Australia rockets up global vaccine rankings

After a sluggish start, Australia’s vaccine rollout has been exemplary.

On Wednesday, 70% of the 16+ population population will be fully vaccinated. The 80% full vaccination threshold is due to be hit on 1 November, the 90% threshold on 13 November. And by 11 December, 100% of the 16+ population is due to be fully vaccinated:

Australia has also rocketed up the global vaccine rollout rankings. Currently, 55.24% of Australia’s total population is fully vaccinated with another 15.52% partially vaccinated. Australia’s vaccine coverage has now surpassed the USA and will soon surpass the UK:

New Zealand has also experienced a similar rise with vaccination coverage that is almost identical to Australia’s.

Good job all round.

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    • We removed it because of no access to playgrounds. Everyone had their own ‘playground’ reason to want lockdowns to end.

    • Was saying this months ago, it became pure politics around shortening dose interval. I waited 9 weeks between Pfizer jabs based on efficacy research….3 weeks pfftt.

      Anyways, the whole thing will become mute on re-opening. We need to use the vaccine air cover to infect every man, women and child. Makes the need for boosters unnecessary as we all become infected with the latest strain and allow our bodies the most up to date immunity.

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      If you read the comments there the comparison should be 4 weeks after the second dose in both interval regimens. When you compare the numbers there the benefits of the longer dosage interval appear far less significant.

      Yes the longer dosing interval seems to be optimal – but perhaps not enough to say it would have been better in the face of the public health crisis that is the context for the shortened dosing interval right?

  1. The international comparisons don’t mean much unless you also consider totals of immunity achieved via natural immunity. On that basis 100-120m Americans have already had it, therefore why would they require a vaccine?

  2. Potentially because the drug companies have a commercial fear of the existence of a control arm in their drug trial. Also, how many of those “fully vaccinated” in these statistics have completed their courses in the last six months – because as soon as the boosters are announced, the “fully vaccinated” counter resets to zero and the boulder needs to be pushed back up the mountain once more.

      • They’re not waiting for the science on travel permits to restrict the movement of the unvaccinated (there is no evidence), nor waiting for the science that wearing non P2/N95 masks outdoors works (there is no evidence), nor waiting for the science that early treatment with ivermectin doesn’t work (there is no evidence).
        Why wait for the science that boosters are needed when it’s clear that the immunity from Pfizer is significantly lower within 6 months? Consider that they need more people to cross the psychological threshold of consenting to a first and second dose before they reveal that it’s potentially going to be a life long vaccination schedule, and your movement permit can be rescinded at any point if you withdraw your consent/refuse to comply.

        The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode their rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

        • Jumping jack flash

          Consider that when 80% of the voting public is vaxxed it should be pretty easy for governments to bring in social controls for the unvaxxed with little to no opposition or scrutiny. Everyone will be like: “I’m far too busy to care about anything except myself and my debt, and I’m vaxxed anyway so I don’t really need to”.

          The pro-vax “protests” in Brisbane on the weekend were decent proof of this. While still very small, support will gradually increase to drown out the dissenters and their opinions will no longer be viewed as valid, if they ever were. This is democracy after all! There’s nothing in the rules to say that democracy needs to be fair. The only difference between democracy and fascism is perception, and whether you’re a part of the mob or not.

          • The only difference between democracy and fascism is perception, and whether you’re a part of the mob or not.


            Maybe when people who aren’t “part of the mob” are getting thrown into furnaces or out of helicopters, you might have a point.

          • Jumping jack flash

            “Maybe when people who aren’t “part of the mob” are getting thrown into ovens or out of helicopters, you might have a point.”

            It goes in degrees. It doesn’t always need to be ultraviolence, especially these days.

  3. C.M.BurnsMEMBER

    bet you a million dollarydoos we don’t hit 100% vaccination (of people aged 16+) on the 11th December or anytime after that

  4. Shows you the lockdowns were always a failure of the federal govt for vaccine procurement and roll-out.
    It will become more and more clear when people ask themselves “now why didn’t we have this freedom sooner than later and now have aassive debt to pay? Oh that’s right, the Feds cocked up the vaccine roll-out”

  5. Very typical Aussie adoption curve.. tentative and slow at first followed by quick deployment once the cost/benefit becomes clear. Mobile phones, renewables are other examples.

  6. Hardly a good job all round. Morrison and Hunt completely stuffed up the vaccine supply, and were complacent (remember “it’s not a race”?) when we had zero numbers. The recent NSW outbreak which blew out to Vic, ACT and NZ, resulting in devastating lockdowns could all have been avoided if Morrison had done his job.

  7. Hi Leith, for some reason I’m not able to read David’s posts on my iPhone. I stopped being able to see them about a month ago, and just get the cutoff asking me to sign up but yours and Chris’s come through fine.

    I’m figuring as I can see the other two posts, it’s a problem at your end given I can see other posts. Anyone else having this?