Victorian COVID cases rocket to new pandemic high

As Melburnians awake to another miserable cold Spring day and the 237th day of lockdown, they also learn that Victoria has recorded 847 locally acquired COVID cases and one death:

It was easily the highest daily case number recorded across the state over the pandemic:

Victoria’s daily cases are running way ahead of NSW’s at the same point in their outbreak:

Victoria’s active cases have risen past 7600:

And Victoria’s active cases are running well ahead of NSW’s at the same point in time:

To add final insult to injury, Melbourne has lost the AFL Grand Final for the second consecutive year and residents once again aren’t allowed to watch the match with their mates (or anybody outside their immediate family for that matter).

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  1. This grand final thing, would it even exist if it wasn’t for gambling? Most people in Australia and everyone overseas really doesn’t care. It’s very cult like the way Victorians or ex Victorians glorify pig skin being kicked between sticks.

      • “Nothing to do” with gambling? LOL. You might want to check how much the AFL makes from gambling partnerships.

        It’s like that day in November when they shoot horses because they break legs for people’s entertainment. That’s an institution as well, gambling has nothing to do with it.

        • Mate, the AFL Grand Final has been massive my entire life, long before the gambling culture took off. I’ve been going to GF parties and BBQs my entire life. It isn’t some new phenomenon.
          You clearly are not from Melbourne so don’t understand.

        • 99.99% of Horses get shot. Almost none get put down.

          Spent 30 years with horses – there are no animals better taken care of than race horses – none. They would live a life few humans would enjoy.

          I can absolutely guarantee that you, or anyone else who bangs on about animal cruelty with race horses has never spent any time around animals.

          Really is pathetic bourgeois ignorance.

    • I’m calling WA is more obsessed with AFL than Victoria. I knew a fella in Karratha who had the entire gable end of his house painted as the West Coast Eagle. Facing the street a mural many metres squared.

    • Careful! I used to get beaten up as a pommie immigrant at the age of 9 just for not being ‘football’ religious or even having zero knowledge of the tribal activity. Even the headmaster used to give me the strap every Friday afternoon (real) when the real boys played ‘foodie’ and I was forced to watch. That conditioned me to detest it for life. (not keen on UK football culture either after years of that nonsesne)

    • I agree, Australian professional sport since the start of the pandemic has disgraced itself in my eyes.

      At the start we learned they simply didn’t have the dollars (or insurance) to last for even 1 postponed season.
      And in their greed to get the season(s) going again they have had all manner of entitlements that has been denied to the rest of the public who couldn’t even see their loved ones off. They had privileged access to Covid testing of entire teams and support staff when at the start of the pandemic there was a critical reagent shortage that meant other respiratory testing was restricted.

      I ended TV sport subscriptions for these reasons alone, when otherwise prepared to maintain it even if there wasn’t alot on.
      To be honest I don’t miss it, the dramas, abuse of women, referees and bad behaviour.
      Problem is you can already see they have their hands out in post pandemic recovery for all manner of stadiums etc.
      All at the inevitable expense of community/kids sport and infrastructure.Time to vote with the remote IMO.

  2. Despite being the most locked down city in the world.

    “The pro-lockdown evidence is shockingly thin, and based largely on comparing real-world outcomes against dire computer-generated forecasts derived from empirically untested models, and then merely positing that stringencies and “nonpharmaceutical interventions” account for the difference between the fictionalized vs. the real outcome.”

    So the evidence in support of lockdowns largely consists of the observation that countries which locked down didn’t do nearly as badly as the farcical modelling suggested would be the case. The difference between these forecasts and what happened was interpreted as evidence that lockdowns work – not that the models were always wildly pessimistic.

    This is despite the fact that these modellers (and especially Imperial College) have form for wildly pessimistic forecasts eg swine flu, avian flu.

    Not a bad business really. Come up with frightening projections. Suggest a list of measures to mitigate the outbreak. Then when numbers fall way short, you are a genius that saved millions of lives.

    Here’s the thing however. Countries that didn’t have lockdowns didn’t follow the predictions either.

    So the question isn’t whether lockdowns work. But rather, why did China so quickly and emphatically promote an unprecedented initiative? And why when it failed is the response that the lockdowns were not sufficiently strict?

