NSW records 1063 COVID cases, 6 deaths

NSW Health has recorded another 1063 locally acquired COVID cases and six deaths:

Of those who died, four people were not vaccinated. One person – a woman in her 90s – had received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and one person – a woman in her 50s with significant underlying health conditions – had received two doses.

There have been 266 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021.

There are currently 1,244 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 233 people in intensive care, 112 of whom require ventilation.

The next chart plots NSW’s daily cases, which continue to track well below peak:

Meanwhile, active cases have fallen to 12434:

Clearly, the worst is behind NSW’s COVID outbreak.

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  1. Data appears to show that these vaccines reduce risk of death from covid by 90% and last for a few months at least.

    Data also shows that obese people are a group that are most at risk (also elderly, also sick).

    Would this be a good idea?…

    * Fat people could be given more doses of the jab, according to body weight. Eg a 150kg person gets more dose than a 100kg person, and a 200kg fatty gets even more.

    * Skinnier people can volunteer to delay their jab and give their jab to a fatty.

    * Unjabbed volunteers are given an interim-honourable-vaccine-passport which lasts until vaccine supplies are in abundance.

    Would this plan save lives and be a good idea?


      Just get jabs in arms. Most of Europe with high vaxx rates are back to mostly normal. Full stadiums. Visit yer mum. Nightclubs, festivals.. Whatever.

      Only slomOs slow vaccine rollout has screwed us up. Plus the anti-vaxx mongoloids. Couple mo ths and we’re more or less done (unless there’s new variants, yay)

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I drove past the Vikings sports club today around lunchtime and upon seeing the Bistro signage out the front, I thought to my self,
        Geez I could go a steak and chips washed down with a Schooie of Tooheys New.
        Ah the good old days.

      • FDA Banned Boosters

        Normal? Hospitals are at capacity after 3 months of summer. What’s it going to be like after 3 months of winter.

    • Risk score, one point for each

      * Age > 65
      * Male
      * BMI > 30
      * Type 2 Diabetes

      Risk of requiring Critical Care
      * [Score 0] 1 baseline risk
      * [Score 1] 3.126 increase
      * [score 2] 15.229 fold increased risk
      * [Score 3] 37.969 fold increased risk
      * [Score 4] 55.803 fold increased risk
      Source Nature: Impact of overlapping risks of type 2 diabetes and obesity on coronavirus disease severity in the United States

      Yes folks, for those over 65, male and have Type 2 Diabetes (T2), the risk of ending up in ICU is 55 times higher than baseline risk. A male over 65 who is obese and T2D, has almost 4 times the risk of ICU admission compared to the same person without the obesity & T2D.

      This has been well established in the UK, Public Health England report: Excess weight and COVID-19: insights from new evidence

      The obese and diabetic are driving the serious illness from this pandemic. The modern lifestyle driven diseases have made many far more vulnerable than would otherwise be the case.

      • From that same report:

        “Older age was strongly associated with COVID-19 severity. However, glucose levels > 215 mg/dL and HbA1c > 9.5% on admission may be significantly associated with increased mortality in young adults with COVID-1915. Hence, diabetes increases the risk of death and severe illness irrespective of age.”

        Any parent who has allowed their child to develop Type II diabetes should be charged with child abuse.

        • Agreed.
          T2D is the true epidemic. COVID has merely exposed the problem.

          I see next to no commentary in the media, and fear that completely the wrong lessons have been “learned”. I suspect we will go all-in on vaccines as the silver bullet for everything. Politicians aren’t going to be re-elected for telling people they are too fat and eat too much sugar and take responsibility for how they treat their bodies.

          They, will however be re-elected for commissioning a new mRNA facility in their capital city that can provide their state with 100% vaccine coverage within 6 months of the next pandemic. Expect this to be the next tussle, vaccine sharing agreements between states. Wow, what a digression…

          • They are completely different issues.

            A COVID shot provides immediate risk reduction and is – assuming availability – trivially simple.

            Significant diet/lifestyle change takes months (at best) to years, is really, really hard and (consequently) has very high failure / relapse rates.

            On top of that, all the same people who say not having the jab is their choice, will also be out in force arguing that it’s their choice to drink a day’s worth of calories in a single Uber-Mega-Gulp sized soft drink.

          • Jumping jack flash

            So whats the risk of obese t2d >65 years old getting adverse vaccine effects?

            Well in my father’s case he got 2 strokes after his first dose.

            Tread carefully. These figures are ignored and there is limited (publicised) research going on, lest they wake that spectre of “vaccine hesitancy”. There’s possibly no funding allocated for this kind of research either.

      • FDA Banned Boosters

        The obese and diabetic should be put to the back of the queue for treatment. These are conditions that were completely avoidable.

