QUEENSLANDER stomps Morrison cockroach

Queenslander! Deputy Premier Steven Miles:

“Yesterday Scott Morrison had six members of his team out attacking Queensland, our border restrictions and our Premier.”

“We haven‘t seen a pile-on like that since before the state election last year.”

“Not one of them mentioned the outbreak in Sydney — it’s as though Queenslanders are somehow responsible for the NSW outbreak.”

“It’s clear the Prime Minister has both his eyes on his own election, and no eyes on the outbreak ripping through Sydney right now.”

“Don’t let the LNP convince you that the Doherty Institute modelling says something that it does not.”

“Don’t fall for Scott Morrison’s marketing tactics.”

“This is much more complex than a number and a simple three-word slogan.”

More from Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk

“I think this is about protecting Queenslanders, and having a conversation about what will we need to do. Are measures that other countries are putting in place, for example if the Delta variant is going rampant through a particular region, or a city, the children and primary school are way masks as a precaution. So what do we need to do?.”

“I’m just talking about having a conversation about it, because it is just like when we were concerned about the elderly … It is about having it educated and responsible conversation.”

“I look forward to the day when families are the united. Through the vaccination program, this is our opportunity to be able to do that. But we are not at 70 and 80 per cent yet.”

“In terms of where we are in the first phase of the national plan, Queenslanders doing everything we can to actually comply with the plan.”

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath:

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said more than one-third of NSW’s 22,000 cases from the outbreak were young children.

D’Ath said the Commonwealth has been misleading about the national plan and Doherty Institute modelling.

“It isn’t as simple as making a target, there’s a whole lot of other factors.”

How many little kids are in the hospital and ICU in NSW? Hopefully none.

All 100% right. Queenslander!

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    • Damn right… keep covid out as long as possible and watch NSW to understand what “living with Covid” really means before giving up the normal life some of us can only dream of at this point. Endless lockdown til Xmas overrun hospitals rising deaths = free dumb of living with covid (until vaxxed and even then doubtful…)

  1. The quarantine requirement for fellow Australians is a joke and a world first.
    My family is planning to migrate to QLD and the requirement to be placed in to quarantine is a disgrace and something we can’t afford. Being all fully vaccinated this makes no sense.
    In normal countries self imposed quarantine is a requirement and that’s for international arrivals.
    I have family living overseas who believe this country has gone mad and they’re not wrong.
    We have become a laughing stock of a country

  2. Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said more than one-third of NSW’s 22,000 cases from the outbreak were young children.

    Is this correct. Where can one find this data?

  3. I relocated to QLD before COVID so I could leave the VIC/NSW quagmire. Yet I relocated back to Vic when I was stood down. I feel shit how it turned out and wish I was back there.

  4. Queenslanders have always looked after there own.

    Now NSW is invading and attacking our families. Thats not democracy. Thats an invasion from another State.

    I saw on television the other day that when it comes to the welfare bill and handouts, QLD gets bugger all. NSW on the other hand is raking in the cash as it syphons off the public purse spending government Federal Money onto itself.

    This only makes me ( and the rest of Australia ) hate NSW even more.

    Everyones just waiting for an election.

    I have mates talking to me from Queensland right now who are suicidal. They are asking me, ” What should I do? “. Work is becoming unstable and conditions are becoming very volatile. I dont know what to say or even how to speak to them. I was thinking about Stoichism the other day as I begin to realise that Im becoming a real cold fish. I just dont know what to say that can honestly help anyone. In the midst of this, while people are talking to me about suicide, Im in disbelief as our idiot Prime Minister is trying to lash out and win an election.

    The worst part is people dont know what the future is anymore. They genuinely dont know if they’ll be alive or dead in 5 years. No future. No hope. No house. No job. Nothing to feel proud of in there life anymore. When people look to the future today and ask, ” Where will I be in 5 years time? “, there is nothing. Some are saying, ” Maybe I should just suicide today because there’s nothing for me in the future “. How do I genuinely answer that? The only future many see is paying rent and most of them are getting old. They are in there 50s and see another 30 years of no home ownership and rent till they die. If the only purpose for them to stay alive is to pay someones rent, then why havent they suicided already? Honestly. I must be wrong because I’ve asked myself this everyday and its not happening so clearly its me who’s mistaken. At this point I know nothing but I fear if we continue pushing boundarys, Australians are just going to die. There are people in this country who seem fine with that which makes me wonder what kind of country Australia has become. Todays Australians are literally willing to sanction Australian Murder and I’ve got to say, it sends chills up my spine when I hear what these morons are saying. Honestly, its like the criminals got let out of the detention center and are now in charge of our politics.

    There once was a day when Aussies looked out for each other. Now we are declaring war on Australians and quite frankly, I can not fathom why we arent up in arms against this bullsh*t.

    Queensland has gone about its own business to look after its own people. Why the hell is NSW now pretending it owns somebody else’s State, thinking it can just barge in when it feels like, blaming someone else for its own problems and pretty much declaring war when all of this war of its own making?

    Honestly… give me a gun… because I’ll fire the damn thing… at NSW.

    NSW is attacking Australian Families and its testament to Aussies that we are allowing ourselves to put up with this crap.

  5. Queenslanders accused of being Racist

    This has all the hallmarks of being a Chinese Invasion. Isnt Racism how it begins?

    Racist my a$$. Get the FK out of our State. This is in Invasion, plane and simple.

    Where’s ASIO when you need them? ASIO needs to start doing there job.

    Queenslanders are peaceful. Its not us invading other peoples States.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      A beautiful wall.
      Of XXXX cans.
      It would be beautiful.

      They could have “NSW” on one side and “GOLD Standard” on the other.

      And as that would be kosher, we can get 15rael to pay for them.

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