NSW records 1259 COVID cases, 12 deaths

NSW Health has recorded another 1259 locally acquired COVID cases and 12 deaths:

The breakdown of the 12 deaths are as follows:

  • A woman in her 30s
  • Two people in their 50s
  • Three people in their 60s
  • Three people in their 70s
  • Two people in their 80s
  • A man in his 90s.

There have been 198 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021.

There are currently 1,241 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 234 people in intensive care, 108 of whom require ventilation.

85% of ICU patients are unvaccinated:

On the bright side, daily infections may have peaked:

NSW Health is now reporting around 14,300 active local COVID cases:

Meanwhile, The SMH today reports that the state government is under growing pressure to review its hotspot boundaries and ease the lockdown restrictions for Sydney suburbs that have low case numbers and high vaccination rates.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Jeremy McAnulty says the state’s hotspots are assessed on a daily basis. The proportion of NSW residents aged 16+ who have received at least one vaccine dose is expected to reach 80% on 15 September.

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  1. Did anyone read the study from Spain, high doses of Vitamin D, here is a copy of the results section, very interesting, I think Isreal has also looked at links of D deficiency and a relationship to larger number of people getting infected.

    Results: Of 50 patients treated with calcifediol, one required admission to the ICU (2%), while of 26 untreated patients, 13 required admission (50 %) p value X2 Fischer test p < 0.001. Univariate Risk Estimate Odds Ratio for ICU in patients with Calcifediol treatment versus without Calcifediol treatment: 0.02 (95 %CI 0.002-0.17). Multivariate Risk Estimate Odds Ratio for ICU in patients with Calcifediol treatment vs Without Calcifediol treatment ICU (adjusting by Hypertension and T2DM): 0.03 (95 %CI: 0.003-0.25). Of the patients treated with calcifediol, none died, and all were discharged, without complications. The 13 patients not treated with calcifediol, who were not admitted to the ICU, were discharged. Of the 13 patients admitted to the ICU, two died and the remaining 11 were discharged.


    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Ive been taking a Vitamin D pill every night along with my evening Vitamin C and fish oil.
      I have my morning Vitamin C with a Zinc pill and fish oil.
      Cook everything with Garlic.
      And Im trying not to be such a fat bastard.
      Im exercising 2 hrs per day and ive lost 11kgs already and plan to lose another 15 more..
      So along with being fully vaccinated I Can’t do much more than that.

      With all the sewer unblocking Im doing its just a matter of time before I get the bastard and have me blood filled with the natural/wild variety of covid antibodies.

      • I also, but I am also taking K2 MK7, because they say Vit D in higher doses can cause calcium build up in arteries which isn’t good, K2 emilites that and deposits it on the bones where it belongs and keeps the balance. I also do all those things you say plus I doing intermitted fasting everyday, 6pm last meal, 12 noon the next day first meal, two meals a day, and it just naturally leads into Keto, oh and abs lol, but I have also had my 2x Pfizer shots, I am a practical person and want to travel, most of the world will demand a covid cert to travel for the next few years at least.

      • There is an epidemic of health problems in Australia from “supplements” – Suisse was forced to remove most of their health claims as there is zero evidence of any health benefit most of them.

        We really have very little understanding of how the body takes these things up surprisingly. People just think – 5 mg of protein, I eats, I gets. NO. How much is absorbed, how much can be used, ingested, broken down, its form, how the body transports it for cell use what happens with excess etc.

        Good example of this stupidity is vegans who just measure the vitamins, minerals, acids, proteins in plant based products and swap like for like with meat – not understanding that these are not take up from plants as they are from meat.

        Consider minerals in meat, it sits in the gut and slowly releases over the course of a few days and is carried via fats and acids embedded within protein strands that the body as adapted to ingest. Now a vitamin c tablet, that blasts sugar molecules loaded with vitamin c into the system only to be transported directly to the liver as a waste product where it accumulates and then kills you.


        Just eat right. Its not hard and its how our bodies work. Supplements (MOST) are generally a scam.

        We do know some work like specific forms of iron and keratin.

        • boomengineeringMEMBER

          Lord Elgin, true, been teaching that since 1970 after realizing I was overworking the system trying to rid vit toxicity before that time. The tell tale is the hue of urine. Wasting your body’s energy when it could be devoted to regenerating or fighting disease.

