TikTok guy hosptialised with COVID

Be careful what you protest for:

A TikTok comedian who shot to fame after he correctly predicted the daily Covid case numbers in NSW has joined his father fighting for life in hospital with the virus.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz, 24, is in a Covid-19 ward at St George Hospital in Kogarah, Sydney’s south, multiple sources told Daily Mail Australia.

His dad Richard Kairouz has also been battling the disease at the same facility since September 4, but sources say the gym owner has since been placed in an induced coma in ICU.

They won’t be the last to choke on irony. Hope they all pull through.

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  1. Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

    I think this goes to prove that prevention and changing your lifestyle is the best defence, not a leaky vaccine with 40-60% efficacy and requiring quarterly injections.

    • arescarti42MEMBER

      Exactly. This young, fit man and his dad, that owns a gym clearly weren’t living a healthy lifestyle. And at 24 years old he was already in the exit lounge anyway. Classic example of COVID affecting the old and obese. Given he was attending an anti-vaccine protest, his body probably wasn’t weakened by the vaccine at least – he’d have really been stuffed then.

      Wake up sheeple.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Oh c’mon, being in hospital is an underlying condition. He must be sick to be there right? Obviously.

        He’s not unwell because of the WuFlu, he’s unwell with the WuFlu. It’s the hospital wot makes him ill.

      • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

        You need to live a healthy lifestyle, but going to a gym during a pandemic is daft. Same as any crowded area.

        You need to change your lifestyle, recreational activities. This might cost you job opportunities and force you live on less, but the choice is yours.

    • 100% since this outbreak (of BS??) we have significantly changed things including regular good quality vitamins (not synthetic like Centrum) such as Vit C, D, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and a few others (most people are deficient even with a balanced diet due to poor soil quality). We also exercise regularly each day (always within our 5km radius of course !!) We have never been healthier and even hayfever isnt as bad this year.

      They found most people wont catch CV-19 if they start taking good quality supplements as listed above.

      And in other CV-19 news, it appears Singapore still has rubbish quality of life and much increased infection rated even after 80% of the adult population is jabbed. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, the data is in, it doesnt prevent you catching, it doesnt prevent you spreading it, and it MIGHT reduce the severity (but take vitamins and you probably wont get it), so why the rush to force everyone to be jabbed and participate in a medical experiment for a drug that has zero medium and long term studies? Seem ludicrous to me. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/life-has-not-improved-much-we-hoped-singapore-outbreak-worsens-80-vaccinated

      • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

        Singaporeans are incredibly unhealthy people, little physical activity, actively avoid the sunlight so their skin doesn’t darken up like a rice farmer. Not to mention high density living arrangements.

        • Good point, I was watching a docco the other night where they were talking to a woman in Singapore who actively stayed out of the sun as she wanted to stay white. Apparently beauty trumps health. Ironic considering most white people want to be more tanned.

          • Double Vaxxed Superspreader

            They are unhealthy. Low levels of vitamin D despite being on the equator. If they let their skin darken they brown up like a rice farmer. Brown skin Asian = poor in their eyes. Aussies are some of the fattest people on Earth yet one of the highest life expectancies. Singapore’s high lifespan is more about wealth and medical care than health.

      • You don’t know if you will roll the dice and be susceptible to a cytokine storm and you will only know that if you are likely on a one way trip to the hospital.

        I don’t know why science gets politicized. I see lots of my Russian friends refusing to get the vax. Mainly due to their own government telling them that western vaccines were rubbish… and then trying to tell them its all good take the sputnik, now lots of them shuffle off after getting crook.

        The science is pretty settled (if you are an adult). Don’t put yourself in a position where you wind up at the hospital asking everyone to look after you now because you refused to look after yourself earlier.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Once again barely any research being performed into this most obvious of areas.
      Where’s the research into predisposition for adverse vax reactions?
      And “informed choice” is moot because doctors supposedly are not allowed to discourage you from getting the vax.

      The medical centre where my wife contracts has a big sign on the door now saying please do not ask for mask exemptions. Its nice how these doctors can know that everyone who will ever go there will be able to wear a mask with absolutely no examination or consideration of medical conditions past or present. Amazing people, doctors. Almost like gods they must be.

  2. An old mate of mine is an anti vaxxer, COVID Great Reset conspiracy theorist etc and so is his Dad, who retired early due to ill health and has a complicated health history. No point trying to persuade these guys with facts unfortunately. The Old Man has a decent chance of being a COVID casualty if he catches it 🙁

    • 1/3 of covid patients end up with long covid. Symptoms that last for 3-12 months after clearing the virus, with no end in sight.

      Imagine being in your prime and you become permanently disabled.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        “Symptoms that last 3-12 months with no end in sight”.

        Well which one is it: 3/12 months or no end in sight ??!!.

        As for “being in your prime and permanently disabled” – welcome to being married with kids sizzle chest. You’ll learn this when you leave school.

        • The spectrum of people who have long covid is so large that they have no idea why some people maintain the sides for 3, others go past 12. Why take the risk?

          There’s a sub Reddit that doctors say who ever gets intubated in icu has a 20% chance of living. Again where is your risk analysis here?

          Not married and don’t have kids so I’m not disabled like you.

          • If you are intubated you’re in ICU, and you would be intubated because COVID has ravaged your lungs. Chance of coming out of coma and off the oxygen machine is at 20% they were saying. If you’re in ICU with tubes down your throat due to COVID you’re pretty much dead.

            The doctor would explain that these anti vaxxers want them to do everything in their power because they believe the patient is a fighter. The irony in that is outstanding.

  3. I think everyone needs to be careful.
    You should not be so smug and certain about the situation we are in.
    I am not sure if we are headed down the right path and am very concerned that the trampling of our rights and freedoms including the freedom to protest and to have your voice heard will have grave consequences.
    So I think you also need to be careful what you wish for because I don’t think we are out of the wood yet.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      There is no ‘Bill of Rights’ in Australian Constitution. We carry the legacy of being a former Penal Colony. Under the constitution, an Australian citizen has far, far fewer rights than a US citizen.

      It would be great if we had a ‘Bill of Rights’.

      • Codifying what rights you have has the effect of limiting you to only those rights. There is more flexibility for democracy to provide more rights when you dont enshrine them into law.

        Our current issues with rights is more a political / democratic issue than a legal one.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          No codified rights just like our great Northern Neighbor? Yeah, whatevs.

          Even the British now have a ‘Bill of Rights’. Lack of a ‘Bill of Rights’ only empowers professional politicians and their sponsors.

          Edit: The lack of a ‘Bill of Rights’ is a symptom not a cause of political dysfunction.

        • “Codifying what rights you have has the effect of limiting you to only those rights.”
          No, it doesn’tr. It sets the minimum rights you get that the government can’t take away.
          There is no right to “the internet” in the US but the parliament can give people that right.

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Probably a good time for you to publically protest against Porter’s $1,000,000 anonymous donation for legal fees then ?.

      I can’t think of a more aggregous affront to Australian democracy in at least the last 4 weeks.

  4. The PC BS is breathtaking. Incredible that MB are on board with propaganda:) So over Covidocracy lording it over the majority that don’t believe or buy into narrative but silenced by censorship on every level:(((

    • It’ll be a little less funny when the people begging for their freedoms to be taken away end up with their freedom taken away though.
      Your colleague has reached that point, how long till you are there too?

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