Victorian COVID cases surge upwards

Victoria has recorded another 246 locally acquired COVID cases over the past 24 hours:

Of the 246 local cases, only 90 are linked to known cases and outbreaks and the remainder under investigation.

As shown in the next chart, it was the equal highest daily number this outbreak (same as yesterday):

VIC daily cases

Victoria’s daily cases are running above NSW’s at the same point in the outbreak:

New local cases

Active cases in Victoria have nearly hit 1800:

VIC active cases

And active cases are growing at a similar pace to NSW’s at the same point in the outbreak:

Active cases

The next few months are looking bleak for Melburnians who on 23 September will take the world record for being the most locked-down city.

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  1. Sadly it looks as if we are jumping 2 weeks ahead of Sydney’s outbreak progression at this point, will squander the head start on vaccinations if we’re not careful. Was 6-7 weeks behind Sydney but may only be 4-5 weeks now…

  2. The numbers seem correlated to cries for covid treatment jab, to be precise, with the pressure to get one.
    But that is not interesting at all. What is interesting is that we are on the path to get the jab to “reduce nunbers” but these will it go down with the jab.
    So numbers will only climb from now on

    And delete this comment in 3, 2, 1….

      • That comment doesn’t seem anti-vaxx to me. Nowhere did they say vaccines don’t work.

        It’s like the reaction to Guy Sebastian’s comments. I am vaccinated against COVID (amongst other things), but completely agree with his take. Don’t force the thing onto others as you don’t know their cicumstances – this whole guilt trip has to stop.

        Just because we’re not all laying on the guilt trip to anyone weighing ther options, it doesn’t make us anti-vaxxers.


          I seem them railing against vaccines in a previous post. For the record I don’t think vaccines should be mandatory (for most people/occupations). It just really seems a lot of hard work to pore through all the vaccine data, mix in a few biases, do some mental gymnastics and come to many various conclusions as to why the vaccine doesn’t work. Just seems really exhausting thats all.

          I almost reccommend folks get vaxxed so they can let go of all that mental baggage which the vaccinated just don’t worry about anymore.

          • People have to assess their level of risk. Being vaccinated doesn’t just give you the right to go out there to just spread disease and filth either.

            There isn’t much information about the vaccines past the immediate short term. It’s always better to avoid medication it’s a last resort to me. I’m not on medication for anything, never been on medication for anything (some people on all kinds of medications and supplements so a few injections per year for something in the experimental phase is no big deal for them) I’d rather not go onto a medical treatment for the rest of my life if there are alternatives or taking sensible precautions to avoid the virus.

            The experts said 80% vaccination would give us herd immunity, instead cases and deaths have ramped up in the UK and Israel.


      Why on Earth would you “stick to the national plan” when you see the Feds taking tour vaccine stock and funnelling it to NSW?

  3. Dan’s “Roadmap out of Lockdown” is turning into a Melways out of Lockdown where no one has any idea where the actual destination is meant to be.