Fairfield mayor rejects Ponzi Perrottet’s immigration push

The Mayor of Western Sydney LGA, Frank Carbone, has categorically rejected Dominic “Ponzi” Perrottet’s call to double the nation’s immigration intake to 400,000.

Carbone appeared on the Today Show yesterday (video below) where he stated categorically that Fairfield and Western Sydney cannot cope with such extreme growth, which would destroy housing affordability, put undue strain on infrastructure, and erode living standards:

“This morning I was on TODAY discussing how well the Fairfield community has done since the outbreak.

“I also expressed concern at the reported proposal for a 200,000 immigration intake that is being discussed by the Federal Government, and the NSW Premier “ Big NSW” proposal which could mean a dramatic increase in population.

“Fairfield has always done more than it’s share of the heavy lifting on migration, but the impact of such a large population increase would bring again increased demand and the price of housing, put pressure on our hospital, schools and would decrease our standard of living and increase overcrowding”.

Curiously, Ponzi Perrottet expressed similar concerns in an op-ed published in The Australian in November 2018:

Merely adding more people isn’t a sustainable economic strategy…

More important, we can’t pretend that high immigration comes without a cost, and we believe growth should not impose an unfair burden on those already here…

Excessively rapid growth puts downward pressure on wages and upward pressure on housing ­prices, both of which have sorely stung workers and aspiring homeowners in Sydney and other parts of NSW for a decade.

It also means more people on trains, more cars, more students in our schools and more patients at hospitals. And it’s the NSW government, not the federal government, that is responsible for providing the necessary support for the surging population.

When you look at the numbers, it’s no surprise communities in Sydney are feeling the pressure…

Even if the NSW population stayed at today’s level, it would take time to complete the work so that our communities could be more liveable, our commute times more manageable, and our schools and hospitals more capable of offering exceptional care rather than just coping.

Instead, extraordinarily high rates of immigration risk pushing those outcomes beyond our grasp. And it’s a problem state governments are powerless to solve on their own because we have no say in the national immigration rate.

Sadly, the ‘growth lobby’ has put the heat on Ponzi Perrottet, which is why he’s gone back on his word and is now a believer in “a big NSW”.

Never mind about inconvenient details like:

  • Most Australians do not support pre-COVID levels of immigration (let alone higher levels).
  • Where will the millions of new migrants live?
  • Will there be dozens of new hospitals and schools build to cope with the migrant influx, and who will pay?
  • Where will the water come from to cope with the migrant influx on the driest continent on earth?

The population boosters never concern themselves with such minutiae.

Life is not improved by importing tens of thousands of people and dropping them into cities where infrastructure creaks and house prices are already at stratospheric levels. The formation of a cheap labor pool for business is clearly the sole motivation for this socially and culturally destructive act.

No politician has been able to demonstrate how our overall wellbeing is improved by mass immigration.

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  1. Mr Dom needs to go back and do some high school science. About to have his 7th kid, he clearly lacks an understanding of basic ecology, human ecological footprint & the concept of carrying capacity.

    I’ve always thought more scientists and engineers are desperately needed in government…. bean counters and lawyers simply don’t understand the mechanics of modern civilisation and how it interreacts with the natural environment deeply enough to appreciate the kind of policy required to effect a sustainable existence for society,

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      There’s a skills shortage listed for accountants. Despite lots of graduates from Australian universities looking for work.
      Overseas accountants are more skilled? Really?

      Perhaps they need more accountants skilled at the cost benefit for business cases for Clay Target function centres.

    • He has done his high school science in Maths most probably. Looking at his bank balance with his wife, 6 (soon 7) kids and the stability of a premiership the sums don’t add up. Needs a cushy job afterwards? Can’t upset those backers.

      How can I keep my family financed to the life it is accustomed to? Never assume these people are stupid; especially when they change their spots so fast (e.g. from no migration a few years back to doubling it now).

  2. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    Real dumb is our media talking about ‘shortfall’ ……….