    • Your talking crap Steve.

      Early models in March 2020 were laughable especially the infamous ICL one. As the RBA proves every year modelling is difficult if not impossible at the best of times, doing so with huge datasets lots of unknowns and high levels of randomness is only ever indicative. Add in politics and what do you expect.

      In the last 18 months theres plenty of formal research proving the value of lockdowns and real world evidence where you can compare differing NPI’s against real world data.

      Like climate change this binary between economics and health/wellbeing is completely false. The dead don’t spend quite like they used to.

      The rich don’t want to change their behaviour is the reason both have been fought tooth and nail. Eventually both have to be dealt with (Late stage lockdowns as Hospitals overflowed in New York, London, Milan, etc) and when a 1/3 of the worlds population needs gills to breathe.

      In both cases the optimal choice for society would have been to act early, use the precautionary principle. Yet by and large we will charge headlong into the fire and sod the consequences.

  3. Has any Australian politician explained WHY a vaccine passport is needed now and under what conditions it will no longer be needed and will be dispensed with?

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      My guess is that it is part of the New World Order that Brad Hazzard was banging on about. We need to live with the virus for years to come etc. etc.
      I doubt this vaccine passport will ever be backed out and maybe it is the first step of a social credit system. Baby steps to get people used to the idea under the ruse of protecting them in the pandemic and then expanded.


      Probably for the same reasons that people stopped wearing masks after the Spanish Flu seasons? Ie. They didn’t need to anymore?

  4. I used to really enjoy the photo of the sleeping quarantine guard as used by MB when discussing Melbourne’s 2029 quarantine failure. It genuinely provoked fits of laughter. Good times!

    • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

      Assuming you clearly know something we don’t yet, which drug companies should we be investing in next year? And by any chance do you have any mail on the GF result?


    Okay Australia – TV off – facts at the ready:

    2010 – total deaths all causes = 143,473 (average 2,759 deaths per wk)
    Deaths from flu = 2,373

    2014 – total deaths all causes = 153,580 (average 2,953 deaths per wk)
    Deaths from flu = 2,879

    2019 – total deaths all causes = 168,960 (average 3,249 deaths per wk)
    Deaths from flu = 4,124

    2020 – total deaths all causes = 143,205 (average 2,753 deaths per wk)
    Deaths from flu = 2,170
    Deaths ASSIGNED to COVID = 833*

    2021 – total deaths all causes to Mar 2021 (12 weeks) = 31,363 (average 2,613 deaths per wk)
    Deaths from flu to date = 833 (average 69 per wk)
    Deaths assigned to COVID = 0 (0 per wk)

    Source: Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS):

    What you have to understand here, folks – is that suddenly on the ABS website one couldn’t just look up the chart format that they had up to 2019 and previous years, no – they didn’t display that information easily any longer. Why not?

    Now one has to dig down into the Excel spreadsheets as the page is covered with graphs that keep beaming out the word COVID / COVID / COVID but the above data is the factual count of what has actually happened when you sift through all the misleading COVID landmines.

    Bear in mind that the assigned COVID deaths in 2020 (833) and those were diagnosed using PCR (so the assignment of infection is 95% spurious in the first place, given that they’re using the wrong process and at 45 cycles) – over 90% of these deaths occurred in the elderly between the ages of 75-90 and over 95% of those were in people at end of life who had 2 or more serious preexisting health conditions – ergo: most likely the actual cause of death.

    So take the 2020 death figures from COVID and properly assign it in that arguably maybe 5% of those people died FROM COVID and not WITH a positive test for it. That drops the total to 42 people so the 2020 figures should really look like this:

    2020 – total deaths all causes = 143,205 (average 2,753 deaths per wk)
    Deaths from flu = 2,170
    Deaths ASSIGNED to COVID = 42
    Deaths assigned to COVID but actually comorbidity = 791

    And you HAVE to acknowledge that even the WHO and the CDC state that clinicians should NOT be using more than 25-30 cycle thresholds whereas, the people in the government here, the same ones lying to you about the “vaccines” are testing at 45 cycle thresholds and suddenly more and more “cases” are springing up.

    This is clearly a deliberate misrepresentation of the data.

    The above are the real raw data from the government’s own website – go have a look, don’t take my word for it.

