Victoria records 392 new COVID cases

Victoria has recorded another 392 locally acquired COVID cases over the past 24 hours:

Most are mystery cases: of the 392 infections, so far only 107 are linked to existing outbreaks and cases.

The next chart plots Victoria’s daily cases:

VIC daily cases

Victoria’s daily cases are still tracking well ahead of NSW at the same time during their current outbreak:

NSW vs VIC daily cases

Victoria now has 3112 active COVID cases:

VIC active cases

And its active cases are tracking ahead of NSW at the same point:

VIC vs NSW active cases

More details will be provided at today’s daily media conference.

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  1. Image, a virus so deadly you have to be tested to see if you have it and it can be mistaken for hay fever (remember the ads from the Vic gov? Or a common cold (current ads). Imagine a cure (jab) so effective that it doesn’t prevent you catching or spreading it and only possibly reduces the side effects of catching it. Imagine a cure so good that it requires coercion ( no jab, no job, no flights etc) imagine the method for dealing with it so effective that they did the same thing for the Spanish flu. Imagine the lockdowns, face mask wearing, social distancing, curfews etc are so effective that numbers are skyrocketing.

    Anyone else see the massive problem with everything we have been force fed though the media. Anyone else notice that when you turn the TV off the pandemic doesn’t exist anymore. Anyone know someone who has died FROM CV-19 or had it, recovered and has verifiable ongoing health issues from it?

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Don’t know of anyone who has died from Covid but adding to the list of people dying from the vaccination. Yet another the other day, client had a friend in South Africa died from the vax.
      btw, one only, person (sickly & fat) wearing a mask at crowded long reef this morn.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Know three people who have had Covid in the UK.

      They said it was bloody horrible for a couple of weeks but they pulled through with no identifiable after-effects (so far).

      They all expressed a sincere desire to never get Covid again.

    • Sticking your finger over your head and calling it baseline on climate change rhetoric – ?????

      This is the same dialectal deployed at the onset of AIDS which resulted in many unnecessary deaths and crippled early research, only until the ***right*** sorta people started getting it, and how that effected their lifestyles and expectations in the near and far term.

      Its simple …. the for profit medical approach has failed both in the run up and post pandemic response. Vaccines were driven by pharma as the one stop shop cure all and all other precautions were ignored, vaccines have a shelf life of 2 month for peak efficacy in minimizing symptoms, gradually reduced to around 35/45 percent in 5/6 months e.g. so called herd immunity would require mass vaccinations all at once and that still is only a half a year gamble. New variants due to a constant supply of hosts vaccinated or not means risk of new more infectious, deadly, or morbidity related issues.

      It seems some are only threatened if they see bodies pilling up on the streets or it kills you dead in a blink of an eye, old complex for many humans it seems.

      That said I’m waiting for novavax because its being more rigorously trialed and based on better tested science and quite happy to deal with all the precautionary actions including movement so I don’t get it and I don’t give it to someone else.

        • Skippy is investigating thinking patterns and obfuscation around major threats to humanity. He opens with a reference to interpreting the speed and magnitude of man-forced climate change which depends on which period you choose arbitrarily as a comparison point (it sure does). He then reminds us of some sh!tfuckery in the early stages of the AIDS epidemic before the science became clear. This is perhaps a little harsh because it was in fact unclear and it wasn’t possible to inoculate anybody to find out, but yeah, it dragged on longer than it should have until Rock Hudson got it. He builds on this to say that the response to COVID has been poor because we are relying on Big Pharma who only care about their pockets (they sure do). This being said, he place greater faith in the Novovax (sp?) vaccine.

          • No faith implied because its about the science back drop to it and the studies being done before public use. Being a nasal delivery is quite important also IMO.

    • I know a family that tested positive for it. Didn’t die. Said it wasn’t as bad as the flu. But everyone is different.

      The vaccine is a minor inconvenience. Just get it done and move on with life.

    • look at the language used, it says they died WITH covid, not FROM covid – big difference. I could have a bad flu and get hit by a bus and die, they could report it as having died WITH bad flu, yet it was the impact from the bus hitting me that killed me, having the bad flu was never going to kill me.

      We need to start using the analytical side of our brains more and read what is actually said vs what we think they are saying. They are playing us for fools using words as their weapons. Its time we the people woke up to this nonsense and said no more.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Propaganda is intentional deception where as “Fake news” is intentional befuddlement as a political strategy,…well, according to Skips mate Mirowski it is.

    For pro and anti Vaxers alike here I recommend listening to Phil here at 23mins to 34 mins in and asking your self how “independently” researched any of your/our opinions are anymore,

    This stuff is poison to Democracy.

    • anti-vax has nothing to do with it, we are pro-choice, we want to choose what we put into our bodies, we do not want our society to degrade to a point where the government or and employer has the right to determine your medical status and what medical procedures are carried out on you. Can you not see how slippery the slope is? This is the thin end of the wedge. Today this CV-19 jab is forced upon you, tomorrow is the flu jab, 5 years from now what will be required of you? Giving up these freedoms now and they will never be regained.

