NSW COVID cases rocket to new high

NSW Health has recorded a pandemic high 1,599 locally acquired COVID cases:

Another eight people have died with COVID:

  • A man in his 30s
  • A man in his 40s
  • A man in his 50s
  • Two people in their 70s
  • Three people in their 80s

There have been 170 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021.

There are currently 1,164 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 221 people in intensive care, 94 of whom require ventilation.

The next chart plots NSW’s daily cases:

NSW daily

Curiously, active cases reported by NSW Health have mysteriously halved:

NSW active cases

NSW Health defines an active case as:

Active cases are defined as people who have tested positive for COVID-19, are in isolation and are being clinically monitored by NSW Health. A person will no longer be an active case when they are clinically released from isolation.

The term ‘juking the stats’ comes to mind.

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  1. I live across the road from a building that is locked down and under 24/7 police guard. The NSW Health website map, shows no cases in the area. The NSW Govt Covid reporting and stats must be so full of holes.

    • Doesn’t look she’s leaving at all. Announces retirement from pressers, then shows up at them more than ever.

      With apologies to Dr Seuss : Gladys Berejiklian will you please go now.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    If we get to 2000 cases per day by next week then that’ll be the end of a Federal election this year.
    And any kinda proper opening up in Sydney on the 18th of October.

  3. Reminiscent of a NSW Premier on the phone to a certain disgraced former Liberal MP saying “I don’t need to know that bit.”

    She knows a lot more than she cares to admit.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Yeah I’m not too fussed. Most people ditching their masks now across the Eastern Suburbs. Common to just hold your empty coffee cup and to stop and chat with friends doing the same. It’s time we just got on with things. We can’t live our lives worrying especially about other people.

  5. “..Active cases are defined as people who have tested positive for COVID-19, are in isolation and are being clinically monitored by NSW Health. A person will no longer be an active case when they are clinically released from isolation…”

    Huh? That is quite odd.

    Does that mean that if you test positive but are not being “clinically monitored by NSW Health” you are not considered an active case? That does not make sense.

    What does clinically released from isolation mean?

    Surely everyone who tests positive remains in isolation until they return a negative test result and until you do you are not clinically released from isolation.

    The only rational explanation for the sudden drop in active case numbers is that NSW Health had not been checking on the covid status of everyone who had tested positive (especially those they were not monitoring closely) and they have suddenly realised that a bunch of people they had not been monitoring have recovered and are now covid negative and are not active.

    That makes sense as I was surprised how few people appeared to have “recovered” from covid and were being removed from the “active” case numbers.

    While it is good to see the number of active cases fall it makes a mess of the hospitalisation rate (those in hospital as a % of those who are active)

    Active Hosp %

    11-Sep-2021 14535 1164 8.01%
    10-Sep-2021 14048 1156 8.23%
    9-Sep-2021 27997 1163 4.15%
    8-Sep-2021 26907 1130 4.20%
    7-Sep-2021 25749 1143 4.44%
    6-Sep-2021 24860 1067 4.29%
    5-Sep-2021 23903 1023 4.28%
    4-Sep-2021 22705 1036 4.56%
    3-Sep-2021 21296 973 4.57%
    2-Sep-2021 20150 956 4.74%
    1-Sep-2021 19040 908 4.77%
    31-Aug-2021 17999 869 4.83%
    30-Aug-2021 16941 840 4.96%
    29-Aug-2021 15787 813 5.15%
    28-Aug-2021 14744 777 5.27%
    27-Aug-2021 13855 761 5.49%
    26-Aug-2021 13185 698 5.29%
    25-Aug-2021 12366 645 5.22%

    • The 30 and 40 year old died at home without seeking medical help. In that age group deaths are not common, so the implication is that there is a huge undiagnosed population that isn’t wanting to run the risk of losing work, so they keep their symptoms quiet. These guys certainly wouldn’t have qualified as COVID cases under the new rules. They weren’t diagnosed until they died. I think we can safely question the case numbers – deaths and ambulance ramping are probably the only reliable indicator. As for the poor trackers, they got left behind some time ago. The experiment is well under way now.

      • “..so the implication is that there is a huge undiagnosed population that isn’t wanting to run the risk of losing work, so they keep their symptoms quiet…”

        Not sure that is the implication as most of the essential workers got themselves jabbed weeks ago so that they would not lose work. For example: Blacktown LGA is now about 85% first jabbed. I don’t think there is much evidence that many people who test positive are actually continuing to work. Most people are aware of the implications of doing that.

        There were two people who were in the dead count today who first tested positive AFTER they died. Not only were they unvaccinated but they also had not sought to be tested or to obtain any treatment.

        It sounds more likely that they were members of the anti-vax / horse paste /super fit club and refused to believe that just a cold could cause them problems and were still singing that song until it was too late.

  6. Woman… Fcking Woman.

    A long time ago, I made a choice to be independent, not controlled and not let any bugger tell me how to live my life. I go where I go and I do what I do.