    If anything, we should be retrospectively suing the Australian government and health department for dereliction of duty and incompetence as they allowed over 4,000 people to die in 2019 when a real heavy flu season hit the country – almost double the number of deaths from the flulike stuff than in 2020 yet nobody was worried, nobody was selling masks or self-isolating or social-distancing or any of that other nonsense that is being sold as mitigation measures against viral infection when none of them are even relevant.

    Hell, in 2019 if you look at the flu season being reasonably about 3-4 months of the year (about 17 weeks) this means that OVER 240 PEOPLE WERE DYING PER WEEK yet nobody was batting an eye over that – but in 2020 we were in the midst of lockdown because there was a pandemic.

    Look at the number in 2020 again. Even if we were to concede that the dirty deadly ‘rona’ killed those 833 croaky old pensioners, there was still a death toll of 2,170 attributed to flu!

    So you had 2.5 times more risk of dying from flu than from coronavirus – why aren’t they bleating about that?

    And in 2021 to March this year you had 833 times the risk of dying from flu than from corona so why aren’t they freaking out trying to mandate the common-or-garden-flu vaccine as it is certainly way more deadly than COVID statistically and in reality.


    It is not an opinion. It is measurable unassailable fact. Is it any wonder that they are trying to make it harder to read than in previous years?

    Do the math.

    So get up, say no, throw away the mask and tell the authorities that they should stop lying to us and do their jobs.

    Take your lives back because these corrupt profiteering ghouls aren’t going to just give them back to you. They’re making way too much money out of this thing to give up just yet.

    [Editors Note] I have been saying this for ages. The data, the real data, from the government themselves doesn’t support the notion of a pandemic. Nor does it support the actions taken as a result of this hyped up “pandemic”.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Thanks BTB,
      Haven’t worn a mask except a couple of times . Disclaimer is that most of my life have already held my breath when near sickly people. The benefit of people wearing masks is its an early warning system for healthy non wearers that sickly people are approaching.

    • Excellent post.

      I note the usual suspects didn’t raise there head on this one as it utterly destroys the panicked narrative. Govt data makes CV-19 look irrelevant.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        So Scomo is using fudged figures to keep the padmeic panic and lockdowns going despite copping a pasting for trying to lift all the restrictions ?!.

        If he’s not fudging the figures, then who is and to what purpose ?.

    • You know what?
      I’ve always half suspected that people don’t like wearing masks because they feel silly wearing it. Like putting on a silly hat. They feel self conscious. My father in law was a bit like that. An old farmer, and childishly self conscious when in the city.
      Japan has been wearing masks for decades. It’s polite if you’re sick. I thought many times before covid, when seeing asians in the city with masks “mate, that needs to catch on here.” I’m sick of catching all the gross sicknesses that are being flown in to this country on a daily basis.
      If anti mask wearers dont like masks because of how it makes them look….FMD, they are losers. They look like crap in every other way. Bad clothes. Bad bodies. Bad faces. Bad hair. But now they’re worried about a fricken mask…

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        When grinding, masks fog up eye protection so a decision has to be made, risk eye injury or lung injury. Loss of eyesight is immediate and devastating so breath holding is the go. Aesthetics have nothing to do with non mask wearing, practicality has. Why constrict your breathing making you less fit.

    • A facile post, as it neglects to factor in the stringent measures taken to limit COVID spread and fatalities.

      Since you are such a statistical genius, could you please calculate the probable COVID death toll in Aus in 2020 if no public health measures had been undertaken? (Hint: you can get a feel for it by looking at death rates in Florida and Alabama. Now…back to your wobbly one-sided abacus….)

    • The naysayers will say “nobody died from Covid because of lockdowns so your argument is moot”. So also using Govt data, here is the final numbers from the “catastrophe” that was supposed to be the never-went-into-lockdown Sweden. “Mortality 2020 ended up just below that of 2012”.
      So, hands up if you all remember the Great Pandemic of 2012 that killed tens of thousands of people? Nobody? Me neither.

  6. Breaking news: 11 more have succumbed to the COVID-Merdejiklian.
    Nevertheless, Merdejiklian is pleased about positive case numbers, vaccination roll out, the weather and Merdejiklian-self.

