NSW records 1,331 COVID cases and 6 deaths

NSW Health recorded another 1331 locally acquired COVID cases and 6 deaths:

The age breakdown of deaths was as follows:

  • One person was in their 40s
  • One person was in their 60s
  • Two people were in their 70s
  • Two people were in their 80s

Three of the six people who died were not vaccinated and three had received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

There have been 228 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021, and 284 in total since the start of the pandemic.

There are currently 1,219 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 233 people in intensive care, 123 of whom require ventilation.

Across NSW, 81.2% of the over-16 population had received a first dose COVID-19 vaccine, and 50.6% were fully vaccinated to 11:59pm on Thursday 16 September 2021.

Despite comprising only 19% of the adult population, unvaccinated individuals account for 74% of ICU admissions in NSW:

The next chart plots NSW daily cases, which appear to have peaked:

Finally, NSW Health is reporting around 14,250 active cases:

Good to see the COVID situation slowly improving across NSW.

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      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Any healthcare worker that quits right now should be blacklisted as unemployable! It says a lot about their commitment to their job.

        • Excellent idea.

          I am compiling ideas for a new citizen passport scheme.

          The idea is to flag inferior people so that they can be given inferior treatment in a variety of situations.

          The list of inferior people so far will be:

          1) Unvaccinated. These people have practically caused the pandemic.

          2) healthcare worker quitters (poor commitment to their job)

          3) people with housing status of “renter”

          4) The “debt-hesitant”

          Can anyone help me increase the size of my list?

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        After reading the New ICU table (above) that was exactly what I was thinking. Then I read your comment.


  1. The Penske FileMEMBER

    Who cares about the boomer remover? A mortgagee sale in StClair just went $100k over reserve with 50 registered bidders.

    • You remind me of those Armenian bastards who burn down their own houses and then they claim someone else has done it.

    • When I lived in Sydney I used to treat anything further West than Parramatta as a no go zone. Or don’t stop until you hit the Blue Mountains (way past Heathcote)…

      In fact when I was considering buying in Sydney I was so repulsed by the idea of buying anything in the West I thought about commuting from Newcastle instead.

      • chuckmuscleMEMBER

        Same here. The thought of driving Parramatta road regularly made me want to neck myself (still does), or frankly, driving anywhere in Sydney was a clusterfcuk at the best of times.
        Instead moved to Brisbane – best decision ever made to leave Sydney. Hope I never have to go back there

      • Central coast or newcastle gets you the same distance for a much nicer location.
        Driving into the sun for the whole trip into and then back out of the city is a real winner for living out west…

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      I bet the percentage of surfers vaccinated is less than general population. Every time I see a big shark out the back and paddle in to warn the shore huggers, they are thankful for the advice, then carry on regardless.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        I guess they know the threat is always and has always been there, just a little more caution required for a short time . No need to stop living life getting out of the water to lock themselves down. Not one of those advised have been bitten, so the chances are remote even with the close proximity. Arming themselves with an armor plated wersuit might prove to be more certain a health threat than the danger of a bite that doesn’t always result in death to be announced in daily reports.

        • Armour-plated wetsuits are very safe and effective.

          Wetsuits have a long history of safe use in which they have been proven to improve health outcomes. Armour-plating likewise has been used for centuries to provide protection from puncture wounds and projectiles.

          Side-effects from armour-plated wetsuits are extremely rare.
          The few cases in which people wearing them died were analysed and death was found to be caused by comorbidities such as drowning.

      • If you stopped vaccinating tomorrow it would go down as babies were born and people died, without it signifying any causal relationship between vaccination and death.

      • Or you start being listed as unvaxxed again without the 6 month booster that’s coming real soon now, or is already here in some places.

        • Not everyone noticed the small but important shift in language from ‘fully vaccinated’ to ‘double vaccinated’…..

