NSW records 1284 COVID cases, 12 deaths

NSW Health has recorded another 1284 locally acquired COVID cases and 12 deaths:

An age breakdown of the deaths are as follows:

  • Two people in their 20s
  • Three people in their 50s
  • One person in their 60s
  • Two people in their 70s
  • Three people in their 80s
  • One person in their 90s

Seven of the 12 people who died were not vaccinated, two people had received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and three people were fully vaccinated. At least two of the three fully vaccinated people that died were elderly.

A woman in her 20s from western Sydney died at Nepean Hospital. She had received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and had underlying health conditions.

A woman in her 20s died at Gosford Hospital. She was not vaccinated. She was a resident of the Life Without Barriers group home in Wyong.

There are currently 1,245 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 228 people in intensive care, 112 of whom require ventilation.

76% of ICU patients are unvaccinated:

On a brighter note, daily cases still appear to have peaked:

Finally, NSW Health has reported around 15,600 active cases:


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  1. And they’re rushing to home quarantine to get people out of hotels and into the auction market. Mortgage applications are the unspoken vaccine.

    • As mentioned in another comment just to infect the household and let any long term variants to spread out. Especially if you look at the current Sydney outbreak most COVID spread actually occurs within the home particularly with delta. I really can’t understand the NSW government – they really want those open borders at any cost I feel.

    • To point out the obvious, a vaccine is only as good as the immune system that reacts to it. Suffice to say take your vitamin D and get vaccinated.

    • One in 500 US residents has died. And infection rates among children in Florida are up 2,700% since June. No wonder they’re keeping these stats quiet.

      • I didn’t believe you so I checked, and it’s true. Crikey that’s a lot of people in a relatively short amount of time. 2nd or 3rd biggest cause of death, 3 or 4 times Alzheimer’s disease.

        • Lots of fatties and nutritionally malnourished and poor with co-morbitities in the good ol’ USA …….and 20% unvaxxed

          Edit: info came from Nyleta’s link below, should have said.

          • More than half a million fewer now, and doesn’t look like a slowdown in deaths coming any time soon. The reverse looks more likely tbh.

  2. Now they are attempting to try ‘home quarantine’ which I’m pretty sure without significant conditions can’t work since many of the current COVID transmissions in Sydney are inside households themselves. Especially around essential worker LGA’s with large household sizes. People coming from work, spreading it within their household and those people going out.

    NSW keeps trying to get out of doing the obvious thing of dedicated border controlled quarantine. I can’t understand it.

    • Is there any chance they have some sort of (not so well) hidden motive such as a desire to restart the immigration stat which makes them want to push this way?

      • I can think of any number of reasons:

        – International travel matters more than protecting the plebs and their normal existence. Remember reading a study in 2012 that 80% of plane travel in Sydney is east of Parramatta (not SW Sydney where many essential workers live).
        – Got to keep Qantas and Sydney Airport profitable.
        – Invalidates their pre-COVID economic model (immigration, international students, and most of the infrastructure they approved previously to satisfy their own electorates and donors).

        None of the above actually considers the average person into account or the average small business of course, or that a better economic model could result if you plan for the new normal. What I can’t understand is really why would want to persist with this especially when they could have a better state other than maybe corruption?

        • What I can’t understand is really why would want to persist with this especially when they could have a better state other than maybe corruption?

          Failure of imagination?
          The people bribing them like this model?

        • NelsonMuntzMEMBER

          In addition, if the “Let it Rip™” strategy ends up like the situation in the USA they will need a steady stream of new “skilled workers” to replace the 1/500 who fall off their mortal coil. Remember Straya has obesity and diabetes rates not that far behind the USA, particularly in the wrong cohorts who like sharing the virus.

          • Lucky we can import them. And lucky China, according to their reporting, has this virus thing under control seeing as they can’t replace workers as easily.

  3. NZ so far one death of a 90 year old with underlying conditions out of 1000 cases. So that’s a 99.9% survival rate.
    There are 14 people in hospital, 3 in ICU.
    Despite the fact that 70% of covid cases are Pacific Islanders, who (so we have been repeatedly told) have a 50% greater chance of serious illness and death than European people.

    • You’re not going to see many deaths from an illness with a 1% or 2% fatality rate amongst cases if you keep the daily cases way below 100. 16 cases today – those are rookie numbers.

    • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

      According to wiki Pacific Islanders are fattest slobs on Earth as well by a huge margin.

      Got the top 10 sewn up.

  4. A really big EXCEPT at some stage NSW stopped contact tracing (other than certain govt buildings) so we have no idea if the flattening is due to no tracing or cause, well it is flattening. Guess the hospital numbers become more relevant now. As for D. Report ref ….