Dominic Perrottet becomes NSW Premier

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has been voted leader of the NSW Liberal Party and Premier of NSW in a contest against Planning Minister Rob Stokes.

Perrottet won the ballot 39 – 5. Jobs Minister Stuart Ayres has been confirmed as deputy leader.

I have mixed feelings about Perrottet.

On the one hand, Perrottet is behind the push to scrap stamp duties in NSW for land taxes – a brave reform that would greatly improve efficiency and equity.

On the other hand, Perrottet opposed NSW going into lockdown at the beginning of this outbreak and is a card carrying cheerleader of mass immigration.

I’d be interested in NSW readers’ views about Perrottet.

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  1. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    You really don’t wanna know what I think of this ….C#%€£?$&@?#% =¥€£><#%£€¥ =

  2. A conservative Catholic (like “our Tone”), good looking man, what’s not to like. The previous dude was hideous…

    • So its religious right, neo-liberal, presiding over a property ponzi, and open slather borders. Should get on much better with Canberra you would think. There’s a NSW opinion.

      The stamp duty reform is the one very good idea – or attempt (if it ever actually happens after another year of “consultation”), but any other policies out there? But stamp duty of 30K is in the noise for affordability when house prices increasing 100K a year

      Rob Stokes was not factional so lost, and was a Planning Minister who was interested and understood it, with a degree in Planning and environment.

      • Sorry, I was being a bit facetious about Perrottet.
        And I had never heard about Stokes, can’t say anything really.

    • Western society was built on the back of God and the Christian faith. Head to Africa, Middle East or Asia if you want to see the alternative.

      Christian cultures have made the most concessions for progressive movements and will continue to make many more. Is there anything truly wrong with a faith that tries to have the nucleus family as a goal as social structure one should aspire to?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        The Catholic Church hasn’t been an example of virtue and family values for many centuries. But it has been very good at wielding power and accumulating wealth.

        Look at Catholic Latin America, in contrast to Protestant US and Northern Europe. The picture is a little more nuanced than you are painting.

      • I completely agree with you that the foundations have built our societies and I owe a debt of gratitude to the basis of Christianity. Before firing off your keyboard, I said Happy Clappy…there is a huge difference between faith and common courtesy and forcing your insular conservative beliefs on people.

        Here’s a good test: am I forcing my views and beliefs on someone that only effects me; versus letting people do what they like so long as it doesn’t adversely effect others.

      • Many of the Nordic countries are not big on religion. Their freedoms exceed what we have in Australia, they have a bigger middle class, better average income and limited god fearing people. Perhaps, religion has nothing to do with an egalitarian society.

        • Richie Incognito

          You too often irrationally confuse and rationalise dissonance as ‘irony’. Yes you, not the other person. But of course you are always right and not open to counter evidence ironically like a fundie.

          • Hey that looks like Richie the Totesbewoke guy…..

            Nah. Way too calm and no mention of either immigration or the Greens.

      • Richie Incognito

        ‘Christian cultures have made the most concessions for progressive movements and will continue to make many more’
        And the progressing off a cliff continues.

  3. I can’t help but think the land tax shift coincided with the Armageddon predictions for the property market, with the direct knock-on effect on stamp duty receipts. Clearly the opposite happened to the market…has a land tax been mentioned recently?

  4. A caring sharing autocrat, who also wheels the kids in the pram. A cheerleader of mass immigration to further crush-load Sydney, but also supports “stronger borders”. Assisted dying is going to be his Amy Coney Barrett moment.

  5. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Makes Tony Abbott look like a left-wing Jesuit fighting for social equity in a remote Bolivian parish, far from Vatican scrutiny.

    (Never had a job outside of LNP politics. What more do you need to know?)

    • Six kids belies the job statement. Think that’s the same number as the good populate or perish demography doctor.

      • Yes indeed.
        At an age where some men are just considering if they might father a child, our Dom already has 6, and who knows how many more his wife will squeeze out.
        It is his free choice to make alongside his wife of course, but on a planet that will have to meet the needs of 8 billion people by 2024, this action looks very unsustainable and thoughtless to many observers I am sure.
        Hardly leading by example in 2021.

          • Dom is still a young bloke. He can match that so long as his bride is up for the challenge!

          • Australia has had TFR of less than 2 for 50 years, and last year still saw +130K net births minus deaths.
            What is truly unsustainable on a planet with a burden of nearly 8 billion people is the current annual increase of 80 million additional souls. Any concern about the low replacement or slight decline in population is totally misplaced.

    • Yep that’s my read too.
      In a way Perrottet is just too transparent and too full of himself
      What’s that quote quote from “The Departed”
      I’m The Guy Who Does His Job. You Must Be The Other Guy.”
      I for one don’t want a Premier that thinks his s#it don’t stink…you just can’t work with someone like that

  6. Perrottet is the new Premier.
    From very very ultra right Catholic Church ( is there no end to these religious fundamentalists ?). A Trump entheusist, A Climate Heating denier. A Privatisor extrordinaire. I expect the fossil fuel industries to prosper under Perrottet’s premiership.
    Perrottet will open up society quickly so the Covid epidemic will reach new heights in terms of infections , hospital overload and deaths.
    Perrottet was the minister in charge of the ICARE fraud , and the contraversial creation of the transport super Corporation.It is within the bounds of possibility that he too, will be going to the ICAC.
    The Assisted Dying legislation will be is first big test, I expect he will come under a lot of pressure from the Catholic Church to oppose a free vote , but he needs the support of the 2 independents who have put up the assisted Dying Bill to save his government from being defeated on the floor of the lower house.
    The stampede for the exits by senior Liberal and National party ministers could be a pointer to Perrottet’s style. Is he such a complete bustard that none of his colleagues will work under him ?
    Apart from the voluntry resignations there is a Govt front bencher with rape allegations and police criminal prosecutions pending , further theatening the governments stability. This will mean there are 4 bye elections in the coming months further threatening the governments survival. It will be interesting to see wether it can go the full term.

  7. Now, now, people, you all know the rules, anything that happens before becoming leader is inadmissible and should be completely ignored, thankfully the media don’t need to be reminded. The swearing in process absolves the new leader of any prior responsibility and all previous connections severed so they start the role as pure as the driven snow.

  8. His approach to stamp duty is refreshing. On the other hand Chris Joye nailed his completely inappropriate attempt to create a pseudo hedge fund rather than pay down elevated state debt.

    He has big stilettos to step into. Now’s his chance. I wish him well.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      He isn’t factionally aligned. The new “lead” for the dominant LNP “left” is Ayres, who brokered the deal and nabbed himself deputy liberal leader in the process

  9. As far as I can see, the Land Tax proposal is the only thing DP ( and frankly the entire government) has going for it. And that is still just a proposal.

    I’ve sent emails too both the State Opposition Leader and Shadow Treasurer asking for their position on the proposals and didn’t get a reply from either. So I’m not confident they they will do it.

  10. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I think he’ll be good for Sydney. His brand of conservative Catholicism shares the same views on women as the religion of peace flowing through parts of Western Sydney.

    He could well reunite a city torn apart by covid apartheid. It will be a win for all. Just don’t be female. Or a po0f.

    • Lol. That’s the half of the population that don’t count. Keep em bare foot and preggers that’ll fix em.

      NSW just went back a thousand years or two and migrated to a hot sandy place.