          • I’d have to admit the implications of that particular shift of narrative had slipped under my radar as well…

          • Soon you’ll need to have your 20th shot to just get into a pub. Something to look forward to. Most people who are hysterically clamoring for vaccine passports don’t realise that in a few months they too will be sent back to “unvaccinated” status and the bans will apply to them.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Bloke. Just waiting for another great comment of yours to be deleted! You’re the new D0ct0rX and C0m1ng (I miss those guys but at least you get one of them on that other site)!

    • The article you’ve linked doesn’t say why mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers is essential, just that critical procedures were called off. Sounds like they’re understaffed for a pandemic they’ve had fully 18 months to prepare for, and failed.

    • Mandates are a disgrace that themselves go against the ethics of one making ones own health decisions free of coercion.
      These people willingly worked during a period when there was no vaccine unavailable and at the time it was unknown if there was going to be one. An absolute disgrace to now think we are going to turf these people out now.
      The stats as of last week ~16% of the 140,000 NSW healthcare workforce was yet to be vaccinated.
      Lets see how socialised medicine copes with ~20,000 off work.


    Those “protestor” folks really love lockdowns. I mean if I wanted to extend lockdowns I’d go gather in large groups of un-distanced/unmasked/unvaccinated people and shmear it around a bit. Maybe even end up in hospital and put some extra pressure on the health system.

    They’re fcken geniuses, I won’t hear a bad word about em.

  3. Not directly on topic, but earlier today, the FDA advisory committee voted for booster shots to over 65s:


    They voted against for boosters for the younger population by quite some margin. The advisory committees vote goes to the FDA for their final recomendation then to to the CDC(similar to ATAGI in Australia) to provide the official recommendations.

    Hard not to see Australia following on this, will leave a large supply of vaccines purchased for next year idle now. Really need to somehow hold off on their order till vaccines specifically targeting the current variants are developed.

    • The vaccines don’t last, is that correct? So if they are purchased now they won’t be good in 6 months or so?

      • JohnR:
        “The vaccines don’t last, is that correct? So if they are purchased now they won’t be good in 6 months or so?”

        All the vaccine batches produced have expiry dates of around 6months i think. Alot of what Australia has bought from overseas in the swap deals has been much closer to it’s expiry date. They are supposedly trading for some of their future supply from their current Pfizer contract to try an bring forward the current rollout.

        The problem is it looks like they had to promise to buy large quantiities of booster doses next year in order to get prioritised deliveries for their existing orders.

        Also their Novavax deal seems to be further delayed, they haven’t got approval anywhere yet, hard to see anything much happening till well into next year. Same time as when the booster shots from the 2 other vaccine companies come through,

        • Do you know if there is a meaningful reduction in trials sample size for Novavax? Are trials meant to test efficacy against novel infection? Is the relatively high rate of existing vaccination on the otherwise potential sample population, especially in areas in which there the trial conditions can be easily controlled, making trials more difficult?

          • The trial participants cant have had any other vaccine before the Novavax and can’t have any other vaccine after the trial finishes. Not sure how they test for a trial participant who has had a previous covid infection. Most of the Novavax trials have been underway for awhile now i think, so there was less problem finding participants back when they started. Not sure if they have any data now on Delta specific infections or any other variant.

            The delays are supposedly mainly to do with manufacturing, they are having trouble proving to the regulator they can make it at volume reliably.

            (See here: https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/19588846.teesside-made-novavax-covid-19-vaccine-faces-long-delays/)

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      There’s a fair chance a lot of those vaccine procurements announced were make-believe. I forget what we’re up to but I think it was near 150 million doses.

      Make-believe vaccines shouldn’t expire.

      • The Travelling Phantom 👻

        True! For example Scomo said 12 million doses bought from Pfizer, how ever what Australia got till now isn’t from Pfizer, but from countries,
        0.5 million from Poland, same from Singapore
        4 million from England…etc


        I’m quite sure they’re make believe.. but I’m dead certain that it’ll cost us large amounts of actual money anyway, knowing scomo.

