Victoria records 510 COVID cases, 1 death

Victoria has recorded 510 new COVID cases over the past 24 hours alongside one death:

Most were mystery cases. Of the 510 local cases, only 124 have so far been linked to known cases and outbreaks.

The next chart plots Victoria’s local cases, which continue to trend higher:

VIC local cases

Victoria’s daily cases continue to run well ahead of NSW’s at the same point in their outbreak:

VIC vs NSW daily cases

Victoria now has nearly 4700 active local cases:

VIC active local cases

And their cases are running ahead of NSW’s at the same point in their outbreak:

VIC vs NSW active local cases

At least us long suffering Melburnians can now enjoy a picnic in the park or shoot some hoops over the weekend. Be grateful for small mercies.

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  1. They need to start providing verifiable data. For instance where are all the tests occurring? I talk to people and drive past testing sites (Eastern Melbourne) and they are all but empty all the time. How do you perform 55,000+ tests in a day with the testing centers empty ??

    Now lets discuss positive cases from a testing center, how are they not declared a hot spot and shut? Nurses and Doctors in the same PPE get shutdown, but testing centers dont?? Where is the consistency in that ?

  2. Good news on kids with a timely reminder about looking after children’s health

    Kids’ Covid-19 risk less than we feared, says study

    “A recent systematic review found that severe Covid-19 occurred in only 0.2 per cent of children who contracted the disease. However, children with pre-existing conditions including obesity, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and immune disorders had a 25-fold greater risk of developing severe illness.”

        • So, it’s settled then. Let’s expose them all to COVID-19 (like they use to expose them to chicken pox, measles… while they are kids)..

          • I am satisfied that my wife and kids are safe ATM in a COVID-free state (while I am locked down in ACT),
            even though my exemption applications to return home are repeatedly being rejected.

          • They are going to be exposed at some point unless we keep kids hidden away forever.

            Sorry to hear you are being prevented from getting home to family, that sucks.

          • The fed broke it. Now, they own it.

            I got out of the ACT to WA via Melbourne last Wednesday. I had no problem getting my G2G pass once I met the new rules, covid test & vaccination. I have my own house that I don’t share to quarantine in which makes a big difference to the success of the application unless you are happy to be hotel quarantined.

          • Mr Tezza, your children are far more likely to die from influenza than covid. Children have 3-5 times the T-cells as adults, they are equipped to fight novel viruses until the hit puberty. Then the become equipped to make more children!

          • Nothing is settled as the children are going to pay the price for the anxiety-ridden Boomer demographic. Just as they can’t go to school, can’t do sport and other activities like birthday parties in order to protect the Boomer demographic, the Boomers are eyeing children off as little repositories of disease and death.
            I foresee the foisting of COVID vaccines upon younger children not because it will provide them with any meaningful benefit but in the name of “community (read Boomer) protection”.

        • I hear you, man, but no need to stress out. Take deep breath and try to relax, think of something that calms you down.

  3. Reff (1.30 per has been falling for several days in a row and is now at its lowest point so far this month in Vic. Not below one, and could rise at any time, but far better than not falling or rising.

  4. seems our contact tracing slowing. Wife went for test 2 days ago and still no notification (she was at Highett woolies on the one day but outside the time for it to be considered a tier exposure but went anyhow due to persons of concern in family) …