Victoria’s COVID outbreak spirals to 6000

Victoria has recorded a pandemic high 603 new COVID cases over the past 24 hours, alongside one death:

The next chart plots the breakout in daily cases:

VIC daily cases

Victoria’s daily cases continue to track way ahead of NSW’s at the same point in their outbreak:

VIC vs NSW daily cases

Active cases have climbed to 6000:

VIC active cases

And Victoria’s active cases are running ahead of NSW’s at the same point in their outbreak:

VIC vs NSW active cases

Yesterday, the Victorian Government directed all construction sites in locked-down metropolitan and regional areas to shut down for two weeks from 21 September. It stated that the directive was in response to the wild protests seen outside the CFMEU’s headquarters in Melbourne, allied with the continued transmission of COVID-19 on worksites.

Up to 500 anti-vaccination protesters attacked the CFMEU’s office in response to vaccination mandates that are about to come into effect. The CFMEU has stated it supports the vaccination of construction workers, but does not believe that it should be mandatory.

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  1. The Penske FileMEMBER

    What did dopey Dan expect when he reopened the playgrounds? The CBD is dead this morning though and I see this really stinging some people. Gladys will come out as the champ in the end.

    • There’s way too many people just competely disregarding the rules now.

      – I see visitors go in/out of neighbours places regularly.
      – approx. 50% of people not wearing masks
      – my local cafe let me have my coffee inside, sitting down: because it was cold
      – Tradies next door still working on a renovation even though construction is shut down
      – Picnics of up to 20 people regularly at local park area (with BBQ, cover, etc.)

      The silent protest is best. Not enough police to enforce all of these idiotic rules.
      Both the CHO and the Premier need to go.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        And have the Hospital system collapse, as is happening right now? What a Brilliant plan Black Adder! Staggeringly Brilliant!

        • The ‘hospital system’ shouldn’t dictate life.

          If there’s not enough spaces in hospitals, then so be it. We don’t stop life altogether to save the 0.5%.
          At home treatments or temporary capacity increases will be the way to go. Other countries/jurisdictions have done it, why can’t we?

        • The hospital system has been collapsing for decades as it is slowly run down and privatised. That is a deliberate policy of successive governments as there are vast amounts of donations/bribes to be gained from following that path.

        • Had a chat with a front line workers at Western Health on Sunday. He’s not looking forward to the next few weeks. They’ve been holding on yet don’t think they will be able to deal with their new status as a covid treatment hospital and the opening up. It sounds like we’ll soon get those who complained about the restrictions complaining about not being able to access the health service for elective surgery or other non life threatening things. Selfish be selfish.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            Yep. A lot of my neighbours work at the Austin, the tertiary hospital in Melbourne’s North-East. They are saying the same thing.

            The amoral selfishness in these comments is a sight to behold. Reminds me of the PAFO drunks and drug addicts that clog up Emergency on a Friday and Saturday night. Rage at those trying to help them, and faint at the sight of blood.

          • We can live real lives, rather than in fear.

            If 10,000 lives (hell, even 30,000 lives) is the cost of this option, so be it.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            “If 10,000 lives (hell, even 30,000 lives) is the cost of this option, so be it.”

            Ha ha ha! When the powers that be start seriously treating you recalcitrants to the difficult life you so thoroughly deserve, they won’t even need to look for any justification. Your own words are enough to show that you’re so irresponsible that you shouldn’t be permitted to have any rights. Your rights won’t last more than 5 years, because you refuse to accompany them with responsibility. Enjoy being treated like the demented child you are!

          • Lord Dudley there are about 170,000 deaths per year in Australia. If 30,000 people in Australia with an average age of around 80 were to die from covid it would not even make a blip on the life expectancy charts. However, now that most have been vaccinated it is highly unlikely that the amount of deaths would get above 5,000. Lockdowns will be responsible for more suffering than the effects of covid and should be ended immediately.

          • Thank you Jarrod.

            Some context behind numbers is very much appreciated. Much better than drivel about ‘responsibility’.
            I’m advocating that every indivdual is responsible for themselves. It’s their risk to take.

            I had COVID, I’m also fully vaccinated. This is not about not getting vaccinated, it’s about freedom over medical choice.

          • 30k deaths from a new cause would absolutely make a difference to life expectancy. Obviously that’s roughly an 18% increase in deaths. In 2020 the USA experienced almost the same proportional increase in deaths – 17.7% excess deaths due to covid – and saw almost 2 years (1.9 years) wiped off life expectancy as a result. To put that in context, life expectancy had been slowly increasing – that 1.9 year drop wipes off two decades off life expectancy improvement.

    • Not to the regional burghers she won’t.

      Sitting up here in the Northern Rivers – the entire region mostly Covid free and about to be tipped back into lockdown because of the non-rules governing travel from Sydney.

      An authorised worker can come up here, visit the Kingscliff Hotel for 5 hours? Really? Visit every supermarket in Lismore? Really? Dear me.

      A very, very dim view is held at scale of the government. Especially Bruz.

    • It still fathoms belief that they still blame Dan Andrews on this rather then Morrison and his miss-handling of the pandemic.

      • They are all equally accountable.