    Woman are the biggest control freaks on the planet and I really have no time or patience for them. Not only are marriages in Australia horrendous ( why would any man with half a brain risk on that? ) but Australias Legal System literally destroys homes.

    I dont know what it is but Im suddenly being harassed by idiotic, braindead woman who cant seem to get it through there thick heads that ” Im happy the way I am “. All these woman playing there emotional manipulation games as suddenly, they come to discover, there lives are starting to fall apart. When you make a decision, you live with it. Too bad.

    I look at all these ‘desperate woman’ without husbands showing up at the beach in NSW, having group s*x with anything that moves and Im really not surprised: https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/live-breaking-news-nsw-and-victoria-lockdown-updates-and-covid-case-numbers/news-story/6d9082195f1b6366ced1b4f0ee8bce21

    Men will find its easier to stay alone then to deal with this crap.

    I mean, whats with Fairfax? Are woman so worthless and pointless in Australia now that we cant even give them away? When you have a newspaper filled with breasts and half naked photos, and men still arent interested, sounds like there’s a message in this?

    Men are choosing ‘Life’. Woman no longer have any value. Woman are crawling up mens bums like you wouldnt believe and men are saying, ” No No No No No “. Its really simple ladys, ” No means no. Now p*ss off. ”

    On another token, its interesting how Im receiving excerpts and discussions on suicide from the internet community. I guess lifes becoming tough… even in Australia. Its almost like peoples mental state is being affected and suddenly, you can feel the emotional downpour. Must be Septermber’itis.

    ‘ Life is about Living ‘ and there are so many dumb idiots in this country now that it defies belief. Most of them come from NSW. The IQ’s in that state are apalling.

    • Bob Is Your Uncle

      Are you of that religion bloke? Your ideas are twisted like a twistex…and this thread about covid situation in NSW not Your imaginary issues and rants about women

    • Learn plurals. I know you can do it. You mentioned “men”.

      I would also suggest your constant misogyny is merely a reflection of your own social inadequacies. Maybe take a good look at yourself.

      Looking forward to a typically puerile, adolescent response shortly….

      • Im pretty happy with my life actually. Yeah, its only ordinary and I keep to myself but Im still pretty happy regardless.

        With the Health Care Industry being one of the biggest industries in Australia, you cant tell me for a second that Womans Employment opportunities are worse off then men. Bullsh*t.

        I have noticed that when woman get stressed ( a lack of control over there world ), they start emotionally manipulating and wanting to have s*x with everyone. One look and its pretty clear to see everything thats going on in NSW / VIC presently. I can only conclude that woman must be pretty stressed right now ;p Right now, we are living in the age of Orgys.

        I still stand by my opinions that its Men who’s lives are being turned upside down. That as Australias Economy starts to unwind, Trust will break down, Social Isolationism will start and inspite of Australias White Knight complex that tends to look after woman, it will be men who’s lives will be impacted the most.

        It will be men who’s lives will be turned upside down. It’ll be men who end up homeless. It’ll be men who end up social hermits because they dont want to be involved with all this crap. It’ll be the men who end up suiciding.

        Personally, I’d rather be out in the bush. I’d rather be beside a nice warm fire, with all the animals and listening to the kookaburras as the sun rises of a morning. Im truly in love with the lifestyle and frankly, I’d take that anyday then some sweaty womans v*gina and her emotional manipulation.

        The problem with Australia is its filled with political extremists. First we get the Right Wing nutjobs destroying our economy, housing and virtually everything we need to survive. Now we get the Left Wing nutjobs destroying marriages, turning us all homosexual and selling us out to China.

        Life is about Living. It doesnt get anymore simple then that. All this bullsh*t is nothing but just more bullsh*t. Just more idiots, with an ego, trying to pretend they know more then the rest of us when the results speak for themselves.

        I think what Australias lacking is a little common sense. I think this Country already has enough experts… and very few of them are actually doing anything for the place.

        Its time to ditch the experts… and start listening to what the people want.

  7. The mad monk got fined 500 of his hard earned buckaroos for not wearing a mask in Manly. To express his displeasure, and his deep butthurt, he went on to state that he didn’t believe that snitching was very Australian at all.

    Now, how much funnier would it be if Malcom dobbed his arße in?

    (Aside to the fact that he had an issue with the dobbing in, not with the breaking of the law)

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hey, this is 100% for real. Bloke moved in next door a couple of weeks ago. Legally separated from his wife. Had his kids their last weekend. 10 and 12.

    They arrived Friday arvo. On Saturday his ex-missus called him to say “By the way, yesterday I tested positive for Covid” and he was like “What the fck, you knew you had covid and you dropped the kids over anyway and didn’t tell me.” She said “yeah, I didn’t want you causing a fuss. Oh, and by the way, court orders trump Covid orders’.

    So he called the cops, they came around, kids there still (poor spawn) and the cops said “yeah, you and the kids better get tested because she’s right, court orders trump health orders”. She wanted to be alone and dumped the kids on him.