    • Presumably the vaccine has been denied for use because of potential problems/dangers/side effects.
      And presumably these existed for the first and second shots as well…

      • micky Thomas:
        “Presumably the vaccine has been denied for use because of potential problems/dangers/side effects.
        And presumably these existed for the first and second shots as well…”

        I think the central problem was there is no evidence yet that it provides much benefit to younger people. They are still very resistant to hospitalisation and severe disease six months after their immunisation indicating their immune system has remembered the vaccine.

        See here for article on how your immune systems response changes over time: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/08/30/1032520934/immunity-to-covid-19-could-last-longer-than-youd-think

        The Israeli data presented was for older and immuno compromised people and only studied for a brief period after the first dose. The analysis is a bit difficult because of Delta and how aggressive it is compared to the orginal virus, comparing vaccine efficiency over time much harder. Pfizer have been asked to provide better evidence of a need for boosters in the general population.

        Personally i think will need a new type of vaccine that is taken nasally or inhaled to fully combat Delta. It is such an aggressive virus need to train the airways directly how to handle it rather than by muscular injection

  4. Almost 700 deaths in the land of freedom that is the U.S. and the one that Corp pharma took over the drivers seat in administrating a public health agenda …. including vilifying anyone not willing to trust their motives in getting pumped with their product ….

      • You almost think some are prepping the public for a war they want have to have like all the others before … not that the results of the last few decades is a good indicator or anything …

          • You mean the corporate commies that cant make a bob without government largess and if the government looks at their looting the wrong way won’t by bonds commies – ????

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        He is right about the Chinese hubris being embarrassing, yet they don’t improve or change, still the same extremely pathetic global times quotes

        Also Xi banning homo looking dudes, when ya think about it he’s preparing for battle nazi style

        • Its dealing with corporatist branding for profit and not some notion of limiting personal freedoms to freely express themselves when appropriate.

          Btw Hudson has pointed out the economic camp in China is not adverse to evergreen going splat, might wise up the absentee investor mob and RE only has one price movement … cough … unlike some other places …

          • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

            Freely express themselves in the closet again
            Still got that poster of Xi above your bed hey

          • What a mingled rip toast … just weak.

            I do not love Xi nor do I worship any person, but I understand why some policies are forwarded just like clipping Ma’s wings.

          • Look its not unlike some around here wobbling on about woke stuff wrapped around corporate profit margins like trump was a a major source of free revenue if the right nest was poked yet everyone was dumber for the experience.

            All this crap is monetized now … because markets …

          • I’m not sure that Michael Hudson is a go-to when it comes to interpreting the intent of the CCP. Yes I know he’s an esteemed economist but yeah, so what?

          • So basically your saying you have no idea, but because its about China you don’t like it. In case you missed it the point is about letting this business be liquidated on sound economic reasons and not like that alphabet bailouts U.S. corps got, even with epic levels of fraud and corruption. Fines without admission of guilt was Holders stance e.g. no golden ass was to be prosecuted and proceeded the largest transfer of wealth in modernity in the U.S. upward. Anyway the comment in full –

            michael hudson
            September 17, 2021 at 3:40 pm

            Re your request for my view of China.
            The economists and politicians with whom I speak say “ha, ha.” They have NO love for the merchant banks that borrow from the Peoples Bank of China to lend out at a markup to speculators in the housing market.
            They’re chuckling at the thought of U.S. and other foreign investors betting on a big Chinese housing bubble raising the cost of housing and thinking that they (the foreigners) can get rich on it — and losing their pants.
            there is little interest in bailing out speculators. The aim is increasingly deliberate to keep housing affordable — for living in by owner occupancy, not as an investment vehicle, either for domestic or foreign investors.

            Seems a strangely familiar topic that is popular with some people here on MB, but then again its China so its bad. You might also familiarize yourself with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and how that works for future investment decisions/market conditions.

      • ‘The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.’

        Who would I distrust more….FW Dutton or the Global Times……..? Ummm, I think the FW wins hands down.

    • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

      Hi SUS. You want to go sit down before you read this. Please.

      He’s going to get re-elected. Easily.

    • Is there a topic that this user of excess verbiage is not expert in? Simply amazing from someone who has barely worked a day in his life outside government. Bloke probably couldnt even change a car tyre.

  5. Police have blasted the “aggressive young males” accused of attacking officers at Melbourne’s anti-lockdown rally, with more than $1 million in fines issued

    So its all “young males” fault. Do you think this would be happening if Australia didnt have such overpriced housing?

    There most definitely is a “war on young males” in Australia.

    They should start burning rental houses down. That’ll get peoples attention. Run up a street and burn every rental.

          • Anticorruption Commission… Migration… Housing… Wages… Social Inequality.

            Time to restore ‘Life back to Living’. Your talking to a guy who could gladly spend a week in the bush with the animals and doesnt give a sh*t about all this politics.

            There are many Labor people trying to say ‘Migration’ is fine… I do not agree. It needs to come down massively.

            While Labor continues its high immigration policies ( and putting foreigners in Australias Parliament ), I wont be going near them. Not a single vote from me. Im pretty happy with Sustainable Australia Party. They seem to have the right balance in my eyes.

            SAP is the new Labor, in my opinion. Labors dead.

      • People have the right to ‘Live Life’. If this country refuses to acknowledge that then why shouldnt we have violence?

        You think attacking a persons sexuality is going to change that? Your just being an a$$hole. They should start with your house.

          • First Rule of Fight Club… you do not talk about Fight Club.

            or was it ‘Big Swinging D*cks’ lol…

            Usually, its the smarta$$es with the strong opinions who are the ones doing all the bullying ;p

            If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in the bush, its that life is not that complicated. Liberal and Labor have overcomplicated things way more then they need to be.

            I’ll take a week with a snake then a day with an idiot from NSW. Most snakes I know are pretty peaceful and just want to be left alone. They only bite when you attack them ;p

            Lifes simple. There’s no doubt in my mind that we are weaponising laws against people to destroy there lives. People havent figured this out yet but when they do, they’ll be burning down every house they see. Life can be a lot simpler but we’ve made everything overpriced.

            Native Born Australians shouldnt have to beg to live life in the Country of there Birth. They shouldnt and I wont ;p Either the Government gets its sh*t sorted or the people will.

            When you destroy young mens lives they have no hope but suicide. Suicidal people have nothing to lose ;p I’m just waiting for the next Brenton Terrant because Im pretty sure there will be more on the way.

      • +1

        Until some vested agenda manipulates the message to suit themselves. They’ll hijack it and pretend it needs Migration, Higher House Prices, Feminism or some other garbage which does nothing except make life worse.

        Life is about Living.

        Unfortunately, Australias been hijacked by NSW Right who’s manipulating and destroying everything. The young are angry and upset. My guess is they are being inducted into Extreme Right Wing Ideologies in much the same way people are recruited into ISIS. They want a better life but cant understand they are voting for the complete opposite things which is going to bring about a better life for them.

        Who’s worse? China or the Boomers? The Boomers are just as bad as China.

        ‘Nuke target’: China’s aggressive reaction

        If Sydney got nuked, it would do us all a favour. The only thing I’d notice is they’d shut up, house prices would be cheaper and people would get to go back to living there life. Bring it on.

        • Chances are that if Syderney is turned into a smoldering crater, the property market everywhere else will get even more expensive. It’s the Propertymancer Way!

          • Then we stop overseas purchases ;p Regulate the Industry. Stop foreigners buying up our Property so Australias Young can afford to.

            Im pretty sure Foreigners wont be migrating to Australia with Nuclear Fallout in Sydney ( where’s the down side? ).

            Either way, the Boomers need a punch in the mouth for what they’ve done to todays Young in Australia.

            Life shouldnt be this complicated and its unbelievable how many lies we’ve been fed from both Liberal and Labor. They’ve lied for 15 years.