    Huge migrant shortfall prompts warning surge in temporary workers could dent wages


    By Shane Wright and Jennifer Duke

    October 21, 2021 — 5.00am

    Australia could face a shortfall of almost 1 million people by 2024 due to the pandemic-induced collapse in migration, but reliance on temporary residents could slow wages growth and hit the nation’s economic recovery.

    OK, our first question is ‘what shortfall?’ – what the almighty F does that actually mean?  We wont be able to do something? – something meaningful? Something that earns the nation an income? Or is it a bullshit shortfall a shortfall in our ability to do or see or know of something ultimately meaningless and which delivers sweet FA of benefit into the lives of other punters in Australia?

    From there we move along to ‘why would we need a reliance on temporary migrants?’  Why don’t we just get Australians – ordinary everyday people like you or me, or your kids maybe  – to do whatever we think we need those temporary residents for? And why would we be talking about slowing wages growth?  We have had circa 1% wages growth for a decade and we have an entire economy inside a bubble?  Why don’t we just open up the economy and take its head out of its bum cheeks?  Are these guys saying that we can have pay rises with the economy’s head is on the dark side of the sphincter by any means other than an outright political and policy decision to make sure everyone gets one?

    Business groups and some economists are concerned skills shortages across the country will weigh on economic growth unless the federal government lifts the cap on migration when the border restrictions ease. However, the Labor Party, Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe and unions say too many low-paid temporary migrants could limit the income growth of all workers.

    This week, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg signalled the government was considering a re-think of migration policy after the pandemic, which contributed to a collapse in immigration numbers.

    The country lost a net 96,600 people in 2020-21 – the biggest exodus from Australia since World War I. Net overseas migration is expected this year to be minus 77,400 before a recovery next year with an additional 95,900 people.

    OK, next issue.  What skills shortages are our business leaders talking about? Is there a single job class or profession with a shortage of more than 1 or 2?  Even then if there were for (eg) mental health nurses (which has been seen in the media this week) then why not train up some locals?  But even if we want some foreigners in as well we are only talking maybe a couple of thousand tops….

    And that collapse in immigration numbers…..why is that important again?  Is that a collapse in the vitally important skills coming in to feed our dynamic competitive economy?  Or is that a collapse in bums on seats buying houses, loads of imports, standing in the checkouts alongside us at Coles or Woolies, delivering our pizzas and undercutting the jobs prospects of us and our kids?


    EY chief economist Jo Masters said that before the pandemic, net migration added 250,000 people to Australia’s overall population. The cumulative impact of COVID-19, however, would mean a net shortfall of 375,000 migrants in a single year.

    Once the full impacts of the pandemic have washed through the economy, and the international border is re-opened, Australia will have 830,000 fewer people by 2024 than had been expected in this year’s most recent intergenerational report.

    Jo and the journalists need to sit down and take a breath.  There isn’t a shortfall unless we assume that Australian society is to be run as the by-product of a financial model delivering profits to shareholders.  It isn’t – it is a society in which the priority is people and their wellbeing.

    Australia may have 830k fewer people in 2024 than it thought it was going to have in 2019, or even this year.  All we need to do is rejig the forward estimates of what we will or wont be doing and paying for to reflect the new estimates.  Financial analysts do this all the time – they adjust estimates, and models.

    But the upside is we don’t need to pay for them, and we can get them in any time we like if we have a reason to get them.  But at the moment it appears we don’t – because all we do as a nation is dig things out of the ground and load them on a boat for China.  And the side effect of having that 830k fewer people is that business will be more inclined to get some of us to do that which needs to be done or will decide we don’t really need to do it – and if we don’t really need to do it is there any value in importing migrants to do it anyway?

    She said ahead of the pandemic, there had already been a drop-off in the number of people moving between jobs and moving between states looking for work. This all meant the skills shortage facing the country could not be easily solved simply by increasing migration.

    “These factors mean that a skills shortage is the new normal for many employers, and will become a significant issue for policymakers if it is allowed to impede on Australia’s progress,” she said.

    “While opening our borders will ease this pressure, it is not the silver bullet to the looming skills crisis that many believe it to be. Australia is facing structural skills shortages which have previously been masked over by high levels of migration.”

