COVID Update: Daily cases rise in NSW and VIC

Today’s COVID cases have been released for NSW and Victoria.

There were 444 new locally acquired COVID cases recorded across NSW over the past 24 hours, along with four deaths:

Across Victoria, there were 1571 new COVID cases and 13 deaths:

The next chart plots daily cases across both states:

Meanwhile, active cases are still rising across Victoria, but falling across NSW:

The percentage of tests across NSW over the past 24 hours that came back positive was only 0.423%, according to COVIDBaseAU:

By contrast, 1.985% of tests across Victoria came back positive:

NSW’s Reff remains below 1.0 at 0.76, which means cases should continue to fall, according to COVIDBaseAU:

By comparison, Victoria’s Reff remains slightly above 1.0 at 1.06, but is falling:

Victoria’s COVID outbreak is clearly much worse, but at least the situation is beginning to improve.

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  1. 444-4? We’re about find out how true the Chinese are to their own believes.
    Expect a mass exodus from NSW.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      Now have to hope that it doesn’t mutate to be more lethal. The first mutations were about transmission which it did with ease, now it is bumping up against vaccinations.

    • Reus's large MEMBER

      We were pretty lucky that it was the whuflu that got out of the lab, they were also doing gain of function research on the Nipah virus, naturally has 60% fatality rate but the version in the lab that they were trying to make human transmissible was around 80% fatality combined with a 45 day incubation period before you show symptoms. I would have been a people cleansing event for the earth.

    • ‘Keep rolling the dice, it will get around to you sooner or later’

      That’s the reason that despite vaccines being effective at reducing the risk of transmission everyone who’s had the vaccine is going to get covid anyway – the number of dice rolls is effectively infinite, so it doesn’t matter how big a number you need to roll, it will always come up.

      • Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

        Caged hens live longer and have fewer injuries than free range hens. Neither approach is wrong as long as you get to choose for yourself which type of hen you want to be.

    • Healthy individuals are going to be asymptomatic on reinfiction, same way 80% influenza is asymptomatic every year. Memory T-cells and B-cells mean you don’t get sick. Helps to take Vitamin D during winter though.

      • I do! Works the calves and quads. More time for beer. Jeez what are you, some kind of anti beer drinking whacko?

    • Reus's large MEMBER

      Que Fcukwit Fauci downplaying Asprin in 3..2…1

      The current Phizzler, Maderna, AstraClotta covid treatments are nothing more than just treatments that have a higher risk than what is allowed to be reported under the current narrative. There are other treatments out there that are effective, as proven by millions of cases now in Asia and Africa that are not allowed to be spoken of under the current narrative.

  2. So now it’s looking like a dead heat -if there’s no resurgence, Vic peaked at day 65 with 28039 cumulative infections for delta outbreak 2, NSW peaked at day 82 with 29018.