Tracking Australia’s vaccine rollout

After a slow start, Australia’s vaccination rollout continues to gather pace.

54.5% of Australia’s population has now received a single vaccine dose, with 34.2% now double vaccinated:

NSW is the vaccine leader, with 63.3% of the state’s population now single vaccinated. This is followed by Tasmania (54.2%), Victoria (54.0%), SA (48.3%), NT (46.7%), Queensland (46.5%) and WA (45.5%):

Single vaccine dose

Percentage of Australia’s population single dosed.

In terms of double vaccinations, Tasmania (39.5%) leads followed by NSW (37.4%), NT (34.3%), VIC (33.1%), SA (33.1%), QLD (30.5%) and WA (30.4%):

Double vaccinated

Percentage of Australia’s population double vaccinated.

The overwhelming majority of older cohorts are now vaccinated:

Vaccinations by age

And unvaccinated people dominate NSW’s ICU admissions (84% share), despite them being the minority of the population (37% share):

Finally, while Australia’s vaccination rates have undoubtedly improved markedly, and is now above the world average, it lags well behind the leader nations:


Australia’s vaccinations still lagging well behind the world’s leaders.

Nevertheless, Australia is on track to have fully vaccinated 70% of eligible Australians by the end of October, and 80% by the end of November.

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  1. Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

    Imagine if they declared victory over polio after 80% immunisation rate for a leaky polio vaccine with 40-60% efficacy and requiring boosters every 4 months for life.

    • You seem to be doing a lot of that imagining thing at the moment.

      Try this exercise

      Imagine if people were not declaring victory and instead were declaring that, although not perfect, the covid vaccines were doing a very good job of keeping people from becoming seriously ill or hospitalised and after 6 months continue to acheive that outcome without any boosters at all.

      Pretty easy wasn’t it

      “Reality – imagine it …its easy if you try”

    • Look at the history of polio vaccines – Sabin and Salk, before you comment on them. A very controversial development process trading off efficacy against side-effects.

  2. This is important for understanding where you happen to be in a pandemic……………Mr Hussman at the end of of his latest economic prognostications has a very reasonable public health note giving his reasons why he thinks the latest wave of Covid in the US has peaked and that the susceptible population has been reduced now by a combination of previous infection and vaccination, boding well for the future.

    We, of course are far from this situation but haven’t taken near the losses they have in their haste. The need for future vaccination remains however.

    • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

      Nah, he’s wrong. It’s the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. Deaths from airborne respiratory illnesses should be almost nothing but instead quite high. They’ll bring back all kinds of restrictions come winter.

  3. unvaccinated people dominate NSW’s ICU admissions (84% share), despite them being the minority of the population (37% share)

    From that data it looks like being unjabbed gives you 9 times the chance of ICU admission compared to jabbed.
    If we assume that the jabbed population has more oldsters, then the equation for being jabbed looks even better.

    Anyone care to dispute this conclusion?

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      Anyone care to dispute this conclusion?

      No, the conclusion is correct – the case for getting vaccinated is so compelling, in fact not getting vaccinated has a non-trivial chance of being fatal. Anyone who choses to not get vaccinated – for themselves and for their family – is just a really dumb decision.

      The study, which was carried out in Los Angeles County, found unvaccinated people are almost 30 times more likely to be hospitalised by COVID-19 once the results are adjusted for age.

      the rate of COVID-19 infections among unvaccinated people tracked at 4.9 times the proportion of those who had completed a full vaccination program.

      • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

        It’s not so much the immediate chance of dying from the vaccines (although the chance of death from these leaky vaccines is off the charts compared to every other vaccine every created), but what happens in the medium and long term since there’s literally no data. Plus the stage 3 trials only went for a few months and the stage 4 trial is still ongoing, so they are really in the dark about these vaccines.

        It’s become so normalised in society to take pills and injections that people think nothing of being injected 3-4 times per year for something that was barely trialled, based on experimental technology, and not particularly effective with a very low efficacy. Most vaccines have an efficacy of 98 or 100% for 20 years or life. These are 40-60% for 4 months. Pfizer are fairly slimy and have a terrible track record so you can’t really trust them to be honest about potential issues.

        • MountainGuinMEMBER

          Over time it may not be the case we need 3-4 boosters. I get the current vaccines lose effectiveness over time and seem to offer less protection than an immune system that was infected earlier. But there seems plenty of room for improved second generation vaccines. I just hope there is not collusion between big phara to keep any improved approaches quiet to maintain thier current huge sales.

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            We’re not talking about 20-30 years from now and what will be available but the first generation leaky vaccines they are injecting into people multiple times per year via extortion.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          The vaccine is only in your body for 2 days, at most. All it’s doing is training your immune system to respond to the virus’s spike protein (in crude terms).

          If you get Covid unvaccinated, you also acquire some immunity, but have 30 times the chance of ending up in hospital.

          Everybody is going to get Covid at some point over the next few years.

        • The research I have seen suggests that the multi year/decade long review of vaccines prior to release was a historical but unnecessary norm. As they move out of your system so quickly most consequences are noted in 6 weeks, as such a 3 month review window makes sense for release.

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            These COVID vaccines have an incredibly high chance of death compared to every other vaccine ever made. Which should make people cautious. Not to mention injecting people with these vaccines 3-4 times per year is unprecedented. Most vaccines give 20 year or lifetime immunity.

    • What are the admission criteria to ICU? Does being a nursing home patient with multiple comorbidities like advanced dementia decrease the chances of getting a ventilator? Suppose there could be other factors at play beyond vaccination status?

      • I’m fairly sure they don’t put the very elderly into ICU as readily because their bodies may not cope with the stress of ICU interventions – most of the worldwide stats on covid say that mortality of the elderly very high, but admission to ICU quite low and I believe it is for this reason.

      • They rarely treat dementia patients after a certain level of degeneration, as they cannot describe symptoms and cannot be scanned etc, as they don’t understand what is happening. My partners mother went though this and likely passed with stomach cancer, but could not be diagnosed fully.

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