    What is Jo suggesting here? People are OK with their jobs and have stopped looking for something better for a while? How the hell does that actually mean increasing does or doesn’t fix anything?  It is a complete non sequitur.

    And once again we come back to the question of – What actual skills shortages are there?  Please nominate an actual skill we are in short supply of – especially one we need more migrants for and couldn’t train ourselves right here in Australia with an education system desperate for a role seeing as the foreign students have dried up…….

    The NSW government is supportive of a higher intake of migrants – Premier Dominic Perrottet says he wants a “big NSW” – but Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Sunday many factors contribute to economic growth though he acknowledged his state was more dependent on international students.

    “You wouldn’t want to put more strain in certain areas but you also wouldn’t want to starve other areas of the fuel that they need and that comes from more people coming here and spending and investing,” he said.

    OK here are some Premiers into the mix for this incoherent article.  Dom wants big NSW – to do what?  Dan sees migrants as strain and fuel – but does he see his state as doing something meaningful too provide a better life for the people currently there or is he seeing migrants as a fresh load of people to be shorn for profits while queuing on our public transport or roads or medical centres?

    Does either Dom or Dan have a plan? Does anyone? Do either of them want to articulate how they are going to provide better lives for more of their people?

    Parts of the federal government are lukewarm to an increase in migration. Ahead of the pandemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a cut in the migrant intake to 160,000 a year. But Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said migration was vital, especially for regional Australia.

    “We are bursting at the seams ready to make a whole lot of money for the country but we don’t have the skill sets out there,” he said.

    “There are more jobs out there than you can poke a stick at, but we do need people to come in and migration is a way to do that, so obviously we have to look at that.”

    ScoMo did cut because his focus groups were telling him the natives were getting restless.  But he didn’t cut much.  Some might have called it a nip and tuck or a cosmetic cut.  Someone needs to explain to David that the only people bursting at the seams to make money in the field he is talking about are employing people to bend over or reach up and pick it and less often to tape up boxes or to stack boxes or sometimes to trim up the product a bit.  He isn’t talking about a need for PhD’s.  And the more jobs out there he is talking about last for about 2 months before the people doing them need to move on.

    Job advertisements jumped 4.9 per cent over September to 229,000 vacancies on National Skills Commission data, with elevated levels of recruitment activity compared to pre-pandemic levels.

    During the pandemic, more than half of employers surveyed by the commission have experienced difficulty recruiting staff, with higher-skilled workers particularly difficult to find. Employers cited lockdowns and restrictions, both current and potential future limits, as some of the biggest concerns for the rest of the year.

    Job advertisements are up as business get back into gear after a year or two of lockdowns? Could that be it?  Ok, employers are getting some issues recruiting staff – have they tried conditions and remuneration variables?  And those higher skilled workers they need – are they inward facing living off the population Ponzi or are they doing something meaningful?  Should we set about training some more of our own?

    Opposition immigration spokeswoman Kristina Keneally, citing Dr Lowe, said high levels of temporary migration had contributed to Australia’s sluggish wage growth.

    “We need a migration system that ensures that Australians get a first go and a fair go at jobs. We need a migration system that stamps out exploitation. We need a migration system that builds upon Australia’s successful legacy … of permanent settlement,” Senator Keneally said.

    OK, Props for KK and the ALP paying some lip services to employees, and the observable fact that migration has had the effect of suppressing wages.  But even there what is she actually going to do about it should she get a Ministers seat?  Will the ALP come out and state a position?

    “This Liberal government over the last eight years has pushed temporary migration to historic highs. It has led to shocking exploitation of temporary migrants. It has led to wage theft, and … it spreads across the economy.”

    She has a point.  Has anyone done any statistical analysis on the percentage of Australians who are subject to wages theft, superannuation embezzlement and conditions fraud are actually recent immigrants?

    Major employer representative organisation Ai Group chief executive Innes Willox said the most common concern among businesses was the inability to fill roles.

    He said while businesses supported increased investment and an improvement to the nation’s training system, the government’s pre-COVID cut in the migrant intake had to be reversed.