    • There is the other side. Many (not all, but tonnes of) people have the choice of, nutritious food purchased with available funds, being able to easily pay for rip off high energy bills, savings for some unforeseen event, or just to have some there, despite almost non existent interest rates. Or would they prefer an expensive, leased, luxury car? A lease that will take quite a long time to pay off. Not just specifically the things above, generally, with many things like that, you know what side many would choose.

      Many years ago, I thought things here were going to go from sh!t to diarrhoea. It didn’t all come from, the politicians, the banks, corporations, corporate culture, the courts, the whatever. A lot of it came looking at the people around me. All it takes now, is for someone(s) to give them what they want, and the slow to boiling water will eventually screw them, I thought. That’s with virus or no virus.

      The past 30 years, I’ve seen just a small few people do really well, the rest think they’re that few, or still think they will be that few. Not all the crap is from the top.

      As above, so below. The people at the top of the system, and those at the bottom, are as screwed up as each other.

      Here’s your luxury car, here’s your huge mortgage (for crap these days), here’s your investment unit (more crap), here’s your plastic card or eight to cover your short falls by creating a bigger short fall, don’t worry, just a small down payment with minimum repayments. And the people loved it.

      Also, I do see these days one can work really hard, and long, and still be poor.

      • “Also, I do see these days one can work really hard, and long, and still be poor.”
        This has always been true. You don’t get rich from hard work.

    • Its all so predictable that it has to be deliberate. Deprive people of their livelihood for months on end, and then act surprised when a growing section of the population want to protest.
      The youtube video, interview of the Melbourne police commander makes him look a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      $15k can get you a 600m2 block many klms north of Newcastle which no building permitted except for 2 week temporary tent. Btw no roads or amenities yet which may have to be paid for in future

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        These varied sized blocks are probably in the toxic zone of the airbase contamination, but not sure.
        Nothing for nothing.

        • They are in the toxic “not approved for dwellings” zone.

          You find spots like this all over the place, someone gets the bright idea to subdivide some rural property that hasn’t and likely wont get rezoned.
          And after it is sold to all those people it is even less likely to get rezoned and developed because rather than 1 person agreeing to the plan and funding it, they all do.

      • MountainGuinMEMBER

        Its pretty rubbish that msm keeps dismissing these folk as just angry young men. There are people from all walks of life here. Criticism that protests lead to more cases is fair but not really sure how people vent frustrations. Still no proper quarantine. No consequence for rejecting earlier phizer shots and the vaccination stroll out. Still chasing centreline folks but not even allowing transparency on huge non-eligible jobkeeper and other corp welfare. A gas led recovery recommended and accepted by a gas executive. Leaving Aussies overseas but bringing in foreign labour that will also displace jobs for locked down citizens.
        Would be good if msm tried pushing these issues….

  6. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Soon everyone in Australia who wants to be vaccinated will be. Then the willfully unvaccinated can be separated from the rest of society. No jab, no job. No going to normal doctors offices. No going to government offices or restaurants or pubs or schools or universities or hotels.

    The absolute ruination that is coming for the self-selecting plague rats is going to be epic. If the government are smart, they’ll exempt them from Medicare. If you’re willfully unvaxxed and want healthcare, go and get your own, filthy plague rat. Ha ha ha!


      I actually reckon this might happen to a degree. I’d imagine wilfully unvaxxed would be near the back of queue not only for Covid related healthcare but in the event of needing surgeries or other hospital care or ICU.

      If there was a car crash leaving two injured and needing hospital care/icu, and only one bed was available.. All other things being equal, who you gonna give the bed to? Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

      I know what doctors and nurses will choose in the split second they have to make (fatigued) decisions:

      “We’re having to work through all of that in the face of navigating willfully non-compliant patients who would rather poison themselves [with therapies that haven’t been tested] than help with a public health disaster.”


      They’re already over-worked and fcken well off it. If folks reckon they’ll get top treatment, when they’re not even willing to take basic precautions, they’re dreaming.

