Elliott and Fuller fully encouraged grabbing random children from railway stations and stripping them of their clothes. And that they’re still employed.

    • That word was to appease the defensive natures of the psychopathic types running the show.

      Hopefully next time she’ll watch it at half speed.

  3. He’s fantastic however the “Kristo just happened to be walking past Parliament House“ thing was pretty stupid.