    • I’m not sure I should say thanks MB. I had to read on. Now I want to join one of these sites just to watch it unfold. I thought I had a relatively open selection of input from FaceBook for example, but I’ve got nothing like this.

  7. Vic government and police appear to have really convinced themselves they are engaged in a war. The ridiculous morning briefings to announce nothing of substance reinforces this perception of a state of emergency. History shows that human rights and common decency have often been trampled in such situations.

    The problem is that the war seems to be against their own citizens.

    Wars are easy to get into and hard to get out of. This will be no exception.

    Several forebears died in Europe to protect our way of life. I’m not sure they would’ve happy how things are turning out.

    • Several forebears died in Europe to protect our way of life. I’m not sure they would’ve happy how things are turning out.

      Reckon they might have just said ‘harden up you pussies, take your medicine and wear a f*cking mask for a while until this is done’ ?

      • By the sound of it they would be more likely to join the mob on their quest to rape the shlt out of Andrews’ arse.
        To protect their way of life…

      • I got their service record a few years back. Wanted my kids to know something about them. Based on what I saw (although redacted in parts), I very much doubt that is what they (or their mates) would have said.

        This is not about the masks. And it is a piss weak straw man argument to portray it as such.

        • I got their service record a few years back. Wanted my kids to know something about them. Based on what I saw (although redacted in parts), I very much doubt that is what they (or their mates) would have said.

          They wouldn’t have agreed with the idea of some short-term pain for long-term gain ?

          The major factor here is the lack of financial and other support during lockdown, alongside general Federal incompetence and politicisation of issues. Which is why it wasn’t happening last year.

          Do you seriously think if the equivalent of Jobkeeper were still running this would be happening ?

          • It’s about a lot of things. Clearly masks are a big issue for some people, given the laughable excuses for not wearing them and the hysterical parallels drawn with isis and yellow stars.

            I would be surprised to see ex-military men respond with much more than a ‘toughen up, princess’, faced with someone complaining about how masks feel, being vaccinated, or not being able to eat at a cafe.

    • VicPol jumped the shark a while back and now the average punter can see it. It will take a generation to change people’s opinion of them now but I doubt that they will even try.


    After all the talk and rumours re Sweden’s C19 experience, it is worth reading this. And wondering why CVP was so critical of Sweden.

    2020 was an “interesting” year

    2020 – “The Year of Doomsday Modeling”

    Scientists and researchers from lots of different disciplines produced lots of theories and mathematical models intended to explain and predict Covid and its impact.

    Models that in most cases eventually proved to vastly inflate and overestimate the risks & resulting deaths. It appears that most of these scientists fell in love with their own models & theories, and thus failed to take real world data and reality into account.

    Recall all the doomsday models predicting massive deaths already during the “First Wave”…?

    E.g. the one by Professor Ferguson of Imperial College, or this one from Belgium, predicting, in line with the predictions of Ferguson’s model, a median of 96000 deaths in Sweden by May 2020 (!), unless strict Lockdowns were immediately put in place….?

    2020 was also the year when media declared Sweden as a failed state, the “World’s Cautionary Tale”, predicting massive deaths unless Sweden, like almost everybody else, fully LockedDown.

    And 2020 was the year when a lot of economies, public as well as private, businesses and entire industries went bust, because the response governments took to mitigate the pandemic.

    During 2020 it also became obvious that True Leadership, of the kind demonstrated e.g. by Churchill during WW2, has pretty much vanished from politics, media as well as from society in general – amplifying fear and panic is the last thing you should do as a Leader during a crisis.

    2020 was also the year when China smashed the western world so hard that it will take decades for the west to recover, if indeed ever.

    And finally, 2020 was the year when we stopped living due to fear of dying.

    • Precisely. It is pure self selection. I’m not saying that whenever you get an illness it can’t hit you for six and take a person a while to truly recover. However normally it doesn’t incentivise people to speak to journalists with tales of woe.
      Ask any GP and they will tell you the % of their patients who are basically hypochondriacs.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Someone was saying that they read that 50% of people getting Covid tests are repeat panicked hypochondriacs. It’s almost like they are willing on the China Virus to take them.

        • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

          It’s ok Reusa. The other 50% are turning up just to spruik forthcoming local auctions.