        Dan Andrews owns state healthcare and successive govts have underinvested resulting in an “ICU crisis”. Dan Andrews took on quarantine and then outsourced to private contractors which caused outbreaks and killed over 800. Dan Andrews has been responsible for the longest lockdown anywhere in the world and still unable to contain the virus.

        SFM is equally corrupt, failed on quarantine forcing the states hands. He failed on vaccines meaning rationing across the nation. He failed public accountability tests. He failed human decency tests.

        Can you please stop being so binary and sitting in camp ALP or LNP. Admit it, they are both absolutely bloody terrible.

      • We’ve been at this over a year.

        Why haven’t we increased ICU/hospital capacity?
        Take over big venues, setup makeshift hospital.

        Standard of care will temporarily drop. Tough luck.

        • I think the reason is because the restrictions and controls put in place were never about health care, they are about control and power.
          You could save way more years of life lost by just putting a large tax on processed foods and in particular soft drink. This would be far less of a burden on people than lockdowns but no politician will touch it.

          • Yep, all the numbers provided are not verifiable. There is zero transparency on the advice and data given and the decisions made. So far if you look at this from a clinical perspective taking out the virus (and your fear of it) and look at the information provided, the constantly changing narrative it doesnt add up.

            Even what they are doing is a violation of our constitutional laws, they were designed to protect the citizens against a leader abusing the their power, yet that is exactly what is occurring. The most staggering part of this however is that people are supporting handing over their freedoms and rights in an open abuse, all for their own perceived safety.

            And then lets ask the same question again, where did the flu go? zero, thats correct ZERO death from flu this year. How is it possible to go from the highest flu death rate in history in 2019-2020 to ZERO in 2020-2021?? Its just not possible.

          • @ Boom to Bust, re the absence of flu deaths. Yes it’s quite possible. NPIs work, as has been explained many times by infectious diseases specialists.

        • Agree – they have had 18 months to get it ready. Time to move on. Most people are over it and acting accordingly.


            Blame scummo. Vaccines should’ve been at critical mass by now. We’ll be “moving on” more or less within months. But we’re still waiting to be fully vaxxed, should’ve been there by now.

      • The hospitals can shove it.

        For years doctors and nurses have sucked-up to idiotic management of the hospitals.

        “You cannot talk to the media” “yes sir”
        “You must run this ward with less staff” “yes master”
        “Young doctors should work a 60 hour week” “Of course, whatever you say, I’m sure they won’t make any mistakes”
        “No one is allowed to complain” “sure, the manager is always right”
        “No one mention those ambulances banked up outside” “we will say nothing to harm the image of your hospital master”
        “Now you all must take this experimental vaccine” “yes, yes, yes you are the boss of my body Mr Manager”

        The hospitals are a disgrace.

  2. Chew on this gristle…
    “While the media was fixated on freedoms and roadmaps, Australian ICU experts made an eye-opening call to the government:
    Indemnify healthcare workers who’ll be forced to deny people admission to overflowing ICU wards.”

    “There’s a very good reason for this. US doctor Anna Pou was arrested on second-degree murder charges when she made decisions no doctor should ever have to make in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

  3. 48,829 test results received, 603 positive cases and mass deaths of …..1. 95%+ of the 603 will go onto make a full recovery, the other 48,223 tested didn’t even have the damn thing.

    MB continues to propagate panic driven click bait. Where is the perspective, where is the nuance, where is the analysis of all the failed modelling? This site shouldn’t be a talking piece for the Victorian Govt.

    • “Where is the perspective, where is the nuance, where is the analysis of all the failed modelling? “
      Speaking of perspective, have you been listening to what is happening in the health system?

    • Of the whole 7 people with “hypometabolic” brains aged 10-13, only 3 actually tested positive for COVID (one via PCR and two via serology). So the majority of the “long COVID” cases with persistent symptoms never even tested positive for coronavirus. One of the children had antibodies against their own DNA and one had a CMV co-infection.
      But let’s call it COVID anyway and say they have a syndrome. Flying blind indeed.

  4. they are not anti vacs protestors, pro choice/ anti dictator yes, wake up and smell the roses people, look at whats going on in AU

  5. I really do hope this nation never has to face a serious crisis that requires people to think of someone other than themselves and maybe make a few sacrifices for the greater good. The degree of resilience and strength articulated by some there is pathetic. The selfishness and lack of concern for others, disgraceful.

    Cue “muh freedoms”, “dictator”, “thin edge of the wedge”, “wake up sheeple”, “the numbers don’t support this” blah, blah, blah in 3… 2… 1…

    • The entire system is built on the right incentives. That’s how capitalism works.

      It’s not perfect, but it’s the best of a bad bunch. We all saw how communism worked out.

    • If ever Australia does face a crisis it will be the middle aged white collared workers that are currently supporting restrictions while working from home that turn out to be the most useless. Just as they were in every previous crisis.

  6. Dan giving up on zero covid was always going to result in more people not complying. He joined the neo liberal Coalition snakes in rushing to open up. What did people expect?!


      Full fcken dropkicks. I’ve met a few. Project manager I know is stoked to have 2 weeks off – sick of dealing with absoloute muppets.