    • @ Oh my Lord, Dudley

      I actually agree.
      Equally the same, if waxed start dropping like flies should be denied the access.
      Same for fatties for not taking a healthier diet…

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Keep having your “kill all the fatties” fantasies, but it’s the anti vaxxers who need to have their lives ruined. And it will happen. Everyone sane is sick of you. It’s time to ruin the lot of you.

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        I think the ones that include regular waxing in their routine should be further to the front of the queue than the back. I’m sure Reusa agrees on this.


        Un-vaxxed and unhealthy/fat certainly ain’t mutually exclusive. The amount of anti-vaxx/vaccine-hesitant crew that are fat f#kcs and unhealthy is massive.

        Look at them protests yesterday. Hardly a societal cross-section of peak human fitness.

        Many folks seem to think because they take Monday night off the booze, eat some lettuce with the battered sav, or that they could do 10 pushups (last year), play some Sunday-league footy ect etc, that they’re “fit and healthy” and ain’t no virus gonna hurt me no thankyou jack.

        Optimism bias coupled with shlte risk assessment a good chance to cut you down.

        • I have been pondering the same thing.
          You look at them and they all seem loud, overweight, covered in tatts. At what point do they look around and think.. gee I could be standing in a KFC food court, where are all the deep thinkers?
          yet they are so sure they are right

      • Every fatty who develops Type II diabetes should be banned from receiving treatment, after all, they wilfully acquired diabetes by choosing to say no to diet and exercise. Only those with Type I diabetes (the non-preventable kind) should be allowed treatment. In fact why even waste Covid vaccines on them, vaccines dont work on obese people and they are only going to die anyway. Save the vaccines for more deserving people, just like how they won’t give liver transplants to alcoholics.

    • I don’t quite understand this from a logic perspective and I’m vaxxed. My understanding is that the vaccinated can still spread the virus AND have the same viral load to spread as unvaccinated people in their respiratory tracts. While they are infectious for a shorter period, they have lower symptoms and therefore more likely to infect others in the community without isolating. If an unvaccinated person comes in with no symptoms to say teach my kids at school vs a vaccinated person with no symptoms ironically the unvaxxed person may be less risky (i.e. they are more likely to show infection quicker and isolate themselves whereas a vaccinated person will push on even with that runny nose and the like – take a tablet and soldier on).

      If I’m vaxxed and people I know are spreading the virus what’s the difference between an unvaxxed person infected and a vaxxed person infected to me? I should be worried about each equally giving me COVID if I’m rational and also think the vaccines don’t make me invincible.

      If that’s true the whole argument of getting vaccinated to protect the community otherwise your “selfish” isn’t entirely justified other than protecting the hospital system – we probably can’t eliminate the virus with herd immunity with these vaccines most probably anyway. There’s probably little argument to segregate them either especially if people that are immune-compromised or can’t get the vaccine receive the same stigma which is likely. People are acting like they are scared of the unvaxxed like they will spread COVID to them more; but given what I read I don’t see the difference too much. Vaccines protect you, they don’t protect others nearly as much. The only thing it saves is hospital admissions, and in the long term with vaccine resistant variants even that may not be true.

      The current vaccines don’t stop viral spread enough to me; so all they do is limit hospital admissions. That’s it. It’s still worthwhile to get vaccinated because it reduces your risk on a selfish level, but if you don’t care about the hospital load (and given the nurses/doctors I know many don’t) why would you bother segregating? Especially if they are a willing paying customer? Or willing to do the job and potentially get paid less? On the whole the current vaccines don’t achieve sterilizing immunity unlike say Polio vaccines; so your not really helping to “eliminate” the virus. Its just really hard to achieve that with respiratory viruses.

      • Maybe the decrees coming to us from our rulers do not need to make logically sense.

        Maybe they just need to be seen to be taking strong action.

        Maybe they need something simple for people to parrot: two jabs good, no jabs bad.

