Victoria records 733 COVID cases, one death

Victoria has recorded another 733 new locally acquired COVID cases and one death:

The next chart plots the daily cases:

Victoria’s cases are running way ahead of NSW at the same point in their outbreak:

Victoria now has 7160 active cases, which are growing fast:

And Victoria’s active cases are growing at a much faster rate than NSW’s at the same point:

The above comes as Melburnian’s endure their 236th day of hard lockdown – the world record – with weeks still to go.

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  1. Since Victoria followed Israel’s lead in mandatory vacs, the more they jab- the worse it gets, my shares in Tobin Bros. have gone through the roof.
    Last time I had such success was when I bought into Microsoft just before Bill Gates started inventing viruses that attacked your computer forcing you to buy his cure.
    Ahh. they were the days.

    I wonder what Bill’s doing now.

    • It was a Gates Foundation biotechnology patent that formed the basis for these covid vaccines. We all know how seamlessly and well windows works.

    • Last time I had such success was when I bought into Microsoft just before Bill Gates started inventing viruses that attacked your computer forcing you to buy his cure.

      And when was that ?

  2. Here is an interesting question to ponder.

    A car carrying 3 passengers on their way to visit granny tears through a school zone at 41 km/h. Behind them is a car with a driver only travelling at 39 km/h on the way to get a haircut.

    All occupants of the first car are fully vaccinated. The occupant of the second car is not.

    Which car poses the greatest danger to other citizens?

    • Depends who is the worse driver, I’d think, plus variables like, does a school kid jump in front of the car in front or in between?
      Does the unvaccinated person believe in using their brakes and seatbelt, or braking if someone jumps in front of them, or is it all just about them?

    • Probably depends on the specific VicPol officer on whether you’d be dragged out of the car and beaten for speeding, dragged out of the car and beaten for needing a haircut, or simply an unlucky bystander thrown to the ground because you were nearby.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Well it certainly depends on the perceived social norm at the time.

      If enough of the mob/society believes that not being vaccinated is a far greater social taboo than speeding through a school zone, then democracy will ensure that the unvaccinated should be vilified the most, and the speeders not as much.

      Democracy is just a fancy word for populism, or even “mob rule”.

      You need to factor in media propaganda as well.
      If vaccinations and their importance to society receives more current airtime than obeying road rules and school zones, children, safety, etc, then naturally the mob/society will focus more on the drivers’ vaccination status rather than the speed they were travelling.

      Its an interesting social experiment, and I am fascinated.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      If the three occupants of the first car are CMFEU/BLM supporters and the occupant of the second car is a 70 year old, I would have to say overwhelmingly the second car and force should be proportionate to the threat.

  3. Try this.
    Consider your age
    Estimate your risk of dying (or how many people your age per 100,000) from Covid over the course of 12 months.

    It’s quite a bit lower than you think.

    Check the graph in this link. Large UK data.

    Scroll down ti this graph.

    Age-standardised and age-specific mortality rates for deaths due to COVID-19 by sex and age group, per 100,000 people, England and Wales, 2020

      • Jumping jack flash


        Its like everyone believes that the probability of dying from catching COVID is 1, or very close to it.
        And then the boogeyman of “Long COVID” which doesn’t even have a proper definition yet and barely any research is being done on it! Might as well call it COVID-Induced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome instead of Long COVID.

        Its amazing that more people aren’t going insane from all this. Surely the baseline mental stresses of modern life are already pushing the human psyche to its limits of coping, let alone adding COVID and its associated scare campaigns into it as well!

        Everyone needs to calm down. No good decisions have ever been made by people in a panic. The world is still panicking after 2 years which is an extremely long time to be in such a heightened state. We are dangerously close to burnout or some kind of a social cataclysm.

        • Your chances of dying from Covid increase infinitely if you catch it compared to if you don’t catch it.

          The odds of catching it over the next couple of years once everything is open is close to 100%.

          • Best current estimate of IFR is around 0.15%. Significantly lower than this if < 60 and in reasonably good health.

            So yes, mathematically that is true. 0 to 0.15% is an infinite increase compared too zero. But it is still very small.

            By the same token, women are infinitely more likely to die of ovarian cancer than are men.

  4. Throughout the locked down west in 2020, the thoughts of elderly Swedes dying seemed to give solace and comfort.

    The world has stopped talking about Sweden. I wonder why.

    Well the final report is in.

    Scroll down to the graph of adjusted mortality (blue column graph with 2020 to the right in yellow).
    Mortality gradually trending down due to medical advances, reduced smoking etc.
    2019 was a mild winter and so fewer deaths (which always are highest in winter).
    2020 was worse than 2019, and worse than last few years. You have to go back to 2012 or so to find a year so bad.

    But only part of the 2020 excess was C19. Part of it was a catch up – elderly who would have died in a harsher 2019, but got an extra year.
    If you average 2019 and 2020, you get something every close to 2014, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

    And that is why lots of people suddenly stopped talking about Sweden

    Again, there absolutely was an increased Swedish death rate in 2020 due to C19. Sweden made the same mistake as Victoria regarding residential aged care facilities. The Swedish authorities gave a public apology for their error of judgement. Victorian authorities all developed amnesia before an inquiry.

    And the increase was smaller than people outside Sweden were led to believe.

    • Reus's large MEMBER

      People stopped talking about Sweden because it did not suit the narrative, just like they stopped talking about India when the case numbers dropped due to the use of Ivermectin. I see now that India is bringing a lawsuit against the WHO for suppressing the usefulness of Ivermectin.

      • I see now that India is bringing a lawsuit against the WHO

        That seems unlikely. I haven’t seen that reported anywhere. I understand that in parts of India Ivermectin is banned. So if there is a lawsuit, it would be coming from people in a region of India, not from “India” as a country.

        Just imagine WHO receiving a message from an Indian voice telling them legal action is occurring and to press 1 to find out what action to take.

    • Jumping jack flash

      So no burning piles of corpses in Sweden then? No mass graves with bulldozers? No hospitals overrun with thousands of COVID zombies clawing at the doors and dying in the halls after coughing their diseased lungs over screaming hospital staff covered in blood?
      I’m sure everyone would have loved for that to happen.

      What is wrong with people?
      Take a step back and take a look around with calm eyes. Atrocities are being performed. They start small, everyone dismisses them as “pfft, that’s not a real problem, barely an atrocity, check your privilege”, or “Those people deserved what happened to them for not doing the ‘right’ thing.”, And then they escalate very, very quickly.

      The worst thing about it is everyone starts demanding worse and worse things to be done.
      Its turning into a global Lord Of the Flies moment.