    “At the very least the permanent migration planning level should be restored to the previous cap of 190,000 places per year,” he said. “There is a strong case for considerably more than this while we catch up on last year’s losses.”

    Innes is the purveyor of the finest quality bullshido known to man.  Could Innes point out any significant numbers of employers unable to fill roles? Could he confirm to us those employers have actually tried massaging remuneration or conditions to entice punters in?

    And catching up on last years losses……….are they the same losses which have underpinned pay increases and job opportunities for some who haven’t had them for a decade Innes?

    ACTU president Michele O’Neil said federal government policy favoured temporary migrants over permanent migrants, opening the way to exploitation of vulnerable people and driving down wages.

    She said claims of a skills shortage could be addressed by offering potential workers better pay.

    “We are concerned that claims by employers in relation to widespread skill shortages have not been independently verified and in many cases could be addressed by offering higher pay and conditions to attract local workers,” she said.

    “This government has consistently watered-down and removed labour market testing requirements in trade deals and visa programs, meaning that employers can get access to vulnerable temporary visa workers without even advertising the job locally first.”

    Michele has a point

    • This was posted previously / but relevant to this article and your request for facts (with sources stated)

      The 3 big lies now being peddled to Australians to justify even more unskilled non assimilated third world migrant guestworkers include:

      #1. We have a skills shortage
      #2. Increased migrant intake is good
      #3. The migrants went back

      It’s a bit long because it’s a detailed rebuttal of these lies with a lot of facts.

      Firstly – we do not have a skilled intake. Never have.

      The only ‘skill’ is to falsify a visa application, pay the agent procurer bribes, learn how to live & work illegally on a visa pretext, rort our broken & corrupted border & visa system, engage an immigration lawyer to churn the visa & then finally run off to the appeals tribunal for a five year extension in being allowed to stay.
      Then once granted a PR – the ‘cash back’ from the agent procurer or the sponsored applicant for chain migration of family / spouses / dependents to repeat the cycle.

      PR grants. Skilled.
      Of the 1.4 million+ grants (with most remaining non Australian foreign nationals on sole foreign passports) over the last decade – less than 200k or 14% were ‘skilled’. 1.2 million were not skilled, creating a huge underclass of low & non assimilated non Australian foreign nationals as PR – mostly third world migrants on low incomes, with very high ratios of dependency on Australian taxpayer welfare. That they had made little or no contribution to.

      In addition to 1.4 million PR grants – we have an additional 1.9 million non Australian foreign nationals as TR / SCV foreign nationals onshore today.
      (Detail below)
      TR/ SCV currently onshore now total 1.9 million.
      Within that the skilled category is only 104,333 and that includes secondary & dependents.
      The ‘primary’ skilled visa holders are less than 60,000 & genuine unique skilled (skills not able to be hired in Australia) is estimated at less than 10,000.
      So 10,000 genuine unique skilled in 1.9 million…

      Combining all the non Australian foreign nations on a PR, TR, SCV etc gives a total of 3.5 million non Australian foreign nationals living in Australia with 3.3 million unskilled.


      Lie number #1. ‘Australia has excess jobs and is now denuded of migrants leading to labor & skills shortages’

      The fact is that Australia has less jobs than a year ago & very high unemployment.

      The ABS says Unemployment is only 4.1%.
      We all know that’s a lie in how they do measurement.

      Roy Morgan, with a more accurate measure says that 8.7% of Australians are unemployed.
      More than double the ABS.

      October 03 2021 Finding No. 8812

      The latest Roy Morgan data shows 1.27 million Australians unemployed in September 2021 for an unemployment rate of 8.7%, with under-employment of 8.0% (1.16 million).
      Total unemployed or underemployed is 2.43 million or 16.6% non employed.

      More importantly the Australian Workforce jobs are only 14.57 million, below pre-lockdown level in June 2021.
      172,000 less jobs than before & we have nearly 9% unemployed!

      So the first big lie exposed.