        • Jumping jack flash

          Its fiiine! Nature will naturally take care of it.
          I suspect many in this category will get adverse reactions to the vaccines anyway, but who actually knows? Nobody is saying and i guess nobody is being paid to find out.

      • According to this scoring system, being over 65 and having type 2 diabetes increases risks associated with covid to the same degree. You can’t make someone younger, so the only way to de-risk someone who’s risk factor is being over 65 is via vaccination. At the same time, there are about 4 million people over 65 in Australia vs 1 million people with type 2 diabetes. Add how much cheaper and quicker it is to vaccinate someone compared to the long term lifestyle changes needed to prevent and/ or reverse diabetes, and there’s no surprise vaccination is seen as the low hanging fruit. Maybe in the next phase, when / if covid is the biggest or second biggest killer despite high vaccination rates, we’ll see campaigns to reduce additional risk factors like type 2 diabetes.

        • From when CV-19 started to people being vaccinated has cost AU $503B. Quicker yes but definitely not cheaper.

          Enforcing a healthier lifestyle on a population (in hindsight) seems an incredibly rational alternative. Imagine what we could do with $500B of funds to address lifestyle diseases. Quality and quantity of life would increase measurably.

          I find it odd that we are happy to mandate and enforce vaccines + associated passports but are we reluctant to mandate healthier lifestyles, Hey, we could even tax the bad things to pay for their health consequences. Big Mac meal becomes $25, $5 for a can of coke etc. We do it for alcohol, gambling, tobacco, vehicles, speeding fines etc.

          • That money is a sunk cost – at this stage of the game we can’t get it back by running a reduction in diabetes campaign, nor would we realistically have avoided spending it by kicking off such a campaign in January 2020, which would have seen maximum of 5% of the population aged over 18 having their covid risk reduced (if we had 100% eliminated type 2 diabetes in 18 months, which seems unrealistic).

          • I find it odd that we are happy to mandate and enforce vaccines + associated passports but are we reluctant to mandate healthier lifestyles, Hey, we could even tax the bad things to pay for their health consequences. Big Mac meal becomes $25, $5 for a can of coke etc. We do it for alcohol, gambling, tobacco, vehicles, speeding fines etc.

            You know most of the people protesting against vaccinations would be protesting against taxing unhealthy food, right ?

    • 100%. In 2021, the 2 key risk factors for doing poorly with C19 are
      1. Not vaccinated
      2. BMI > 30
      Age is 3rd.

      I saw 10 patients with C19 last night.
      The thin ones went home.
      The obese / morbidly obese were hospitalised- 2 to ICU.

    Clive Palmer, the chairman of United Australia Party exposes the number of deaths and damaged Australians due to the COVID vaccine using government data while government and main stream media are completely silent on this.
    In an interview regarding the COVID vaccine adverse reactions he said:
    “All Mr Kelly did was publish the TGA’s own reports which all Australians have a right to know,” Mr Palmer said. “The TGA report clearly highlights that the COVID-19 vaccine treatment has been responsible for the deaths of 483 Australians and over 46,000 adverse reactions,” he said. See link below for full article.
    Video – Clive Palmer Press Conference Re Craig Kelly and TGA:
    Article on United Australia Party website:
    Why hasn’t the main stream media and government informed us about this?
    Why haven’t the Australian people been provided this crucial information before being coerced into taking the vaccine?
    The vaccine has been promoted while this crucial data was ignored.
    The TGA (Australian Government – Department of Health – Therapeutic Goods Administration) tracks vaccine adverse reactions. It has been said that these numbers are extremely underrepresented because most adverse reactions don’t get reported. The equivalent in America is VAERS. The stats on VAERS are much much greater.


      Pretty sure both palmer and Kelly are vaxxed. If not they’d be the first two you’d expect to get clipped by the Roos

      • P13, You are looking at the wrong page. I have pasted the correct page below. According to the latest TGA figures the casualties from the COVID 19 vaccine are as follows:
        The results are shown in two tabs.

        Number of reports (cases): 56732

        Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 55889

        Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 524

        Government website providing the latest COVID vaccine damages:

      • Jumping jack flash

        Its an outrage. We should offshore electricity production post haste!
        Perhaps we should buy more solar panels from China as well?

      • P13, Who then should be focusing on the deaths of 483 Australians and over 46,000 adverse reactions if the government and media won’t? I’m sure the victims wished they were provided with more transparency before they took the vaccine. While the establishment peddled the vaccine and kept silent about adverse reactions, Clive chose to drawn attention to the matter.