        • That article is really about muscle drugs and fat burning drugs not Vitamin pills. But your right as far as I know only 2 have significant evidence of being useful. Vit D and K. Most people should consider taking them or adjusting their diets appropriately

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      Are you suggesting that we take vitamin D instead of vaccinating?

      The benefits of vitamin D are not in doubt (and going outside in the sun once a day is enough – you don’t need supplements.) But vitamin D has marginal effect at best on Covid (mostly in cold dark climates and it is too late once infected to have any effect.)
      While vaccines have been proven to be effective in drastically reducing infection, hospitalisation and death from Covid!


        • …said the managing director of the big pharma conglomerate after looking at the PnL charts

          (I think someone delete this bit for you completely changing the meaning)

          • Sorry, did a fly got in your ointment?
            “Thoughts and ideas that are factual but do not go well with my own convictions and beliefs”
            Is that the meaning of the word “disinformation”?

            I implied heavily that big pharma is in a very good position from the pandemic, please elaborate how is that not accurate.

      • Vaccines won’t work well if you’re immune system misfunctions. Vit D is a key immune system regulator and is an extremely common deficiency (30%) Vit d deficiency also correlates with increased covid risk factors such as obesity, age and dark skin. Low doses daily or weekly are the best for immune function. Its also likely that it helps mitigate more severe immune responses while promoting T-cell immunity when getting vaccinated.

      • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

        No, suggesting get out in the sun.

        The best way to avoid the virus is avoid the virus by taking precautions. The worst thing you can do is try to live like it is 2019.

        Lot of unknowns about vaccines. They’ve only been around for 10 months, only had 3 month stage 3 trial. High death rate compared to every other vaccine ever made. Injecting vaccines 3-4 times per year is completely unprecedented. Let’s hope Pfizer don’t have their whoops moment like Boeing did with the 737 Max.

        • TheLambKingMEMBER

          Lot of unknowns about vaccines.

          Nope. Vaccines are one of the most studied class of drugs known to man and we no a lot about short and long term effects. Vaccines have almost no long term side effects (which is different to long term implications of a short-term side effect.) Vaccines are one of the most used class of drug in the world – we average about a dozen vaccines for every person on the planet. We have huge meta-analysis studies.

          They’ve only been around for 10 months, only had 3 month stage 3 trial.

          Vaccination has been around for centuries. Modern vaccination drugs are about a century old. The technique is the same – put a protein in your body to induce a natural immune response. The delivery method and the make-up of the protien has changed – but not by much. Covid vaccines have had more testing than pretty much any other recent vaccine. We know the short term effects – remembering that the body flushed the ‘vaccine’ out of your system within a week or 2 so there is almost nothing that can cause a long term side effect!

          High death rate compared to every other vaccine ever made.

          Rubbish . What is your source of that ?

          Injecting vaccines 3-4 times per year is completely unprecedented.

          And that is not what will happen. Stop spreading rubbish. This ‘might’ turn into a yearly booster ‘at worst’ (if there are too many unvaccinated idiots who allow mutations to occur) – probably this will be a 3-dose vaccine (there are many 3-dose vaccines.)

          Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

          Unvaccinated people will be treated the same way as we treat people who think it is ok to drink and drive. You will be treated the same way we treat kids who are unvaccinated – they are not allowed to go to publicly funded day care or schools., You will be treated like many countries do – not allowed to enter without a bunch of vaccines.

          • Wow, unvaccinated are ???, really, show how little empathy you have towards other people’s health.
            As for your comment about the unvaccinated cause mutations of the virus, please provide some evidence.

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            “But in the end, estimates are that more than 100,000 Philippine children received a vaccine that health officials say increased their risk of a severe and sometimes deadly condition. In addition, other children who received the vaccine may have been endangered because, their parents alleged, they were not in good health.

            The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur spent 20 years — and about $2 billion — to develop Dengvaxia. The company tested it in several large trials with more than 30,000 kids globally and published the results in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.”

            The fact is you don’t know anything about these COVID vaccines past 9 months and so far they aren’t encouraging. Low efficacy, requires 3-4 boosters injections PER YEAR, much deadlier than all other vaccines ever created.

            Israel were doing the third vaccine within 8 months and already preparing for a fourth. This is a subscription basis vaccine for life.

            Efficacy waning with each passing month. You’re wrong and will continue to be wrong about the vaccines. Three jabs and that’s it don’t make me laugh.

