Victorian Liberals go ‘back to the future’ with leader

Victoria’s Opposition leader Michael O’Brien has been ousted at a party room meeting this morning with former leader Matthew Guy gaining the support of 20 of the 31 state Liberal MPs:

The process took less than 10 minutes after the meeting convened at 7:45am, with Guy ally Tim Smith moving a motion to spill the leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party.

Opposition police spokesman David Southwick has been elected deputy Liberal leader, edging out treasury spokeswoman Louise Staley and backbencher Ryan Smith.

Michael O’Brien was completely useless, but is returning to Matthew Guy – who got smashed last election – the answer? You don’t promote a general after losing a war. Surely there is somebody competent and fresh in the party?

Victoria is the closest thing to a one party state and desperately needs a strong opposition.

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  1. Nah I think WA has got you covered in terms of a one party state. Can you think of a strong opposition party in any state? (genuine question). The pandemic times we live in has made it extremely difficult to be relevant as an opposition leader and because of this they look small, inconsequential and incompetent. Notwithstanding that O’Brien probably didn’t need the help of a pandemic to look particularly ill-suited to the role of opposition leader.

  2. arescarti42MEMBER

    “Victoria is the closest thing to a one party state and desperately needs a strong opposition.”

    The ACT would like a word with you (yes, I know, territory, not a state). Last time we had a liberal government was 2001…

    At the last election the ACT Libs ran on a magic pudding platform of lowering taxes, and increasing services. Their leader resorted to stunts like freezing a rates notice in a block of ice, and kicking down a cardboard box wall labelled “cost of living”.

  3. kierans777MEMBER

    I thought Dim Tim would have gotten the deputy spot. The Liberals have dodged a bullet there.

    The Vic Libs are hopeless because they don’t have any actual policy. The East West Link is not a policy (and it’s a lemon to boot).

  4. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    ……….And in other news today the Victorian State Liberal Party has changed its Official Mascot from the Type 3 to the Type 5 variant of the Bristol Stool Chart

    New Leader Matthew Guy says the change reflects the recommitment of the party to the people of Victoria and is part of the positioning for the coming State Election.

    ‘There is no doubt that the Liberal State Branch, although as pungent as ever, was confusing some voters with the sausage shape with cracks as a Mascot and a key part of our marketing.  By reverting to soft blobs with clear edges we will be able to really reaffirm with the electorate just who we are and what we stand for.  The Victorian people know precisely what we are and have a long experience in knowing that when it comes to their situation we are the last word in faecal representation. The Liberal touch, the Liberal bouquet, and the all round Liberal feel – once the electorate has that experience they never forget it.  But we are more than just that.  It isnt just who we are, but what we do, and it is at the core of each and every one of us, as a value, an ideology, and a measure of ourselves, and the new look is just the part of an ongoing hands-on evolution of ourselves as the voter experience.  We look forward to taking this to the people in the upcoming State election with a key theme that no matter how faecal things may be, they could always be made more so by the Liberal party in Victoria.’  

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