      Given a residual of say half a million unemployed who just won’t or can’t work – that still leaves about 2 million Australians / PR unemployed or underemployed.

      👉🏾And with less jobs & record unemployment.

      Yet we have 1.9 million non Australian third world migrants onshore on just TR/SCV pretext visas. Overshoot from pre virus times.
      These long stay migrant TR / SCV who do the most damage to Australians in job & housing theft DID NOT LEAVE. See facts below.

      And now they are competing against Australians (and the PR non Australian foreign nationals) for less Australian jobs.

      Lie #2. Increased migrant intake is economically good.

      Putting aside the PR (much the same ) and dealing with just the 1.9 million TR / SCV migrant guestworkers onshore.

      They facts are that in the last decade of migrant intake – the TR / SCV have (in what otherwise would have been without this intake):
      •Lowered our wages average in comparative terms by 6.8% / costing Australians many tens of billions.
      •Lowered our GDP per Capita in comparative terms by 4.5%.
      •Lowered our productivity in comparative terms by some 5%. Most of the industries these migrant guestworkers participate in has seen dramatic reductions & loss of Australian productivity in world rankings (as is unskilled cash in hand migrant underclass or illegally working labor – rather than say capital investment, employee investment, automation / value add).
      •Are highly concentrated (86% ABS) in non assimilated Sydney & Melbourne migrant enclaves, creating overcrowding, congestion, strain on services & housing.

      So they are in fact a massive economic & social liability.

      Because – they are third world, unskilled, non assimilated, concentrated, almost all on very low income, not invested in, create housing & use of infrastructure contention, and so are a high impact to our society.

      They are a particularly high impact to Australian employment & wages and our housing.
      The PR & particularly the TR/SCV intake do not bring capital & as most are participants in the foreign run blackmarket cash economy, they make little if not zero / negative economic & tax contribution.

      Lie number #3
      ‘The migrants went back’.

      The temporary resident numbers overall – particularly the categories of those who are long stay Temporary visas has not declined.

      They didn’t go back.
      1.9 million TR / SCV are still here.

      They used the virus, border closures, didn’t attend classes, increased their illegal work hours & then visa churn to stay in Australia
      But they are still here in Australia- living & working illegally. See the category detail.

      The only real decline in TR migrants was of about 600,000 in ‘long stay & repeat visitors’ then offset by huge surge in churn onto protection & other visas.

      Fact / detail. Link
      Comparative numbers.

      Dec 2019 to September 2021.

      🔹SCV was 668,687 now 672,659 -3,972
      Much the same number but if masks the continuing trend of aged genuine NZ born returning back to NZ offset by a huge increase & majority of SCV grants to non NZ Asians & Indians to use NZ as an entry point into Australia.

      🔹Students was 480,543 now 377,785 -102,668
      This hides the real number being closer to 580,000 who are now on ‘other visa categories’ as well as partners & so on on secondary visas, or DFAT & other non DHA categories.
      As we all know they are not an export. Their money is earned here. Most enter in debt to a foreign agent procurer, only the first semester is paid upfront, usually borrowed & then all their ‘fees’ and living costs are from money earned here. Over 9 billion is sent back as foreign remittances or agent procurer debt repayments.
      They are not an export.
      They are a very high cost import, each foreign student or partner costing Australian some $52k each yearly in social & economic costs (unemployed Australians, housing, congestion, higher education costs for Australians as the education sector prostitutes itself as a migrant guestworker visa alibi)
      Human capital value?
      Their progression into a higher income and a professional vocation in their home country or Australia if granted a PR?

      3.9% (Migrant Pathways A Decade On report 2015 – leading to the Productivity Commission later recommending the removal of access to PR)
      That’s right – 96% of all foreign students in Australia fail to ever achieve a professional higher income vocation a decade later.

      Zero / negative human capital value.

      They remain unskilled with their useless falsified diplomas & certificates, often with no international recognition, non assimilated, entrenched in the foreign criminal run migrant black economy.

