COVID update: Cases fall across VIC and NSW

Victoria has recorded another 1993 locally acquired COVID cases and seven deaths over the past 24 hours:

By contrast, NSW has recorded only 319 new locally acquired cases and two deaths:

The next chart plots the daily cases across both jurisdictions, with both states registering falls:

Below are the active cases, which have massively diverged:

Victoria’s Reff remains above 1.0 at 1.06, according to COVIDBaseAU:

By contrast, NSW’s Reff is well below 1.0 at 0.76:

A tale of two very different cities.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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      • Funny how driving a infringements in a different state can find you 7 years later no matter where you go, but this, nah mate, it’s ok!

    • Should isolate him til he is no longer infectious. Then drop him off in the middle of Hobart. Let the locals sort him out.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Probably a Scummo envoy sent to assist in the design of spreading WuFlu into the zero states.

    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      They’re in the 65% to 70% fully vaccinated range so you’d think they would just start to live with it and save the economic and civil rights pain. It will be interesting to see how the zero states play their first cases when we open up because it is going to happen.

      • The government response is not particularly useful in this case. Lockdown half the state for one man and no evidence of onward transmission when the state is less than 3 weeks from 80% vaccination.

      • The LGA north of Hobart that the man went to after escaping only has approx 55% over 16s vaccinated. Include kids and its like 40% or so of the total population.

        The state government has said wants 90% before reopening. Health care system is not as good as other states. Small state has higher percent of fixed costs running health dept, plus need to consolidate one of hospitals in the north(there are 3 small ones currently) as insufficient staff

  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    for those who observe behavior and patterns you would notice that across Vic, NSW and QLD that narrative from the politicians and the news is subtly but rapidly changing, restrictions are starting to ease, borders are starting to open even despite high case numbers. This one trick pony doesnt have long to run now

    • yes but you missed the bit where the infrastructure is being rolled out to exclude anyone from society who refuses the boosters. they’re saying it’s only to exclude the unvaccinated, but the penny still hasn’t dropped for those who though two jabs meant they were fully vaccinated for life.
      the public focus needs to shift to pressuring the politicians to name the conditions for lifting the state of emergency.

  2. So I live in Sydney. I have family in Melbourne, who have a beach house down the surf coast.

    I seem to be able to fly to Melbourne and then go anywhere I like in Victoria. So I could catch up with them in Melbourne and then go down to their beach house. But they can’t join me as regional Victoria is closed to Melbourne.

    Meanwhile, I can’t visit regional NSW.

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

      • So ….the officer gets within 1.5 m of a dangerous unmasked person. And touches the cup that you have been putting to your your mouth and breathing over. OK that makes sense.

        Apparently mums groups are “exercising” drinking wine from coffee cups. Good for them.

        Two years ago if anybody had said…… in the future groups of Police Officers will be checking to see whether you are carrying an empty coffee cup to avoid wearing a mask that will not protect you against a virus that you are vaccinated against and which will not harm the healthy… we would have laughed in their face.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Steve ,(two years sgo)
            Many years ago they would have thought you were talking about that futureistic horror film where if you didn’t have a number tattooed on the forehead then you had no access to shops.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Maybe they could make a new horror movie where most of the worlds population are unhealthy, kept alive by big phama.The healthy ones are ostracized and hunted down to be Injected with unknown substance on a recurring basis. The last ones realizing how sick the planet had become as even the big phama started believing in their own lies and had had themselves injected, not realizing the imperative need for bad germs in the body giving the good germs an alternative to becoming delinquent and attacking the host.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            Good to see the anti-vaxxer fruitcake “kill all the fatties” brigade are still spewing their demented psychobabble on this site.

      • The Penske FileMEMBER

        I saw that. I will now ensure that I have something in my keep cup to stop having to wear a face nappy


      The Vic gov site is convoluted, but suggests the following from the 19th so long as 2 x vax. Can’t see that I am restricted to Melbourne.
      From 11:59pm 19 October 2021, fully vaccinated people entering Victoria from red zones will need a negative result from a test taken no more than 72 hours prior to entry. This includes people who aren’t Victorian residents.
      Once they enter, they must isolate, get tested again within 72 hours, and stay isolated until they get a negative result. They will not need to undergo 14 days’ quarantine.

  3. Friends, wear masks and wash your hands regardless of freedom.
    I live in a country with strict social distancing, mandatory mask wearing and infections still rising.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Sounds like a pretty sh1t place to live! Sounds like those totalitarian health orders are a waste of time then.

      The one thing I have celebrated about our regaining freedoms more than anything else is not having to wear those gawd awful and extremely impractical masks! I loathe chicken sh1ts wearing them unnecessarily. It’s shows their fear.

      And, quite frankly, I don’t mind if I get infected now. It’s gonna happen eventually anyway, if it hasn’t already. The more infections I obtain the stronger I become!

      • You been vaccinated yet, tough guy? Your almond latte sipping, power walking ways suggest you’re in a vulnerable age group.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Not much of a tough guy when it comes to diseases. That’s why when people ask if I’ve been to Bali, I respond that I’m scared of their mosquitoes.
            Whoops directed at Reusa not me as he’s the latte power walker.
            Cappuccino for me

          • Apparently the vid didn’t mention the electret fibres in N95 masks.

            “N95 filters are constructed from electret fibers, which are charged, and collect ALL particle sizes with high efficiency. So, that’s how you get low breathing resistance and high efficiency with a respirator filter. To obtain the same very high efficiency with a woven cloth material, you would need many, many layers of cloth, which would be impossible to breathe through.”

            I’ve ordered a Strayan made bunch of these for around $2.00 each. Last for 6 hours. If kept in a a plastic bag, last a fair while.

    • “I live in a country with strict social distancing, mandatory mask wearing and infections still rising”
      Seems like doing that doesn’t work very well…

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Surgical masks are inferior. They let airborn particles inward past the nose to cheek area and unless the virus has the accompanied water droplets (conceded which is most of the time) virus is smaller than the filtrating material and would pass straight through.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        Yes it’s all rather pointless with such a high vacc rate.

        It’s all about social control rather than public health.

    • This. No more needs to be said – reply in wrong place. Written in regards to Singers ressy – wear a mask and social distance.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    What is wrong with Victorians and their lack of ability to comply with simple health orders and forced vaccinations?

    I love this MSM line “One man, posing as a member of the press, told the man he did a great job as he filmed his arrest.” Haha I wonder who this “pretend media” person, not sticking to the narrative, was.

    • You missed the point totally: he was congratulating the guy for squirming and making it look dramatic.