NSW records 1022 new COVID cases, 10 deaths

NSW recorded another 1022 locally acquired cases and 10 deaths:

The age profile of the deaths were as follows:

  • One person was in their 50s
  • One person was in their 60s
  • Two people were in their 70s
  • Five people were in their 80s
  • One person was in their 90s

There have been 255 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021 and 311 in total since the start of the pandemic.

There are currently 1,266 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 244 people in intensive care, 118 of whom require ventilation.

The next chart plots NSW daily cases, which continue to trend lower:

NSW’s active cases have declined further to 13,180:

Yesterday, University of South Australia epidemiologist Adrian Esterman suggested that case numbers in NSW may have peaked. Premier Gladys Berejiklian remains cautious, however, warning that a super-spreading event could see daily case numbers surge.

Berejiklian also reiterated that the hospitalisation rate is now more important than case numbers, and that hospitalisations are like to peak in October.

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  1. The govt elites are persisting with their “mushroom policy” regarding telling the truth to the voting public.

    No central website set-up to provide the lastest information to the public.
    Difficult to find the current covid restrictions that are applicable.
    No FAQ, so that we can find answers to the most obvious questions.
    No place where the public can ask questions of our masters and see all the answers.
    No data about the safety of the various vaccine options.
    No data about efficiency of the vaccines vs alternatives.

    Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine.
    Marketing spin, marketing spin, marketing spin.
    Trust us, trust us, trust us.
    We are the masters, we decree, you obey.

      • You obviously never searched for any specific information on those websites.
        As someone whom had to drill info not to put service people in peril, yeah , the info is there but hiding in plane sight and behind a cloak of ambiguity and unlinked references. Best of luck finding it.

          • The planning act is infectious disease related I guess?

            What you said actually supports the notion that the most important issue the nation is dealing with (as per .gov.au admission) is given the same treatment as the planing act (only legal workers can circumnavigate it) and is a tell tale that it is confusing by design. Pandemic information should be the most forthcoming info.

            It took me 4hrs on the phone and web to workout the rules for regional travel for exempted employees and I still was not sure.
            I betcha the cops don’t know it either…

          • Have you read the Planning Act

            I have read sections of it. It is a disgrace. Like the government Covid response.

        • It’s interesting that you seem to know what information I’ve needed to search for.

          For the avoidance of doubt, and to provide you comfort, I can advise that I’ve spent the best part of 18 months navigating the restrictions for travel across QLD, NSW and Vic due to a need to organise family visits, visits in QLD from NNSW, and also to comprehensively understand the prevailing restrictions within my local and broader areas, several times.

          It might just be me, and I appreciate some of the sites are better than others, but it hasn’t been tremendously difficult.

          Of course, if one had an axe to grind, one could quite easily complain about a myriad of imperfections to aid one’s argument in favour of some elite conspiracy.

          I will note that many others in society appear capable of navigating in a similar fashion.

          • “It’s interesting that you seem to know what information I’ve needed to search for.”

            I implied that info you searched was run of the mill info because myself and several HR personnel struggle to find specific info when needed for exempted employees. The last thing I want is for them to be arrested and company to pay hefty penalty.
            A completely different picture from searching if one can visit a mate in the LGA next to your own but within 5km
            If one is searching what one *cannot* do, that is mostly available.
            It is a different picture if one searches for information what one actually *can* do.

          • I made no direct comment on what you had needed to search for at all, and any inference was not intentional. My comment was a general response to an implication there is a conspiracy to obfuscate information.

            You, however, did directly make such a comment, which is plainly misdirected.

            None of which, though, invalidates your example above. I might add another one: face masks, and whether they are in fact mandatory in retail settings in NSW at present, and who should be policing them – the business owner?

          • “My comment was a general response to an implication there is a conspiracy to obfuscate information.”

            hence My comment was a general response to an implication that information is indeed obfuscated to a point where one has to beg a question as to why is it not made obvious, transparent, clear… .you know, like it was stated in the original post you responded to…

            There is no conspiracy mate, it is plain ole laziness and ignorance

          • Believe it or not I found the Covidsafe’s Restrictions tab the best thing by far to get up to date details of the current travel restrictions and procedures when travelling between states.

            Otherwise are forced to use each states website which are frustratingly inconsistent

      • Of the 4 deaths for those people in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s is there a site which details any underlying complications along with vaccinated status?

        • I can almost guarantee you won’t find info like that released in Australia, as it would likely lead to the exposure of this ‘little number’ https://www.axios.com/bmi-obesity-severe-risk-factors-covid-19-cdc-063fb142-234c-4654-98b1-de357fb8df87.html
          Very infuriating to know there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to focus on this huge issue. Who cares that over 170 Australians die every day of the week from it, that it costs the tax payer 60 billion annually and is suffocating health resources? And that was before covid19 was ever heard of. Little wonder inadequate hospital resources are the governments greatest fear.

          How f..king dare those gutless, incompetent morons not mention a single word about it.

          • Basically, get the vaccine and lose weight to avoid death or severe consequences. All common sense stuff really but many will ignore as they search for a standalone cure in a bottle.

  2. My comment was a general response to an implication there is a conspiracy to obfuscate information.

    Here is a simple question. Find the answer for me on the NSW govt websites.

    Does low vitamin D contribute to risk of harm from Covid? If so, how often should I get my Vitamin D level checked?