      • I’m pro-choice too. I’m choosing to not want people who put my health at risk to be anywhere near me. So please choose to stay home and let others choose to get vaxed and on with our lives.

        We already mandate vaccines for other diseases, babies get them when they’re born, etc. It’s in societies best interests as the benefits of vaccination are well known. This “pro choice” argument is just a facade.

        • If your vaccinated why are you afraid? Given it has a 99.7% survival rate without a jab, and th jqb lessens the severity, surely you trust the jab enough that it shouldn’t worry you catching it?

          As for babies and jabs, they get their immunity from their mothers breat milk, why would you need to give them a jab for hep-B that is contracted either cua sexual contact or a dirty needle?? And at the same time push mercury into this tiny defenseless human?? That really is evil.

          • Sorry but the breast milk thing is in accurate, say RSV infections in the UK for under 5s per 100K.

            Your drama is like I said above and your not looking at – all – the issues involved and only focus on immediate deaths in a narrow time line. Then when all this other stuff starts becoming bleeding obvious and no amount of PR marketing can hand wave it away your lot will just shift goal posts and then attempt to whitewash history.

          • As for babies and jabs, they get their immunity from their mothers breat milk, why would you need to give them a jab for hep-B that is contracted either cua sexual contact or a dirty needle?? And at the same time push mercury into this tiny defenseless human??

            aNTi-vAX HAs noThiNG tO Do WITh iT! 🙄

        • I am reminded of a story about the famous American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes. When he was a young magistrate, a young man was brought before him for brawling in a tavern. When asked what he had to say for himself, the young thug replied that America was a free country, so he had a right to swing his fist. Holmes: “Your right to swing your fist ends where your neighbour’s nose begins,” It seems reasonable that the same principle should apply to your right to infect your neighbour with a dangerous disease. The current vaccines do not completely prevent infection and transmission, and they don’t always work for everyone. While most of us have limited sympathy for anti-vaxxers, there are also people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and are at particular risk from greater circulation of the virus in the community.

          • That’s a great story! It’s why I don’t call myself a Libertarian publicly, even though I have Libertarian leanings and why I will never vote for the so called Libertarian parties/people like David Leyonhjelm or Cory Bernardi. The modern understanding of Libertarianism has forgotten it’s historical roots. That being “free” doesn’t give you a license to violate others rights. Most self identified Libertarians are actually selfish jerks, and advocate for policy that allows them to be selfish jerks.

          • Or perhaps your right to prevent a healthy person’s freedom of movement in their own society stops at your own door.
            Think about it.

      • Whats this royal – we – shtick to advance a purely ideological perspective that is goal seeking and reverse engineers everything to arrive at its predetermined outcome.

      • Just bizarre.
        Almost everything you put in your body is the result of social decision making.
        Do you thumb your nose at fluoridation? Live in a silo and breathe your own air? Measure expiry of food based on your own use by dates?

    • I’m neither pro choice or anti vax. I just don’t trust a rushed vaccine from dodgy companies being forced upon us by a govt so soon after being invented for the wrong reasons. I’ll get the vaccine soon, but only because our corrupt govts are going to force us if we want to live anything resembling normality (at least for this summer). The changing of the ages and recommendations on the various vaccines (particularly with AZ) from adverse effects should tell you how little due diligence these pollies have done and how they want to open up ASAP for political reasons over actual health.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        100% concur. And balance of probabilities on actual available evidence says: less chance of dying if you get vaxxed than not.

        So why wouldn’t anyone do that. Why.

        • Double Vaxxed Superspreader

          Dosing myself with antibiotics as a prophylaxis, or the overprescribing of antibiotics will likely not hurt me either.

          Over prescribing of blood pressure and cholesterol medication when not really required saves more lives than it kills, so we should prescribe to everyone with borderline blood pressure or cholestorol in order to save lives.

          1 in 8 people munch on psychiatric medication daily in order to get through life. Who knows what that stuff is doing to your brain chemistry. Can’t be good though. Won’t kill them and will probably save more lives than kills so it must be a good thing.

          Taking a pill or getting injections is so normalised in this world that people think nothing of taking leaky vaccine 3-4 times per year. A leaky vaccine that had an inadequate 3 month stage 3 trial and still going through the stage 4 phase while it’s being injected into billions of people multiple times per year including children.

          Nutty that this is all normal.

          • Double Vaxxed Superspreader

            The vaccine isn’t going to save you. It just halves your chance of getting the virus which is nothing if you’re going to crowded venues like it is 2019.

        • > 100% concur. And balance of probabilities on actual available evidence says: less chance of dying if you get vaxxed than not.
          Absolutely, and the Libs and Dan plan to shift that balance to ‘more likely to die’ by opening up soon is what is forcing me to get vaxxed (combined with employer doing a company-wide vax survey in their likely hope they can start introducing ‘be jabbed or be fired’ policies).

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