        Maybe they need a weak and readily visible scapegoat to focus public anger on.

        • Of course these are probably all the reasons. Its just interesting that as a political strategy, despite NSW stuffing up the most, its actually working.

          Then again lets be honest. By next year March when the election is called they would have managed to spin this whole lockdown, all the COVID cases and deaths, and businesses suffering as a big positive. In fact NSW will probably be seen to be “leading the way”. It makes no sense if using any critical thought yet what do I know?

          • By March next year most people’s vaccines will have worn off, and a new wave will be underway and everyone will be back in lockdown.

      • You are correct, indeed concern goes the other way IMO in that the vaccinated have Abs raised to a site specific s-protein location. If you are vaccinated but get Covid, by definition the infection is not neutralised. As it is a RNA virus each viron has on average a 3bp change (based on 1 in 10000bp mutation rate in a virus of ~30000bp). So by definition some of these mutants may carry vaccine-escape potential because of the selection pressure.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      That’s never really been the position of healthcare. It’s occasionally made exemptions for people’s behaviour in the setting of lifestyle choices but only in very scarce resources (e.g. IVDU and organ transplant). Unless ICU beds become outnumbered something ridiculous (like 5 who need it vs 1 available), it will still be sickest/most likely to survive gets the bed. Vaccination status will come into that, but it will be a minor consideration – I’d take a 20yo unvaxxed vs 80yo fully-vaxxed, all other things being equal.

    • How many of those people are in ICU for reasons other than COVID… we know those stats have been funked. People check in for something else entirely and they are PCR tested. Are they still setting the CT at a higher level for those unvaccinated?

      How does this ICU ‘surge’ compare to prior flu seasons?

      ICUs run out periodically during influenza season and we never demonise those who don’t get vaccinated for that.

      How many in the ICU are overweight? How many have heart and lung conditions due to air pollution? Why don’t we deprioritise fatties for medical treatment? Being fat is as much a choice as getting vaxxed.

      • Hospitals in Alabama setting up ‘surge tents’ during the 2018 flu season! Where was the panic for that?


        Its all just spin…

        Give these patients a shot of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Monoclonal Antibodies and Ivermectin (just like Joe Rogan) and they’ll be on their way without needing a hospital bed… maybe puff on some oxygen for a few hours in the waiting room…. but much less profit in that for Big Pharma!

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      The article actually doesn’t state whether he was vaxxed or unvaxxed though ?.

      Was he a victim or part of the problem ?!.

        • Frank DrebinMEMBER

          Yes, generally when I read news article I like the pertinent details to be fleshed out. Not too much to expect from journalism is it ?.

          Unless of course like yourself the pictures are the main attraction.

    • Remember the “catastrophe” that was supposed to be Florida? Well it turns out their hospitals aren’t even full, let alone full of covid patients.
      “More than 89% of those hospitals’ 6,823 ICU beds were in use on Friday, according to HHS. Nearly 38% were assigned to COVID-19 patients.
      Nearly 83% of the state’s 59,005 inpatient beds in those hospitals were in use, with nearly 17% used by COVID-19 patients, according to HHS.”

    • The thing is, he is still remaining the Member for Pearce. For the time being. Scomo surely won’t call a by election unless there is a concerted campaign to run a capable and honest independent against him ala the “voices of ..” style. Interesting times!

      • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

        Doubt he will contest – reasonably popular female Mayor running against him. Porter will look at poll numbers if bad he will pull out at last minute, his political career is finished.

        • His care factor is zero. Surely there’s already a cushy job on some executive board with his name on it. There’re still a few ports we haven’t leased to the Chinese yet… surely!

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            That $1,000,000 doesn’t buy much if he’s out of Parliament. Will that blind trust evaporate in the sunlight?

            Or is the money for services previously rendered?

    • What are the chances the submarine “deal of the century” was cooked up or announced intentionally before Porter’s ship sunk?

      I’ll get my coat and my hat thanks, the tinfoil one!