    Meanwhile, his old folks had been over to help. Turns out he is still negative but the kids tested positive the day after. Old folks are fully vaxced and still negative. They had been playing with the kids too and he said they’d been coughed on and all. That’s life!

  9. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Be glad when my Hairdressor opens…..cutting my own hair has resulted in a nicely developing mullet that would
    do Warwick Capper proud ……don’t quite fit the shorts any more though…..

    • Get a pair of clippers… set it to #2… chop it right off mate ;p

      I stopped going to the hairdressers ages ago when they started charging $20 bucks a cut. I listened to this woman talking on the phone while she cut my hair about the holiday she was about to have. I thought, you b*tch… I dont care how ugly I am but Im learning to cut it myself if it kills me. $20 for a frickin’ haircut while you sit on the phone. I had enough of that crap.

      I’ve been cutting my own for years. Covid hasnt really effected me much at all. Not where I live and not for my lifestyle ;p

      About the only thing Covid has done for me is see an increase in ocean sharks. With all them tourists migrating interstate, there’s now an abundance of shark food. Im not surprised the sharks are multiplying ;p

  10. Bob Is Your Uncle

    Anyone feeling sad weekends links thunder been stolen by those covid threads about Sydney and Melbourne…like there’s no SA or Tassie, or NT or WA or Queensland??

    • > SA or Tassie, or NT or WA or Queensland??

      Ah yes, the important states.

      Its time to form a new federation and kick NSW out of it.

      Alternatively, send in the Australian Military before NSW becomes the next Terrorist Breeding Ground and/or second Afghanistan.

      When it comes to bullying other states, NSW has done its fair share. When the rest of Australia bullys back, NSW really doesnt like it.

      They get what they deserve.

        • No… but I would like to see more Male Services.

          Men or Woman both have a right to live life in peace and shouldnt have to be hounded, harrssed or manipulated by all the garbage that goes on in this country. Most men I know are genuine and pretty kind people. They are just unfortunate to be living in a society that gives them no respect.

          Mens choices are either between Liberal Elitists which see’s 80% of men suffer or Labors Feminism which see’s 80% of men suffer. Under neither political party, are men even conisdered or treated with any form of respect.

          Furthermore, considering Australias Future, if we had half a brain, we’d be looking 10 years ahead at what future Australian Society would look like. In my opinion, its going to be a single society as our economy ends up crushed by falling growth and liabilities.

          We need to look after people overall but yes, I believe men in Australia are treated like garbage. Most I know are decent human beings and are nothing like Christian Porter or any of Australias Politicians. They are just human beings looking to live an ordinary life in a Country cutting corners.

          So we have all the years of Liberals that wreck Australia and now we swing back to the years of Labor which wrecks us from the other side.

          Woman have a right to live there life in peace and harmony but so do men. Australias Laws are very one sided.

          Neither Liberal nor Labor are looking after ordinary mens interests… or looking 10 years into the future.

          The only chauvenism I see in Australia is that men dont matter, and thats coming straight down from our political leaders.

          How many men are suiciding in Australia? How many woman are suiciding in Australia?

          I rest my case.

      • Yep, Gladys thinks she is PM. She can snortle as much as she cares, but her along with cacked dax are in for show down.

        I don’t think QLD will hit the 80% vaccinated target without some proper numberwang.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      You may as well have listed New Zealand as well for all the difference that list makes. Australiania consists of two states: NSW and Melbourne. And the other state is WA – the one that makes the country all the money it needs. Or Birmingham. That one you could have listed too.

      • Yes agree. But I reckon the “other states” would do better to ditch Sydney & Melbourne & make a different country. Then they could do things without the suck holes of Sydney & Melbourne. Sydney & Melbourne would then have to do something other than suck off everyone else. So what would Sydney & Melbourne actually do?

        • Sounds good, as a Melbourne resident, I agree it’s nothing but a giant suckhole. Same with Sydney. I’d rather live Northern NSW coast, Adelaide or Brisbane. Heck even Hobart may not be too bad. Perth looks lovely also.

  11. reusachtigeMEMBER

    The sick untreated sewerage that is the MSM are calling people on the beach today as “disgusting” but it’s they that are becoming disgusting as the tide shifts. It was great to get down to Bondi and lay almost naked with strangers again. It was beautiful resistance and will only grow in power.

    • Yeah you ain’t the usual reusa. No exclamation marks! The phrasing is all wrong, the sentences are too long, the message lacks punch and while the the usual resua excels in mixing looser with loser etc he most certainly would know the difference between sewage and sewerage and know that it would be out of character to use either. Imposter!!!

  12. New details have emerged about the Queen which signal a “breaking point” – both inside and outside of the palace

    So if the Queens gone, does that mean we get to invade Sydney and restore it back to an Australian State again?

    Im just waiting the day NSW becomes its own segregate Country and divorces itself from the rest of the Federation. Its half way there now ;p

    Whatever Australian Identity existed in NSW, is clearly so far divorced from what it was that its practically a seperate country fighting the rest of the nation.

    To call NSW a member of the Australian Federation is a far call.

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