      🔹Skilled was 119,160, now 104,333 -14,827
      Always marginal & a marginal reduction. In fact there are only 76,000 primary skilled and even that’s massively overstated.
      Most of the skilled are usually on a cash back deal by the employer with falsified skills by the migrant (aka Gladys/Darryl)

      We don’t have a skilled intake.
      Nearly 95% of the 1.9 million non Australian migrant TR or SCV are on an unskilled visa category.

      🔹Visitors was 635,109, now is 28,741 -606,368
      Here is the biggest reduction, the Chinese, south East Asians & Indians coming in on long stay or repeat stay visitor visas to live & work illegally. Or in ‘Medicare tourism’ (all those bus loads of elderly Chinese & Indians) to avail themselves of Australian Medicare & then PBS drugs to fund their trip using a borrowed or frauded Medicare identity.

      🔹Bridging was 119,655, now 359,981 so +240,326. Up nearly quarter of a million.
      Exploding as their visas expire or they churn onto this racket to extend their stay.

      🔹’Other’ 300,143 210,796 -89,347
      Still a huge number 210,000 made up of a splendid array of niche visa categories – all corrupted.

      And in the 2020 total we can add Temp visa now granted PR to join the conga line for welfare (167,432 grants so +167,432)
      I haven’t added overstayers (+70,000) or DFAT & scholarship/ trade visa bribes & gifting but that’s another (+35,000) or +105,000 in addition.

      Totals (offical DHA visa categories- doesn’t include DFAT or overstayers)
      Dec 2019 2,203,543
      Oct 2021 1,921,727
      Actual reduction onshore -281,816

      And almost of that in the 600,000 plus reduction of illegal working ‘long & repeat stay visitor’ category.
      Other visa categories stayed much the same or went up.

      Cross check of Scanlon source data as further fact check. (MB filter deletes posts with multiple web links so as here as text)
      Temporary visa holders ABS/DHA table
      Use the Oct 2021 data link.

      • Great questions that the rest of the media should be asking, when the Big Australia spruikers make all their false claims.

      • Good on the mayor for bringing the Immigration issue up, and demanding we the people get a say on numbers. The media don’t bother giving everyday people a say, and we just get fed the Big Australia pushers all the time. He also did a great job explaing that the federal government only wants high immigration to help their bottom line, but it’s the rest of us that pay the price for it.

      • run to the hillsMEMBER

        Good to see you back posting Mike, I mix a lot within these circles (Asian vice workers), everything you say above is backed up by my personal experience, the whole immigration industry is a total racket.

  3. “But Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said migration was vital, especially for regional Australia.”
    There is answer to what kind of skilled migration is needed…
    Fruit pickers and Meatworkers.
    These National party types love their Slaves.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      They are Skilled fruit pickers.
      Half of the backpackers probably have degrees from European universities, forced to do 2 months on the farm. They’ve just removed that requirement now, so they can directly become skilled bar workers and Uber drivers in the city.

    • SMH propaganda has even trumped that of the Australian in the last few days, not a single itoa of journalism applied, just a straight through publisher of lobbyist crap. Truely pathetic stuff and a timely reminder for those around here whom like to tell themselves (and others) that the SMH is somehow morally or intellectually superior to any other right or left wing rag.

  4. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    “No politician has been able to demonstrate how our overall wellbeing is improved by mass immigration. ”

    No politician cares. It’s about enriching capital. The average Australian is a pretty awful concentration-camp enthusiast; if I were running things, I wouldn’t give two hoots about their well-being either. When you have a selfish, ignorant electorate, expect selfish, ignorant leaders. The high level of moral depravation of the Australian electorate simply makes it so that your leaders and owners of capital can fleece you with a clean conscience.

    Given that high immigration from third world countries does improve the life of the immigrants, and that Australians are pretty awful so who cares about their standard of living, there’s a strong argument that big Australia is actually making the world a better place.

    Set NOM to 400k to make up for lost time during COVID.

  5. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Last I checked, most Sydney mayors are irrelevant nobodies in the pocket of property developers. They certainly don’t have any power over immigration policy at all. Even if they did, they’d talk the talk to get elected and then 100% back big Australia because that’s what their property developer owners demand.