          • Injecting vaccines 3-4 times per year is completely unprecedented.

            And that is not what will happen. Stop spreading rubbish. This ‘might’ turn into a yearly booster ‘at worst’ (if there are too many unvaccinated idiots who allow mutations to occur) – probably this will be a 3-dose vaccine (there are many 3-dose vaccines.)

            Also quite a few which require boosters over life time, such as tetanus (3 – 6 doses during childhood, then possibly boosters every ten years) or pertussis (6 doses in childhood and adolescence in Australia and now booster recommended for pregnant women or if you’re an adult who expects to be around kids too young to have vaccine).

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            Please, don’t compare this to tetanus shots. Plus the effects of tetanus vaccines both short and long term are well understood.

            You’re comparing 5 shots throughout childhood and a booster every 10 years to something that needs to be taking 3-4 times per year for life with no data past 9 months and released based on a 3 month stage 3 trial.

          • The current vaccine drive is driven by fear. This has been hyped by the media and politicians. The last time we had this happen was probably before the 2nd invasion of Iraq when everyone had been told that the reason for the invasion was because Sadam had WMD’s.
            There is no denying that COVID infections overload health systems and causes large numbers of deaths.
            It is however strange that everyone with an internet connection now considers themselves an expert on COVID based on what they have read on the internet even though these articles are mostly written by journalists which at the best of times can only get a story 50% straight and only 50% of the facts right and supplement the rest with their own ideas and interpretations.
            There are legitimate questions about the longer term effects of what the vaccines may do to the immune system and other cells in your body. A simple example is just the following:
            I’m not suggesting as per the article that everyone that has been injected with spike protein will develop pulmonary hypertionsion, but if this worst case turns out to be true, though unlikely, then the world will be truly stuffed in a few years.

            Though most report minor side effects(short term) I personally think that side effects and serious side effects are likely under reported. An example is that by February the TGA had reported 43 reported side effects of shingles after the Pfizer vaccine out of 1.6mn doses. This is about one in 37209. It is then incomprehensible that I know 2 people that reported shingles after getting their jabs. Probability wise that is not even possible as in simple terms that would be a 1 in 37209 x 37209 = 1 384 509 681 chance. Not even possible.
            The next is even more incomprehensible:
            I have a healthy and very fit friend that developed what appears to be pulmonary vasculitis with symptoms presenting first a couple of days after the first jab ending in him going to hospital 3 days after the 2nd injection. The first doctor he apparently saw suggested that it may have been caused by the vaccine, but since then not a word about any possible relation to his vaccination from any of his treating doctors. From data out of Israel the reported incidence of something similar appears to be about 1 in 2 000 000.
            Now I don’t claim to be an expert on this, but adding all the probabilities together(multiplying) of knowing just these 3 people would be 1 in about 2 769 019 362 000 000(need to take a couple of other factors into account, so this is not exact probability, but just for illustration).
            In my books: so much for rare side effects. I also know of a healthy parent that passed away for no apparent reason(though he was in his 70’s, so older, but not really old) a few days after getting vaccinated.
            All up for me getting vaccinated or not is a choice between the “bad” (vaccine) and probably “worse” virus.
            But just to have people lecturing and bullying others if they are hesitant to get vaccinated is just unreasonable. I mean, people have died from it. Of course people have died from the virus too and seemingly fewer vaccinated people at this point.
            There is no telling currently what the long term consequences of taking the vaccines will be. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime: just cool it a bit.

    • Vitamin D is more accurately a prehormone.

      It is involved in many functions from bones/ligaments to immune system, hormone production, mood, and more.

      If you want life to really suck, try getting to 16nmol/L. It’s awful.

  2. I posted this yesterday but it needs to be included again.
    COVID in LGAs outside the 12 are on track to exceed those inside.
    Loosening restrictions in the 12 LGAs will lead to a resurgence.

    The resurgence in cases will be just in time for Scummo’s election at the start of November with ICU at clode black in December.

    • Yep, death numbers tend to catch on everyone.
      In a society that managed to save its vulnerable up to the point where it cannot any more due to the _________ reasons, the hope is that new generation of perhaps geriatric suckers which did not die of natural or other non-trendy causes are stronger than the ones before them.
      That one may be me, myself and I.
      or you…
      Covid jab will likely save those that take it.
      It will not make a superhero of every feeble mind as it partially protects only and exactly one person: the one at the sharp end of the needle.

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