          • P13, See government website below of total Australian COVID vaccine deaths and damages. It’s on the TGA website. I copied and pasted the result below. Total deaths has risen to 524 and the difference between deaths and total reports are adverse reactions. You need to type COVID into the search engine.
            Number of reports (cases): 56732

            Number of cases with a single suspected medicine: 55889

            Number of cases where death was a reported outcome: 524

            Government website providing the latest COVID vaccine Adverse Reactions:

        • Thanks Tony, I spent a bit of time working this out.

          Your TGA search produces raw data of reported deaths after vaccination. TGA’s interpretation notes says there’s no causality between vaccine, adverse effect and death in this number. For example, drilling down into the report, some of the deaths are people who had the vaccine, then blurry vision or back pain or a rash and then died.

          TGA’s weekly report says deaths caused by vaccine is 9 (vs 1186 deaths from the virus):
          “Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 19 September 2021, approximately 24.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. So far, the TGA has found that 9 reports of deaths were linked to immunisation from 556 reports received and reviewed.”

          TGA’s being very transparent with data but should do a better job of explaining this apparent contradiction.

          • I think the message on the web site is clear – 556 deaths resulted after taking the vaccine from a long list of side effects. There’s no evidence that the 9 out of 556 deaths your referring to were the only ones that died from the vaccine. The fact is they all died after taking the vaccine, this can’t be a coincidence. Why do you think pharmaceutical companies have been given legal immunity so they can’t be sued if their vaccine causes death or injury? If they were confident about the safety of their vaccine this would not be necessary.

            In your message you write that the TGA reported on 1186 deaths from the virus, but I can’t see any evidence to support this. How do we know for sure that they died from COVID? Kerry Mullens, the inventor of the PCR test said it could not be used to test for viruses because it gives false positives and the frequency of the test can be calibrated to give false positives at will so it is very unreliable. Kerry Mullens is a very accomplished medical expert with a noble prize. You can watch some of his interviews on the PCR on bitchute.

            There are numerous reports saying that the deaths from the common cold and other conditions which have been with us for years have been re-categorized to COVID, so unless we have some primary data to prove otherwise how will we know for sure?

            ” You mentioned the “TGA’s being very transparent with data but should do a better job of explaining this apparent contradiction.”
            However, the TGA stats on their site are very difficult to find and have not been bought to the Australian publics attention in press conferences by the government or media.

            Why would the TGA be making threats to Craig Kelly in relation to adverse reaction stats? See link below:

    • Short CapitalismMEMBER

      Yeah, it’s such a massive conspiracy! So many people dying after getting jabbed. The TGA collects the numbers and publishes them. It’s all in those few numbers and the words next to them! But the MSM does nothing about it. Why can’t more people interpret the report like Kelly and Palmer have? It’s horrible. You don’t need to look at the rest of the report or other reports because it’s all there in those 3 lines of stats. And the ABC had the gall to say that 3000 people die each week so some of them dying after getting the jab is ok because it can’t be traced directly to the vaccine. Disturbing! Thanks for shining a light on this untruth.

  3. Listened to the press conference today, apparently 28% of children aged 12-15 vaccinated in 10 days.

    In NSW (according to MB article the other day) there are 390k in that age group ie 110k vaccines or 11k vaccines per day. That’s without even the Moderna supplies being added yet.

    I think school is returning mid October say around 20 days, if so and they continue at roughly the current rate will approximately hit 75% first dose which is somewhat unbelievable.

    In the UK they are only doing first dose for children that age, apparently that gives them approx 50% resistance to the disease(https://www.bbc.com/news/health-57888429)

  4. Jason:
    “Most NSW students over 12 will be back in early November.”

    Ah Ok thanks, that gives approx 30 days so should be able to hit 70% first dose even with some slowdown due to hitting less enthuiastic part of the population. I notice from MBs figures yesterday Victoria also had 60k of 310k first dose in that age group. By comparison Queensland 30k of 270k.

    Sort of hints lock down and school closure is a big driver towards the vaccinations.

  5. https://amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/jun/30/covid-19-lockdowns-caused-more-deaths-instead-of-r/?__twitter_impression=true

    Not altogether surprising.

    Lockdowns were never part of anyone’s playbook as recently as 2019. WHO and multiple countries specifically refuted their utility.

    Along came C19 and a coordinated media and social media campaign. The greatest PSYOPS in history. Suddenly the WHO were beholden by CP. and reversed course.

    Lockdowns have only (purportedly) worked in China. Nowhere else was able to eliminate it. Not even Victoria or NZ.

    CCP control was nothing to do with lockdowns. More to do with a less susceptible population – a coronavirus outbreak in China 25,000 years ago has left Ha people less susceptible, plus few people > 80, plus few morbidly obese. Anything / nothing would have worked in China.

    Instead they conned the rest of the world. And the price is just starting to be added up.

    But, lockdowns have created enormous harm. Economic harm. Societal harm. Psychological harm.

    You were had